Fully-Customized On Demand Pickup And Delivery App Development

At iTechnolabs, we are on the journey to revolutionize the pickup and delivery industry with our cutting-edge on demand solutions that help businesses streamline their business operations through automation and achieve the perks that come with customer satisfaction. With more than a decade in the app development business, we assure you the best service. Enrich your business with our comprehensive on demand pickup and delivery solutions. 

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Pickup and Delivery Solutions For Efficient Deliveries & Heightened Customer Experiences

Take a step ahead and get a branded pickup and delivery solution that’s fully customizable to meet industry specific needs. Our team is trusted by renowned brands and our commitment to excellence is reflected in every line of code. 

  • Build Your Own Brand
  • Connect With Customers Anytime
  • Multiplied ROIs

 Join the ranks of industry leaders and elevate your brand with our world-class development services.

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Optimize Deliveries & Customize Experiences With Our Bespoke Pickup and Delivery App Solutions

At iTechnolabs, we create pickup and delivery app solutions tailored to each industry and business. Whether you run a food delivery, flower delivery or medicine delivery, we have got you covered!

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Food Delivery App

Launch your food delivery business in minutes with our custom app solution.

delivery man giving groceries order customer

Grocery Delivery App

Make grocery shopping speedy and convenient for your customers with a 100% functional grocery delivery app.

happy family with life vests sailing river

Boat Rental App

Develop a fully customized boat rental app tailored to your business needs.

successful medical team

Healthcare Delivery App

Get your healthcare business up and running fast with our 100% customizable solution.

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Courier Delivery App

Make courier booking and delivery super convenient and organized with our functional courier delivery app.

woman shops mens blazer smartphone modern ecommerce app interface concept effortless browsing purchasing stylish clothing

Ecommerce Delivery App

Take a step ahead to develop a cutting-edge ecommerce delivery app that meets customers’ urgent needs.

man holding pile clean clothes

Laundry Delivery App

Want to automate your laundry and dry-cleaning business? Get your custom laundry app built by the experts!

young woman with christmas gifts outside christmas shopping

Flower Delivery App

Make fresh flowers and bouquets available to your customers’ doorsteps and reduce your efforts with our flower delivery app.

Start A Pickup And Delivery App Today!

At iTechnolabs, we focus on delivering the best app development services through our app developers who will work with you right from the start to end journeys. 

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Get A Free Quote

Share your details with us to connect.  

All-In-One Pickup and Delivery App For Varying Needs Of Users

iTechnolabs believe in giving the best solution to all our clients, making their lives simpler and smoother.

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Customer App

A user-friendly app panel for end users that help schedule package deliveries. Customers can easily download it, register, book service providers, and rate their services. 

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User Registration

Allows users to create their account and register on the app for usage.

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Allows users to repeat a previously booked package delivery.

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Order Services

Users can choose and avail the service providers of their preference.

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Offers And Discounts

Users can check for and apply new discounts and offers.

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Order Tracking

Customers get instant notifications about their package pickup or delivery.

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Payment Methods

Customers can choose from different payment options to make a payment.

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Ratings & Feedback

Allows customers to leave feedback and rate services.

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Chat With Assigned Movers

Customers can chat with the hired driver regarding their current location.

Delivery Agent App

Agents, whether operating independently or affiliated with an online delivery company, utilize the app to set up profiles, secure jobs, arrive at locations, and provide feedback on completed tasks. 

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Manage Profile

Drivers can update and adjust their profiles and availability.

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Alerts & Reminders

Allows drivers to get notified about the latest updates with reminders.

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Order Management

Agents can manage, view, accept/reject orders from a single point

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In-App Call/Chat

Allows agents to communicate directly with customers to clear doubts.

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Service Providers Dashboard

App panel for companies that appoint their drivers for picking up and delivering packages to specified destinations. Through this dashboard, teams can easily oversee jobs, track drivers, and manage earnings and payments. 

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Web And Mobile Apps

Designed for managers or dispatchers to manage bookings and coordinate delivery agents efficiently.

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Manage Ratings & Feedback

Managers can view and manage ratings & feedback from customers to improve reputation.

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Real-Time Service Tracking

Enable managers to track hired services in real time.

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Help & Support

The dashboard comes integrated with customer support to resolve queries quickly.

Admin Panel

It acts as the focal point of our on-demand software solution, giving owners the ability to supervise all contractor operations and deliveries. Order tracking and user administration are made easy using the dashboard.

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Manage Delivery Agents

Allows admins to manage multiple delivery agents effortlessly from one single dashboard.

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Automate Workflow

Manage movers and bookings quickly.

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Service Tracking

Admins can monitor services to assess their fulfillment effectiveness.

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Manage Payments

Manage online payments, commissions, and mover payouts through an admin panel.

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Service Tracking

Generate detailed reports and insights to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

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On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Acquire client information to evaluate their choices and booking behavior.

Fully-Packed App Solutions For Your Pickup And Delivery Business

iTechnolabs offers a number of features in its pickup and delivery apps that cater to business’ specific needs. Have a particular requirement for your on demand pickup and delivery app? 

Resolve Your Doubts With us

Submit your details and we’ll contact you soon.

Resolve Your Doubts With us

Submit your details and we’ll contact you soon.

Premium Features Of Our On Demand Pickup And Delivery Apps

Our pickup and delivery app solutions are equipped with advanced features that make them more powerful and efficient, delivering exceptional performance.

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    User Registration

    Users can submit their personal information to begin the registration process and get started rendering the services.

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    Order Tracking

    Customers are given statistics and real-time information about the delivery person on their packages.

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    Order Management

    Delivery Agents can examine incoming orders and either accept or reject them as per their availability.

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    Alerts & Reminders

    Drivers are informed about the most recent changes within the orders or by the admin through reminders within the app.

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    In-App Calling and Chatting

    Customers can contact agents directly to get their questions answered regarding the delivery and order status.

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    Manage Ratings and Comments

    To facilitate the improvement of services, the admin has given the ability to evaluate and manage ratings and comments provided by consumers.

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    Managing Delivery Agents

    Easily manage several delivery agents from a single dashboard regardless of how many you have for the smooth working of businesses.

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    Managing In-app Payments

    An admin interface can control anything from online payments and commissions to move payouts within the app.

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    App Navigation

    This gives the driver control over the GPS tracking so that they may monitor the exact location of customers and reach them timely.

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    Updating work status

    The app allows drivers to provide real-time updates about their delivery status to notify the admin.

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    Manage Earnings

    Drivers can determine their overall profits thanks to the built-in mechanism inside the app.

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    24 Hour Support

    Admin can easily manage all the queries and provide customer support regarding the services. Boost availability round the clock.

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    User Profile Setting

    Users can modify their dashboard and examine all the nitty-gritty details of their account, including alerts.

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    Order Tracking

    Users can track the delivery and know where and how much time they are reaching their locations.

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    Automatic Bill Estimation

    The application automatically provides the final bill owed by the customer after analyzing everything by their services.

Why Choose iTechnolabs for Pickup and Delivery App Development

We specialize in creating efficient, user-friendly pickup and delivery apps that prioritize seamless functionality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, there are many other reasons why thousands of clients prefer us.

Pickup and Delivery App
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Whitelabel pickup & delivery app solutions

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Delivery agent pickup app & dashboard

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Pickup & delivery scheduling software

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Real-Time delivery app tracking

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iOS and Android driver apps

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Seamless payment options

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In-App customer support

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User - Friendly to Peak

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High-end security

Standard Features You Will Get In Our Applications

We bring you next-gen on-demand platforms that are extensively featured and designed, keeping your businesses, customers, and technology in mind.