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iTechnolabs is a software development company specializing in web applications, mobile apps and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes. We help clients with consulting on technology and business strategies to achieve their goals and objectives.

Digital Transformations

Our mission is to help you create human-centric digital experiences that capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

IT Staff Augmentation

With iTechnolabs, achieving your goals is no longer blocked by talent gaps. From web development to system administration to business analysis—here you'll find experts in all of today's hottest skillsets on contract or full-time staff at affordable rates so you can get the most out of every dollar.

Mobile App Development

Build strong digital connections with our meticulous user-centred design approach underpinned by years of experience in mobile app development. We’re passionate about giving your business exceptional apps.

Web Design & Development

We have deep experience designing everything from simple static one-page sites to large, enterprise-level web applications that create measurable value for our customers.

Digital Transformation & Product Development

You’ve got an idea for a completely new product, service, or business model. We can help you turn that into a real solution—with lean product development and digital transformation services from the ground up.

Automation and DevOps

We are devops experts. Our team is agile, automates the entire development lifecycle with a focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery of products.

Enterprise Application Management

Through offshore agile development methods, we ensure high-quality productivity hence reducing the development and maintenance cost of the applications by 30% or more.

Digital Process Automation Services

Automate data-centric, time-consuming, and repetitive processes to increase overall productivity and reduce operational expenses.

Our Software Development Services

With iTechnolabs at your side, no challenge is too great. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your software development requirements.
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Custom Software Development

Are you in need of a bespoke software solution tailored to your business requirements? Please reach out to us. We are great at understanding your specific challenges, business models, and unique selling propositions. We specialize in crafting secure and customized software solutions compatible across all operating systems, browsers, and devices.

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UI/UX Design Development

Avoid losing potential users to competitors due to subpar design. Our expert UI/UX design team is equipped to craft compelling, brand-enhancing interfaces that captivate users. If you're seeking to develop a design centered around user experience, consider us as your trusted partner.

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Software Consulting

Unsure about your next steps? Uncertain about your path forward? We are here to assist you with our complimentary consultation service. In this session, we listen to your requirements and objectives. Based on our understanding, we provide a strategic roadmap and propose specific features to incorporate into your software solution.

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Enterprise Software Development

Invest in bespoke enterprise software tailored to align with your business processes and guarantee scalability. We provide software solutions encompassing ERP, SCM, CRM, and CMS that are precisely built to satisfy your company's unique needs.

Group 1171276967

Mobile App Development

If your aim is to create an application for Android, iOS, or a cross-platform solution, we guarantee a product that is intuitive, user-centric, and enriches its users' experience. Leverage the expertise of our mobile app developers, who have a proven track record in the successful development of over 4400 mobile applications.

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Web Development

From online stores to educational platforms, our priority is to create a web presence for you that is not only responsive but also focused on transforming casual site visitors into dedicated customers. With a portfolio of over 350 successful web solutions, we are committed to helping you establish a distinct online persona for your product.

Group 1171276971

Software Modernization

Are you operating with outdated software? Our role is to evaluate your existing software, pinpoint potential enhancements, and employ state-of-the-art technologies and strategies. This process guarantees that your business maintains its competitive edge and optimizes operational efficiency.

Group 1171276972

Software Integration

We address the issue of inconsistent data across various systems, guaranteeing seamless communication between all your tools and systems. This approach eradicates data duplication, optimizes processes, and boosts overall efficiency.

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Hire Software Developers

Are you envisioning a project but facing a shortage of in-house tech proficiency? Leverage our premier talent pool available for flexible engagements. Be it a brief term assignment or a prolonged partnership, we guarantee that your projects will be carried out with exactitude.

All Software Development Problems have Only One Solution - iTechnolabs
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Your Full-Stack IT Outsourcing Partner

We are exactly what you want – agile, efficient, and inventive.

Managed Agile Team

We do not just offer you the services of a bunch of highly certified development professionals. Rather, we deliver you a closely-knit agile team that follows a client-centric engagement model. The team builds app solutions in a manner that is in line with the culture, needs, and vision of the client.

Complex Core Development

We are the pioneers of innovation and change in developing unique software solutions in this ultra-modern world. We have long ago abandoned the outdated outsourcing models to make way for unconventional development models whose main focus lies on core engineering tasks. 

Scale Without Limits

We exist with the sole objective of revolutionising your business and catalysing your growth. We locate the significant impediments that hamper your business’ exponential growth and devise technologically advanced solutions to let your business achieve newer milestones. 

Our Mobile App Development Services

With iTechnolabs, you can conquer anything. We offer an elaborate range of services that will cover your every mobile app development need.
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iOS App Development

Our android developers offer stellar consultancy, development and maintenance services to you for iOS app development. We create a mesmerising user interface and secure backend for engaging app experience.

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Android App Development

You choose us when you want extraordinary android applications for your business. From planning to testing and development, our expert developers take care of everything with regard to your android application.

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Flutter App Development

Only our name echoes when you want Flutter app development services. Through a project-oriented approach, our developers design intuitive and intricate applications that run on multiple platforms.

react native icon

React Native App Development

We offer inventive React Native solutions for your app development needs. Our proficient developers make sure that they develop efficient and elegant applications at reasonable costing for you.

cross platform icon

Cross App Development Services

If platform-agnostic mobile applications are what you are looking for, then look no further because we offer innovative and timely cross app development solutions to clients across the globe.

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Hybrid App Development

When you want applications that are compatible with multiple platforms, you choose us. We possess a rich blend of experienced developers and high tech to deliver you exceptional hybrid app development services.

Top-Notch Software, Web, Mobile App Development Company
With adept professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a boundless passion for building powerful software, iTechnolabs is exactly what you are looking for. FinTech, sports, entertainment, healthcare, gaming, education, logistics – there is hardly an industrial domain that we have not served with mind-blowing and extraordinarily competent software solutions. 
With a cohesive team of top-grade professionals for whom their incredible expertise and experience are their core weapons, we have never failed to impress our clients. Our very streamlined software development process ensures that your software is created seamlessly and delivered to you before the determined deadline.

For any and every stage of software development, hire experienced developers in no time with the one and only iTechnolabs. Talk to our experts today! 

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Software Solutions

We Develop

Our team of expert software developers constructs tailor-made solutions, cloud-based software, and websites to give you a competitive edge. Discover the range of software solutions we expertly craft.
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Enterprise resource planning software

Group 1171276976

Customer relationship management software

Group 1171276977

Human resource management software

Group 1171276974

Content management system

Group 1171276982

Learning management software

Group 1171276978

Fleet management software

Group 1171276979

Software as a Service Solution

Group 1171276998

Supply chain management software

Group 1171276981

Project management software

Who we serve

“iTechnolabs – where ideas take shape”
As a leading app development company, we serve you with services that transform your promising idea into a powerful mobile app. With our expertise in the ultra-modern technologies, such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, and Cloud, we promise to deliver our diverse clients with agile and structured development solutions.

Software Development

Methodologies We Use

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Adaptable to modifications as your project progresses, the Agile methodology is the embodiment of flexible development. Agile facilitates the quick delivery of superior software, guaranteeing that your product aligns with the dynamic market needs in a real-time framework.

Group 1171276994


The practice of DevOps is strategically crafted to promote cooperation and productivity during every stage of your project's lifecycle. This approach allows for seamless delivery on a continuous basis, which not only accelerates the time-to-market but also elevates the quality of the product.

Group 1171276993


Scrum is a methodology specifically designed to manage intricate software development processes through progressive iterations. This approach guarantees consistent feedback mechanisms, which help maintain the alignment of the product with user requirements.

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In the Waterfall model, your project is partitioned into well-structured stages, each one receiving thorough planning and execution. This model promotes clarity and accuracy, as each phase is finalised before proceeding to the subsequent one, guaranteeing an orderly & systematic progression development process.

Why choose iTechnolabs for Software & Mobile App Development?

Is it not beyond doubt that iTechnolabs is one of the most established software & app development companies globally? Hence, it becomes a natural choice for your precious software & app development dreams. 
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Less Time to Market

Our development approach is such that it will take no time for your app to hit the market and enchant your audience

Group 53080
Group 53073
Dedicated Development

We build a cross-functional team which is devoted to cater you with a premier app development experience

Group 53075
Client-Centric Approach

Each part of your app development roadmap is designed, keeping in mind your invaluable expectations from your app

Robust Development

When it comes to app development, we always make sure that we build a product that is strong and secure

Group 53080
Group 53072
Less Time to Market

Our development approach is such that it will take no time for your app to hit the market and enchant your audience

Group 53073
Dedicated Development

We build a cross-functional team which is devoted to cater you with a premier app development experience

Group 53075
Client-Centric Approach

Each part of your app development roadmap is designed, keeping in mind your invaluable expectations from your app

Robust Development

When it comes to app development, we always make sure that we build a product that is strong, secure, and devoid of glitches

Our Software Development


Group 1171276996

Requirement Analysis

Understanding your requirements can help in decisions and actions for achieving the desired output from the software.

Group 1171276999

Planning & Design

To begin the development process, it's critical to establish a comprehensive architectural plan with user interface (UI) & user experience (UX).

Group 1171277000


Craft software code, making certain that every component concurs with the specified design and operates flawlessly.

Group 1171277001


The software should be thoroughly assessed for any issues related to bugs, performance inconsistencies, and dependability.

Group 1171277002


Initiate the software within a live setting, thereby ensuring its availability to the end-users.

Group 1171277003

Maintenance & Support

We offer consistent support, promptly addressing updates, troubleshooting any potential issues, and implementing improvements.

Our Software Development

Technology Stack

Frontend Development

We leverage a variety of frontend frameworks, including:

  • HTML/CSS – For markup and styling.
  • JavaScript – For client-side scripting.
  • React – For component-based UI library.
  • Vue.js – For progressive JavaScript framework.
  • Angular – For full-fledged JavaScript framework.
  • Meteor – For real-time web apps.
  • Next – For server-side rendering.
  • Ember – For complex web applications.

Backend Development

We make use of powerful backend frameworks that include:

  • Node.js – For server-side JavaScript.
  • Python – For versatile programming language.
  • VB.NET – For rapid development on .NET
  • Ruby on Rails – For web app framework.
  • Java – For robust, cross-platform language.
  • ASP.NET – For Microsoft’s web framework.
  • Go – For cloud-native, microservices-based applications.
  • PHP – For building web apps.

Mobile App Development

Our expertise lies in the construction of mobile applications utilizing:

  • Swift – For iOS app development.
  • Kotlin – For Android app development.
  • Xamarin – For cross-platform app development.
  • Cordova – For hybrid mobile apps.
  • React Native – For cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Flutter – For cross-platform app development.
  • Ionic – For hybrid mobile app development.

DevOps, Deployment and Hosting

Our toolkit includes the implementation of cloud technology and usage of DevOps tools such as:

  • Docker – For containerization.
  • Kubernetes – For container orchestration.
  • Jenkins – For continuous integration.
  • GitLab CI/CD – For CI/CD pipelines.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – For cloud platform.
  • Microsoft Azure – For cloud and services.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – For cloud infrastructure.
  • NGINX – For web server and proxy.
  • Apache Tomcat – For servlet container.
  • Heroku – For cloud platform.
  • Vagrant – For development environments.

Database Management

A variety of database management systems, but are not limited to:

  • MySQL – For relational database.
  • PostgreSQL – For open-source RDBMS.
  • SQLite – For embedded RDBMS.
  • MongoDB – For NoSQL database.
  • Redis – For in-memory data store.
  • Azure SQL Database – For cloud database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – For relational database.
  • Oracle – For enterprise database.
  • Cassandra – For distributed NoSQL database.
  • Apache Hive – For data warehousing.
  • HBase – For distributed database.
  • Apache NiFi – For dataflow management.


In addition to the aforementioned, we employ a range of other technologies. These include:

  • Google Analytics – For user tracking.
  • New Relic – For application monitoring.
  • Loggly – For log management.
  • Splunk – For data analysis.
  • GraphQL – For API querying language.
  • WebSockets – For real-time communication.
  • TensorFlow – For machine learning.
  • PyTorch – For deep learning.
  • Git – For distributed version control.
  • GitHub – For Git repository hosting.
  • Bitbucket – For Git repository management.

One-Stop Destination for Your App Needs

When you need a versatile app development solution, you simply go for iTechnolabs’ all-in-one mobile app development services. No other app development company can beat iTechnolabs’ sophistication and panache. 


Based upon the extensive market knowledge and business acumen, our consultants devise an insightful app development strategy for your business


We make sure that our app development services are agile enough to get you app to the market quickly and make an instant hit


Our innovative solutions help build apps that perfectly reflect your business vision and readily appeal to your consumer needs

Expand your Own Agile Software Development Team with Experts

With app updation on the cards, team expansion can be a cause of concern. As a top-notch software & mobile app development company, iTechnolabs endeavours to fix team scalability issues by offering the services of highly competent tech professionals in diverse roles. Consultants, project managers, UI/UX designers, developers – our IT consultancy company possesses multiple tech experts to augment your agile app development team.
Group 1171276987
800+ Mobile Apps Delivered

We have developed over 800+ end-to-end software solutions spanning web, mobile, cloud, AI, ML, and emerging technologies.

Group 1171276983
17+ Years of Experience

With 17+ years of experience since our start, we have honed our software development capabilities across the entire project lifecycle.

Group 1171276985
30+ Countries Served

We have served over 30+ countries clients across healthcare, finance, retail, aviation, and various other industries worldwide.

Group 1171276988
200+ Development Staff

Our 200+ skilled software engineers and developers specialize in full-stack web, mobile app, API, cloud-based, and enterprise solution delivery.

Group 1171276986
94% Client Retention Rate

We have successfully delivered over 800+ software development projects with an excellent 94% client retention rate.

Our Commitment & Guarantee

We specialize in rapid prototyping and agile software delivery methods. Our team builds applications that are robust, secure and scalable to meet the demands of your.
We follow strict NDAs to ensure your idea is safe with us. Your dedicated project manager ensure transparency by sharing daily/weekly project updates along with impediments if any.
To help our clients tackle the unforeseen and run-time issues after delivery of the software, we provide upto 90 days of free maintenance depedning upon the project size.
With our agile methodology for project implementation, we deliver almost all projects on time
We offer different engagement models for hiring technical experts to fill in the gaps of your technical team.
Every project gets one experienced project manager irrespective of it’s size, to relieve you from the issues of project management.
We are 24X7 open for communication and our experts team connect with you for expedite turn around of your project execution.

Some Talk of Our Honorable Clients

We create and launch software that transforms businesses. Below are just a few of our clients stories.
Eoin Ryan
Eoin Ryan
Founder-360 Journal
Arushi Sood Joshi

We had a brilliant experience working with iTechnolabs. We thank the team for the wonderful job in helping us develop Atnotarize for us. At Atcash, we provide technology services that specializes in remote trust solutions like identity, video verification, contracts and blockchain technologies.The process of building the app as well as the website for Atnotarize was handled with complete professionalism and went smoothly. We are constantly impressed by their technical expertise and work ethic. we are satisfied with the communication flow through the project. We heartily endorse iTechnolabs. Keep up the good work!.

Patrick Hustad

We are very happy with iTechnolabs; very professional,consistent and thoroughly competent in their work. It’s a great team with excellent communication skills.We had the pleasure to work with iTechnolabs in building out core portions of our product , l l l s u p e r l l l – a new social network for a new generation to post and share their favorite photos and videos with the world... Overall, a very professional experience, and really friendly and committed team.We will highly recommend iTechnolabs to those who want to successfully plan and implement a truly quality project.

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Some Talk of Our Honorable Clients

We create and launch software that transforms businesses. Below are just a few of our clients stories.
keri kilty client testimonial ha 300x225 1
Keri kilty
Arushi Sood Joshi
We had a brilliant experience working with iTechnolabs. We thank the team for the wonderful job in helping us develop Atnotarize for us. At Atcash, we provide technology services that specializes in remote trust solutions like identity, video verification, contracts and blockchain technologies.The process of building the app as well as the website for Atnotarize was handled with complete professionalism and went smoothly.
Patrick Hustad
We are very happy with iTechnolabs; very professional,consistent and thoroughly competent in their work. It’s a great team with excellent communication skills.We had the pleasure to work with iTechnolabs in building out core portions of our product , l l l s u p e r l l l – a new social network for a new generation to post and share their favorite photos and videos with the world. Overall, a very professional experience, and really friendly and committed team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a demonstrated history of successfully delivering high-quality software solutions to our valued clients. Consider the following compelling reasons to opt for our services:

  • 200+ development experts
  • Proficiency across diverse technologies
  • A robust reputation for delivering top-notch work
  • Extensive experience tackling intricate projects across various industry sectors

You can assess the services of iTechnolabs before entering into a long-term commitment. We extend a free trial to clients globally, providing a risk-free avenue for testing our software development services. Our confidence in the quality of our products and services motivates us to offer this trial, allowing potential customers to experience the value we bring firsthand.

Simply complete a form to connect with our team connect with our team promptly. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer and allow us to demonstrate our capabilities.

Given below are the various software development services that iTechnolabs offer. Please take a look –

  • Enterprise Software Development –

iTechnolabs offer elite enterprise software development services. As a premium app development company, iTechnolabs offers end-to-end development solutions for development of custom enterprise applications for various business operations such as consumer relationship management (CRM), logistics, etc. 

  • Mobile App Development –

The developers at iTechnolabs know mobile app development like the back of their hands. Flutter, iOS, Android, React Native, Fuchsia, IoT – there is not anything that iTechnolabs cannot accomplish in the arena of mobile app development. 

  • Artificial Intelligence Consulting –

For iTechnolabs, the sky’s the limit. It tries to integrate the latest trending technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) into mobile app development in order to create astonishing mobile applications that outshine the other applications in the market. 

  • Web Development Service –

When it comes to web development, no other app development company  can beat iTechnolabs. Python, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Laravel – the developers at iTechnolabs know it all and that too very well. They hold the power to transform your ideas into well-structured, sophisticated web applications. 

A software is a set of instructions that dictate a computer to perform a function. Software development is the entire process of developing software that commences from ideation and ends with software deployment and updation. It is essential to have a professional knowledge of various software development tools and technologies before getting into software development. Given below are a series of steps that completed the software development process –
  • Research the app idea, the target market, and the concerned competitors
  • Make an elaborate software development plan that defines the vision, the whole timeline, and the diverse app features
  • Choose the platforms or platforms onto which the app will be deployed and decide if you want to go for native or cross-platform development
  • Prepare an effective wireframe for your app so that you can go further with the app development process
  • Design an intuitive frontend and backend of your mobile app that meets your business requirements
  • Test the app manually as well as automatically before you deploy it onto the chosen platform of deployment
  • Use agile approach to code the mobile app in a well-structured and efficient manner
  • Maintain and update the app so that it runs smoothly without any glitches

A custom app development company is an obvious choice because it offers the following to the app –

  • Scalability –

A custom app development company builds a mobile app that can be modified and upgraded from time to time, directly in proportion to the exponential growth that your business portrays. 

A regular app may not be able to accommodate the growing needs of a business. 

  • Security –

A regular mobile app does have some fundamental features that assure confidentiality of your data. 

Therefore, if you need an extra layer of safety for your mobile app, nothing less than a custom mobile app development service will work for your business to provide adequate integrity to your app. 

  • Efficiency –

When you build an app for your business, it becomes quintessential that it must have all the core features and functionalities which are in alignment with your business vision.

Also, it must not have any feature that is irrelevant to your app. All this can be ensured via  a custom app development experience. 

  • Maintainable –

The continuation of a regular mobile app depends upon the whims and fancies of the owner of the app. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that a business must use a custom app that has been designed especially for itself. Doing so helps to upgrade it any time a business needs to grow. 

  • Integration –

A regular mobile app may or may not integrate readily with your existing business applications. 

However, such is not the case with a custom built app that is created keeping into consideration all the current applications that a business uses.

The cost of developing a custom application can start from $ 100000 and can go as high as $ 450000. However, the average cost that a custom app development company can charge will be somewhere around $ 160000. 

We have illustrated below a number of factors that affect the cost of custom mobile app development. Take a look –

  • Complexity –

The more complex the features and functionalities of an app, the more will be the cost of developing the app and vice-versa

  • Location –

If your app development team is situated in countries like India, Ukraine, or Eastern Europe, the cost of custom app development will be less. 

  • Size and Diversity of Team –

The more the number of members of an app development team, the more the cost of custom app development and vice-versa. 

  • Number of Features –

The higher the number of features and functionalities, the more the cost of custom app development and vice-versa. 

  • Third-Party Integration –

The more the number and complexity of third party integration, the more the cost of app development. 

As an app development company, iTechnolabs offer premium app development services via various flexible hiring models so that the cost of app development remains just within your budgetary constraints. Hire iTechnolabs custom mobile app development services today!

A Software Development Life Cycle entails all the diverse stages of app development from inception of an app idea to its ultimate execution. 

Its constituent stages have been mentioned below. Take a look –

  • Planning Stage –

At this stage of app development, the mobile app development company engages in rigorous brainstorming sessions to refine your app idea. It studies the market, investigates consumer behaviour, and comes up with a well-defined app development plan for the efficient development of your app. 

  • Analysis Stage –

After elaborate planning, the next step is to start preparing for prototype development. In order to build an effective prototype of your app, it is essential for you to discuss with your app development company the core features of your app. Remember to do an elaborate research before you indulge in prototype description. 

  • Design Stage –

At this stage of app development, your app development company will study and design apt user interface and user experience for your app. It will have to ensure that the design of your app is consistent and in accordance with the extensive marketing strategy of your app. 

  • Development Stage –

The development stage necessitates that your app development company choose appropriate technologies and tools for coding and development of your mobile app. Also, the development approach opted by the company must be compatible with the development needs of your mobile app. 

  • Testing Stage –

The app has been built. However, it has to be tested several times before you are assured that it is completely devoid of the unnecessary glitches and problematic bugs. The tester of your app development team must conduct both the manual as well as automated testing for the purpose of producing an effective app. 

  • Implementation Stage –

This is the deployment stage of the app development cycle, where the app is ready to be successfully deployed onto a relevant platform for the use by the end users. It has to be made sure that the app is built using the diverse guidelines set by the platform concerned for the purpose of app development. 

  • Maintenance Stage –

You cannot just leave your app after deployment. It has to be updated from time to time in alignment with the latest technologies and tools of app development. Also, the mobile apps have to be fixed as soon as possible once a glitch has been reported by the users in the mobile app. 

Given below are the criteria to help you choose the right custom app development company. Take a look –

  • Portfolio –

It is always better to choose a mobile app development company which possesses a strong portfolio. Make certain that it has made apps in the concerned industry segment. 

  • Experience –

Obviously, an app development company with longer experience in the arena of app development will be a natural choice for you. Therefore, keep a keen eye onto the number of years of experience while making a selection. 

  • Testimonials –

It is highly recommended that you go through the experiences of the previous  clients before you make an app development decision. You can directly contact them in person, if possible. 

  • Cost of app development –

Of course, the app development cost that an app development company will charge from you will play a vital role in the decision. Take a close look at the various pricing models a company offers to be able to make an informed decision. 

  • Development Approach –

When it comes to app development, the development approach becomes vital. It is always better that the app development company follows agile app development to achieve the development targets way before the deadline. 

The great many advantages of opting for developing a mobile application for your business have been mentioned below. Take a look –

  • Solidify Brand Image –

When you build a mobile application for your business, you provide a platform for your customers to connect with your brand and build a sense of trust and connection with your business. Hence, your app helps to strengthen your brand image. 

  • Offer Better Customer Service –

       Through a mobile application for your business, you can augment the experience you offer to your customers. If an apparel brand, your app can offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers with the help of exemplary features. 

  • Generate More Revenue –

When you offer your customers an exquisite experience via your business mobile application, they are going to stay being your customers. This would also enhance your customer base and consequently increase your revenue. 

  • Better Social Media Image –

       Social media presence is immensely important for any business in contemporary times to strive and thrive. Through your business mobile applications, you can connect your consumers with your social media networks and strengthen your social media presence. 

The following things have to be considered before you make up your mind for a mobile app development company to build your mobile application –

  • Market Research –

Knowing your market is really important because it gives you a significant sneak-peek into the current market trends, the strengths of your competitors, and the needs of your consumer needs. Having a fair knowledge of the same helps you to shape your app idea and plan its execution accordingly. 

  • App Development Platform –

      Before you plan out an entire app development plan for your mobile application, it is necessary to establish which platform you would like to go for the development of your app. You can go for the native mobile app development, or cross-platform app development in case of time and  financial limitations. 

  • Portfolio –

Obviously, please take a thorough look at the portfolio of all the mobile app development companies you have included in your list. Make sure that the one you are choosing has an appropriate level of experience in the industry domain in which your mobile application falls. 

  • References – 

Do take a look at the previous works of the app development company that you are thinking of shortlisting. It would definitely do no harm to refer to testimonials of some of the previous clients before doing a shortlisting task. Obviously, if you can talk to them in person, that would be great. 

  • Post-Launch Support –

Mobile app development does not end with the launch of the mobile application. Your app needs constant maintenance and support even after it gets launched. The bugs need to be fixed and the mobile app has to be upgraded on a regular basis so that your app is always ahead of its competitors. 

The various types of software outsourcing models have been lined up below. Please take a look –

  • Onsite Outsourcing –

In Onsite software outsourcing, a software development company sends a single developer or a whole dedicated team, in accordance with the needs of your business, to your office. The individual or the team that has been sent will be there for a temporary basis until the end of the project. 

  • Onshore Outsourcing –

In this type of software outsourcing model, the software development company belongs to the same country as you do. Therefore, the individual or whole team working for you will know your language and work in the same time zone as you do. 

  • Nearshore Outsourcing –

       Nearshore outsourcing model facilitates outsourcing the development of your software to a software development company that may not be in the same country, but is located on the same continent. This may help you to avoid any sort of time zone differences, but also may not benefit you in terms of cost of software development. 

  • Offshore Outsourcing –

       In this kind of software outsourcing model, you outsource the development of your app solutions to a software development company that is all and all in another continent. You may face problems with regard to time zone differences and language barriers, but you will do wonders in terms of saving up app development cost. 

  • Multi Shore Outsourcing –

       Multi shore outsourcing model is typically used by large-scale enterprises with large-scale software development projects. Such enterprises divide their app development project into a bunch of small tasks which they allocate to different software development companies across the globe.

There are a range of benefits associated with the dedicated software development team model which have been listed below –

  • Cost -Saving –

With a dedicated development team onboard, you neither have to hire a mobile app development team to work in-house, nor you have to spend money  on the tech infrastructure for app development purposes. 

  • Quick Delivery –

       Obviously, your dedicated development team consists of some of the ace professionals who know how to deliver the quality work in stipulated time frame. Therefore, you are bound to receive guaranteed top results with a dedicated team. 

  • Laser Focus –

      With a dedicated development team model, you receive a bunch of top-notch professionals who commit themselves to your project for a dedicated time frame. They adapt themselves readily to your company’s vision and culture and work accordingly. 

  • Full Control –

       With a dedicated development team handling your software development needs, you get to fully control and manoeuvre the app development process of your software in accordance to the changing needs and demands of your business. 

  • Proficient Staff Management –

       You do not have to engage yourself into recruiting and hiring an app development team. By hiring a dedicated development team, you get the most talented, apt, and experienced software developers without spending an immense amount of time. 

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