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Novel Coronavirus: Disaster Preparedness Plan Every Business Needs!

Coronavirus has created a situation that most geeks never anticipated; how the business will operate in case the team members aren’t able to travel to the workplace? This is the time that every business needs to take proactive steps to ensure the smooth functioning of business operations while the resources working from remote locations. Apart from this, it is more important than ever for IT businesses to ensure that the resources have the tools they require to work remotely and securely. Remember that options to travel or have in-person meetings are negligible, all thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The situation has caused huge negative impacts on the bottom lines of global brands. It’s only the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that we all need to ensure smooth functions to mitigate the impact of peril downtime on your business operations. We’ve prepared a list of the few questions that you want to ask your Senior Managers to ensure that your organization is ready to fight the situation: Do you have a ‘Plan B’ in case your strategies don’t work as expected? When working with global employees, vendors or partners, communication through email isn’t usually sufficient. There may be various occasions like power outages, email outages, etc. when you can feel disconnected. In such incidents, you need a different communication plan to address the requirements. You can have another email ID, contact number, skype, etc. Did you test your Business Continuity Plan? Of course, we never want to face any situation when we need to Business Continuity Plan, but in incidents like Coronavirus, it is very important that you carefully check the plan before implementing it. It will help mitigate the downtime and address the faults or loopholes in the system. Can Your Backup Operational Plan Work From Home? In today’s advanced age, we all have access to Cloud technology. Most organizations across the world use this technology to allow employees to have access to the data in a secure form. With the ability to replace in-house networks, Cloud Technology lets team members access most files and applications anywhere, anytime. But, did you check if the facility works from home as well? It is very important to make sure that the cloud infrastructure has the necessary capabilities needed to have your staff work remotely. Can your business survive only on teleconferencing? In case you are involved in a business where business meetings across the country or the world are quite often, the discontinuation of the global travelling industry can be a nightmare. This may force your staff to limit international or domestic travel. In such situations, you must ask yourself, can your business temporarily limit or suspend business travel and use teleconferencing technology instead? In case of technical limits, it is important to take required actions right away to ensure flawless video conferencing. Final Words For any modern business, aiming to survive even during the toughest situations, pandemic and disaster preparedness is very important. If you do not already have a backup plan ready to work during the Coronavirus outbreak, now is the time to develop your plans to mitigate the negative impacts on your business and reduce downtime.