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iTechnolabs is a top-notch android app development company that holds vast experience and expertise in Android app development. We offer custom android app development services by highly dedicated android app developers to help your business thrive.

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The Android App Development Services You Always Looked For

With our sophisticated and streamlined android application development services, it is impossible to look past iTechnolabs. We are not just any app development company. We are a close-knit team of highly-competent tech professionals who strategise, design, develop, test, deploy, and do everything possible to render its clients with a robust app development experience. 

We already possess cutting edge technological infrastructure that empower us to endow you with elegant and efficient app development solutions. Our android app developers have effectively transformed the app dreams of our clients, big or small, into powerful business ventures. 

Top-Notch Android App Development Services

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Custom Android App Development

Our proficient android app developers have been successfully building custom app solutions for a diverse industry assortment. They are adept to deliver you android apps that perfectly aligns with your business goals and aspirations.

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Android App Consultancy

Our experienced consultants hold vast market knowledge at their fingertips. They have the ability to bridge the gap between your app idea and current needs of your potential users in order to devise sustainable app development solutions for you.

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Android UI/UX Design

The UI/UX designers at iTechnolabs have mastered the art of android app design. They endeavour to come up with intuitive UI/UX design that offers a hypnotic app experience to your users for all Android devices.

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Wearable App Development

Itechnolabs’ wearable app development services are simply exceptional. We have leading tech masters who can effortlessly integrate your android apps into wearable devices such as fitness bands, smart watches, etc.

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Android App Testing

Our android application development services test your app multiple times to ensure that it is devoid of any bugs and runs seamlessly. We take care that your app becomes an instant hit as soon as it is launched onto the play stores.

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Android App Maintenance

Our relationship with our clients do not end with app deployment. Our android app developers offer consistent maintenance to your android apps release its newer versions regularly to enhance its scalability and sustainability.

Mobile Market Share by Android

Over 1 billion Apple devices are in regular use worldwide.

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Revolutionise your Business with iTechnolabs’ exquisite Android App Development

iTechnolabs is an exemplary android application development company. It has proved so zillions of times before with its outstanding android app development and its endless hunger for excellence.

Full-Cycle Development

Planning, outlining, designing, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, upgradation - there is hardly anything in the domain of app development that our android app development company can not do with brilliance.

Industrially Above Par

Our android app developers strictly comply with the best industry standards and practices prevalent in the domain of android application development. Therefore, you can be rest assured of the quality of your android apps with iTechnolabs.

Diverse Portfolio

Banking, healthcare, education, food, media & entertainment, oil & gas - the developers at iTechnolabs have been successful in creating groundbreaking android app solutions in almost every industrial arena.

Agile Methodology

Our android developers leverage agile methodology for the purpose of app development. Through an agile approach, iTechnolabs ensures a transparent and timely development of high-quality android applications.

iTechnolabs’ Offerings

There is no doubt that iTechnolabs is a top android app development company in the USA. Afterall, we have been offering a wide range of custom android application development to its committed clients since ages. Flutter, PWA, IoT – our android app developers have excelled all and offer unique android app experience. 

Key Advantages of Using Android Application Development Services

Less Time to Market (LTM)

If android app development has to be defined in only two words, they would be - speedy and efficient. This is why Android apps have less Time to Market (LTM) as compared to iOS apps .

Large User Base

Popularity of Android devices is not hidden from anyone. Therefore, choosing android app development for your app becomes an obvious choice as your app gets access to a large user base.


Android app development is simply dynamic as it allows seamless integration of your mobile applications with latest technological trends, such as AR, VR, IoT, metaverse, machine learning, etc.

Advanced Security

Safety is a key feature of android app development. Our skilled app developers build stellar apps that already have built-in security features for protection against highly notorious viruses.

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Advanced Tools and Technologies for Android App Development

Android Studio
IntelliJ Idea
AVD Manager
Source Tree
Charles Proxy
Visual Studio
Unity 3D

Our Custom Android App Development Solutions

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M-Commerce Apps

iTechnolabs holds vast experience and expertise in M-Commerce app development. We produce dynamic applications that can transform your business into highly profitable digital business ventures.

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Food Delivery Apps

Our food delivery apps are one-of-a-kind. Our comprehensive android app development company builds structured modules for consumers, restaurants, and delivery partners, so as to provide a seamless app experience.

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Social Networking Apps

Our social networking apps have been one of the users’ favourites. Our android app development company has equipped the apps with responsive UI and stimulating design to allow the users to open their hearts to the whole world.

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Sports & Fitness Apps

iTechnolabs has created dynamic apps for the fitness industry. The apps have been integrated with softwares to track the footsteps, heart rate and other health-related parameters for its users.

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Tracking Apps

iTechnolabs has built android tracking apps with advanced Mapping API integration. The apps have sleek and sophisticated user interfaces and share compatibility with wearable devices such as smart watches, smart clothing, etc.

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Payment Apps

Our android app development company has crafted very secure and stellar payment apps. These apps enable safe mobile phone payments via integration with multiple payment gateways.

Our Customised Android App Development Services offer Extraordinary App Solutions

The android ecosystem is one of the largest with a broad range of devices that constitute it. As top android app development company in Canada, iTechnolabs has produced structured android apps that share compatibility with all android devices. Connect with iTechnolabs’ competent developers today and get started. 

Do You Want To Develop An Android App ?

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Hire Android Developers

We have established ourselves as one of the industry’s most dependable Android app development businesses. We can assist you with developing a reliable, cross-platform Android app for any mobile, watch, or TV device, regardless of manufacturer or business sector. Our team of Android developers is well-equipped to handle your company’s varied needs.

Hire Android App developers

As an android application development company, iTechnolabs is the embodiment of perfection. When you hire Android app developers from iTechnolabs, you receive powerful android app solutions for your business needs. The highly skilled developers at iTechnolabs possess vast knowledge and diverse experience to deliver apps that are the exact reflection of your dreams. Contact us today!

Our Android App development Tools and Technologies

Group 12711

Kotlin is a high-level programming language that is used for efficient android app development. It is a condensed language that enables easy integration of an app into all existing Android devices.

Group 12706 3
Android Studio

Android Studio is a prominent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Android operating systems. It assists quicker development and emulation, resulting in development of robust and feature-affluent apps.

Group 13520

Java is a simple yet sophisticated programming language responsible for crafting secure apps. It enjoys compatibility across diverse platforms and facilitates easy maintenance and upgrade of your android apps.

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Play Store

Google Play Store has been developed by Google and provides access to the users to multiple android apps. An android app has to adhere to the quality guidelines of the Play Store in order to access its platform.

Our Android App Development Expertise

iTechnolabs is an eminent android application development company and we have a strong portfolio of remarkable apps to state so. Our close-knit team of distinguished professionals have raised the bar for android app development with sheer dedication and innovation. Get in touch with our consultants now to get a whole new app experience!

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Why Choose iTechnolabs as Your Android App Development Company?

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Customer Satisfaction

iTechnolabs’ dedicated android app developers leverage cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide you with tailor-made business solutions that are in exact alignment with your business needs.

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Agile Methodology

We use Agile development and hold regular scrum events to fine-tune our procedures and get the best possible outcomes for our clients. We update you on a regular basis and implement your feedback as quickly as possible.

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Expert Knowledge

As the best android app development company in the USA, we hold app development expertise in a wide range of industrial domains. Hence, you can rely on us as we provide you with the best possible app solutions for your company.

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We strongly believe in transparency. Thus, we update you regularly regarding every single aspect of the development of your app, so that you could intervene wherever possible. We endeavour to deliver you what you have aspired to create.

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We just do not have expert app developers and modern tech stack. We also have endless dedication to devise unique strategy, design innovative interfaces, and create stellar android mobile applications for you.

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We guarantee our services at industry's lowest prices by striking a perfect balance between low costs and high standards of excellence in all the app development services that we offer.

Android App Development Technologies

Cross platform
Design Tools

Primery Android Apps development Agency by iTechnolabs

As the best android application development company, iTechnolabs is remarkable in all that it does. It has built simple, scalable, sophisticated, stellar, and secure android applications for its clientele, big or small, across diverse industry assortments. With prolific know-how and experience of android app development, our android app development agency has the power to build anything that you can imagine. Hire android developers at iTechnolabs today!

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Services for your Android App

Native Android App Development

We are masters in creating highly-intuitive native apps for every device that exists in the Android ecosystem such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart TV, fitness bands, etc.

Android App Quality Assurance

We conduct multiple manual as well as automated testing sessions so as to make sure that your app exhibits the best performance and is completely bugs-free.

Android UI/UX App Design

Our android app development agency endeavours to achieve the perfect mixture of subtlety and sophistication in our UI/UX designs so that user experience is optimal.

Post-Launch Marketing Strategy

Your app is our responsibility. We are responsible for devising dynamic marketing plans so that your android app remains a super-duper hit from its launch till forever.


Android App Integrations We Love

Our android application development company provides your app with some of the best integrations so that your app is highly functional and rich with dynamic features.

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How Apps Help Businesses To Stay Ahead of the Competitive Edge?

Compared to other platforms, iOS apps make a substantial impact on revenue generation. Why is this the case? Check out by exploring below:

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Simple Customization

As we've observed, most firms make the same mistake: they go for great packaged apps and drastically change their business processes. Because it is precisely linked with your company's requirements and goals.

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Improved Security and Simple Marketing

People utilize mobile applications for various functions, and many organizations have integrated tailored apps to improve their marketing and customer service.

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Opportunity for Innovation

Mobile apps now have a vast scope in every industry. Several educational businesses are being updated with online courses, and it is now possible for both youngsters and elders to learn using online methods.

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Low investment and high return on investment

The most significant element impacting the cost of producing an app is the cost of resources. The development of Android applications can yield substantial long-term benefits.

Our Custom Android App Development Services

You must not limit yourself to creating apps just for smartphones, when you can conquer a greater user base by creating an app that is friendly to many other smart Android devices. Hence, we present to you a whole wide range of custom app development services.  

Android Smartphone App Development

The developers at iTechnolabs have mastered the science and art of developing dynamic and distinctive apps for smartphones using advanced programming tools such as Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, etc.

Android Foldable App Development

Being the best android app developer, we build apps that can seamlessly integrate with foldable devices. The app gives your users an extremely stimulating experience on any foldable device available.

Android TV App Development

The developers at iTechnolabs integrate the striking features of a smart TV with your Android app. Hence, we create and have created apps that take user experience to a notch higher on a smart TV.

Android Tablet App Development

We design apps that are fully-functional on tablet devices. Our android app development agency makes the best use of the most advanced tools to create scalable, secure, and sophisticated apps that are adorned with sizzling UI/UX design.

Our Proven Talent Has Been Awarded & Recognized

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Answers to Your FAQs About Android App Development

Resource allocation is vital for an Android app development process. As a premier Android application development company, iTechnolabs know so and hence, follows an elaborate process for the purpose of resource allocation for Android app development – 

  • To begin with, we would like to get a comprehensive overview of your app idea, its size, and the features you would want for your app
  • Our experts will conduct a highly detailed research into your app idea, industry domain, top competitors, and necessary techstack required
  • Based on the research conducted, we would build a team of our developers that would meet the technical requirements of your app for all the stages of app development
  • You can always conduct the screening and testing of the shortlisted candidates in order to be completely sure of the quality of our Android application development services

We are delighted to inform you that iTechnolabs has ultra-modern technological tools and technologies in order to offer efficient Android app development services for all stages of app development. For your reference, we have enlisted below the latest tools and technologies used by our brilliant developers – 

  • Programming languages – Java, Kotlin
  • Frameworks – Flutter, React Native, Ionic, etc
  • Database – Firebase, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, etc
  • Design Tools – Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, After Effects, Figma, Gradle etc

Do not worry! We will first investigate your app idea thoroughly before making a decision over the tools and technology that we would use to develop your app. 

The cost of android app development may vary, depending upon a range of factors given below – 

  • Size of the app
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Level of complexity
  • Category of the app
  • Location of the developers

Design of the appDepending upon the factors mentioned above, the average cost of availing Android application development services can be estimated between $30000 to $100000. 

As a reliable Android app development company, we take care that your app is a super-duper hit as soon as it is launched in the real world and continues to be so. We provide the following services as soon as your Android app is launched – 

  • Maintenance is conducted round-the-clock
  • Design updation is done on a continuous basis
  • Version upgrade is completely our responsibility
  • Debugging is what we look after

We assure you that we offer all these services for free for the next six months of the launch of your app. 

To develop a scalable and feature-rich app for you, we follow a systematic Android app development process. iTechnolabs’ app development process is as follows – 

  • Ideation – 

We listen to your app idea and brainstorm extensively in order to refine it.

  • Planning – 

Next, we plan out a comprehensive outline of your app and a broad roadmap for the app development process.

  • Design –

Our talented UI/UX designers make sure that your app design is insightful, intuitive, and impressive.

  • Development –

Our developers offer proficient development services so that your app is efficient, responsive and robust.

  • Testing – 

Through multiple QA tests, we make sure that your app works bug-free and fast. 

  • Launch – 

We offer an epic launch to your Android app so that it is an instant blockbuster. 

Choosing an Android application development company is a vital decision for your app and your business. Therefore, it is important for you to keep all the factors mentioned below in mind before deciding which your Android app development company will be – 

  • Prior experience of the individual developers and the company as a whole
  • Portfolio of the company, including the industries covered
  • Strength of developers in the company
  • Cost charged by the company for the delivery of the necessary app development services
  • Communication channels used for two-way communication between the team of selected developers and the client
  • App development process and strategies used
  • App development tools and technologies used
  • Testimonies of the previous clients of the company
  • Post-launch services offered by the company

iTechnolabs will satisfy you on all the aforementioned fronts. 

As a top-notch Android application development company, iTechnolabs makes use of an efficient app development process in order to deliver you a sophisticated app ahead of the deadline. The time duration for the development of an Android app depends upon the variables stated below – 

  • Size of the app
  • Complexity of the app
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Design of the app

Nevertheless, the average duration for building a small-sized app is around 2 months, whereas a medium-sized and a large-sized app may take an average time of 4 and 8 months respectively.

As a leading Android application development company, iTechnolabs offers a very comprehensive range of services for the purpose of Android app development. Take a glimpse of all sorts of app development services offered by iTechnolabs to build your Android app –

  • Professional consultancy
  • Simple yet sophisticated UI/UX designing
  • Systematic app development
  • Streamlined conversion of existing apps to Android framework
  • Rigorous QA Testing
  • Secure deployment
  • Relentless maintenance, debugging, and updation

There are diverse benefits of custom Android app development services of iTechnolabs which we have stated below –

  • More efficiency
  • Improved safety
  • Seamless API Integration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Prompt scalability

The cost of hiring an Android app developer may range between $ 16 to $ 60 per hour. However with iTechnolabs, you can cut down costs by choosing a hiring model that suits your app the best. We have enlisted these hiring models below – 

  • Monthly-based
  • Hourly-based
  • Fixed Cost

Get in touch with our consultants. Know the pluses and minuses of each hiring model and pick up the one that not just fulfils your app development needs but also ecomises the cost of development. 

Android App Development Insights

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