Boat Rental App Development

Put our boat rental app to work for you to promote your boat business to potential customers, and then watch as it grows. We offer next-gen Yacht Management App Development services to take your boat businesses to another level.

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Standout Features of Our Boat Rental App Development

We build apps integrated with notable features for our business segment.

Admin View

The Admin has the ability to manage both the users and the boat owners through the dashboard. Verify all processed as well as unprocessed requests for boat rentals.


Users won’t be limited to a single payment option since other monetary systems will be supported. Our App fulfills the needs of every sort of user globally.

Within-App Chat

Users and hosts are able to contact easily one another via the use of a chat tool that is included in the mobile application. This feature is helpful to get over the emergency situations needed, if any.

Reporting and Analytics

All of the real-time reports related to the boat rental facts, such as the category of boats that are rented the most, the number of orders that have been gathered, etc.

Manage Availability

Manage all  different kinds of boats and information pertaining to the availability of the boat is kept up to date in accordance with the rental arrangements.

Manage Fares and Location-
Based Charges

Admin is responsible for  deciding and managing all of the price structures, charges, and rental costs for places or navigation routes.

Core Features

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    Easy Login

    This is the first feature the user will see. The App may be accessed using the user's email or social networking credentials.

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    Multiple Boat Types

    People can choose the sort of boat they want. They can reserve the boat for a variety of purposes.

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    Arrange Booking

    As a result, consumers may pick the boat and get basic information about it in order to schedule the booking in a convenient manner.

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    Make a Reservation

    This function allows the user to reserve the boat for hire instantaneously due to any urgency or vital requirements.

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    Manage Bookings

    With a single swipe, users can manage all of their confirmed bookings as well as the time period charted and maintain a record of them.

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    Fare calculator

    In this part, users may calculate the succeeding KM ranges based on the distance to be covered.

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    Payments and Receipts

    Users can pay for incurred fare costs with the appropriate digital payment system.

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    Notifications and Alerts

    Users get notifications, alerts, and SMS on booking confirmation, app changes, payment transfers, and so on.

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    Tracking and security

    Customers may track their whereabouts in real-time and share them with their friends to ensure their safety.

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    Owner Login

    This works in the same way as the user panel. The boat owner can log in using the OTP verification code that was issued to their mobile phone or email account.

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    Accept/Reject user requests.

    The owner can confirm/accept or reject the user's request based on the quantity and type of the request.

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    Manage the captain's details

    The boat owner manages all of the captains that work for the boat rental firm.

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    Manage boat kinds

    Admin manages all boat types for various reasons such as sailing, fishing, cuisine, water sports, and so on.

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    Set hourly rates

    The owner can describe their boat renting details in this area. They can also handle boat rates, fare costs, and so forth.

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    Manage profits

    Owners may check their earnings weekly or monthly, depending on the number of user requests captured.

Advance ​Features

Our Boat Rental Booking has everything for businesses to get started from scratch.

Why Choose Our On​ Demand Boat​ Rental App ?

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White label, Pre-built solution

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100% Customizable

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Faster Algorithm

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High-End Security

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Best designed user experience

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User friendly UI/UX

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Setup of Server

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Installation & Deployment

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App Launch on iOS and Android

Robust ​Features

Our on-demand app has everything for businesses to get started like a pro.

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Refer and Earn

Customers can be retained for longer periods of time if you provide them opportunities to save money, such as through referral programs and discount vouchers.

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The boat rental app that we are developing is fully automated and does not require the participation of a human at any time for it to work well.

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Profile Management

Users may manage their dashboards and check the details of their accounts, including notifications, using the profile settings section of their user accounts.

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Boat Management

Within this area, the administrator has the ability to manage all of the boats that are connected to the App, in addition to the boats that have been allotted to individual users.

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Customer Management

This category is used to monitor and store information pertaining to all users who are connected to the App in some way.

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Payment Manager

This application manages and stores all of the payment gateways, payment data, and commission amounts in order to create transaction systems that are transparent.

Our On-Demand App Development​ Process

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Understanding Business Requirements
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Back-end & API Development   
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Consultation & Strategy               
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On-demand App Development                                     
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UI/UX Designing                                
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Testing and Launch                         

On-Demand Boat Rental Booking App

Helping start-ups to stir up their boating businesses with ultimate features and reach heights.

On-demand Boat Rental App Development Company

It’s the age of mobile applications, and everyone appreciates it when you’re right there in their pocket. The On-demand Yacht Management App will become the next big thing in the sharing economy, and getting your boat company listed on the boat rental marketplace will put you ahead of the competition. The App not only gives you a location to earn additional money, but it also eliminates risk and provides transparency and payment security.

Get ahead to reach the potential customers and reach the competitive edge in no time.

Enable your customers to Your Book Your Yacht with Boat Rental App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do provide different login options for the boat rental service, through the utilization of several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, amongst others.

We give 24/7 assistance to our clients. Our customers can count on receiving the highest quality assistance and support from us. And make every effort to sell things that are bug-free.

The owners of the boats can enter the boat’s specifications and the rental rate into the App that is used for boat rentals. And those who hire or utilize the boats have the option of selecting the boat that best suits their needs.

Once all of your payments have been made, you will, in fact, be able to take complete ownership of the program.

Yes, we do have a wide variety of specialists in every field. They will undoubtedly assist you in customizing all of the wants that are demanded of you.

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