Top 8 Best On Demand Handyman Apps for Home Services 2024 [Updated]

1. Top 8 Best On Demand Handyman Apps for Home Services

The digital age has made home maintenance easier than ever before. Now, a local handyman services is just a few taps away thanks to a new breed of on-demand handyman app. These  handyman apps are a boon for homeowners and renters alike, offering a wide range of services from plumbing to electrical work, carpentry to painting, and much more. 

But with a multitude of options out there, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. Also, if you are someone who has a brilliant app idea for local handyman services but lacks clarity, this blog is definitely for you. The blog will guide you through the 8 best on-demand handyman services app  for home, offering you the clarity and refinement that your handyman app idea needs. 

Top 8 Best on demand handyman apps for Home Services

Given below is the list of the most popular apps for local handyman services. Let’s delve into each of the app in detail –

2. Top 8 Best Handyman Apps for Home Services

1. TaskRabbit: 


Image Credit: Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is a highly popular handyman services app that connects you with skilled ‘Taskers’ for a variety of home service needs. Whether you need help assembling furniture, fixing a leaky faucet, or mounting a TV, TaskRabbit has got you covered. The app allows users to choose from a wide range of services, including electrical work, plumbing, painting, and more. With TaskRabbit, you can conveniently schedule a time that works best for you and have a qualified professional take care of your home service tasks.

Available for Android & iOS

2. Thumbtack


Image Credit: Thumbtack

Thumbtack operates as a platform where customers can find professionals for almost any kind of job, from home repair to personal training. Need a handyman to fix that squeaky door or a yoga instructor to help you unwind? Thumbtack has a diverse network of professionals ready to assist. Users can compare prices, read reviews, and hire professionals directly from the app. With Thumbtack, you can easily find the right person for the job and get your tasks done with confidence.

Available for Android & iOS

3. Mr. Right:

Mr. Right

Image Credit: Mr.Right

Mr. Right is an all-in-one home services app providing solutions for a broad spectrum of user needs. From AC repair to home deep cleaning, pest control to plumbing services, Mr. Right offers an extensive range of services to cater to your specific requirements. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Mr. Right ensures that you receive reliable and efficient service for all your home service needs. With just a few taps on the app, you can book a service and have a trusted professional take care of the rest.

Available for Android & iOS

4. KnockNok:


Image Credit: KnockNok

KnockNok is a reliable and user-friendly app that covers an extensive range of home services. From appliance repair to home cleaning, plumbing to electrical work, KnockNok allows users to hire a local handyman directly from their smartphone. The app provides detailed profiles of service providers, including ratings and reviews, so you can make an informed decision before booking a service. With KnockNok, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home service needs are taken care of by skilled professionals in your local area.

Available for Android & iOS

5. Urban Company:

Urban Company

Image Credit: Urban Company

Formerly known as UrbanClap, Urban Company provides a platform for professionals from various fields to connect with potential customers. From beauty services to home repairs, fitness training to wedding photography, Urban Company offers a wide range of services to cater to different needs. The app is particularly praised for its responsiveness and quality of service. With Urban Company, you can easily find and book trusted professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and making your life easier.

Available for Android & iOS

6. Angi


Image Credit: Angi

Formerly Angie’s List, Angi is a trusted name for finding top-rated professionals for home services. Whether you need a reliable plumber, a skilled carpenter, or a talented landscaper, Angi has a vast network of service providers to choose from. The app allows customers to view detailed background information on service providers, including ratings and reviews, so you can make an informed decision. With Angi, you can confidently hire professionals who have been vetted by other customers and have a track record of delivering quality work.

Available for Android & iOS

7. AllBetter:


Image Credit: AllBetter

AllBetter is a relatively new entrant into the industry but has already received high praise for its intuitive interface and wide array of services. From home cleaning to repair jobs, landscaping to painting, AllBetter aims to make hiring a trusted handyman as convenient as possible. The app allows users to easily browse through different service categories, view service provider profiles, and book services with just a few taps. With AllBetter, you can enjoy the ease of finding a reliable professional who can take care of all your home service needs with professionalism and expertise.

Available for Android & iOS

8. Handy:


Image Credit: Handy

Handy is your one-stop destination for all your home service needs. This practical and user-friendly app connects you with a wide range of local professionals offering services from house cleaning to various handyman tasks. Whether it’s home repairs, furniture assembly, or regular house cleaning, Handy has got you covered. The app enables users to schedule bookings as per their convenience and provides trusted professionals who are thoroughly vetted. With the Handy app, maintaining your home becomes easy, efficient, and hassle-free.

Available for Android & iOS

What are the Features of  Handyman Apps for Home Services?

Some of the essential features of apps for local handyman services have been lined up below. Take a look –

  • Trust and Transparency: Users can read reviews and ratings of each service provider, helping them make informed decisions. Some apps even provide a detailed background of each handyman to ensure safety and trust.
  • User-friendly Interface: Most of these apps have intuitive interfaces, making it easy even for the less tech-savvy users to navigate through the services and hire a handyman.
  • Specialized Services: In addition to general home repairs, some of these apps also offer specialized services such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and more. This ensures that users can find the right handyman for any specific task they may have.
  • Easy Payment Options: With these apps, gone are the days of haggling over prices or worrying about carrying cash. Most of these apps offer convenient payment options such as in-app payments, credit card payments, and more.
  • Convenient Scheduling: These handyman services apps also allow users to schedule appointments according to their availability, making it easier for busy individuals to get their home repair tasks done without disrupting their daily routine.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: These apps also provide users with customer reviews and ratings, allowing them to make informed decisions about the quality of service provided by each handyman. This ensures that users can find reliable and trustworthy professionals to handle their home repair needs
  • Cost-effective: With a variety of options to choose from and competitive pricing, these handyman services apps provide cost-effective solutions for all your home repair needs. Say goodbye to expensive contractors and hello to affordable and reliable handyman services.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Lastly, these handyman services apps can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for users to get help with their home repair tasks even while on the go. The availability of these apps ensures that users never have to worry about finding reliable handyman services in their local area.
  • Eco-friendly Options: Some of these apps also offer eco-friendly options for specific services, such as using green cleaning products or offering energy-efficient solutions. This allows users to not only take care of their home repair needs but also contribute to a greener planet.
  • Verified Professionals: The best handyman apps often conduct thorough background checks, ensuring that the handymen are reliable, experienced, and trustworthy. This offers peace of mind to users who let these professionals into their homes.
  • Real-time Tracking: Many apps provide real-time tracking of the handyman’s location and the status of your requested service, ensuring transparency and timely service. This feature allows users to plan their day accordingly and avoid endless waiting.
  • Customer Support: These apps offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries are addressed promptly. This feature adds an extra layer of reliability and support for users.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Handyman apps often offer promotions and discounts, making these services more affordable for users. These offers can be found on the app itself or through notifications, saving you money in the long run.

Convenience: Above all, these apps provide convenience for users. With just a few clicks, you can book a service and have a professional at your doorstep in no time. This eliminates the hassle of calling and scheduling appointments, making home repairs stress-free.

How iTechnolabs Can Help You to Build On Demand Apps for Local Handyman Services?

In today’s fast-paced world, people often find themselves in need of quick and reliable solutions for various home maintenance and repair tasks. This growing demand has led to the rise of on-demand apps, for handyman services which connect users with skilled professionals who can address a wide range of household issues. Among the top 8 best handyman services apps for home services, iTechnolabs stands out as a robust partner, offering a comprehensive suite of mobile app development services and solutions to enhance the user experience, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

  • Enhanced User Experience

iTechnolabs excels in creating user-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation experiences. With their expertise in app design and development, they can help the top on-demand apps for handyman services create an intuitive and visually appealing platform. By providing an easy-to-use app, the user base can grow rapidly, leading to increased bookings and revenue for service providers.

  • Real-time Booking and Scheduling

One of the key advantages of handyman apps is the ability to book services quickly. iTechnolabs can develop and integrate real-time booking and scheduling features that allow users to find available professionals and book their services with a few taps on their smartphones. This feature greatly enhances the convenience and efficiency of the app.

  • Seamless Payment Integration

iTechnolabs specializes in secure and seamless payment gateways. By partnering with them, on-demand apps for handyman services can ensure that their users can pay for services without any hassle. This not only enhances the user experience but also helps in building trust and credibility among both customers and service providers.

  • GPS and Geolocation Services

For on-demand services, GPS and geolocation are crucial. iTechnolabs can integrate advanced geolocation features that help users track the location of service providers in real-time. This ensures accurate arrivals, transparent service tracking, and an added layer of security.

  • Review and Rating Systems

Customer feedback is invaluable for improving service quality. iTechnolabs can help the top handyman services apps incorporate review and rating systems that allow users to provide feedback on the services they receive. This feature not only helps in service improvement but also helps customers make informed choices.

  • Streamlined Communication

Efficient communication is a cornerstone of service apps. iTechnolabs can help create in-app chat and calling systems that connect users with service providers, making it easy for them to discuss job details and any specific requirements.

  • Multilingual Support

In a globalized world, multilingual support is a key feature for any app looking to reach a wider audience. iTechnolabs can assist handyman apps in integrating multilingual support to cater to a diverse user base.

  • Inventory Management

To provide efficient and timely services, on-demand handyman services apps need to manage their inventory effectively. iTechnolabs can develop inventory management systems that keep track of tools, materials, and equipment, ensuring that service providers are always prepared for the job.

  • CRM and Analytics

Understanding user behavior and preferences is crucial for app improvement and business growth. iTechnolabs can assist handyman services apps in implementing customer relationship management (CRM) tools and analytics to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Scalability and Security

iTechnolabs can design apps that are highly scalable, ensuring that they can accommodate an ever-growing user base. Furthermore, they prioritize security, safeguarding user data and financial transactions. This commitment to security is critical in gaining user trust and protecting sensitive information.

  • Marketing and Promotion

Effective marketing and promotional strategies are essential for gaining a competitive edge in the handyman app market. iTechnolabs can offer support in developing marketing campaigns, creating appealing content, and optimizing search engine rankings to attract new users and retain existing ones.

  • Maintenance and Support

After launching an on-demand handyman app, continuous maintenance and support are vital. iTechnolabs offers post-launch support and updates to ensure that the app functions smoothly and stays competitive in the market.

What are benefits of Developing Handyman Apps For Home Services?

  1. Ease of Access: Handyman apps make it incredibly convenient for users to access a wide variety of home services right from the comfort of their smartphones. Users can easily browse through a diverse range of service providers, compare their offerings, and make informed decisions.
  2. In-App Communication: These apps often provide a built-in chat or calling feature, allowing users to directly communicate with the service provider. This seamless communication channel enables users to discuss their requirements, ask questions, and provide specific instructions, ensuring a personalized and satisfactory experience.
  3. Saves Time: Handyman apps eliminate the need for users to physically search for a service provider, saving them precious time. With just a few taps on their smartphones, users can quickly find and book the right handyman for their specific needs, be it plumbing, electrical repairs, or home cleaning.
  4. Transparency: Users can view the ratings, reviews, and feedback of each handyman listed on the app, promoting transparency and building trust. This valuable information helps users make informed decisions and choose reliable service providers who have a proven track record of delivering quality services.
  5. Scheduling: Handyman apps often include a convenient feature that allows users to schedule services for a future date and time. Whether it’s a repair job or a home improvement project, users can easily select their preferred time slot, ensuring that the handyman’s visit is perfectly aligned with their schedule.
  6. Easy Payment: These apps generally support multiple modes of payment, making the payment process hassle-free and convenient for users. Whether it’s paying through credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or other digital payment methods, users can choose the option that suits them best, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.
  7. Location-Based Services: Handyman apps can provide services based on the user’s location, ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery. Users can simply enter their address or enable location services, and the app will display nearby service providers, making it easier to find someone who can quickly address their home service needs.
  8. Push Notifications: Users can receive important updates, notifications about their service requests, and exclusive promotional offers through push notifications. This keeps users informed about the progress of their requested services and allows them to take advantage of special discounts or deals, enhancing their overall experience.
  9. Cost Estimation: Some handyman apps offer advanced features that provide users with cost estimation for various services. This allows users to understand the potential cost involved before availing of a service, enabling them to plan their budget accordingly and make well-informed decisions.
  10. 24/7 Availability: Most handyman apps provide round-the-clock service, ensuring that users can request services anytime, even during emergencies. This availability factor adds an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind, knowing that reliable help is just a few taps away, regardless of the time or day.
  11. Job Tracking: These apps often offer in-app tracking, enabling users to monitor the progress of their requested service. Users can easily track the location of the assigned handyman, receive real-time updates, and stay informed about the estimated time of arrival, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  12. Diverse Services: Handyman apps are a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all home service needs. They offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to plumbing, electrical repairs, painting, carpentry, and home cleaning. This diverse service portfolio ensures that users can find the right professional for any task or project, saving them the hassle of searching for multiple service providers.
  13. Customer Support: These apps often provide reliable customer support to resolve any issues or answer user queries. Whether it’s assistance with booking a service, resolving complaints, or providing guidance, dedicated customer support teams are readily available to ensure a smooth and satisfactory user experience.
  14. Business Growth: For service providers, handyman apps open doors to new opportunities and help expand their customer base. By being listed on these platforms, service providers can increase their visibility, showcase their expertise, and attract a wider audience, ultimately boosting their business growth and success.
  15. Data Analysis: Handyman apps generate valuable insights about user behavior, preferences, and industry trends through data analysis. This information can be utilized by service providers for business planning, improving service offerings, and identifying new opportunities for development and expansion, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

How Much Does it Cost to create the Best Handyman Apps?

The cost of developing a handyman services app varies greatly depending on a multitude of factors. These factors include –

  • Complexity of the app
  • Number of features incorporated
  • Design aesthetics
  • Platform chosen (iOS, Android, or both)
  • Location and rate of the development team
  • Ongoing costs for app maintenance and updates

Taking all these factors into account, the development of a basic handyman app can start from around $10,000 and can go up to $50,000 or more for a more feature-rich and complex app. However, it’s essential to remember that these prices are only estimates, and the actual cost can vary depending on your specific requirements and the development company you choose. 

In conclusion, these innovative and user-friendly handyman services apps have completely revolutionized the way we access and utilize local handyman services. They have made the process not only easier, quicker, and more reliable, but also more convenient and efficient.

With these apps, you have a wide range of services right at your fingertips, ensuring that all your home repair and maintenance needs are met. From fixing a leaking faucet to repairing a faulty appliance, these apps offer comprehensive solutions to address any issue you may encounter.

With these handyman apps, gone are the days of struggling to find reliable and skilled professionals for your home repairs. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind they offer, knowing that you have a reliable and experienced handyman ready to tackle any task that comes your way. Say goodbye to the stress of household maintenance and welcome a hassle-free solution to all your repair needs.

3. Do you want to develop Handyman Apps for Home Services

As a mobile app development company, iTechnolabs’ experience is profound. There is not a single business sphere which iTechnolabs has not catered to. Local handyman services is one such business domain where iTechnolabs has impressed its clients by building apps with simplicity, sophistication, and scalability. 

iTechnolabs’ dedicated developers know the working of best handyman apps like the back of their hands. Hence, they own the requisite expertise to build an app for local handyman services with all the essential features. Moreover, iTechnolabs has both the knowledge and expertise to harness latest technological tools to offer a top-notch user experience. 

Seek the services of the professional consultants of iTechnolabs today and get your world-class handyman app built in no time. You can always avail our flexible hiring models to keep your development cost in limit. Get connected with us today!

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