9 Laundry Service Startups You Must Know

With the change in lifestyle and running with the super-fast speed of the world, many of the Millennial don’t want to invest their precious time in doing house chores instead they look for something easy to approach and fast to be done. And same goes with the laundry, with no surprise everyone hates doing laundry on their own that opens the doors for multiple Laundry service startups to capture the market. 

So, if you are an on-site laundry service startup or thinking of launching one such Laundry service startups then having a laundry service partner in the form of an app will add great value to your business. Such an app can help you to attract customers, retain existing customers and also promote your business.

Same as the current witnessed scenario, the salons at home or on a click away are replacing the regular local barber. The same way the change is waning washermans with the change in the demand of the consumers, this uplifted the online laundry service demands.

From the market research report of Report Linker, the laundry market was $93.18 billion in 2021, $104.65 billion this year and is expected to reach $127.3 billion by 2025. Also, multiple factors are adding to increase the craze for online laundry startup services globally.

  •  Internet and smartphone usage in the country is at a massive scale
  • Increase in on-demand services
  • The rise in disposable income
  • Unreliability of local players
  • Unspecialised wash care by the local washers
  • Lack of one-stop option for all the laundry needs
  • Handling the tantrums of maids and servants and finding the right person.

Today’s lifestyle is about lethargic weekends and hysterical weekdays. And for the Millenials or working professionals or bachelors staying alone in the hustle and bustle of the city is quite disturbing, tiring and boring, with the same you cannot handle laundry too. Keeping all the hustle in mind many laundry startup services have entered the game and up-surged the industry with better and reliable laundry options. Owing to this, let’s discuss 9 best on-demand laundry service startups in India.

Top Famous Laundry Service Startups You Must Know

1. We do laundry 

We do laundry as a business to help customers with their dirty clothes. Their professional laundromats are known to deliver washed, fluffed and folded garments. The technology through which they are managing their business is cost-effective and logistically quick helping customers to get washed clothes in a shorter time of span. With their mobile applications for both android and iOS users they are working to help their customers get the laundry clean with a single click. 

2. Simply Laundry

Simply Laundry is a 24*7 available laundry and dry cleaning service provider in Etobicoke, North York and Toronto. If their customers are outside of these areas then via email the customers can reach them. The customers can schedule the day and time whenever they want their dirty clothes to be picked. They business is serving digitally by having their presence via a website and a mobile application. 

3. K-Bro 

K-Bro is a age-old leader serving the laundry and linen services from 1954. Their major focus in on hospitality, commercial and healthcare industry. Apart from being efficient and affordable they are a team of professionals working with a thought of being environment conscious. In a single day, they process 2,67,000 kgs of laundry.

4. Cloto

Cloto is a business working with a thought to give their customers not only excellent laundry services but a chance to choose life rather then doing laundry. They offer pick ups and delivery of the laundry at the doorsteps. Their customers can place orders via their mobile application that is listed on the App Store and Google Play Store.

 5. Laundrycity24

Laundrycity24 allows their customers to either walk-in or DIY their laundry in their 5-star hotel-like laundry center. They do have a separate kids section and an adult area. Not only this, they do offer pickup service for the dirty clothes. Once availed laundry services from them, their customers get the clean clothes in 24-36 hours.

6. Washrunner

Washrunner is a laundry service provider that offers same day delivery. Once an order placed, they pick the dirty clothes within an hour. They believe in offering excellent customer service by sending regular updates with each washing stage of dirty clothes.

7. We Deliver Laundry

We deliver laundry, offers laundry services meeting the guidelines of COVID-19. They offer customizable services with the amazing customer service and speedy delivery of the laundry. One can schedule the pickup and drop off with a single click.

8.  Superior Laundries

Superior Laundries give their customers a chance to get superior services via a mobile application. They have coin-operated machines and claim that their washers can manage up to 80 lbs each load. When visiting their physical stores the customers get free wifi.

9. Marcopolo Laundry

Marcopolo laundry with their physical and digital presence provides customers with clean laundry. They first offered their laundry services in 2019 and now offer self service laundry, pick-up & delivery, wash & fold, dry cleaning and commercial laundry.

With the time shortage and fast life with no work-life balance routine, basic home services needs are increasing on a daily basis. Hence, the time is the opportunity for many budding startups to provide basic home service with the ease of the customer’s reach. The same goes for Laundry Service Startups.

If you are thinking of getting something like Laundry Service Startups in your pocket, then adapting to the technology is a must for you. Keep things simple for your customer while they place an order from your Laundry services.

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How? Get the best interface created for your laundry business from us, because a convenient ordering interface is what is similar in the above-listed startup for their success. 

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