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Common On-Demand Taxi App Development Mistakes To Avoid

On-Demand Taxi App Development
Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

It is always smart to learn from your mistakes, but how about learning from the mistakes of others? That’s even smarter. This is why we bring to you some errors that most on-demand delivery companies made in the past. Firstly you should take some assistance from Professional Mobile App development company, then create complete requirements analysis document.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the mistakes to start your journey as an on-demand taxi service start-up. There are certain points needs to considerable before building any mobile application.

Common On-Demand Taxi App Development Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some Common On-Demand Taxi App Development Mistakes To Avoid


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  • Ignoring Problems And Still Expecting To Grow

One of the most common mistakes that people made in the past is ignoring the problems that the end-users face. Whether you know or don’t understand these problems, but it’s all-important not to ignore them. It is hard to compete in this competitive world of the on-demand taxi business without analyzing the issues that people face eventually.

  • Starting With the Strongest Market Already

This is another mistake that most businesses make these days. You can’t expect to become a leader in a highly competitive market. This is why it is always important to start with a small market, instead of diving directly into a market that is already competitive. In smaller markets, the chances are more to flourish in your startup business.  Make sure to understand and observe the market region that you are planning to target.

  • Believing that Raising Funds Can Solve the Problems

Of course, funds or investments are vital for a business to operate. However, you can’t just expect your on-demand taxi service business to grow with this single step. It is essential to stay focused on solving the fundamental issues, which struggling startups have been facing for so long. Addressing potential problems on time gives momentum to your startup business.

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  • Creating Poor Navigation

Often ignored, navigation plays a huge role in helping end customers browse through the on-demand mobile app and reach their desired page. Complicated navigation often results in making it difficult to understand by the users. Additionally, poor navigation often appears to be unattractive and frustrates users. Whether you’re planning to create a new on-demand taxi app or customize the existing one, there is always the scope for improvement in the UX of the application.

On-Demand Taxi App Development

  • Overstuffing App with Unnecessary Features

Integrating features on the on-demand mobile apps is a great choice, but you don’t want to make it heavy with unnecessary features. Remember, the role of features on your mobile app is just to make things easier for the end-users. However, over stuffing features on the app may make it heavy and difficult to load. Think about the features that are helpful for users. You can also prepare a list.

  • Complicating the Content

Content on the on-demand taxi booking apps may be an essential part of the user aspects of user experience design. However, overcrowded or complicated content makes the app look annoying. Remember that the content you add on your mobile app should be relevant to your app or business. Your visitors are here to book a taxi, not to read endless content. This will only distract them jump to a competitor.

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Final Thoughts

All these above-mentioned on-demand taxi development mistakes are sure to help you launch a mobile app that is user-centric and focused on helping you grow your business in this highly competitive marketplace.

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React Native Vs Flutter – The Best Choice to Make in 2021

React Native Vs Flutter

Developing mobile application with multiple platforms needs and choosing the right one from them has become challenging. Apart from maintaining two platforms – one for iOS, another for Android

, there is always a gap between the application development. Here we will will discuss about the cross platform app development frameworks.

Cross platform app development frameworks

Cross platform app development frameworks allow developers to build both iOS and Android applications into one platform and manage in smooth manner. There are many varieties but the most popular one is assembling compiled apps that give the most relative understanding of real native apps.

React Native Vs Flutter

React Native Vs Flutter

The most potent competitors in that field are Google’s Flutter and Facebook’s React Native. Let’s look at both below. What does React Native mean? React Native is possibly the prominent world exponent of cross-platform mobile application development. React Native is a JavaScript framework built upon the React library.

It permits you to import iOS and Android applications with a single code base. It’s used mainly by Facebook, Airbnb, and more. React Native started as an internal hackathon project at Facebook in 2013, and by 2015 it was released to the public. What does Flutter mean? Flutter is a reactive cross-platform mobile development framework that makes use of the Dart language.

React Native Vs Flutter

Dart & Flutter uses the framework for all its most significant applications and is continuously compelling the framework towards standing the ultimate key for developing cross-platform applications. Its initial alpha release was in May 2017, so it’s much more youthful than React Native.

Will Flutter replace React Native in 2021?

There is no doubt with the constant advancements in Flutter SDK. This Framework is continually purifying its tools and drawing more companies to select it for cross-platform application development. If you are also planning to build both iOS and Android application on same platform, you can hire flutter app developer from iTechnolabs. We have experienced team of developers and programmers, who can code your idea into reality.

Sum up

With the rapidly developing community of Flutter, it will not just quickly catch up with React Native’s popularity but also allow app development companies to create web and desktop applications. Flutter is tough competitor to React Native, but flutter surpasses RN and vice versa. That means both Flutter & React Native are potent prospects for cross-platform app development and ensure a convenient app development background to the developers. The main benefit of cross-platform app development, only one developer can handle your both iOS and android applications and same functionality in both apps can save your time and money.

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6 AWS Services to Consider for Your Mobile App Development Project


6 AWS ServicesThe whole concept of cloud computing is no longer limited to share infrastructure to host applications. The notion of mobile application development also has taken a step forward to offer improved services to the users. The improved robustness and scalability of cloud computing helped in developing its usage. Before discussing AWS mobile app, we should understand what AWS is and why different companies adopt it to offer an agile development culture.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and it offers highly protected on-demand cloud computing services to different individuals, government agencies, and small and big companies based on subscription. These services work as a base to deploy any application in the cloud platform. In addition, AWS offers a variety of cloud benefits for AWS mobile app development including database storage, delivery of content, computing power. This allows organizations to improve the development team’s productivity by transforming the mobile app development process to more agile and easy scaling.

AWS mobile app services sometimes constitute infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Let’s move forward with the detailed discussion on six AWS Services that help you in the next mobile app development project.

AWS Device Farm

It is an app testing service that allows you to test different apps on real mobile devices hosted by AWS. There are two methods to use this service.

Automated Testing allows you to test the app with various physical devices in the AWS Cloud platform.

Remote Access allows you to assess the devices in real-time from the web browser. You can test your Android, iOS, and web applications compared to real mobile devices in the cloud app. It seems that there are real users who use real gestures, swiping, and interactions. The video, screenshots, logs, and data performance data of the app can be monitored to know any changes and fix errors.

How do these two methods function?

  • Automated Testing

To use AWS Device Farm functionalities, you have first to select the type of app like whether it is native, hybrid, or web app. After that developers can use the devices directly from their local host machines to correct any errors and performance issues.

  • Remote Access

When you select a specific device based on its making, model, and version of OS, its full detail will be displayed on your web browser. The developer can connect with the device to remove any issues or can test new functionalities.

AWS Lambda

AWS LambdaAWS Lambda eases the work of the mobile developer by managing the whole thing by themselves. AWS allows you to run the code according to the events and ease provisioning the servers or handling them. You need to upload the code, and Lambda will deal with the rest of the things, including scalability.

The user need not indulge themselves in server administration. The code is set up automatically, from other AWS services or directly from any web or mobile app.

How does it function?

The Lambda function code is uploaded to AWS Lambda. The function comprises the code with associated configuration information, including the name of the function and resource requirements. These functions can automatically run the code in response to different events.

The user gets the freedom to introduce several copies for the function, making the scalability easy and fast. Furthermore, AWS Lambda implements the code during instructions and automatically balances as per demand.

AWS runs your code in a highly accessible compute infrastructure and performs the functions including the maintenance of the server and operating system, provisioning capacity and automatic scaling, code and security patch deployment, with monitoring and logging of code.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon CognitoAmazon Cognito is a user-state synchronization service that allows you to develop unique identities for your users. It supports secure app authentication, enabling developers to include user sign-up, sign-in easily, and access control focused on web and mobile apps. In addition, it maintains a user directory that can house data from users.

How does it function?

When you sign up for an AWS account, you need to add the Amazon Cognito SDK to your application and write some code lines. After that, you can initialize the Cognito credentials provider and utilize the Amazon Cognito management console to make a new Identity Pool.
The Cognito credentials provider will create or retrieve unique identifiers for the users. It then set authentication tokens and manages the verification process to identify and verify the identities. After then it generates a valid token when the user sends in the details.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL (not only SQL) cloud database service that can store and retrieve a large amount of data or traffic according to the user’s demand. Its database service is extremely fast, which offers steady, single-digit millisecond latency at any level.
It supports automatic partitioning; therefore, scalability is one of its important highlights. The user who needs product data, volume, growth can proceed without the need for user interference. Its reliability and scalability make it a perfect choice for gaming, web, ad tech, mobile, IoT apps, etc. It supports multiple document types and main value store models.

How does it function?

DynamoDB is compatible with programming languages including Java, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby, and NET. You can select your favorite programming language before starting. Once you make the database table, you can customize the target utilization for auto-scaling.

You can configure the service to manage different database management tasks including hardware or software provisioning, software patching, setup, and configuration, functioning a distributed database cluster and separating data over multiple instances for scaling.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a cloud object storage service to cache and retrieve data. It can collect data from multiple sources like mobile apps, corporate applications, websites, IoT sensors, etc.
S3 has been categorized with different storage classes being designed for varied purposes like:

  • S3 Standard for general-purpose storage of the frequently used database
  • S3 Standard-Infrequent Access and S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access for data stored for a long time and accessed less frequently.
  • Amazon Glacier for long-term archive

There are different kinds of data policies to determine the process for managing data. The user can select the preferred storage plan and migrate all essential data without changing the end application.

How does it function?

Data is stored as objects in resources known as “buckets.” A bucket can store maximum objects, with a 5TB size for each object. The access control allows the user to read, write and delete the objects in the bucket. The controls are either set individually for each object or the whole bucket.

User permissions can be customized for accessing the objects and the access logs that can be accessed at any time. The user can select any AWS bucket region for storage with minimum latency and costs, and that all under regulations.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service provided by AWS. It securely delivers videos, data, applications, and APIs to your viewers at high transfer speed and low latency.

How does it function?

Static and dynamic files are stored in origin servers and are distributed to the end-user using Amazon CloudFront. The origin server is registered using CloudFront with an API call. After that, it returns a domain name which is used to distribute the content.
The content requests are routed to a suitable edge location that helps in retrieving the file’s local copy. If a local copy is unavailable, then a duplicate copy will be retrieved from the origin server.

As we have discussed the different types of AWS Services, we now focus on its key features that differentiate one from the other.

AWS Device Farm

The test accuracy reports are highly correct as you can use real and physical devices. You can test your Android, iOS, or Fire OS app on AWS-hosted devices, after uploading your tests or compatibility tests.

You can stimulate the dynamic environments by altering the test script parameters. Testing apps in real-time is possible on real devices to gauge real customer scenarios.

The service plugins and API are integrated into Device Farm to start the test automatically and get the Continuous Integration (CI) environment results.

You can create issues manually and run automated tests, allowing you to check videos, logos, and data performance to know the problem.

It allows performing clean-up tasks including app uninstallation after test execution. This device to be removed for the safety and security of the app.

AWS Lambda

You can include custom logic to AWS resources including Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB tables. This allows you to apply to compute data while entering and exit the cloud.
It allows you to develop events for varied platforms, thus making it to make updates. This allows reduced battery drain as the backend applications are triggered on-demand.
It supports codes written in different programming languages, therefore the developer need not learn new languages or frameworks and can use third-party libraries that save this time.
Lambda can automate all processes for you including updates, the launch of a new patch, adding or resize servers.
It ensures built-in fault tolerance for improved code protection among machines and data centers.
It invokes your code automatically to improve and support all incoming requests without compromising performance and consistency.
You can configure AWS Lambda to access resources in the virtual private cloud. It allows leveraging the advantages of custom security and lists of network access control.
It allows you to allocate the resources parallel to CPU power, the bandwidth of the network, and disk I/O functions.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito User Pools create a secure user directory with the scalability of millions of users. To validate each user, authentication tokens are set up.
The users of this app can sign in through social identity providers including Google, Facebook, and Amazon and with enterprise identity providers including Microsoft Active Directory through Security Assertion Mark-up Language 2.0 (SAML).
Amazon Cognito compatible with Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs, allow you to add user sign-up and sign-in pages in the applications.
It utilizes common identity management standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML 2.0. It allows users to create a temporary set of limited credentials for accessing your AWS resources.
It helps you to meet security and compliance requirements for applications that need high-level security. It is compatible with HIPAA and has PCI DSS, SOC, and ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/EIC 27017, ISO/EIC 27018, and ISO 9001 compliance.

Amazon DynamoDB

It comes with an inbuilt DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX). DAX is a fully- managed in-memory cache and it reduces the time from milliseconds to microseconds. This is a time-saver application for applications, as it improves performance by 10 times.

The whole backup is done in some seconds without concluding the size of tables. The full backup means no slowdown of performance.
Its service offers fully managed encryption using AWS KMS or Key Management Service. It eliminates all operational problems and complexities during storage and saving sensitive data.

It allows automatic throughput capacity management according to changing demands, with zero downtime. It analyses the actual traffic patterns and manages sudden rises in traffic.

You can create, update and monitor tables, add or delete items, and set alarms. You can adjust the time for the availability of particular items in the table.

You can develop and test applications locally, even on your laptop or in the Amazon C2 Instance. When you are ready, you can upload it to the AWS Cloud with Amazon DynamoDB.

The DynamoDB Streams make it easier to capture and process amendments to the DynamoDB data and tables. It allows for tracking and resolving issues in no time.

AWS Lambda can interact with DynamoDB to process a custom function if there are changes in the table.

Amazon S3

You can back up your data and save it against a threat or accidental deletion. You can control the accessibility of data through control mechanisms and VPC Endpoints. This helps in making it more reliable.
It includes a suite of tools that allows running Big Data analytics on the stored data.
It helps you manage your storage by offering actionable insights on usage patterns.
It has different types of encryption to ensure that the user gets their levels of security. It supports security standards and compliance certifications including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU Data Protection Directive, and FISMA.
It has the flexible data transfer feature of S3, making it easy to transfer a huge amount of data through an allotted network connection.

Amazon CloudFront

The end-to-end HTTPS connection between the end-user and the origin server allows commendable levels of security.
It allows media streaming through different options, and it is implemented using a variety of protocols developed on top of HTTP.
It allows the configuration of multiple origin servers and cache behaviors related to the application’s usage pattern.

CloudFront has several options for reporting needs including tracking your most popular objects and learning more about end-users.

Why you need AWS services for mobile app development?

Companies around the world are opting for digitization in mobile development in the form of cloud-based app development. There are numerous reasons why companies are opting for AWS mobile app development for their projects.

  1. The cloud-based app development uses web-centric languages including HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.
  2. The AWS services allow expansion resources. It returns to the normal version when the subsidies and the demand normalizes. It allows developers to scale the applications dynamically.
  3. The AWS mobile apps can work easily in the virtual space. It allows you to share resources with other apps for the optimization of processes and budgets.
  4. The AWS mobile app development, network, and storage connections are more flexible that offers developers a dynamic work environment.
  5. AWS mobile app development uses a modular design. It allows functions to be divided into microservices. In addition, it allows developers to stop services when not in use and make updates to specific modules without affecting the entire application performance.


AWS mobile app development has numerous benefits in comparison to on-site mobile app development. The description, functions, and key features mentioned above help you understand that AWS services offer more support for cloud-based app development. It makes the development and deployment process of AWS mobile apps more efficient. It is considered to be more trusted in mobile app development.

It is a boon for companies as they can quickly respond to shifting business requirements. In addition, you can utilize these AWS services to transform your mobile development into a modern way with improved optimization of resources.

But getting started with all his, you need to understand cloud-based services in detail. And it’s where we come in the picture. Our expert team helps you start with AWS mobile apps, develop a cloud-based app development environment or even migrate your existing app to the cloud. Contact us for improved services.

Mobile App Development

How are Mobile Apps Beneficial for Business Growth?

obile apps benefits

The mobile application development market is developing rapidly, as the apps are the powerful tools to meet the target consumers through businesses. The growth in the e-commerce industry urged retailers to utilize different apps for a smooth and profitable business. There is a rise in the number of organizations that are launching new mobile apps.

You might have noticed that small to medium-sized businesses that you interact with have their dedicated mobile application including coffee shops, beauty spas, and food ordering apps. All these companies are examples of developing marketing at the next level. If you are planning to build Mobile app for your business, you should hire mobile app developer.

If you look some years back, mobile applications were launched by business organizations. In today’s scenario, the widespread online business changed the whole concept of apps. Nowadays, most start-ups are adopting apps as their medium to introduce business, and the reason is the involvement of minimum infrastructure and ample resource management.

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There are several reasons why businesses need mobile applications.

These reasons are discussed below.

Improving sales:

Mobile applications allow companies to improve sales and profit without spending money on advertising posters and broachers. The profit of the company depends on the percentage of its consumers. The online promotion, discount, and bonuses can tempt customers to purchase from your website and it is easy to directly contact all the patrons who are enlisted in your app. Most of the customers got stuck for platforms for building mobile apps. This article might help you React Native Vs Flutter – The Best Choice to Make in 2021

For instance, a company can send a special discount offer to customers close to your company location while using geo-location technologies offline. Apps allow the facility to make mobile payments, which is one of the popular trends among Gen X and Y. Consumers are less interested in shopping outdoor, as the same things are available online without any extra charges.

Improves customer loyalty

Mobile apps allow customers to book a table, order food and pay online from their smartphones. This allows businesses to increase loyalty. Businesses can integrate loyalty programs in apps and share the company’s promotions, discounts, or bonuses with customers. Business owners can utilize the personalization tools by sending push notifications on new product promotions and discounts.

The company can access customers who have the company’s app installed on their phones to know more about exclusive offers and special bonuses. The apps allow customers to access company details, products, and services at any time through mobile phones. Improved interaction with customers helps in increasing loyalty and thus improves sales.

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Improves digital marketing and communication channels

Mobile apps allow enhanced digital marketing and communication with customers. A strong market presence needs different features and functions including user account, chat support, search option, and loyalty programs. It is mandatory to include complete information on the business and offerings of the company. To ascertain the company’s credibility, consumers need to be updated on various changes like the launch of new products or services and the updating of various promotions and sales through newsletters or notifications. This will help patrons to be connected with your company and business.

Optimization of business process

Optimization of business process

You can create an app for employee interaction within the team, which includes monitoring and managing various processes, exchanging files and data, and collecting various statistics. Mobile apps allow the organization and automation of different business tasks effectively. Through apps, you can ensure continuous interaction between employees, irrespective of locations.

Improved relation with consumers

Mobile apps allow you to develop relationships with customers remotely. Customers are not required to remember your web address or search engine, as they have already had your app is installed on the device. Customers can use your app without the Internet, that depending on its functionality. People who install your mobile app get into your business information zone. Therefore, you can conclude that some methods inflate the number of installations by offering bonuses and discounts on various products. The Internet resource of the company help in attracting customers’ attention, using search engines.

Offers brand recognition

The mobile application of your company helps in contributing to brand awareness. If your brand addresses the needs of customers, then you can say that your brand is leading in the flourishing competition. Satisfied customers are the backbone and strength of any firm. Getting more clicks and search to your website depicts that your site is up to date among Generation X and Y. Increased involvement of customers with your brand helps in increasing the purchase of products and services from your site.

Follow up of customers’ reviews and feedback

customers’ reviews and feedback

Apps allow you to combine the feedback and reviews of products and services shared by your customers. This is quality input from your users. This feedback can be analyzed to improve the areas that are lacking behind. The whole process will help in developing the trust for your clients as their feedback is considered.

After discussing the importance of mobile apps in business, let’s discuss some apps that are meant for B2B business.

  • Google Analytics App for Android and iOS devices

Google has launched the Google Analytics app for the smooth running of your website. This app supports real-time data, acquisition of data, and insights into the behavior and conversions of users. This app can be accessed from a remote location on mobile devices, you can make sure that the website performs as per your expectation.

  • HootSuite

Managing the feedback or concerns of customers on your social media accounts should be an essential priority for B2B business owners. Big companies have an in-house or social marketing team that deals with these types of concerns. But in small businesses, it isn’t easy to follow up with these concerns. It is a place where the HootSuite app is used. This is a mobile app that supports the desktop version and allows you to monitor your social media accounts in one place – including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The home feed, mentions, retweets of Twitter, the news feed of Facebook, and LinkedIn updates will be there at one place and you can post content directly from your mobile phone. This app is a must for all business owners who wanted to keep themselves up to date about all events.

  • LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn is one of the most popular apps for job search and
LinkedIn Pulse, the app is one of the best methods to get all news related to your business and interest in one place. It gathers all-important news reports and professional content and offers it in an accessible format. This app also helps to join the conversations focused on your industry through likes, comments, and shares.

  • WebEx

WebEx app allows you to attend official meetings regardless of where you are. It allows you to host and attend meetings, organize online events from your device, and always keep in touch with your team and clients. This app allows you to share files, messages, and video conferences with everyone and allows the team’s activity synced and stored on all devices.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive allows security to your team’s files and stores them in one safe location whether you are on the job or off the job. It allows you to saturate people to access the files when you permit them to get in. The file types include company logos, photos, designs, graphs, charts, documents, recordings, videos, etc. Google allows you 15GB of free storage to connect with officials and co-workers. People can view, download, and collaborate on files, which makes your teamwork easier.

We have discussed the advantages of mobile apps in business and what are the top business apps. Along with this, we are going to discuss top technologies that are involved in its development.

Technologies involved in its development are:

business growth

  • Swift: It is a popular iOS application development language with reduced minimal coding. It has intuitive language and it is used on devices like macOS, iOS, and tvOS.
  • C++: It is the simplest form of programming language and can develop dynamic technology apps. It is one of the simple and effective compiler-based approaches that can be utilized for different platforms.
  • PHP: PHP is an object-oriented language that is used to create dynamic mobile apps and web applications. Popular PHP frameworks include Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, and Symfony for mobile apps development that needs a complex backend and in-depth data migration.
  • Java: It is an object-oriented programming language used for Android mobile app development. It is easy to manage with the availability of multiple open source libraries.
  • HTML5: HTML5 is best for develo ping web-frontend applications for mobile devices. Instead of using cross-platform mobile, organizations can use HTML5 to offer the correct functionality and exceptional user experience.


 mobile apps beneficial for business growth

To conclude, there are many benefits of utilizing the mobile app in business. The points discussed above highlighted some of the methods that allow you to succeed in market competition. Staying up to date with the newest technologies and being innovative helps in being unique among competitors.

Knowledge of the best and suitable mobile apps is essential for B2B business. Our team has the best experts with technical knowledge and we can suggest you best apps that help improve your business and profit. For further assistance, please contact iTechnolabs Inc.

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Reasons to Make the Right Investment in Custom Software

Custom Software

Do you think that Custom Software Development is a good option of investment for you? Being a business owner, we understand how hard it is for you to find the tools, programs and software that serves your business needs in a better way.

The problems of Custom Software Development

When you go buying an off-the-shelf software program, you might face some problems. The only problem with your off-the-shelf program is that it won’t serve all your software components needs of your business. So, we ask, do you adjust your business practices to fit the program? Or, you prefer replicating the work? Either of the options will consume a lot of your time as you are spending so much of your time adjusting.

The other problem with the off-the-shelf software program is you might have problems in the initial stage of your business when your business is new and small. Hence, you prefer purchasing a software package that fulfils your startup needs. And you start growing with your business. What do you plan to do if your software program cannot meet your business needs and requirements? You are left with buying the software program that fits the large requirements of your business and this reinvestment to re-input all the data from your past efforts that is entered into the old system. This change or shift in the system and software will take hours if not only days to copy the data and put it in the new one.


What can you do to eliminate such issues restricting your business growth path? A Custom Software Development program is the saviour. Getting a custom software designed for your business is the best way of long-term investment to continue your business efficiency, growth and cost-effectiveness. Although the development of custom software might get heavy on your pocket, it is the best thing to invest in in the long run to save money and time.

In this article, we will be discussing 5 valid reasons that are perfect for making you invent in Custom Software Development.

1.  Customized Business

Custom Software Development is for “your” business. An expert team with experience and great understanding examine and evaluate your business and use all the information you require to optimize the business. Then they will consolidate systems to improve your rate of production. The expert team can also add the systems to help in the consistent delivery of products and services. Additionally, the system can even design a system to reduce tight tolerance or variance for errors. At last, the expert and experienced team will build a system to remove the need for the integration and duplication of data. And, you won’t be needing staff for transferring or inputting the same data from another department that has already been captured into the system.

2.  Data Usage in Innovative Way

To integrate different data sources, the system needs to be complex enough. Systems that have never talked to each other now can easily speak to each other. What type of data are we talking about? We are talking of data that includes emails, brochures, and videos that are pretty useful. With the help of custom software development, these data types can be saved in one system and used for cross-referenced with each other. Previously, staff members used to spend countless hours for data input and to capture unique info sources.

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3.  Accessibility

To enable multiple levels of employee access depending on the varying degrees of security access, custom software development is designed. For instance, if all your employees want to access the names of the customers, then they have access to all the data. Also, your all staff might not need access to the billing information. In such a situation, the company’s privacy is maintained and restricted access only to the billing department and CEO is given to safeguard the business.

4.  Security

The off-the-Shelf software system is not more secure than the Custom Software system. When you buy a software system from any box store, the possibilities are that the system is the same as hundreds of businesses and other dozens of individuals. It is easy for any computer hacking to get into your business system to steal the records with such a number. But if you have a custom development system, then you have the benefit of not been known to the hackers. Because a computer hacker might not put more effort into analyzing the system and hack it, the customization of the system will make hackers switch their ways to the known system.

5.  Flexibility

Last but not least, flexibility is the last benefit of custom software development. What you purchase off-the-shelf stays the same. The software programs it offered when you buy it do not change with time. At some point in time, your main system will not match the growth of your business. But it is completely different from the custom software development system, it can easily expand with the growth of your business. Custom Development software can match all your business needs.

iTechnolabs Custom Application Development Services

iTechnolabs Custom Application Development Services

How & from where you can get the custom software development system designed specifically for your business? Reach out to a team of expert and professional developers and sit with them to discuss your needs and requirements. Your main aim should be targeting what you are looking for in your custom software development system and what your customers demand. With an accurate custom software development investment system, you get efficient and build your operational capacity. Hire dedicated developers from iTechnolabs to design your idea into reality.

If you are a business running in your initial or advance stage and seeking ways to improve the information management of your business, then go no further than iTechnolabs. Our team of experts will enhance your business productivity keeping your business records security in mind. The custom software development solutions of our organization focus on locals, discovering the needs of the users and hands-on interaction.

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Mobile App Development

The Innovation Trends in the Mobile Application Industry

innovation trends in the mobile application

An overview

Have you ever wonder how quickly the mobile application development industry has evolved and still evolving. These apps accompanied the ease and security to operate and transact money for individuals and companies, respectively. In the last decade, we have seen important development in portable innovation. Many reasons lead to the advancement in the mobile application including innovation in technology, rising consumer demands, and the numerous scopes of varied components. There are numerous applications available in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The resellers of the mobile app are focused on getting up to date in this emerging trend to serve their clients better. This also applies to content creators and producers, who are focused on taking their brand name to a new level while utilizing the mobile application.

The emerging curiosity on the usage and advantages of mobile applications helped in its advancement, especially among independent developers and entrepreneurs. The mobile application industry is one of the sectors that is evolving at a fast pace. According to Statista, the revenue of worldwide mobile application forecasts to rise to $935.20 in 2023.

Mobile application trends of 2021

The development in technology and growing preferences of consumers help in fuelling the speed of technological advancement. Health crises worldwide and increased dependence on mobile phone applications from tip to toe urged the rapid growth in these trends. The factors like the launch 5G spectrum, foldable phones, wearables with an inbuilt fitness app, and a lot more lead to the growth of applications to another level. During this pandemic situation, we have also seen the changes in money transactions and education medium that changed from classroom teaching to online teaching. All these necessities and changing situations lead to growth in application trends. In this blog, you learn more about 15 mobile app development trends for 2021.

Beacon Mobile App Technology

In the mobile application trends, the most important advancement that you can see is the advancement of beacon technology. This technology is one of the primary mobile application patterns utilized by galleries, museums, and other industries. But before discussing where it is used, you must know what Beacons are. Beacons are little, remote transmitters that use low-vitality Bluetooth technology to communicate the signs with nearby gadgets including iOS and smart devices.

Beacons utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. When the beacon mobile app detects a phone in its range, it instantly takes the signal and gives relevant notifications and guidance. When converged with the Internet of Things, Beacons help in the development of applications in the retail industry.

The Beacon Technology applications include:

  • AI-enabled chips
  • Beacons mobile payments
  • Automatic machine learning

Applications for foldable devices

We all have seen a dramatic change in the development of mobile phones, supporting iOS and Android operating systems. It comes in different categories, along with one that supports a foldable mechanism. Samsung launched the foldable OLED display, with an operating system to use the technology that improves smartphone experience. Samsung announced Galaxy Fold, which uses popular Android apps compatible with watching Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and Microsoft Office. The foldable devices provide big screens and offer more space for a detailed experience of consumers and multi-windows, allowing users to do various tasks at the same time. These devices are boon to video streaming and gaming applications, offering more control to the device screen.

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Internet of Things (IoT) supporting mobile applications

Mobile Application

IoT is a network of interconnected smart gadgets connected to the Internet to offer convenience and automated control to patrons. The perfect example of IoT and mobile app development is the development of smart home technology. Brands including Amazon and Google, have utilized this technology and strengthened their competition in the market with the launch of the Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers’ line and Google Home Voice Controller.

The mobile apps are used to fine-tune the thermostat in a house, lock or unlock a front door, and connect to home security systems from remote locations.

IoT-enabled apps are growing in the market with the rising demand for IoT gadgets and systems. If you have any idea to build IoT application, you should hire IoT developers from iTechnolabs.

Future trends where IoT are used
  • Smart homes and mobile cities
  • Driverless and autonomous vehicles
  • IoT devices being powered by AI
  • Healthcare with IoT technology

The upcoming 5G Technology

The launch of 5G technology will redefine the whole concept of Internet speed in mobile applications. 5G technology is expected to launch in 2021, and this will help in doubling the connections by year-end. The iPhone 12 from Apple has included a 5G connection network connection, making it the most advanced application trend. 5G is anticipated to be super-fast, like 100 times faster. Five technology will bring revolutionary changes in streaming services without buffering and wider bandwidth, managing VR & AR 3D gadgets.

The upcoming trends where 5G is used are

  • Wireless healthcare services with high-speed Internet
  • Cloud computing
  • Driverless vehicle technology with inbuilt geolocation app

Mobile wallets in phones

The innovation of wallets in smartphones makes money transactions more mobile and hassle-free. The apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have driven the purchasing capability of users and it is continuously developing in 2021. The demand for mobile wallet apps will rise in the upcoming years.

Mobile brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google offer a secure and feasible platform for bill payment and money transactions through mobile wallets.

The upcoming trends in mobile wallets are:

  • The audio-based mobile wallets including Tez and Google Pay
  • Payments focused on NFC (near field communication)
  • RFID based (Radio-frequency identification payments)
  • Secure payments without online theft

Applications in wearable devices

Wearables are the most innovative trend in 2021. People are already using wearables like a smartwatch, smart jewellery, and display devices like Google Glass and many more. The most exciting concept of these is users can communicate and control these devices through mobile apps. The integration of IoT made it accessible from remote locations using the internet.

Fitness wearables can analyse body movements, heartbeats, walking steps, blood oxygen levels, and so on. Therefore, from a healthcare, fitness, and sports perspective, these devices offer high profits.
The future wearables trends will include glasses with sensors, a contact lens with a virtual assistant, virtual keyboards, and clothes with smart technology.

E-commerce through mobile phones

In 2021, leveraging mobile apps by consumers to increase revenue is becoming more popular, from large retailers to personal brands and content creators. The mobile e-commerce functionality is the
Mobile e-commerce functionality among clients is one of the top priorities of app sellers. We can see the launch of business every day to improve the sales. The online sales include real estate, gadgets, groceries, designers’ clothes, and accessories. In this competitive era, all business segments are using mobile apps to grow business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML are two segments where mobile application development plays a crucial role. Popular mobile apps like Replica, Cortana, and Google Assistant attained great success in the competitive race. The concept of Deep Learning is utilized with ML in various mobile app development projects by offering crucial data and real-time analytics. An excellent example of AI in the Facebook application, which allows people to talk and chat with each other.

Some examples of AI in the mobile application are:

Recognition of Image in mobile phones
Face detection
Text and image classification
Sentiment classification and recognition
Speech recognition
Predictive maintenance

Augmented Reality (AR) in mobile application

The technological innovation tycoon companies including Apple Inc. and, have already taken a step forward in showcasing AR in mobile applications. Google is focused on introducing the AR feature for Google Maps, allowing people to find directions from their camera phones in real-time. It is one of the most important trends among mobile phone users.

Future trends of AR are:
  • AR-related virtual user manual
  • Virtual reality (VR) based virtual training simulations
  • VR based survey activities
  • VR based live music festivals and concerts
  • AR-based navigation
  • VR and AR-focused visual learning

The Evolution of Chatbots

2021 will see the advanced evolution of chatbots. The rising demand of consumers leads to the development of chatbots on websites. It is becoming the latest standard of customer service. As there are different apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, some applications use chatbots. But this trend will change in 2021. The chatbots are driven by AI technology, where the feedback is identical to human-like. It is expected that in upcoming years customer service tech interactions will be facilitated by virtual assistants. For this process, the integration of chatbots into the mobile app development market is essential. Chatbots, allow you to connect to your application using Google Assistant. The businesses are utilizing the Chatbot for improving customer relationships with the management.

The usage of Predictive Analytics in Mobile Phones

Predictive analytics can forecast the events through data by leveraging technology for machine learning, AI, data mining, and data modeling. Many technology companies are focused on leveraging predictive analytics for several years. A simple example of predictive Analysis is Netflix, a platform that offers television (TV) shows and movie recommendations based on previous watching preferences of consumers. In 2021, predictive analytics will be forecasted to be developed on a mainstream level with various mobile apps. The basic goal of predictive will be to improve the UI/UX with an application. Predictive analysis will get more popularity in 2021, along with machine learning and data mining. This trend will use statistics, AI and ML, and data mining to predict the upcoming events and this will also help predict the customer experience. In the future predictive analysis will be used in banks to address the needs of customers and in medical care to offer an improved diagnosis.

The increased demand for on-demand mobile applications

The increasing demand for on-demand mobile app development is the upcoming trend in 2021. The on-demand app is a platform that suffices the user-generated demand of customers on mobile devices. It is an all-in-one solution that can be deployed for all purposes including taxi booking to delivery of meals. It allows businesses to get new customers with on-demand mobile solutions for iOS and Android supported devices. Apps including Airbnb and Uber are already on the hit list that uses on-demand apps.

The on-demand economy attracts millions of consumers annually with average spending of billions of dollars. These services include freelance services, transportation, health services, and home services.

Some of the examples of various segments where these on-demand apps are utilized including:

  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • House cleaning
  • Online teaching
  • On-demand doctors
  • Veterinary care
  • Beauty Services
  • House cleaning

Not only this, these opportunities are endless. This application is more profitable from the point of view of mobile application resellers to widen the customer base. By leveraging the capabilities of on-demand, the clients can include advanced functionality to their apps, which will inflate profits at every level.

Biometric Authentication in Mobile Phones

Biometrics is one of the unavoidable parts of smartphones to increase security concepts. It has been used to unlock phones in earlier times, but in today’s scenarios, it is used to log in to your bank accounts and download mobile apps. Even it is used in office login. The most important factor that affects the mobile app development trend is the ease of its operation. The formal ways of typing and drawing patterns are not required. The only thing that is required is fingerprint or face recognition. With the rise in this trend, it is mandatory to consider the security issues that emerge with various innovations. The mobile apps developed in 2021 must integrate Touch ID or Face ID recognition for ease in working. Biometric authentication could also include iris and voice recognition, hand geometry, or characteristics in behavior. The most important part that makes it highly secure is that it is not replicable and remains as it is even after years in fingerprints, and the risk of forgetting this is null. We can predict bio-metric authentication applications in upcoming years in immigration services, bio-metric solutions in cloud-based format and online banking and mobile payments.

Integration of cloud computing in mobile application

The concept of cloud computing technology is not new, but its integration into the mobile app industry is under process and yet to be fully utilized. Cloud computing has a wide range of possibilities for mobile development, which will be presented in 2021.
The concept of cloud storage technology can progress the performance of mobile apps from the user’s point of view. The apps can help store data and carry difficult tasks in the cloud operation compared to storing information in the device of users. Cloud computing not only streamlines the development process but also is a cost-effective method of development solutions. It is predicted that maximum workloads will be stored in the cloud. If your company is developing business applications or internal workforce apps, you can focus on cloud computing methods.

Mobile applications based on Geo-Location

Geolocation-based app development has been evolving for several years, and it is predicted to grow in upcoming years. It is one of the critical elements that allows mobile apps to offer personalized services to customers. The applications use the location tracking method to collect information on users’ demographics, offer location-based services, and better target marketing campaigns. Several mobile application development companies are using location data to know about user patterns and visualize the correlation between the behavior of users and locations. This also helps customers by offering important information and customized solutions. This personalized solution approach aggregates the whole user experience and improves user satisfaction.

The future trends related to geo-location related apps are:

  • Augmented reality application being used in geography and astronomy industry
  • Utilization in gaming apps
  • Recommendation apps

Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) in mobile development app.

The APM and EMM are part of the venture portable application development process.

The APM is the application checking instrument and manages to demonstrate utilization on a platform and has been incorporated into Google since 2016. The APM has been used to remove the problems in the application execution. APM helps improve the general execution and APM has become an important instrument of value confirmation analyzers related to the application testing process.


Mobile app development is always changing with the changes in consumer demands. If you are developing an app by utilizing the information from previous years, then you won’t be able to stand the competition. A general understanding of market shifts and competition helps you in standing top in the competition. This will also help in improving the marketing of the app for upcoming years.

At iTechnolabs, we have years of experience in mobile app development and we are updated with the ever-changing market trends. If you need more information on the mobile app development trends, connect with us now! We will be happy to serve you.

Mobile App Development

10 Reasons Why Outsourcing App Testing is the Best

Why Outsourcing App Testing Is The Best - iTechnolabs

Creating an application is a huge task in itself. Designing it, formulating the strategy, and then implementing it is a huge chunk of work. But the latter part comes when you want to test it. Testing an application is also a huge proportion of the task that is still left. You should go for outsourcing this task because this will reduce the cost.

Various app development companies are relying on offshore organizations for their application testing. One of the major reasons for the same is that various technologies have come into the market which needs to be implemented and utilized in the best way possible. You cannot have a team for all of this. By outsourcing the same, you will be able to get the best talent in a single organization. To know more about the benefits of outsourcing, keep reading.

Let us try to understand a few reasons why they are doing so

  • Cost plays a very important role when it comes to outsourced web app testing. Revenue and cash flow are the main essences of any business. If you decide on having an in-house team for web app testing, you will have to shed a lot of money on human resources. You also would be required to buy tools, creating a lot of infrastructure for the additional team that you will be having and then also you will have to train them accordingly. This will result in a lot of cash outflow. Now, outsourcing the entire project will be cost-efficient. Here, you will not have to shed money on buying infrastructure or tools. All you would have to do is choose the best organization and then let them handle your web app testing.
  • The next would be core competencies. If your organization outsources its web app testing, you can win in your core competency domain. Instead of shedding a lot of time and money on the area where you know that you are not the boss, you can simply work in the arena where you know that you will ace the game.

Why Outsourcing App Testing Is The Best - iTechnolabs

  • If you have very strict deadlines, you need to look at the quality of the product and not at the testing. It is always better to go for outsourcing when you have a lot on your plate. Outsourcing leads to good quality and less cost. Teams that are into outsourcing web app development will deliver a bug-free product to all of your clients within the specific deadlines.
  • Flexibility is one very major aspect of outsourcing. If you are not outsourcing your work, you need to understand that hiring a lot of people is something that you should be doing. But now that you are outsourcing it on, you can be very flexible with the amount of money that you want to spend. It will be easy to cope up with the changes that you are looking for in your plan.
  • Some various rules and regulations need to be followed when you are developing a web application. It is vital to know that a good outsourcing company will always have all the ethics in place. Instead of playing the game where they will keep on blaming the other party for all the wrong that has happened, they will work towards the goal and fix it properly.

Why Outsourcing App Testing Is The Best - iTechnolabs

  • You will have better exposure to applications. If you are testing your application in-house, the number of resources that you will be able to put into it will be limited. Their knowledge will be limited. Hence you should go for an outsourced team that will have more minds.
  • You will be able to get useful insights. When you outsource your web application testing, one thing which will happen is that the other company will get a lot of useful insights on what sort of improvement is required in your application. They already have a huge customer and user base which will be put effectively to use for your application. You will be able to get real-time responses from people and you can mend your app in those ways.
  • You will be able to get more objectivity in your entire process. You will get to know about the opinion of other people and also if they can be better and do better than what you have already prepared.
  • Automated testing can be a way out for you. Automated testing requires specialized tools and also expertise if you want to get maximum benefits out of it. You will not be able to get such a good team in your budget and hence it is best if you outsource it.
  • Quality assurance is something that all outsourcing agencies commit to. The only reason why you are going to a different agency is that they have expertise in some feel that you do not have. You will be assured of good quality in your web app testing and mobile app testing.

Summing Up

Software testing is a very tedious task that is always better than being outsourced. It needs to be done in a manner that has a lot of strategies written. It needs to be highly streamlined. You need to have a team of good engineers and strategists who can create a method for you to carry out the testing procedure in the best way possible. Hiring the right team can give your business the good boost that it has been looking for. A lot can be done in the testing sphere. Let the team handle it and make your application the best one.

iTechnolabs, helps enterprises deliver better user experiences with reliable application testing with a global testing aptitude and device coverage. We ensure the smooth running of your apps and provide the best user experience. Reach us today!

Mobile App Development

Effective Mobile App Testing Strategies

Effective Mobile App Testing Strategies

Have you ever heard of a brand which does not have a mobile application? No, right? Well, that’s because mobile applications play a very important role in generating revenue. A mobile application is actually the face of the organisation and decides the future of the entity.

What do we mean by mobile application testing?

It is a form of testing where various segments are presented with different variations of an in app experience to actually realise and determine which one induces the desired action. By figuring out what actually works for your application and what does not work for it, you can optimise your application for the desired metrics. .

Why should you go for mobile app testing?

 mobile app testing

To increase your customer base: It will help to boost the core metrics of your application. You will be able to provide a good user experience to your customers.

Loyal users: with the help of mobile app testing, you will be able to create a very loyal user base for yourself. You will understand who wants to stay on your application and who is not staying on it. In the end, we all want users who are loyal to the brand.

You will be able to create personalisation for your app experience. Till the time your application experience is not personalised, it is not complete. With the help of mobile app testing, you can go for serving different kinds of variations to different customers. This can be done because you will be knowing about the metrics and you will know beforehand how people are responding to your application.

It will help in understanding the functioning of the application. You will be able to understand which part of your application is doing well and which is not doing good. All of this can be understood with the help of simple mobile app testing methods.

What is the mobile application strategy?

A strategy plays a very important role when you want to achieve a goal. It will list down the process that you need to follow in order to get to the goal. There are various mobile applications present in the market. In order to be the best, you need to deliver the best quality. Mobile testing strategy tends to ensure that you provide good performance, quality and also test coverage in a little amount of time. Here are some of the vital factors that you need to consider when you go for mobile app testing.

  • Emulators and simulators: with the help of simulators, you will be able to get more coverage in less cost and time. This is a very viable option.
  • There are various devices which are present in the market. You must make sure that with every category of mobile phone present in the market, your app is working. Is it possible to test your mobile application for all these devices? No, the best method is to actually select the device based on the adoption in that particular market or on the basis of the user base.
  • The next one would be the kind of testing that you want to go for. There are various kinds of testing that are available. Unit testing, regression testing, functional testing, automation testing, security testing and performance testing are some of them.

Let us look at the strategies that are prevalent in the market with regards to mobile app testing

  • The first one would be functionality testing. The unique selling point for any application is how it performs the task that it is supposed to do. Every aspect of the application needs to be tested to ensure that the consumers are having a smooth process.
  • There are three kinds of applications. The first one being native, followed by mobile web and then hybrid. Hybrid is a mixture of both of the two which are listed above. When you are going for testing, a good kind of coverage is needed for all of these types of applications.
  • Back and testing also plays a very important role. It is done so that the data is getting stored in the right place. Followed by the right place, comes the right format. During this kind of testing, we need to make sure that the data entered by the user is saved in the right manner. It is also ensuring that the data is stored in the right profile and can be extracted out easily.

storage testing

  • Storage testing is all about storing the data. People tend to avoid applications that require a lot of storage. With a large number of applications being used and the less amount of space available on mobile devices, people want applications that do not have a lot of storage. Hence, it is important to go for storage testing.
  • Data flow testing is also very important as applications are not very good when they are working alone. They need inputs from other systems and servers outside the application. Hence it is important to understand the data flow and go for data flow testing.


Now that you know all about mobile app testing, it is important to know that strategies like a game plan make you win in the end. Having the right kind of strategy is very important if you want to ease the mobile app game. Have a very detailed mobile app testing plan and strategy; documented in the right way. The beneficial part would be if you document it in steps. Keep marking out the steps that you have achieved. Mobile app testing plays a very vital role when you are actually out in the market and ready to launch yourself and venture out. Make sure that you go for the best kind of testing and formulate the right strategy.

iTechnolabs is a trusted mobile app testing company with having personalized QA team. We take complete responsibility for the quality of your application. Our team of highly qualified and experienced testers checks the apps for performance, user-friendliness, security, and functionality.

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Software Testing Guide: How to Test a Website?

Software Testing Guide

Are you familiar with the concept of website testing? Do you want to know more about it? Well, you are certainly in the right place. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is the concept of website testing?

Finding the bugs in a website refers to the concept of website testing. There are different kinds of website testing processes that can be done.

Why should you go for website testing?

  • A website is a culmination of various small aspects built into one big website. Your website is the face of your organization. It is important to know that a small flaw in your website can lead to a lot of issues.
  • When it comes to browsers, it is vital to know that there is an end number of browsers available in the market. Your website must be supported by all of them. If not, your website will not work on them. Eventually, you will lose a lot of your customer base.
  • There is a difference between using your website on your cell phone and then using it on your desktop. There is a different kind of programming required to build a mobile website. According to statistics, more and more people are now using their cell phones for surfing online. This is the reason why you should actually get yourself and your website tested for being equipped to function properly on mobile phones.
  • It helps to understand whether people are able to access your website or not. Accessing your website is the primary goal of any person who comes to your website.

What is functional testing?

functional testing

This helps to test whether a good kind of hypertext markup language is used or not. It validates all the links that are appropriately linked to anticipated pages. It also helps to understand whether internal links are appropriately linked or not. It helps to ensure the proper functioning of all the links which are related to emails.

Performance testing

If you want to check your website’s responsiveness, scalability, stability, and speed, you should go for performance testing. This will make you understand how much load your website can handle. If tomorrow, you end up creating a huge brand and your website cannot handle all the users on the platform, users seriously need to consider your website getting revamped.

Web usability testing

Web usability testing

Try to understand the font size and spacing between the lines. Try to check the correct placement of the website logo and the tagline. Validate all the contact details and then the navigation system. Make sure that all the labels related to navigation are concise. Try to ensure that every kind of content on your website is clear.

Now that you know all about website testing and the various kinds of testing that are available, let us try to understand a bit more about them.

Functional testing usually helps us in understanding the function ability of the website. Browser compatibility testing usually helps us in understanding whether your website is compatible with all kinds of browsers or not. Accessibility testing is usually under usability testing. If your website can be easy to use by people, your website passes the test of accessibility testing.

Conversion rate testing actually means the number of conversions which are divided by the total number of visitors. It means that if a website receives 200 visitors in a month, and it tends to have 50 sales, the conversion rate would be 50÷200 which means 25%.

In this digital world, there are a lot of experts which are prevalent in the market for hacking. Test your website for all the security issues under the head security testing.

What are the trends that help to reduce the efforts when it comes to website testing

Try to go for automated testing. It will save you a lot of time.

Go for simulators. There are big chances of people actually going through your website with the help of your mobile devices. You need to test your website for various mobile devices and their operating system. This can be a very tedious task. There are hundreds of mobile phones available in the market and you simply cannot spend your time on this. This is why you should go for mobile emulators and simulators.

Tips while going for website testing

Go for sanitary testing.

When you have created a website, naturally, your website will create many third-party applications and plug-ins. You need to test all of these. They can actually affect the performance of your website in an end number of ways.

Know your website inside out, this will help you in your website testing a lot. You should know about the background of the project. Try to figure out who your target audience is and what are their primary goals. It is also important to equip yourself with the scope of work so that you can ensure that everything has been delivered properly.

Summing up

Now that you know all about website testing, we hope that this blog was helpful in order to understand what website testing is and how you can be better at it. You should be a good website tester as your website is the face of your organization. It helps in creating an image in the minds of the customer. It is often seen that if you do not have a good website, the customers go away from your website and there is a huge loss in revenue.

Invest in the right kind of software and in the right kind of websites. Only then you will be able to read a lot of returns from the assets that you have created online. There is no substitute for a good website. Creating a website is not the only thing that you should be worried about. Testing that at the right time is very important.

Understanding that website testing plays an important role in maintaining a company’s credibility; iTechnolabs offers you a fully tested website. We are committed to giving you more confidence in your business!

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3 Ways to Drive More Sales In Your App

3 Ways to Drive More Sales In Your App

Sales and revenue are the essence and lifeblood of every business. Without revenue, your business is nothing. It is important to know that if you do not have any sales, how will your business stay afloat? How will you actually materialize all the costs that you have put into the application? There is so much to know and so much to do when it comes to application-based sales. There are a number of methods in order to generate revenue for your business. But the right one will be an easy method as it is based on strategies. If you are following the right approach, your application can be a goldmine that will get you a lot of revenue.

This blog intends to explain how to boost up the sales of your product in your application.

What kind of business can we meet when you are the owner of an application?

A person in the market downloads your application and is that the only purpose of your application? This is absolutely wrong. Everything has multiple purposes and a different strategy will combine to mint money and make revenue. Now that you know that there are different ways to meet revenue, let us try to understand a few genetic points which are needed in order to make money.

  • The first point is that your application needs to be customer-centric and not product-centric. You need to make sure that your customers know that you are creating something valuable to them. Come out of the bubble of your product and try to help the people out there. Try to mold your product in such a way that it is serving a purpose. Only if it serves a purpose, you will get returns from your application and it will be popular.
  • Try to build a marketplace. Marketplaces are one of the biggest ways to mint money. These applications help to bring together the buyer and the seller and then create an efficient marketplace. This is something that will actually make sure that you are getting your commission and people are coming to your marketplace.
  • Try to enable multiple payment options in your application. If a person does not have a debit card, make sure that they can pay with the help of a credit card. If they do not have either of the two, make sure that you enable the function of internet banking or other kinds of wallets. People dig for cash on delivery. Make sure that your application has that. At the end of the day, the money needs to come in.
  • Make sure that you are appropriately regarding all the customers to come to your application. There needs to be a good reward point system for all the loyal customers. People will collect these points and come back to your application. A certain number of points can be used for alternative discounts. You can reward customers with the help of various products which can come in handy when you give discounts.

There is one question always arises before creating and mobile application, why they need a mobile application for their business. There are several reasons to eradicate this issue, you can read this article for more clarification Why Android App Development is Necessary for Online Businesses?

How to Drive More Sales In mobile App

How to boost the sales of your product in your application:

● Make sure that you have a very good strategy when it comes to converting customers into revenue. Create a reason for all the people on your application to actually materialize their purchase. You can offer various discount cards and coupons so that people are always motivated to use your application and make the purchase through that.

● Try to do regular follow-ups with all of your customers. Whenever a customer comes to your application, they have come with the thought process of actually surfing your application and going to do it. When they are doing all of this, make sure that they are converted. If they are not converted, take regular follow-ups from them. Regular follow-ups play a vital role when it comes to sales. There are many applications out there in the market that might be having the same service and product as you. You need to stand out of the lot and make sure that the customer purchases everything from your end. This can only be done if you are regularly following up with all of your customers.

● Try to divide your audience. There are various ways and methods in order to divide your customer base. Some do it based on the demographics, some do it as per the location, and some debate on the basis of the channel used for them to come to your platform. If you divide on the basis of age, you can simply make different slabs for different age groups. If you’re dividing them according to their gender, male, female, non-binary can be the options. If you are dividing them based on countries, there are various country options available depending upon the source data? And then comes the most important part, if you are dividing them based on the channel, you can divide them based on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, direct application source. Think of different ways which you can use to reach out to these people in such a way that you hit the bull’s eye.

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Summing up

Drive Sale on mobile application

Well, these are some of the methods and ways that you can use to increase the sales of your app application-based product. Make sure that your application is highly customer-centric. If your application is not customer-centric and not easy to use, you can have various issues. People eventually run away from your application and will not stay on it. If they do not stay on it, the sales will get reduced. This is a situation where you do not want to be entangled in.

Understanding the importance of customer impression, iTechnolabs creates a brand that leaves an enduring feel on your clients. Equipped with the latest technologies; our team of professionals is working recurrently to drive more sales in your app. We are committed to taking your business one step ahead. Connect with us now!