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We are a leading PHP Development Company staffed by highly qualified and skilled professionals expert in all frameworks provides unrivaled PHP web development solutions across the globe.


Custom PHP Web Development Services

We understand your company’s unique requirements and then create Custom PHP Development Services based on the notion of the most acceptable PHP web development accessible in the industry to make your websites and applications stand out.

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Web Development

We have specialized in designing websites with fantastic and helpful features that align with your business value, assuring you receive the finest output-driven websites.

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Full-Stack PHP Development

Our full-stack PHP programming services specialize in providing organizations with individualized front- and back-end application development.

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API & Integrations

Our PHP experts will integrate all your private or public APIs into the PHP website and CMS. If you wish to add other third-party APIs for additional capabilities, we will do so.

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PHP Framework Development

Build web apps using the most recent versions of PHP frameworks, such as Laravel and CodeIgniter, to create PHP applications that are both versatile.

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PHP CMS Development

A content management system (CMS) website building platform that uses PHP and MySQL to construct a database-driven and dynamic website.

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PHP Back-End & Web Services

Back-end frameworks are built with PHP technologies that are resilient and secure to construct, deploy, and run applications and web services.

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CRM, ERP & Portal Development

Build customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and portal applications using PHP to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of customers' businesses.

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Support & Maintenance

We as PHP Development Company are not finished till the delivery is completed. We will be available whenever you encounter problems with the website or portal. We provide 360-degree assistance.

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APP Upgradation & Migration

Our experienced PHP development services provide everything you need to take your application to the next level. In addition, we offer testing to verify that your apps are functioning at top performance.

Why iTechnolabs for PHP Web Development Solutions?

PHP is one of the high-tech programming languages offering excellent interoperability. PHP is a dynamic and collaborative open-source design with other technologies.

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Open Source

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Third-party integrations

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Dynamic Website

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Powerful Frameworks

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Compatible With majority of OS

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Customized Solution

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Our Expertise in PHP Development Services

iTechnolabs, a PHP development company has Expert developers who has wide experience in all Web Frameworks to Build Custom PHP software solutions.

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PHP Microservices

We are a leading PHP development company and reliable partner for providing PHP microservices, including bespoke websites.

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PHP Design Patterns

Our team employs design patterns in PHP code to solve complicated queries and construct high-end server-side apps.

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Multiple Framework

We specialize in building safe, scalable websites using PHP frameworks such as Laraval and CodeIgniter.

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Scalable Aplications

We create scalable apps with PHP capabilities to ensure that web apps can manage increasing potential and expansion.

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Secure Web Apps

We have successfully supplied high-performance, user-friendly, and secure web app solutions to enterprises.

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Third-party Integrations

Improve the functionality and power of your website by integrating third-party SDK, API, and numerous tools and apps.

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Progressive Web Apps

Our expertise in Progressive Web Apps provides a native app-like user experience via the usage of popular web technologies.

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AMP Framework

AMP is a web component framework designed to make web pages load quicker on mobile devices.

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Cloud Solutions

Using cloud delivery systems, you may create and maintain bespoke web apps. With cloud expertise, you can ensure scalability your apps.

Want to build next-gen websites with trusted PHP web developers?

Want to build next-gen websites with
trusted PHP web developers?

E-commerce Website

We are skilled in combining the right technology to create world-class eCommerce systems with cutting-edge features and functions. We have an expertise and resources to design highly customized eCommerce sites. We are skilled in combining the right technology to create world-class eCommerce systems with cutting-edge features and functions. We have the expertise and resources to design highly customized eCommerce sites.


Social Networking Solutions

Using proficiency in PHP programming, our team has a wealth of expertise in creating social platforms that are collaborative, appealing, and engaging for users offering personalized forms of social networking. We provide complete deployment that Is both rapid and efficient in terms of cost. We offer full ownership and operational discretion, unparalleled adaptability, and reliable support.

Website for Blogging

Every company and brand has a blog area to market its products and services to clients through posts, articles, and other material. We can assist you in developing a blog area for your current website or creating a new blogging website for content promotion and marketing.

Expertise in dealing with all standard content management systems. We create bespoke WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS framework solutions.


Educational Website

We can develop a web-based system for selling and delivering online educational courses. Using a custom-built platform, you may distribute instructional resources, information, videos, and files to students and institutions.

We can develop a web-based system for selling and delivering online educational courses. Using a custom-built platform, you may distribute instructional resources, information, videos, and files to students and institutions.

Hire PHP Developers

Belitsoft offers skilled PHP developers for hire as an addition to existing in-house staff, or a fully functional software team focused on a single goal. The developers are chosen to meet the client’s needs and ultimately control their working activities.

Hire PHP Developers

iTechnolabs offers skilled PHP developers for hire as an addition to existing in-house staff, or a fully functional software team focused on a single goal. The developers are chosen to meet the client’s needs and ultimately control their working activities.




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For several years our Certified PHP developers can manage complicated projects while ensuring performance, scalability, and security.

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Our PHP developers offer multi-user, high-performance, secure websites & web apps. Our crew is technically savvy and knows the newest technology trends and breakthroughs.

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We provide multiple PHP engagement options to match organizations' demands. Our skilled developers use the best development methods.

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We work efficiently to execute tasks on schedule. We deliver projects on time and guarantee that our PHP Web Development Services match our client's expectations, offering them a pleasant experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Firstly, PHP simply stands for ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’
  • PHP is an open-source programming language that can be availed easily by anyone free of cost
  • Being used for building websites, PHP plays a crucial role in server-side scripting
  • PHP is widely used because it shares high compatibility with a range of operating systems
  • In addition to the diverse operating systems, PHP also supports a number of databases for the purpose of web development
  • With iTechnolabs’ extensive range of custom PHP development services, get yourself built a dynamic website 

The obvious uses of custom PHP development services have been listed below – 

  • When backend of a website is concerned, PHP is the perfect fit as it has a number of hash functions for encryption purposes that renders security to the website being developed
  • With PHP programming language and its dynamic features, you get a chance to write and create efficient applications for the desktop 
  • PHP can be extensively used for the essential purpose of command-line scripting and simple-text processing

The time it takes to build a website using PHP programming language relies upon a number of factors, some of which have been stated below – 

  • Size and advancement of the website
  • Number of features and functionalities of the website
  • Complexity of the website design
  • Size of the web development team
  • Number of API integrations, etc. 


Depending upon the factors above, the time taken to build your website will be determined. Before moving forward, you can always analyse the needs of your website and the factors mentioned above in regard to your website and accordingly develop a timeline for the completion of the development process of your app.

It is a wise choice to outsource PHP web development to a PHP development company because of the reasons stated as under – 

  • Access to top-quality developers – 

When you decide to hire a PHP app development company for the development of your website, you instantly open yourself to a cream of developers who would not have been accessible if you were to hire for an in-house team

  • Latest tech stack – 

With highly-skilled PHP developers come all the advanced technologies and tools essential for the development of your website, which you would have to buy yourself if you have not hired a PHP development company. 

  • Faster Development – 

      You can obviously expect a swift delivery of a top-class website from a team of highly professional and dedicated developers, which gives a competitive edge to your website.

  • Focus on the core business – 

By outsourcing your web development to a reputed PHP development company, you can save your time and efforts from getting spent on web development and focus them onto achieving your core business goals. 

  • Cost-effective – 

By getting your website developed from an established PHP development company, you save time and efforts and build a failure-free website and save yourself from additional costs. 

  • The development cost of a PHP website is dependent on a number of factors which have been stated below 

    • Level of complexity of the website – 

    It is obvious that a more complex website requires more time or better expertise or both to get developed efficiently. 

    • Expertise of the developer – 

    Depending upon the requirement of your website, you would require a developer(s) with a certain level of expertise, the advancement of which will determine the cost of development of your website.

    • Number of third-party integrations – 

    Needless to say, the more the number of integrations of a website with a third-party API, the higher will be the cost of building it up. 

    • Size of the development team – 

    Needless to say that the more developers your website needs in order to get developed, the more will be the developer-hours you would have to pay for.

    • Location of the development team – 

    Obviously, if you are hiring the developers from a country such as India, you would be incurring lesser development cost as compared to the USA or the UK, because of the difference between the availability  and consequent cost of the labour force in both the regions. 

    • Design on the website – 

    If you have decided to go for a complex design for your website with all sorts of animation and illustrations, you are going to have to bear a higher development cost.

    Keeping into consideration the above-stated factors, the development cost of a PHP website comes to somewhere between $ 4000 to $ 45000 in the Asian region. Keep in mind that this is just a range of the development cost and your cost may differ depending upon all the factors earlier mentioned. 

Benefits of PHP web development have been listed below – 

  • Open-Source – 

By being open-source, PHP programming language allows you to access it anytime at zero cost and hence, being beneficial for anyone looking for cheaper web development. 

  • Large Support Community – 

Being an open-source programming language also makes you popular among developers who try to bring constant improvement to the programming language and offer updated documentation available. 

  • Security – 

With PHP as your programming language, you do not have to constantly worry about the security concerns as PHP has an in-built security system that keeps the cyber threats away. 

  • Easy to learn – 

If you do not know the PHP language already and are concerned about learning it, do not be as PHP language is easier to learn, code, be stored, and used. 

  • Easy Integration – 

PHP websites share a strong compatibility with all the operating systems and can easily integrate with their diverse functions and functionalities. 

We have listed below the numerous technologies that a PHP development company uses for the purpose of web development – 

  • Frameworks – 
  • Laravel
  • Phalcon
  • Codelgniter

  • Testing – 
  • PHPUnit
  • dBug
  • Simple Test

  • Safety – 
  • Scavenger
  • Pixy

  • Debugging – 
  • Webgrind
  • MacGDBp
  • DBG


The websites that currently use the PHP programming language have been stated below –

  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr
  • Etsy
  • Moodle
  • Skillshare
  • 9GAG
  • MailChimp

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