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Custom courier delivery app development services offered by iTechnolabs guarantee to take away all the hassle and inconvenience of running a courier business. With our feature-rich and easy-to-use courier apps, you can automate your business and manage it seamlessly round the clock. 

  • Comprehensive courier app development.
  • Completely customizable to suit your business needs.
  • Robust, reliable & secure solutions for ultimate business growth. 

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From Idea to Implementation: Launch Your Courier Delivery App with iTechnolabs

We are a leading courier delivery app development company that helps you fuel your business network without making any additional efforts. Our courier apps are stacked with the most innovative features, making them fully-functional. We specialize in developing powerful courier solutions using rigorous and innovative approaches to enable you to deliver an unified channel experience to your customers. With our robust and scalable on-demand courier delivery app development services, you provide reliable and speedy delivery services across the world. 

From Orders To Deliveries - Elevate Your Courier Business With Our Courier Delivery App Development Solutions

At iTechnolabs, we empower courier and delivery service businesses for excellence by providing top-notch courier delivery app development services. We aim to quickly connect, deliver, and overcome the challenges of the courier industry.

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App Like Postmates

Want to build a powerful app like the Postmates? Elevate your delivery services with our courier delivery app development solutions, developed to match the efficiency and convenience of Postmates. From uninterrupted order management to efficient tracking, our custom-made solutions will empower your business to thrive in the competitive delivery landscape.

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Apps Like Shipt

Want to offer fast, same-day delivery services just like Shipt? Our expert team can create customized solutions to streamline your delivery service while connecting with local couriers, Ensure speedy delivery, smooth experience and 100% customer satisfaction with our unique solution.

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Apps Like Porter

Experience the future of logistics with our innovative courier service app, inspired by Porter. From intracity or intercity deliveries, our Porter-like delivery app can help you revolutionize the way you deliver. Empower your fleet with advanced features to empower your customers to enjoy seamless deliveries.

Principal Features Of Our On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development

We enrich our courier apps with essential features that are pivotal to your business. 

Profile Creation

Enables users to easily create their profiles using their Gmail or e-mail ids, or phone number. Also allows users to log in through their social media including Instagram and Facebook.


A Google Maps API empowered users to pin the pickup and delivery location while booking courier service.

Multi Payment Option

Our delivery courier apps are stacked with multiple payment options, such as net banking, debit card, credit card, among other things. This flexibility allows users to pay through their preferred mode.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track the status of their orders/courier package and know whether it is in transition, out for delivery or has been delivered to the desired location.

Real-Time ETA

This feature provides users with the estimated time of arrival of their courier package in real time. It generates trust among customers regarding your services.

In-App Chat

It helps the customers connect with your support and also with the delivery boy regarding any issue or complaint.

Delivery Boy Profile

With this feature, you can keep a record of your delivery staff. It allows your delivery staff to create their profiles, including their name, contact number, and social security number.

Request Management

The delivery personnel can either accept or decline delivery requests based on their availability or instructions provided by management.

Package Status

This feature lets the agent update the package status based on various operations, such as package received, package in transit, courier delivery, etc.

Real-Time Navigation

Using this feature, the courier person can easily locate the address of each courier order to deliver it on time. It can also be used to determine the origin of courier delivery.

Job History

The courier staff can check their work history, including task status and upcoming tasks. This helps them stay informed and organized.


This feature displays the total earnings of the delivery person. They can also check their weekly or monthly earnings.

Staff Management

The admin can easily update the details of delivery personnels. The details include their name, age, contact number, and other crucial information.


This feature verifies the delivery person’s details, allowing the admin to approve or decline requests based on their discretion.

Customer Management

Using this feature, the admin can add/edit/remove customer profiles and details directly from the dashboard.

Payment Tracking

Admins can keep track of payment received against all the courier or delivery orders. They can also check commission deductions of the delivery boys for faults.

Manage Service Providers

Admins can add or remove the service providers based on their service quality.


It is a centralized interface that helps admin manage all the functions and operations of their courier business with ease.

Route Optimization

Advanced feature to allow delivery personnels to locate and deliver parcels in a fast and efficient manner.

Digital Signature

This feature enables customers to electronically sign for packages at the time of delivery. This ensures secure and verifiable proof of delivery, minimizing disputes, and improving overall delivery efficiency.

Push Notifications

This feature notifies both customers and delivery partners involved with the parcel, allowing them to prepare for the receiving or picking the order.

Delivery Scheduling

Allows customers to schedule deliveries during their preferred time periods for increased convenience and flexibility.

Statistics On Revenue

Provides courier service providers or admins with the insights into revenue generation, helping them track, analyze and optimize their services for better financial performance.

Support For Multiple Countries

With this feature, you can expand your courier services abroad in various regions. Admins can also manage and regulate all corporate activity.

How Does Courier Apps Developed By Our Experts Work?

Being a leading courier app development company, we always strive to produce fantastic solutions that meet international courier industry standards. The following points represent the workflow of the courier work app.

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Sign Up

Users need to register with the app by creating their account using their email or social media accounts. They are required to fill-in personal details, including name, phone number, etc.

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Book My Package

A user places a request to pick up the package by providing all the relevant information.

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Package Pickup

After the package delivery, the user gets the final order receipt on their device. This will be notified to the user through alerts. You can also see the receipt through the courier app's push notification.

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Package Tracking

The customer gets a real-time tracking update about the package status.

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Package Delivery Report

After the package delivery, the user gets the final receipt on their device. This can be seen through the peer to peer shipping app push notification.

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Users can share their overall experience with a courier service provider.

Complete Range of Courier Delivery App Development Services

Our courier delivery app solutions are equipped with everything required to create the next big thing in your industry. We can develop a fully-functional and feature-loaded app for different platforms, including Android, iOS, and web. Feel free to choose from the below-mentioned solutions and share your specific needs with us. 

iOS Courier Delivery App

Courier Delivery Company App

Online Courier Marketplace

Android Courier Delivery App

Freight Forwarding App

Logistics Management App Development

Courier Tracking App Development

Haulage Services App Development

Parcel Booking & Dispatching App

Courier Partner App

Including these, you can demand any of the following on-demand courier app development solutions for your business.

iOS Courier Delivery App

Courier Delivery Company App

Online Courier Marketplace

Android Courier Delivery App

Freight Forwarding App

Courier Tracking App Development

Parcel Booking & Dispatching App

Courier Partner App

Haulage Services App Development

Logistics Management App Development

No matter what your app needs are, we guarantee ONLY the best.

Benefits of Using Our Courier Services Solutions

As a prominent courier delivery app development company, we provide a mobile delivery app that helps boost profits for your courier business multifold. So, allowing us to develop an app for you will be uber beneficial.

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Secure Payment Transactions

All our custom courier app solutions are integrated with online payment gateways to enable swift, accurate, and secure online monetary transactions.

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Easy Inventory & Logistics Management

With the advanced features in your admin variant of your courier service app, you can swiftly and seamlessly manage your inventory and delivery fleet. Now run your courier and delivery business effortlessly!

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Scalability & Growth

As your business grows, a courier delivery app can seamlessly scale to meet the rising demand in the market. This ensures that your delivery operations scale alongside your growth, preserving high standards of efficiency and service quality.

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Heightened Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing an on-demand courier delivery app that allows you to efficiently manage your business operations, your customers are bound to be satisfied with your services.

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Improved Business Efficiency

A courier delivery app automates and optimizes your entire delivery process, minimizing the risk of human errors. This, in turn, enhances overall efficiency and enables faster deliveries by streamlining order management, dispatching, and route optimization.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Our courier delivery apps provide you with valuable data and analytics that can help you make informed decisions, identify latest trends, and enhance customer experience.

Streamline Your Delivery Operations With Our Courier App Development Solutions.

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Courier Delivery App Development Solutions Cost

Building a customized courier delivery app for your business covers various factors. The required investment will depend on your specific needs. The factors are: 

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You can choose from two primary app development platforms - Android and iOS. However, we can also build a cross-platform courier delivery app.

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UI/UX Components

The cost of custom courier mobile apps increases with the complexity of UI/UX components. The more complex interface, the higher the cost.

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The features you choose to incorporate into your courier app also decide its overall cost. A standard app with basic features will cost you significantly less than a complex app with advanced feature-set.

tools and utensils 1

Tech Stack

The technologies used to build a courier app influences its pricing. Advanced tech such as AI, ML, VR, etc, make your app development expensive.

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Third-Party APIs

There is no denying that incorporating third-party APIs to a courier app provides additional functionality, increasing its development cost as well.

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App Testing

Prior to the deployment of a courier app, it must be tested in a live environment to ensure its performance and accuracy.

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App Security

Several security measures are put in place to ensure the safety and security of all your sensitive information. This adds to the overall courier delivery app development cost.

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Hosting & Submission

The cost of hosting is different on different platforms. In addition to this, different platforms also charge.

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Why Choose Us For Courier Delivery App Development

At iTechnolabs, we specialize in developing courier delivery mobile apps for both mobile and web platforms. Our courier delivery app development process comprises transformational actions which are an assortment of creativity and development strategy with the right technology stack.The apps we deliver facilitate seamless connections between customers. vendors, businesses, and delivery partners. This, in turn, enables on-demand or scheduled package delivery services at any time.

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Building Tailored Apps

We prioritize client requirements. Our expert developers offer peer-to-peer courier delivery app development from scratch, tailoring features to meet your specific needs.

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Interactive Interface

Taking into account the customer and delivery panel, we offer a feature-rich and a more responsive interface. This on-demand app helps both to navigate the address with ease.

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100% Customizable

We deliver ready-to-use courier delivery app solutions that are fully customizable, complete with their source code. Customizing the app is quick and easy, requiring minimal time and effort.

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Advanced Technology

Our developers use the right development strategy and modern tools and technology to make the apps compatible with every device.

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Best Quote Guaranteed

We offer impressive and scalable and peer-to-peer courier delivery app development services with the latest features at a reasonable price in comparison to our competitors.

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White-Label Solutions

Our developers provide white-label courier app development services, allowing business owners to customize solutions with their brand name, logo, and other elements for a personalized experience.

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Round The Clock Support

When you partner with us for our courier app development services, we ensure to offer support at all the three stages including pre-development, development, and post-launch. We offer post-launch support so that you don’t go through any of the technical issues.

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Courier Delivery Business App

As the top courier delivery app development companies. we ensure to take your courier or logistics business to new heights with our app development services. Our services are fit for any type of business model.

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Peer-To-Peer Business Model

This is a similar type of business model to BlaBla or eBay. Put simply, it’s a person-to-person delivery concept. Startups can earn commissions by acting as mediators between the delivery partner and the receiver.

B2B Model

For businesses serving other businesses (B2B), our courier app development solutions enhance their delivery operations by providing real-time tracking, refining routes, and enabling efficient communication between both parties.

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B2C Model

For businesses serving customers directly(B2C), our courier app development solutions offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers. They can easily place, track, and receive deliveries at their convenience.

Three-Sided Marketplace

Utilizing our courier app development solution for three-sided marketplace, you can connect couriers, shippers, and recipients on a single platform. Our solutions make handling delivery requests, tracking orders easier, and assure timely and efficient delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a delivery service app is a complex and time consuming process, involving several steps: 

  • First, identify the need and scope of your delivery service app. 
  • Set a budget.
  • Select an app layout that aligns with your business. 
  • Choose an app platform (iOS/Android/Cross-platform) and technology you will use for your app development. 
  • Make a list of all the features you want to add to the app. 
  • Develop the courier delivery app. 
  • Test the app in a real environment. 
  • After you are done with testing, launch it on the app store for users to access and use it. 
  • Note down all the feedback given by the users and work on app improvement and upgrades. 

Considering all the hassle and intricacies involved in developing a delivery app, we recommend hiring a courier app development company. They will take care of the entire process and deliver a cost-effective product that helps you achieve your business goals. 

There are various factors that determine the cost of developing a courier delivery app. However, with iTechnolabs, you can rest assured to get cost-effective services. Our courier delivery app development cost starts from $20,000 (for a standard app) and can go as high as $100,000+. As said, the cost depends on your needs and budget. 

To know more about courier app development cost, check out our detailed blog. And to get a detailed quote for your app for FREE, contact us.

Pivotal features for an on-demand courier delivery app are: 

  • Real-time tracking
  • AI Chatbots
  • Multi-packaging options
  • Deliver scheduling
  • Secure Online Payment

And more.

Yes, we will provide the source code, which will allow you to customize your app in future as per your evolving needs. 

Courier Delivery App Development Insights

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