Top 8 Benefits of Extended Development Team Model

top 8 benefits of extended development team model itechnolabs

Extended development teams seek to blend the knowledge of an internal team with an expanded team to improve the existing software development capabilities, and to share the responsibility of a specific project.

This model isn’t suitable for projects that are time-bound. It’s an ongoing and continuous collaboration that does not stop even after the project’s conclusion.

The latest approach to team expansion helps you overcome the required technical shortages, rather than replacing your internal developers.

When to Use Extended Development Team Model

In reality, this model could be put to the most effective use in the following situations:

  • The project you are working on is not equipped with the expertise in the development and technical knowledge to meet business-critical needs. Start-ups have a higher chance suffer this issue and should look into the extended team model in lieu of outsourcing IT.
  • You can access the talent you need in the market locally, but hiring them is expensive.
  • You are planning to launch a new product, and you want to assign some of the most important tasks to experts who are certified so that your team can focus on essential skills.
  • Your project requires assistance from skilled software developers at each stage(s).
  • You’re looking to leverage new technologies and enhance your business’s agility without adding full-time staff to your staff.
  • You require additional help to meet changing requirements and speed up your software development process.
  • You’d like to find the best developers with a reasonable budget. This means eliminating the cost of hiring and onboarding.
  • A small team who wants to complete an enormous project within an agreed-upon timeframe.

Benefits of Choosing an Extended Development Team Model

benefits of choosing an extended development team model itechnolabs

There are numerous benefits to having an extended team of developers to develop your software. We’ve reviewed some of the most significant benefits in-depth to give you a concept.

1. Flexibility to Hire Professionals

Thinking about the possibility of having a larger team for software development can aid you in the process of hiring. It is possible to find, screen, and interview the professionals you like from the global pool of talent. This will help you find and select dedicated developers who meet your specific requirements for your project quickly.

The software development project you are working on will likely have the option of choosing among a wide range of team extension solutions that will take your business to the next level. Based on your specific project needs you will be able to receive all-encompassing technical assistance covering various aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) which includes the development of a product as well as team building, integration of functionalities and features Quality assurance, and much more.

You can set up your own development team on either a contract or hourly basis and get the most benefit from the available resources. However, when you’ve identified any gaps in your skills within your current team, you can hire experienced IT experts and developers to help them out.

Beyond that, You can also cooperate with top-of-the-line IT experts who will help facilitate smooth transitions between vendors by using the best practices in the industry and methods.

2. Get Constant Support

This model opens your project to multiple IT experts that include advisory and execution experts, front-end and back-end developers, experts in mobile/web technology and QA and testing experts UX/UI designers, cloud consultants as well as DevOps consultants.

The IT professionals are committed to providing an exceptional selection of software development solutions that are focused on satisfying your requirements at every phase.

The extended team members are a vital part of your company and continually work to improve the skills you already have. They are aligned with your vision and are committed to meeting your goals together. The best part is that they are part of your team, employ the most efficient practices, and result in an environment that benefits your business.

In essence, you will receive ongoing support, constant involvement, and operational excellence that is executed with the highest level of efficiency.

3. Long-term Collaboration and Effective Project Management

In contrast to traditional IT outsourcing, the extended team model provides an option to recruit developers on time. You can benefit from this model to achieve your goals for the long term. We have mentioned before that this model does not have a project-based focus.

It is aiming to form an alliance for a longer time frame, thus eliminating the need to depend on other external sources of dependence.

The extended development team model is focused on improving your current software development capabilities and also helps to improve your visibility across the SDLC.

It’s even more crucial if you directly control the work. There are many opportunities to increase efficiency and engagement at each phase. Furthermore, the process of distributing complicated projects, managing timelines, and keeping track of KPIs is now easier than ever before.

4. Transparency

It can be stressful to manage things and demands. There are many elements and mediators that need to be addressed in order to get the desired outcomes. However, an extended model for development teams could be avoided by assisting to hire experts who can be easily managed.

It is possible to directly connect to your extended team of software members, without intermediaries.

You are able to share your thoughts or needs with them in the way you like and effortlessly solve problems. In reality, you’ll have two teams in charge that will create a dynamic environment that is backed by iterative development with the flexibility to experiment and a well-controlled process.

All in all, joining your IT department can enable you to achieve total transparency, continuous communication, and flexibility in handling frequent issues.

5. Seamless Setup and Team Building

Compared to a traditional hiring procedure The Extended development teams model demands very little or no effort for onboarding prospective candidates. The extended team works in a comfortable workspace equipped with the appropriate technology stacks.

This takes away all the hassles of providing benefits for payroll and establishing physical infrastructure, or renting office space.
The only thing that you have to be aware of is providing your entire group of software developers with the necessary tools, resources, and collaboration platforms along with knowledge exchange sessions that they require to get started.

Another consideration is to introduce your current team members to your new team. This can help establish trust and increase communication across all levels.

6. Cut Overhead Costs and Additional Expenses

One of the biggest benefits of having an extended team of software developers is that it allows you to reduce costs for overhead and helps you make the most of your available resources. Because there is no need to offer internal employees incentives, insurance, or other benefits, you will save some capital that can be put to use in the core areas.

In addition, you do not have to spend money on providing tech support or organizing equipment or hardware to select the model of team extension to develop software. This makes it an affordable option that doesn’t come with a loss of quality.

7. Enhanced Data Security

Although hiring freelance developers can be cost-effective, ensuring good data security is a must that they might not have in particular. When you employ freelancers via websites or a third-party vendor, it is likely to grant them access to crucial business information.

Many experts are of the opinion that freelance developers could prove ineffective during complicated data handling. Furthermore, any mishandling of data, risk of cyberattacks, or data leaks are not affordable even.

You can stay clear of these kinds of inefficiencies and frauds by enlisting extended technical developers from a reputable team and software development company.

A large IT team is a reliable source to protect your data from malfunctions as well as unauthorized access. Your information will be safe in your hands, and your project will gain over the long term.

8. Meet Deadlines and Reduce the Time to Market

The ability to meet deadlines for projects is essential to make your company stand out. Companies that keep deadlines on track without any complexities are better chances of winning chances to do business and building confidence. However, if you’re not able to finish tasks within the stipulated time frames, you could experience an impact that is dynamic on the overall development process.

Employing employees in-house can certainly aid in creating the software you want. However, it could be dangerous when you are working to meet deadlines. An error in communicating all the necessary information to team members could expose your project to risk.

However, working with extensions for software developers allows you to oversee assigned tasks efficiently while ensuring that each task is completed on time and without delays. It can help you cut down times to sell and see quicker project delivery times by removing any shortcomings and obstacles prior.

Are You Looking for Extended Development Team Model from iTechnolabs?

are you looking for extended development team model from itechnolabs

When you’re dealing with software development it is essential to have the flexibility to concentrate on the primary strengths of your business. A large development team model can help you accomplish this with ease.

To summarize software team extension facilitates sharing of responsibilities and helps you focus on areas of mission-critical importance. It provides access to different strategies, abilities, and tools with tech to help you create innovative solutions and products that are future-proof.

Choose iTechnolabs‘ extension of team services and start your software development project right away when you’re looking to increase your team’s capabilities, with a longer-term objective with a long-term vision.

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