A Guide to Medicine Delivery App Development: Cost and Features

a guide to medicine delivery app development cost and features itechnolabs

It’s a very difficult time for pharmacy managers since the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing each day across the nation. The Pharmacy Industry is struggling with worries about the safety of its staff and customers and those who reside in more affected areas or places are shutting down their medical clinics which have resulted in the largest decrease in the number of people who visit.

The government had firmly enforced the lockdown across the country to prevent the spread of the virus. Nearly every physical activity, event, or gathering was canceled or delayed by authorities and connected online through audio or video call from their location. To assist the affected, a Medicines order app is being developed through which everyone is available to receive the medicine quickly.

Many companies are turning to the digital market today to market their services or products. This is now becoming needed in the online market. With the growing prescription medicine demand such as prescription medications, the online Medicine Delivery App Development is a great solution to get these issues resolved. It also provides patients with prescription drugs and aids pharmacists in enhancing their businesses.

A mobile app for online medicine delivery lets its users have the ability to order delivery on their doorstep of medications from pharmacies. A Medicine Delivery App Development can be a game changer in the field of medicine. Customers can utilize the pharmacy app to browse different types of medications. When they find what they need and want, they can add a variety of medications to their cart before making a payment. The customers will be able to choose payment options for instant secure payment or COD and also track delivery updates.

Benefits of Medicine Delivery App Development

benefits of medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

There are a few reasons to have an idea of reasons why the use of a medical app is popular and the reason people choose to use apps for medicine delivery. Nine main reasons we’ve identified are:

1. Security

It is preferential to ensure the privacy of buying medicine.

2. Push Notifications

An online pharmacy delivery app provides periodic notifications that save the users from having to run out of medication, and not having to refill their prescriptions.

3. Free travel costs

Customers save their money by going to brick-and-mortar stores. This is especially beneficial to buyers living in remote locations.

4. Information on the Medications

Customers can get details on their medication and can read all prescriptions.

5. Higher Competitive Prices

Customers can instantly discover a higher evaluated general for their prescription drugs.

6. Direct Connect Customers With Local Pharmacies Stores

Create an interactive mobile platform that allows customers to order medications from local stores right away.

7. Centralized Inventory availability

Simply connects to huge pharmacies that have a specific audience you want to reach without assistance or mediation.

8. Retail Pharmacy Physical Chain via Application

Create a brand-name online pharmacy network, gain more customers, and grow your businesses more quickly and quicker.

9. Simple Onboarding

Begin your onboarding quickly by logging into access and email. You can enjoy a smooth onboarding process by handling the essential details that are secure.

In reality, the U.S. only holds above 45 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical industry. The forecast suggests that by 2023, the world’s online pharmacy market will reach around 128 U.S. billion dollars.

Features of Medicine Delivery App Development

customer app features of medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

Customer App Features of Medicine Delivery App Development

  1. Users Registration: The user who is new will sign up them-self
  2. Social Log-In: You can log in using a Mobile number as well as a social login like Facebook or Google and others.
  3. Easy upload prescription: If the user is unable to locate the medicine they require, they can simply transfer their medication. After uploading, they’ll be able to view the details that match.
  4. Search and Filters: A search browser can search for medicines quickly and if you have particular needs, then you can apply filters.
  5. Compare Products: Medicines can be examined in comparison with other medicines so that patients can compare their own medications against other products.
  6. Add to Cart: Anything they require may be added to their cart at least one item before proceeding to the checkout.
  7. Online payment: Users will have the option of choosing their preferred payment method and the option of using the COD option so that customers can quickly purchase medicine on the internet.
  8. Push Notifications: The notifications can help find out more information on the program, orders confirmed, etc.
  9. Reorder: Following the completion of an order, a user would like to order again, it is done with just one click.
  10. Discounts and Rewards: Users are able to apply for a discount or receive rewards to purchase medicine at a lower price.
  11. Order tracking: When an order is confirmed, and it’s accepted by the store, customers can track their order until they are delivered to their home.
  12. Review and rating: When an order is received, customers will be given the option of providing an evaluation and rating to the pharmacy shop and the delivery person.
  13. Live Chat: Customers can resolve their issues through live chat.

Pharmacy App features of Medicine Delivery App Development

pharmacy app features of medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

  1. Registration: A pharmacy store could register their business by entering all information about their business.
  2. Manage Information: The pharmacy can manage information, modify, add, and delete it as per their needs.
  3. Manage Product Information: To present the product or make it easier for the user to understand the store’s pharmacy can manage the details of the product, such as description, image, etc.
  4. Order status: Pharmacies can see the status of an order as delivery reaches the address.
  5. Manage receipts and payments: Pharmacy stores are capable of managing received payments or issuing a reminder to ensure that they have not received the payment and create receipts for customers.
  6. View Ratings and Reviews: They can view the reviews and ratings that have been submitted by users.
  7. Inventory management: Pharmacies can handle their entire inventory on their own.
  8. Billing creation: When a pharmacy is paying, they can send or create an invoice via mail or through the application.
  9. Control Prices: It allows them to control prices, such as adding, modifying, and removing all market prices to users.
  10. Assistance: They can give support to users, or connect with Admin directly.

Driver App Features of Medicine Delivery App Development

driver app features of medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

  1. Login: The driver has login information that has been supplied by the admin of the store, or by the pharmacist.
  2. Accept or Reject Order: Once the order is confirmed, drivers will be issued an order that requires them to deliver, and they may accept or deny orders if they have been occupied by an order.
  3. Set the Availability: Drivers are able to set their availability based on their delivery schedule.
  4. Profiles: Deliverers should have verified and secured their personal profiles. On their profiles, they are able to manage their information, as well as make free hours available and set the boundaries they traverse.
  5. Map: The delivery service is capable of creating a route for customers and pharmacies to connect. It is easy to trace the delivery address and pharmacy store addresses.
  6. Push Notifications: If an order is accepted by a pharmacy store an agent for delivery receives an email notification of the delivery of the new order.

Admin Features of Medicine Delivery App Development

admin features of medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

  1. Dashboard: The administrator will get an account dashboard that will monitor the whole platform’s apps, such as the number of customers, medications purchased, etc.
  2. Manage inventory: Administrators can control the entire inventory of their products, sales as well as billing.
  3. Manageable order status: The administrator can see the status of an order and also control all the orders. View information about deliveries, and view the details.
  4. Control Customers: The registered users will be accessible by the admin. They are able to add, edit or delete, and also block the platform.
  5. Manage Payments: Admin can view all the payments received by customers.
  6. Manage Offers and Discounts: Admin can manage discounts and promotions and can create new discounts/offers and modify or remove them.
  7. Store Administration: Administrators can handle the store’s management, as well as admin. They can also create a store with all the information, GST Manage, edit, or delete.
  8. Content Management: Administrators can live with their content in the present and be live on any platform.
  9. Analytics and Reporting: Admin can view the analytics and reports to help admins understand what is happening in their platform.

Our Premium New Features for Medicine Delivery App Development

our premium new features for medicine delivery app development itechnolabs

  1. Physician Consultation: The feature is an additional feature that is available in the application for taking medicine that assists the user in choosing the correct medication, or in accordance with the user’s prescriptions. The user is able to discuss health concerns with a doctor and receive advice. Pharmacies can also join up with physicians.
  2. Suggested Fitness Meals: Nutrition is only half of the medicine. As you begin to eat the correct food in accordance with your health condition the medicine begins to be cut off.
  3. Loyalty Points: In addition to loyalty points, loyalty points are permitted, and users can earn advantages of points in the app to refer to it.
  4. Simple Call:  In the event that a client has any questions or concerns about the purchase, they can avail of the option of making a voice call to store or drive the order within the app.
  5. Subscriptions: Stores can add subscriptions that have different plans, where customers can benefit from the form of products or cost by making the payment or selecting the right medicines.
  6. Scheduling Delivery: The user can plan their delivery on their doorstep at any time the order arrives.

Do You Want to Develop a Medicine Delivery App From iTechnolabs?

do you want to develop a medicine delivery app from itechnolabs

iTechnolabs provides the most effective option for prescription delivery on-demand application creation on both an Android as well as iOS platform to meet your individual requirements. Our team here in iTechnolabs has a medicine ordering application that is ready for use. We’ll label your mobile app white which is advantageous for your medical business, and crucial for users who are currently in the lockdown scenario. With this online order for medicine app, we provide many options to monitor your medication so that you have the time to monitor your medications. Users can monitor the flow of their medication using this application for tracking medicine creation.

iTechnolabs is the best pharmacy app development firm that offers the entire solution for pharmacy app development. Our solutions are efficient and cost-effective. We have a highly expert and knowledgeable team of web and app development that is able to complete multi-platform projects that satisfy your business needs.

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