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Reasons Why Your Business Needs On-Demand Delivery App

On-demand delivery apps bridge the gap between customers and companies. These apps are customized to unleash the potential of mobility and enhance the value of your business. The on-demand apps make it easy for customers to book services with just a few clicks, and that too, on the move.

As per the statistics, over 42% of the adult population has already used on-demand services. The figure is enough to show the growing popularity of on-demand mobile apps. So, if you are still not planning to invest in on-demand deliver mobile apps, here are a few reasons why your business needs it:

Real-time Tracking

Allow customers to book products or services with just a few clicks with the ability to track the delivery with the unique benefit of monitoring the service in real-time. The feature works with geo location to allow buyers to track the progress of the service or product.

Data Management & Storage

With an on-demand mobile app, you are always equipped with a cloud storage space, which helps you save and manage all the necessary service data. And the information is easily accessible at any time. With the help of a cloud storage facility, the data can be easily analyzed by data analysts to identify trends of usage of the On-Demand App.

Ease of doing business

When it comes to on-demand delivery app development, the sole aim is to add comfort and ease to the process of doing business. On-demand delivery apps act as a bridge between the customers and service providers, allowing companies to operate everything using a single digital platform. The ease of service exchange allows businesses to facilitate the growing demands of customers, increasing revenue, and a lot more.

Better Time-Efficiency

By connecting the customers and service providers, on-demand delivery apps can significantly reduce the time of service exchange. Since the customers get their products or services on time, their satisfaction level increases, resulting in more customer loyalty and chances to return in the future.

Digitization of All Interactions

As already mentioned, on-demand delivery apps work through cloud storage. This helps eliminate to preserve physical proof of interactions. This digitization takes the stress away from the unnecessary burden of maintaining physical copies. Digital receipts reduce the amount of paper and resources used for the maintenance of records.

Data Security

In this current scenario, data security is the most crucial and essential step for any modern business. Thanks to the data storage on the cloud facility, the data is supported by a secure encryption system. The chances for data theft or data leak are usually less than traditional business models. This helps security the consumers’ privacy as well as shipment confidentiality of shipment/ service.

Customizable Solutions

On-demand mobile apps are highly customized, designed to cater to the growing demands of consumers. It is the ability to customize these mobile apps that allows global brands to be able to mark the uniqueness. Unlike the traditional business models that follow the ‘One size fits all’ approach, it’s opposite with the on-demand mobile apps that can be customized to match unique business needs.

Final Words

In a nutshell, on-demand delivery apps (mobile app development) are growing with the ever-changing business needs. They are designed to benefit ay unparalleled to any digital solutions offered so far while keeping the investments lower.

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Top Ecommerce Web Development Tips That Can Boost Your Sales

For online business owners, your e-commerce website is the face of your storefront. This means, your website demonstrates who you are, making it one of the primary influences of how many people visitors turn into buyers. No matter how well-planned your online advertisements are, you could be losing on the potential customers if your e-commerce website isn’t optimized for sales.

Follow these eCommerce web development tips to start seeing more conversions in no time!

Keep it simple and user-friendly

Apart from being a robust solution, your online shopping website should be designed i such a way that it meets the expectations and needs of the prospective buyers. The design should be attractive enough to attract visitors while the Navigation must have the ability to turn them into buyers.

The website should be as simple as possible. The images should be relevant to the products with no distracting links. Avoid complicated animations, lengthy content or stock images as much as possible.

Don’t distract users

When the visitors land at your mobile app or website, it is important to make their journey as simple and engaging as possible. The e-commerce website should be optimized for generating sales, so it’s important to not encourage the visitors to sign-up for newsletters, promotional emails, etc.  Remember that they visit your website to buy products and not to get promotional emails. Of course, you can publish information, but make sure it doesn’t distract people from making a purchase.

Make search an option

Whenever users are confused about the category of a product or when the navigation is overwhelming, think Amazon. The platform has rocked the world, even when using a simple navigation. Additionally, the search bar on the top allows visitors to search for products with their names. It is found that the websites with huge inventory, offering search option become the most accessible choice for finding a product.

Make checkout quick, easy & secure

Checkout is the last step of online shopping process, but it’s the only step where over 70% carts are abandoned. In most cases the checkout is too complicated or website fails to win the trust of users. This is what makes it important for the e-commerce store owners to implement a secure and hassle-free checkout process. Using a single-step checkout process is always the safer choice. Additionally, offering multiple payment methods makes it easy for the shoppers to choose from their desired payment mode.

Make sure it’s responsive

As per Google, over 79% of smartphone users have made online purchases from their devices in the last 6 months. With growing popularity of smart devices, there is no reason to skip them when creating a custom e-commerce website. In fact, it’s more critical than ever to provide a great web design on desktop and mobile. Of course, you can create a mobile application for users, but designing a responsive website is always a smarter choice. A responsive website ensures that any user, existing or new, can visit the website even when using on mobile devices and enjoy a great user experience.

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How Product Videos are Driving Sales for Your eCommerce Business

In the eCommerce world, people love new and innovative things. Over the time, we’ve seen shoppers to appreciate product images, faster checkout, same-day delivery, etc. Product videos are something that’s trending among online shoppers these days. These videos allow the potential buyers to have a detailed look at the product in a video format and save time on reading the description or other information. If you’ve launched an eCommerce website, but can’t see any growth in the sales, let’s discuss how implementing product videos can drive sales for your e-commerce business.

Here are some statistics that show why using product videos are important:

  • 50% online shoppers fear that ‘my product won’t look the same when it arrives”.
  • 33% of people prefer knowing about the products through a video.
  • 69% of consumers believe that product videos best assist them in the final decision.
  • 80% of shoppers believe that product videos give them more confidence.
  • Product videos can increase conversions by 80%.
  • 83% of online businesses say product videos provide good returns on investment.

Undoubtedly, integrating product videos to your online shopping website can be a great support to grow sales and drive more revenue. If you still have doubts, then let’s know the benefits that the product videos can offer to e-commerce business owners.

Great ROI

Every business seeks Return over Investments and 83% of store owners state that using product videos provides a good return on investment. You don’t need to use only the perfect videos to gain the benefits.

Videos Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. With product videos on your website, customers get more confidence in making the final decision and on the quality of the product they’re buying. This encourages more sales and long-term relationships.

Google Loves Videos

Product videos not just give a better understanding of the product to the users, but also offer longer exposure and trust on the search engines that your site has good content. With product videos, you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google.

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

We’re living in the mobile world where over 2.8 billion people are using a smartphone. Over 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. With product videos embedded, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Videos can explain everything

The best part about product videos is that potential users can easily know everything about the products even without wasting time on reading the description. Simply click on the video and you’re all set to go.

Final words

Product videos are becoming more and important these days, allowing global e-commerce brands to get a better hold on the online sales and potential buyers without even implementing custom marketing strategies.