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Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting ​Services

As a data engineering and Artificial Intelligence Consulting, we create tailor-made AI software solutions to support startups, small and midsize businesses, as well as enterprises.

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Machine Learning

We integrate AI-powered machine learning, deep learning, and other network software systems into existing IT systems. Using custom models, we develop intelligent business solutions tailored to your specific needs.
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Natural Language Processing

We develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions for analyzing structured and semi-structured content, including search queries, business data repositories, web mining, and audio sources so that we can detect emerging trends, perform operational analysis, and provide predictive analytics.
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Image Processing

As a leading provider of high-tech visual applications, we have expertise in developing image processing technologies that can identify, synthesize, and analyze patterns in images. We provide solutions tailored to your requirements.
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Deep Learning

In deep learning, multiple layers of complex neural networks are stacked together to accomplish a specific goal. Our mission at iTechnolabs is to change how you perceive data. By using our customized solutions, you can formulate accurate predictions and make informed decisions.
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Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics software solutions help business operators anticipate consumer behaviors and predict business outcomes by integrating machine learning-based models and end-to-end predictive analytics solutions.
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Data Analysis

With our insightful data analysis services that are safe and accurate, we help you increase sales and keep ahead of the competition in business. Providing you with a complete set of services related to data analysis and processing, we have the right offering for you.
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Data Virtualization

iTechnolabs data virtualization enables simultaneous integration of disparate data sources without having to move the data. A single point of access is then provided for managing and viewing this data through data virtualization.
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Recommendation System

AI-Powered Recommendation is a service offered by iTechnolabs to support e-commerce business growth. A fully customized artificial intelligence-driven eCommerce recommendation engine can be built that is tailored to each Customer online and in the store.

Why choose iTechnolabs as Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We provide expert and customized AI consulting services to cater to your exact requirements as a leading provider of AI consulting services.

Experienced professionals

As an artificial intelligence consulting company, we employ highly skilled engineers who use their deep knowledge and expertise to provide industry-leading solutions.



We use our expertise in Artificial Intelligence Consulting to identify and eliminate waste in all our operations and deliverables, as leading providers of artificial intelligence services and globally.


Solutions tailored to your needs

We work closely with Artificial Intelligence consulting engineers to fully understand any challenges and determine where AI can be incorporated to propel your business.

Turnaround time is quick

No time is wasted when it comes to providing artificial intelligence consulting services. Therefore, you have access to high-tech expertise at a rate that is faster than those of other organizations in the field.


Experience across multiple domains

Using the expertise of artificial intelligence consulting team , we can provide a multitude of solutions by leveraging our team’s expertise in multiple AI technologies.


A security system

As a premier Artificial Intelligence Consulting Company, we recognize the importance of ensuring the highest security and safety of all customer data and keep it confidential always.
We offer Artificial Intelligence services for a variety of industries
Various businesses are benefiting from Itechnolabs’ industry-specific solutions worldwide. These are our most appreciated Artificial Intelligence services, despite our wide range of AI expertise.
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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

As a result of Artificial Intelligence cons, u;ting  the healthcare industry has been transformed. Personalized medicine, X-ray readings, and more are available with our AI solutions if you operate in this field. In order to provide zero-intervention healthcare to patients, iTechnolabs focuses on transformation.

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Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

By integrating artificial intelligence and data science, we provide a solid defense against cyberattacks. Attacks against individuals and teams are becoming more sophisticated as cybercriminals become experts at targeting and attacking them.
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Ecommerce and artificial intelligence

By scanning millions of data online we develop correlations between user data and buying patterns. In addition, it helps you to deliver a seamless user experience across a variety of devices.
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Telecom and artificial intelligence

By scanning millions of data online we develop correlations between user data and buying patterns. In addition, it helps you to deliver a seamless user experience across a variety of devices.

We are expert in

Object Detection and Recognition

The field of computer vision encompasses a multitude of algorithms such as object detection, recognition, image classification, blur detection, inpainting, tagging, and filtering. One of the challenging research tasks is finding and identifying objects in unstructured environments.
Object Detection itechnology
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Facial Recognition System

Computer vision software used to identify the presence of people within digital images or real-time videos is known as Facial Recognition Software System. Currently, the Image and Face Database can only be used to compare selected facial features. Using machine learning algorithms well known for detecting faces in large images or real-time videos is important for Facial Recognition Software System.

Product Recommendation Engine

Personalized service is provided by product recommendation engines. Marketers can analyze client data and create individual client profiles using a good product recommendation system. A new product is presented to any customer based on their previous searches with the AI Powered Recommendation as a Service.
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Deep Learning

The deep learning software we design can recognize a number of data and images, understand spoken languages, handle a wide range of problems, and work more effectively and accurately. According to your business needs, iTechnolabs offerd Artificial Intelligence Consulting services. Get full benefit of the deep learning applications we provide by partnering with us.

Business Infrastructure Modeling Powered By AI

Workflows and infrastructure compatible
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The most popular frameworks and libraries
In Machine Learning, we support almost everything, but tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn, and openCV are the most popular. The data modeling code is dependent on your Business packages.
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Various languages
AI models are mostly built in multiple languages, which complicates matters. Supporting JavaScript and Java functions and algorithms, we offer AI models in Python and R.
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Data Sources
Currently, data is available on every resource, which makes merging them for model building difficult.
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Using a cloud server
AI-driven models can be deployed on hundreds of cloud servers. For better security, we only deploy Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Watson.
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Machines / Tech Stack
Model building, training, and testing are carried out using large computers such as CPUs and GPUs. Your AI models are compressed and deployed using Docker containers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing an Artificial Intelligence Consulting firm, you will need to consider a variety of factors – such as whether the company has established AI/ML products, whether the technology stack meets your requirements, and whether they have an AI development and consulting team.

You are in complete control of your hired developers when the project begins. They can be reached anytime you like. You assign the requirements to developer, and he/she will start working accordingly, that you can monitor time-to-time

Businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence in many ways – from the ability to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, to providing real-time assistance to automating processes, anticipating outcomes, and enhancing sales.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting services and technologies include the following:

  • Platforms for deep learning
  • Hardware that is AI-optimized
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Text Analytics
Based on your industry, business requirements, and solutions you choose, you can transform your business through artificial intelligence. The average AI transformation takes 18 to 36 months.

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