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We at iTechnolabs, as a Beacon/ibeacon app development company, release the real potential of beacon technology and give our clients the most acceptable business solutions.

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What exactly is meant by
the term iBeacon "BLE device"?

Beacon is short for “Bluetooth Beacon,” which refers to a piece of hardware that can vary in size depending on its range and battery capacity, but it generally resembles a little cheese cube. In its most basic form, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gadget, an iBeacon, sends out Low Energy Signals using the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. It has an effective range of around fifty meters for sending out messages. Beacons and smartphones/innovative operating systems are the most acceptable illustration of how two technologies may be integrated to provide BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or iBeacon App solutions that are one of a kind.

Why choose iBeacon?

The convergence of the natural and digital worlds is made possible through beacon technology, which enables contextualization depending on proximity or position.


Why choose our iBeacon App Development Company?

Our ibeacon app development company supports to Mobile app clients in increasing company’s effectiveness in their respective sectors by delivering the excellent technology services.


Because it is a proximity technology, iBeacon can provide pinpoint accuracy even when used inside. Actions may be quickly done on a device when it detects an iBeacon in close range through Bluetooth. This eliminates the need to rely on satellite connectivity.


Because iBeacons do not follow users everywhere they go but rather log only when they come within range of an iBeacon, users can have peace of mind that their privacy will be protected.


iBeacon is a native Apple technology that integrates faultlessly and scales without difficulty with your existing Apple environment.


The technology is inexpensive, readily available, and scalable; an iPad, for example, may be made to function as an iBeacon by using one of several free apps.


The technology is inexpensive, readily available, and scalable; an iPad, for example, may be made to function as an iBeacon by using one of several free apps.

Our Range of iBeacon App Development Services

As part of our iBeacon App Development services, you can hire iBeacon Developers from iTechnolabs, a top-rated iBeacon app Development Company, for Wireframing, Prototyping, Mockuping, UI/UX Designing of your Android/ iOS iBeacon application.
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Beacon consulting

Before the beginning of the project, we will assist you in every possible way, from the conception of your idea to the completion of a feasibility study, BRD, and SRS. We will analyze your company's requirements and formulate a strategy for creating a beacon application.

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Cross-platform beacon

The iBeacon software development services we provide are compatible with various platforms, including iOS and Android. In addition to this, we also offer our services in the development of iBeacon applications for Native apps.

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Ibeacon app design

Your end clients will get benefit from the sparkling design solutions along with UI/UX that are provided by our skilled team of Beacon app developers. Your clients will be unable to take their gaze off the designs.

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iBeacon app development

Our software engineers are skilled in creating business iBeacon applications for small, medium, and big businesses according to the particular business needs of each company while also considering each organization's financial constraints.

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Customized Mobile Apps

We can develop a highly specialized version of the Beacon mobile app for you based upon the specifications of your particular company. Our goal is to see it that you are delighted with the performance of our Beacon mobile applications.

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Location-based ibeacon mobile app

We are also popular for buildimng Location-based ibeacon app development company in the USA. It's helps to get the longitute and latitude of the particluar lovcation and recommend the local venues.

iBeacon App Design

We have a team of creative iBeacon Developers and Designers who are competent enough to handle everything from planning the strategy to designing the layout of your unique iOS app. iTechnolabs is a prominent iBeacon app development company offering top-notch quality iPhone app development services to a diverse range of clients globally. You can hire Mobile app developers from us and get the benefits to integrate new features in your mobile apps.

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Personalized iBeacon App Development

At iTechnolabs, one of the leading iBeacon App Development Companies in the United States and Canada, we provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge iPhone App Development Services to assist businesses in realizing the full potential of the most advanced mobile technology. 

Have a great idea for an iPhone App Development? Hire iOS app Developers from iTechnolabs, a reputable iBeacon app development company, to develop your ambitious concept into a fantastic iBeacon app.

Enterprise iBeacon Solutions

Given the importance of iBeacon in company mobility, we at iTechnolabs – an acclaimed iBeacon app Development Company – have been equipping organizations of all sorts and sizes with our corporate-grade iPhone app development services since the introduction of Beacons. Our iBeacon corporate mobility solutions enable businesses to interact one-on-one with their consumers.

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Why Should You Work With Us

We are a leading iPhone App Development Company in USA served a vast network of clientele from around the world, with proven expertise and specialization of technolgies. The conceptualization, development and  implementation of each project innovates in every new step of app development with result-driven solutions.

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Domain Expertise

Our developers are experts in designing strategic apps that provide the most satisfactory answer.


Maximum Traffic

We use robust data to help you target the appropriate consumers and earn the most footfall.

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Model Flexibility and Scalability

Our adaptable development provides you the scalability you need to add features.


Business Divisions

We build iBeacon Apps for various business sectors such as travel, hospitality, commerce, etc.


Solution of the Year

Our solutions allow you to serve your consumers better while earning more profit.

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Seamless communication

We strive for long-term relationships and offer consistent communication and services throughout the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iBeacons, in their most basic form, are little more than transmitters that send out BLE signals within a limited area; apps on neighboring mobile devices pick up on these signals and decipher their meaning. In the end, the mobile app will be responsible for facilitating the pre-set activity to provide the user with an engaging experience.

Due to the meager amount of energy that is required to run BLE beacons, their battery life can last for up to two years. Batteries are not able to be recharged. Thus they will need to be replaced at some point. The time a beacon’s batteries will last depends on various factors, including the brand, the device’s purpose, usage intensity, and more.

We have highly trained professionals who specialize in designing applications for BLE technology. The turnaround time for the project as well as the budget is significantly more competitive. Give us a call to receive a free consultation as well as an estimate.

Customers need to switch Bluetooth on their mobile devices, allow location services through the relevant app, and opt-in to receive interior notifications due to many levels of protection. In addition, many people aren’t aware that beacons don’t keep any information on their own. Instead, they do nothing more than transmitting the data across the cloud with our iPhone App Development Company in USA.

A beacon is a very small wireless device that utilizes proximity technology to detect the presence of humans in the immediate area and then communicates with users who have linked devices by sending them messages. When it detects a connected app, the beacon will begin transmitting signals with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) assistance. These signals are received by mobile devices that are positioned nearby, and once they do so, they carry out activities that have been pre-set to provide a tailored experience for the user.

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