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Our virtual captive IT center combines value-driven transformation and sustainability for businesses.
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The Virtual Captive as Offshore ​ Incubation Model

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What is a Virtual Captive Center?

A captive center is basically a customer-owned and operated service delivery center located in a nondomestic location that offers services directly to their organization. The virtual captive IT center facility employees are legal contractors for the organization, not for the vendor.
With the virtual captive model, iTechnolabs creates a captive facility for the client company. We operate as an IT and office infrastructure service provider and provide administrative support, along with dedicated resources, as required by clients. Using our engagement model, we can deliver co-branded, extended teams to meet your product development, data, and testing objectives quickly. With the build-operate-managed outsourcing virtual captive IT center, our clients continuously improve functional efficiency and profit-generating competence. iTechnolabs oversees day-to-day operations while the client is in charge of the professional management, process, and technology of the business. We collaborate with our clients fully to establish the business efficiently.

Why Choose iTechnolabs?

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Companies around the world have relied on iTechnolab’s expertise to establish leading global technology teams.
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We retain top talent with a low turnover rate, resulting in engineers who deliver diverse solutions.
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With our model, you enjoy the flexibility of outsourcing while also securing the stability of long-term, committed teams.

Benefits of Our Virtual Captive Center

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Global Companies leverage expertise

Here are some leading companies that trust us as their Virtual Captive Center.
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Check Our Case Studies!

The following case studies provide an insight into the kinds of projects we’ve managed so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a hybrid outsourcing model, it is where a third-party provider sets up a captive center on behalf of a company. It offers all the required technical infrastructure, talent, office resources, and so forth, while retaining full control over how everything works and is handled.
The captive-site model is increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional offshore outsourcing, where companies establish subsidiaries at offshore locations and hire local staff to work for them.
Virtual captive centers are fundamentally different from the existing captive model. They overcome many of the challenges, including transparent cost, quicker time to market, higher control with low risk, etc.
Pricing a virtual captive engagement model is mainly based on factors like complexity of operations, headcount, infrastructure costs, and other factors.
iTechnolabs strives for the utmost client satisfaction. In any case, if you’re not delighted with our staff or services offered, we will immediately change the team and focus on delivering the best experience.
Yes, we have the experience, knowledge, resources, and staff to cater to the needs of diverse clients from different industries.
Absolutely, we always ensure to offer any kind of technical support based on our client’s requirements.