A Complete Guide to Hire NodeJs Developer For Project Development

complete guide to hire nodejs developer for project development itechnolabs

NodeJs is identified as a fast-growing platform that is open-sourced and used by millions of different websites worldwide. It offers API services, chatbot developments, real-time collaborative tools, and support for complex IOT devices for businesses adopting this platform. Their work is to write server-side web application logic in the language of JavaScript or similar variants.

NodeJs is recognised as the sixth most common technology used by around 36% of professionals regularly. Despite the numbers being profound, many organisations fail to hire NodeJs developer who can successfully satisfy the software development needs of the organisation. 

Importance of hiring a NodeJs developer for project development: 

  • The organisation will be able to develop powerful custom APIs for web applications and mobile phones. The developers will be able to deal with popular API integrations and help the organisation use them to support their projects. 
  • The organisation hiring the developer will receive all-rounder support for their web and mobile application development process. The developers will offer high-quality maintenance services to ensure that the best is used for the development. The high-quality service will also ensure that no data malfunctions occur and avoid compatibility issues with the applications. 
  • By hiring NodeJs developers, the organisation gets the opportunity to develop data analysis tools that are result-oriented. Hiring experienced developers gives extra benefit and allows the organisation to create interactive dashboards that will help support the business’s critical data. 
  • The developers can present application experiences that are customised for the use of the client. Therefore, onboarding the correct individual as the developer becomes highly important. It helps the organisation deliver UI or UX designs that are appealing to the eyes of the clients. 
  • The developers cater to all the needs and requirements of an organisation and help fulfil them. They allow the organisation to create and develop new plugins or make changes and alter the existing module. The developers also offer 360-degree plugin developmental services for the organisation. 
  • NodeJs consulting services are a service that the developers offer to develop user-friendly chatbots. These chatbots help organisations to implement interactive chat technologies with their clients. These technologies simulate conversations that resemble human discussions. It helps to satisfy the needs of the target audience.

How do you hire NodeJs developers for project management?

how do you hire nodejs developers for project management itechnolabs

There are different types of NodeJs developers who perform differently for various projects. Therefore, it is necessary to hire the right one depending upon the project the organisation wants them to work on. 

  • In house 

The In-house professionals are those who work by sitting in front of you and not from some other place. They initially have to ace the interview to get hired, similar to the normal employment process. To find in house developers, you don’t have to look very far. Just search for regular office employees since they will provide complete updates and support whenever you need it. The process is similar to your business since you can control every team member, testers, developers, etc., whenever you want.

However, there is one disadvantage to in-house developers, i.e., they can be expensive. Despite being one of the most effective approaches for NodeJs developers, it is identified as a costly approach. Nevertheless, there are plus points as well. You can get access to the developers whenever you want, and hence communication, collaboration and controlling the development of the process won’t be difficult. This approach is ideal for conducting projects which are long term. Examples include Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

  • Freelancers 

Freelancers refer to those sets of people who work on their own rules. They make a set of rules as per their convenience and work on them for a comfortable experience. But as always, the catch here is that freelancers do not work for anyone. They work according to their wish and are generally experienced developers who are over with the concept of working under someone. Their ideal aim is to take up numerous projects, work on them as per their leadership, and achieve good ratings and reviews.

Hiring a freelancer is ideal when you need some minor alterations to your existing application or website. You can also use them when you want someone to work on a short term simple project. 

Now similar to every other type, freelancers also have advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefits include a cost-effective and comprehensive range of working individuals. However, the disadvantages involve sudden disappearance, not completing work within deadlines, barriers in language, complicated management, etc. The best places to find a NodeJs developer are Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

  • Outsourcing

As the term resembles, Outsourcing consists of talented individuals across the countries. They work on large and small projects and do not have a costly budget. Outsourcing is one of the leading types since their hiring cost is way lower than other NodeJs developers.

These individuals are qualified and talented and can efficiently handle every project development process. Their work is transparent, they always meet deadlines, and there is no issue regarding documentation. To choose the best outsourcing NodeJs developer, you must regularly check the feedback and customer ratings of different companies.

Skills that every NodeJs developer must possess:

skills that every nodejs developer must possess itechnolabs

To hire NodeJs developer, it is necessary to understand their skills and the activities they perform. Therefore, to begin with, the developers use server-side logic for the user and integrate different elements. They are efficient and reliable coders who are capable of writing efficient and verifiable codes. The developers also design good application performance and implement low latency.

The experienced developers possess the ability to develop essential GIT tools while performing the development of a large project. They should also have an idea regarding security and data protection since constant breaching takes place the entire day.

Some of the basic skills that a NodeJs developer must possess include:

some of the basic skills that a nodejs developer must possess include itechnolabs

  1. The developer must have in-depth knowledge regarding tech jargon based on the battery technology of the project. The jargons include CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and similar variants. 
  2. The professional must be proficient and use NodeJs tools and technology to conduct and perform any project. They should also use NodeJs frameworks like StrongLoop, Express, etc. 
  3. The developer must be familiar with the potential peculiarities that might arise due to asynchronous programming and should also know how to solve them. 
  4. Template languages such as Jade, CSS, EJS, etc., are some of the best languages available on the server. They must have good knowledge regarding them.
  5. The developer must comprehend the preprocesses technologies and the front-end technologies like less, Stylus, etc., depending on the stack technology that the organisation uses. 
  6. Having an idea regarding base schemes, multiple data sources, business support processes, etc., are some of the plus points that will add to his skills. 
  7. Ways to integrate multiple databases and sources within a single system and learn how to use fundamental design principles before creating a scalable application are points that make the developer ideal.
  8. They must comprehend the theory of automated testing platforms and understand its practicality. 

Ways to ensure that the NodeJs developers stay for a longer period 

ways to ensure that the nodejs developers stay for a longer period itechnolabs

Every NodeJs developer possesses the ability to conduct various vital tasks together at a single time. However, before taking complete advantage of that aspect and other benefits, the organisation must individually explore each task and formulate a plan to ensure that the developers stay in the organisation for a more extended period. 

Therefore, you will be required to implement some of the best practices you are familiar with to align the developers with your project and get a smooth onboarding.

  • Project Objectives 

The most vital thing that you must keep in mind while dealing with NodeJs developers is that you need to define your project objectives clearly to them. They must know the project’s needs thoroughly and develop based on that. The requirements must be scalable, realistic, and logical answers regarding certain questions like the type of application and reasons for building it must be given to them. They may also want to know about how you want to use it for interaction with the users and the future expectations from the application’s output.

  • Share the requirements 

After hiring a NodeJs developer, you must share every requirement and necessity of the project in detail. Talk about the top features, your priorities, and the essential functionalities that must be included in the project. Transfer proper knowledge by conducting sessions and aligning the developer to your wants and requirements. Highlight the areas that require particular focus and don’t miss out on them.

  • Support flexible hours and provide appropriate resources 

If you hire NodeJs developers through Outsourcing, the location and timing of work will differ and be challenging. Therefore, to retain them, you should give them the right resources. To have a successful working relationship with your developer, you need to provide them with the latest tools and technologies. A project manager can manage the project and discuss deadlines with your developer.

  • Communicate your company policies

It is essential to introduce to developers the policies of your company and the type of workspace you have. Communicate to your developer the standards you want to maintain and what the developer must do to be a part of the company.

  • Support Flexible Working Hours

One of the significant challenges of outsourcing work is the mismatch in time zones, which results in chaos and confusion. To avoid this problem, you can do away with fixed work hours and offer a more flexible work schedule, allowing the freelancer to work flexibly.

Do You want to Hire NodeJs Developer for Project Development?

do you want to hire nodejs developer for project development itechnolabs

Outsourcing requires minimal cost, every factor is pre-discussed with the associate in charge at every step, and the team is well-experienced and provides high-quality work.

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