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Improve your e-commerce sales by enhancing your customer experience with a personalized, secure, and scalable e-commerce app solution! Make all your products available to your customers with just a tap. Our e-commerce app development solutions let you drive more customers and achieve a higher retention rate, increasing your sales. iTechnolabs has raised billions for our clients and uplifted their reputation among widespread users globally. 

Want to be the next Flipkart or Amazon? The experts await you!

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Expand Globally, Sale More With Robust E-commerce Apps

iTechnolabs is a reputed e-commerce app development company that has built hundreds of mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. With our comprehensive market knowledge and technical expertise, we can curate the best app solution that fits your unique e-commerce business needs. Whether you want a native app or a cross-platform solution that supports all devices, we have got you covered. Our ecommerce app development services cater to all types of businesses and industries. 

Just let us know about your e-commerce business and its goals, and we’ll take care of everything thereafter. We will build a customizable solution at affordable prices and deliver it in the stipulated time.

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Count On iTechnolabs For Successful E-commerce App Development

Beyond creating stellar apps, we emphasize the lasting impact of our e-commerce app development services on your business. Our clients partner with us for sustainable, high-performing platforms that drive your e-commerce success. 

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Dedicated App Developers

Our e-commerce app developers work effortlessly to create personalized solutions, delivering the desired results timely.

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Fully Secured Solution

By keeping a simple, clean, and secure coding approach, we ensure the security of your e-commerce app data above everything.

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24*7 Instant Support

With us, you can rely on us for anytime, anywhere support and maintenance ensuring your operations run smoothly all the time.

Our Multi-Version E-commerce Mobile Apps

User App

We build user apps with user-centric features to offer customers a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience, making them return for more.  

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Product Filtering & Sorting

Users can search and find their preferred products quickly and accurately. 

Shipment Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real-time from anywhere.

Multiple Payment

Allows customers to make payments from multiple payment options at their convenience. 

Push Notification

Push Notifications 

Simple Registration Process

Easy navigation functionality to deliver an outstanding user experience. 

Super Navigation

This tool delivers advanced analytics and reporting tools, providing key insights into operational metrics, financial performance, and patient care trends. Allows hospitals and clinics to drive strategic planning and quality improvement with actionable data. 


With our e-commerce app development services, businesses can design a website that rivals top platforms, such as Flipkart, Myntra, and eBay. 

Interactive Interface

Design an eye-catching and dynamic website interface to attract more visitors.

Shopping Cart

Simplify shopping with a user-focused and effective cart system. 

Rating and Reviews

Collect valuable feedback and establish trust through a robust rating and review system. 

Promo Code

Increase sales and promote customer loyalty by implementing promotional code features. 


Enable customers to save their favorite products for future purchases effortlessly.

Filter Option

Improve product discoverability by adding advanced filtering features. 

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Admin Panel

The e-commerce app solutions we develop are equipped with a comprehensive admin panel that offers a set of tools to efficiently manage the entire app and business operations. 

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Dashboard Management

Promote seamless communication between sellers and buyers, streamlining order processing through a robust dashboard. 

Manage Users

Assign user roles effortlessly, granting editing, managerial, or co-admin rights as required.  

Manage Product Categories

The app offers convenience to easily create and manage product categories tailored to your business needs.

Track Sales

Keep track of every sale and access detailed monthly reports without manual efforts.

Manage Promotions & Rewards

Handle discounts and offers efficiently to attract customers. 

Content Management System

Effortlessly manage content by updating it directly from the dashboard. 

Vendor Panel

All our e-commerce mobile apps have a separate vendor panel allowing them to take care of products and manage requests smoothly. 

Easy Registration/Login

Ensure a seamless onboarding experience for users with our e-commerce app development services. 

Easy Product Uploading

Allows vendors to effortlessly upload their newly launched products. 

Manage Offers & Discounts

Enables vendors to effectively manage and offer a diverse range of discounts to their customers. 

Order Management

Vendors can keep a check on the orders delivered and those that are in the queue.

Manage Catalog

Allows you to make the product presentable enough to attract the audience.

Notifications & Alerts

Help vendors keep their customers informed about the latest product launches, offers and notifications, and relevant updates. 

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Do You Want To Build a Next-Level E-commerce App Like Amazon and Walmart?

Just share your business objectives and other specifics with our experts and we will build a full-fledged, feature-rich e-commerce platform that aligns with your business.

Want to get more details about our services?

Share your details and we’ll contact you within 12 hours. 

Want to get more details about our services?

Share your details and we’ll contact you within 12 hours. 

Empowering Your E-commerce Growth Through Diverse Platforms

The platforms we leverage to build e-commerce apps are ideal for small-scale to large-scale enterprises that need e-commerce app development to sell on mobile!

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A lightning-fast and exceptionally user-friendly e-commerce marketplace, popular for its smooth interface and unparalleled support for dropshipping services.

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Most widely used CRM platform that supports various business processes. The Salesforce AppExchange marketplace offers many integrations and apps.

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Adobe Commerce

Also known as Magento Commerce, it is an e-commerce platform with features such as customer segmentation, catalog management, and several extensions. 

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Powered by WordPress, it offers unmatched control over your online store. Its robust infrastructure can handle high traffic and large order volumes.



Excels with secure hosting, powerful integrations, and built-in marketing tools. Offers scalable solutions with strong SEO performance and supports multi-channel selling effectively. 

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Big Cartel

A dedicated e-commerce platform for creative freelancers and artists, designed for simplicity and ideal for businesses with fewer products. 

Why Choose Our E-Commerce Apps Over Others?

Developing an e-commerce app involves several steps to create a high-quality product. Our expert team focuses on delivering apps with robust features, interactive interfaces, and appealing designs for a memorable user experience.

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Accurate & Quick Search

Our e-commerce app’s built-in search engine uses GPS-based location services, advanced filters, and sophisticated algorithms to help users find products quickly.

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Click to Call

Users can contact customer service or a sales representative for help with just one tap. Users can seek support for online sales and any related issues or queries.

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Smooth Navigation

An organized, neat, and attractive UI ensures smooth operation, faster checkout, and faster checkout.

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Quick Like, Rating, and Share

Customers can share their feedback regarding a product purchase in the form of reviews, ratings, and comments. They can also share their favorite products on social media and messaging apps.

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Easy Registration & Checkout

A quick and short registration process simplifies account creation for users. Customers can place their orders through the app by providing only the necessary information.

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Digital Wallet

Customers can pay for their orders instantly using in-app wallets, EMI options, advance payments, and faster checkout. Keeps user data safe and protected with the latest security features.

Benefits Of E-commerce App Development For Your Business

If you are still exclusively selling on websites, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Mobile commerce accounts for 60% of all online sales around the world. By leveraging an e-commerce app, you can tap into the rapidly growing market, enhance customer engagement, and significantly boost your sales. Besides, there are several other benefits you can reap from e-commerce app development, including

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Direct Marketing

With an active internet connection and a robust e-commerce app, businesses can reach out to their target customers as well as interact with other brands easily.

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Improved Conversion Rates

Mobile e-commerce apps offer a simplified yet enhanced shopping experience. Features such as personalized recommendations, social media sharing, and push notifications to engage customers more.

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Brand Recognition

Customers can find and connect brands on e-commerce apps because of increased visibility and a higher market presence. E-commerce apps help businesses build a strong online reputation, gain popularity and boost profits.

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Customer Loyalty

Features such as saving favorite brands and products allow customers to shop easily while creating a strong relationship with the brand.

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Saves Time

Since mobile apps are smoother, faster, and more intuitive to use, customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Mobile apps are also secure and portable, adding extra convenience and comfort for the customers.

Get Ready To Boost Your Sales With A Custom White-Label E-Commerce App!

Tailored to your brand, our e-commerce app development solution maximizes customer engagement and boosts revenue. 

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Get A Free Quote From The Experts

Share your details below. 

AI-Enabled E-Commerce Apps For 10X Business Growth

Besides creating personalized e-commerce apps, we also extend their capabilities by integrating advanced technologies for powerful features and functionalities.

AI-powered Personalization

Barcode Scanning

Chatbots Integration

Voice/Image Search

Dynamic Pricing Models

Product Score and Review

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Barcode Scanning

We Implement advanced ML algorithms to provide tailored product recommendations. Our b2c ecommerce app development solutions enhance user retention through data-driven insights.

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Chatbots Integration

We integrate AI-powered chatbots into your platform to enable real-time customer interaction, query resolution, and efficient support.

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Barcode Scanning

Our team of e-commerce app developers implements a barcode scanning system through image recognition technology, enabling customers to access product details quickly.

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AI-Powered Personalization

By implementing hi-tech ML algorithms, we enable your e-commerce app to offer customized product recommendations. Sensing the customer search and buying journey, the ML-enabled apps recommend products that might interest them. These data-driven insights help improve customer retention.

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Product Score and Review

We have a reliable product rating and review system for user feedback, calculating product scores to assist customer decision-making.

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Dynamic Pricing Models

The e-commerce app builder adjusts product prices using advanced algorithms and data analytics based on market trends and real-time factors.

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Voice/Image Search

We improve search accuracy by using voice and image-based search with natural language processing and computer vision technologies.

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Barcode Scanning

We Implement advanced ML algorithms to provide tailored product recommendations. Our b2c ecommerce app development solutions enhance user retention through data-driven insights.

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Hosted on AWS Cloud

List all the handyman services like plumbing, carpentry, and more, along with descriptions and rates.

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The Best UI/UX

List all the handyman services like plumbing, carpentry, and more, along with descriptions and rates.

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Hybrid mobile Apps in Flutter

List all the handyman services like plumbing, carpentry, and more, along with descriptions and rates.

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SEO friendly Website

List all the handyman services like plumbing, carpentry, and more, along with descriptions and rates.

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Barcode Scanning

We Implement advanced ML algorithms to provide tailored product recommendations. Our b2c ecommerce app development solutions enhance user retention through data-driven insights.

AI-powered Personalization

Barcode Scanning

Chatbots Integration

Voice/Image Search

Dynamic Pricing Models

Product Score and Review

Our Process Of E-commerce App Development

As a renowned e-commerce mobile app development company, iTechnolabs follows a systematic approach to ensure high-quality results. 

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Requirement Analysis

We begin by understanding your business needs and challenges and gathering necessary information about your goals and plans. This ensures our development process aligns with your goals.

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Wireframe Creation

After collecting the data, we design the app wireframe and create a development strategy. We then present a prototype to the client to get their approval and feedback.

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Design and Development

Our creative team of designers begin to actually design the finalized version. Simultaneously, the developers prepare the codebase of the app, which includes both its front and back end for all platforms.


Once the application is designed, our qualified testers run it through continuous and rigorous checks to resolve any bugs or malfunctions. This ensures a trouble-free and glitches-free app.

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The app is shown to the client for approval and launched upon confirmation. Finally, our app developers submit it to app stores like Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Technical Support

Once the e-commerce app is launched and available for users, we ensure it works correctly through regular maintenance. For this, we offer continuous technical support to keep the app healthy and running smoothly.

Core Features Of Our E-commerce App Development Solutions

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    Ecommerce platform development

    We prefer eCommerce platforms because of their cost-quality balance.

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    Support and upgradation

    We build ecommerce solutions from base and update existing ones.

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    To obtain more functional flexibility, we migrate from monolithic to decoupled systems.

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    Custom design

    We are also skilled in modern technologies such as speech recognition and 3D modeling if you want to differentiate your brand.

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    Migration Strategy

    We lay up an eCommerce migration strategy to transition to a more flexible and scalable transfer of company data.

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    Best Practices

    Our eCommerce Development Services including UX and UI considerations. Target audience research, competition analysis, and usability testing.

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    Integrations with e-commerce

    We supplement our eCommerce store-building skills with API-based integration services that connect disparate systems and enable automatic data exchange.

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    Ecommerce examination

    We examine eCommerce websites and infrastructure for coding flaws, security vulnerabilities, and performance difficulties.

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    Immediate Solutions

    We prioritize the challenges and develop remedies to the problems that have been identified.

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    An eCommerce app's front-end and backend components are either designed as a single monolithic structure or as different layers connected via APIs.

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    Book and Cancel Services

    In our on-demand services, customer can book and cancel services with the same ease and without any hassles.

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    Bill Estimation

    The app automatically calculates the final bill for the Customer taking many factors into consideration.

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    Installation of App

    The installation, upload, and configuration of the app along with its database, services on Google Play store.

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    Advanced Analytics

    Get a bird's eye view of customer's and on-demand service partner’s activities, the number of requests.

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    Accept/ Reject Request

    On-demand service partner can accept or reject requests based on their own availability.

Unique Features of ​ Our Platforms

We have sophisticated solutions for your on-demand eCommerce app.

Let’s Discuss Your E-commerce App Development Needs!

No matter what your industry type or business size is, our team of experts will help you build an e-commerce solution that will leave your customers with exceptional shopping experience. 

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Schedule A Consultation

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Why Hire Us For On-demand Ecommerce & Marketplace Solution?

Ecommerce App
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Upkeep and Maintenance

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Ample Payment Gateways

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Round the Clock Support

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Cross Platform Compatibility

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Secure Solution

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Extreme Flexible Platforms

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Ready to Launch Store

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Highly Functional

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Robust Features

Our Areas of ​ Expertise

We are an eCommerce Development Company that offers customized, affordable, and timely solutions to your ideas

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Custom Website Design

We have skilled developers that can create a website design that suits the unique needs of your e-commerce shop.

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Mobile App Development

Our team of professional developers uses the most recent technology to create a faultless e-commerce app solution.

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Online Store

We are committed to providing you with a multichannel shopping store that gives you the flexibility to serve your clients.

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Cart Development

Get powerful e-commerce shopping carts with eye-catching design, cutting-edge features, and easy navigation.

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Web development

Contact us for bespoke eCommerce solutions that will match your development requirements and transform your e-commerce platform into a best-selling online shop.

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Development of plugins and modules

If you currently have an e-commerce website, hire us for plugin and module development to increase its functionality and attract more visitors.

On-Demand Ecommerce App Solutions

Helping start-ups galvanize their apps and reach new summits.

Your Trusted eCommerce Development Company

Choose our eCommerce Development Services to modify your present brick-and-mortar business into a click store. We help you reach more potential consumers and convert them into loyal customers by providing sophisticated platforms that offer next-gen convenience to your customers. You may also utilize our solution to manage and expand your existing store.


Build your own online shopping store with our eCommerce Development services!

Convert your offline business to online and grow your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of creating an Android & iOS e-commerce app can range between $30,000 to $250,000 or more. This range varies significantly based on your specific needs and preferences. For example, a simple e-commerce app with basic features may cost around $30,000 to $50,000, while a more complex app with advanced functionalities could cost upwards of $250,000. For more details, check out our detailed blog.  Also, you can contact us to get an exact estimation from us for FREE. 

Developing an e-commerce app’s timeline varies depending on user features, complexity, development approach, and team size. Generally, it takes 4 to 7 months to complete, involving steps like planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment. 


Get in touch with team iTechnolabs to discuss your exact app requirements, and we will give you an exact timeframe for the same. 

Yes, we can create an app for your website. We use cloud databases to synchronize your data across your website and mobile app, ensuring seamless integration. 

Ecommerce App Development Insights

We educate & express

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