15+ Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps For Android and iOS Devices 2024 [Updated]

15+ best free intermittent fasting apps for android and ios devices itechnolabs

Of all the people you have encountered or will encounter in your life, there is a very high probability that every seven out of ten of them already know what intermittent fasting is. Afterall, it has created quite a fitness frenzy around the globe, a reason why many people have either started doing it or are planning to do it.

However, like all other good habits in life, intermittent fasting is easier to start than to continue. No doubt, it is and can be hellish to follow. To leverage such a situation, many free intermittent fasting apps have surfaced that offer apt motivation, structure, and innovation to their users to help them stick strictly to their intermittent fasting roadmap.

Needless to say, like intermittent fasting, free intermittent fasting apps have also created quite an uproar and are earning huge revenues. Therefore, if you are someone who has a very promising  and distinct idea for a free fasting app for weight loss, what are you waiting for? When the market is favourable and the cause is noble, waiting is unpardonable.

If inspiration for app development is what you are searching for, you have reached the right place. This blog will not only tell you about one but as many as 15 free intermittent fasting apps that are doing pretty well currently. So, let us get started.

15+ Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

App Name Android iOS
Window Yes  Yes
Fastic Yes Yes
Zero Yes Yes
BodyFast Yes Yes
DoFasting  Yes Yes
Simple  Yes Yes
FastHabit Yes Yes
AteFood Diary Yes Yes
LIFE Fasting Tracker  Yes Yes
Fastient Yes  Yes
Clear Yes Yes
Fasten Yes Yes
Lasta Yes  Yes
Rhythm No Yes
Fasting Secret No Yes

Not a second ago, we promised you a pretty long list of free fasting apps for weight loss and we will deliver you exactly the same. We present to you a concise, tabular representation of the list of free intermittent fasting apps before we get into each of them in detail.

15+ best free intermittent fasting apps itechnolabs

  • Window Fasting App – 

Window Fasting

When what you know is that you desperately need intermittent fasting, but what you do not know is how to do it, Windows intermittent fasting tracker is for you. It is a super tracker as it can track anything – weight, eating schedule, fasting schedule, water intake, nutrition, mood – literally everything.

Not just the enlightening blogs from distinguished nutrition experts, you learn about some fruitful meal plans that can steer you towards a successful intermittent fasting lifestyle. While most of its interesting features are for free, you have to buy its subscription to avail the premium ones.

Download the Window Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • Fastic Fasting App- 

Fastic Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a cup of (green) tea for a lone wolf. It takes a community to continue leading a motivated intermittent fasting lifestyle. Fastic knows it very well and has accordingly set up the world’s largest fasting community for its users, apart from offering them valuable guidance from a competent team of the best fasting experts.

With Fastic, you can easily keep an eye on your fasting time in addition to the key health parameters. It is not just the large assortment of healthy recipes, but Fastic also offers customised solutions to build a healthy lifestyle and a better future.

Download the Fastic Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • Zero Fasting App – 

Zero Fasting

Eat, move, sleep, restore – Zero’s fasting philosophy zeroes down to these four important benchmarks of a healthy life. Zero lets you diligently keep tabs on your fasting routine and other vital habits to help you live your life in an extraordinarily better way.

For better guidance and support, Zero deploys the services of well-acclaimed Health & Fitness professionals who efficiently analyse your health data and suggest necessary tweaks in your fasting routine, if things go astray from your end.

Download the Zero Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • BodyFast Fasting App – 

BodyFast Fasting

Everyone has their own unique journey as far as weight loss and healthy and sustainable living are concerned. Based upon this eternal truth, BodyFast has come up with a unique fasting experience for its users. BodyFast has a panel of reputed nutritionists and experts who are responsible for developing a weekly fasting strategy for its individual users.

Obviously, you will have a range of exciting fasting options to choose from. Intermittent fasting food is not hard to cook when you have more than 100 simple recipes to cook for your eating time. With daily tracking and regular doses of experts’ guidance, you are gonna be super healthy.

Download BodyFast Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • DoFasting Fasting App – 

DoFasting Fasting

Reviewed highly by Business Insider and Yahoo Finance, DoFasting deserves to be everybody’s go-to intermittent fasting app. It allows seamless integration with various devices, wearable or otherwise, to assist its users to keep an eye on their vital intake. There is definitely no dearth of useful counsel from leading experts and you will always have healthy delicacies to cook from its collection of exciting recipes.

Of course, to feel as fit as fiddle, exercise is a bittersweet pill that you have to swallow. DoFasting has, therefore, come up with full-fledged exercise routines for all ages to advocate a sustainable way of living.

Download BodyFast Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • Simple Fasting App – 

Simple Fasting App

Simple’s intermittent fasting funda is pretty simple – consistency. With its customised fasting programmes, Simple guarantees that its users show a sustainable uptrend in their respective intermittent fasting journeys. Track everything from what you eat to how much you eat with Simple’s easy tracking application.

With Simple, your fasting roadmap will be a blend of your goals, your progress, and science. You will be regularly provided with food charts by the masters so that your progress towards a healthy lifestyle never comes to a halt, making Simple one of the best fasting apps.

Download Simple Fasting App
Google Play Store

  • FastHabit Fasting App – 

FastHabit Fasting App

When what you need is to be strictly persistent with your predetermined intermittent fasting goals, FastHabit is what you desperately need. You can register your daily fasting timings to be able to make essential modifications and growth in your fasting routine, making FastHabit a free fasting app for weight loss.

Give yourself a pat on your back if you have succeeded in maintaining a fasting streak in your monthly overview. Do not worry if you have forgotten your phone at home as your app can easily sync with the Apple watch you are currently wearing and store your data safely.

Download Fasthabit Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • AteFood Diary Fasting App – 

AteFood Diary Fasting App

What is the easiest way to stick to intermittent fasting, asked someone who started intermittent fasting several times, but failed to keep doing it every single time. We, said the AteFood Diary and it indeed is the easiest way, because all you have to do is to click a picture of whatever you eat.

Yes, you do not even have to write. Just a picture will do. The app is extremely useful for your nutritionists and your healthcare providers to help them keep a keen eye on your intermittent fasting routine and help you with suggestions if needed. Featured in the Forbes, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, the AteFood Diary deserves to be your go-to choice.

Download AteFoodDiary Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • LIFE Fasting Tracker App – 

LIFE Fasting Tracker App

Intermittent fasting is pretty uncomplicated. All you have to do is fasting – if you think the same, you are not thinking straight because intermittent fasting involves a range of variables and LIFE fasting tracker takes care of almost all of them. It obviously enables you to efficiently track every single of your health parameters with or without syncing with a large collection of wearable devices.

LIFE fasting tracker has a dedicated ‘keto zone’ which diligently records your progress into being alive and kicking. Its special ‘Lifeomic Platform’ harnesses cutting edge technologies to provide unique data solutions. After all this, do we even need to mention how Forbes, BBC, NBC News, and the likes of them have highly reviewed LIFE fasting tracker?

Download LIFE Fasting Tracker App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • Fastient Fasting App – 

Fastient Fasting App

It is so obvious why Julia Cameron and many prominent personalities have spoken so highly of the benefits that journaling holds for everyone. Building on the obvious has emerged one of the free intermittent fasting apps called Fastient, which allows you to document everything about you – food, fats, fasting, feelings, almost everything!

To supplement this comprehensive data about you, Fastient offers its meticulous tracking services that allows you to store, scrutinise, suggest, and save your fasting data in a structured and seamless manner. Do not worry! You can always edit the wrong.

Download Fastient Fasting App
Apple App Store

  • Clear Fasting App – 

Clear Fasting App

Clear is crystal clear when it comes to its app vision – it would do everything to not let its users give up on their intermittent fasting journey. For a user who has just begun, it will counsel him/her/them on choosing a fasting plan that suits them. You will be provided with enhanced timing and tracking abilities along with regular doses of mood journaling.

And when you are just about to call off your fasting mission, it reveals its mystical powers. It motivates you to hang in there via inspiring quotes and stories, and soothing melodies. If that is not enough, there are always, in store, a large collection of mouth-watering recipes for all sorts of dieting philosophies.

Download Clear Fasting App
Apple App Store

  • Fasten Fasting App – 

Fasten Fasting App

‘Fasten’ your seatbelts because your intermittent fasting journey can turn quite rocky. Just kidding, because that ain’t happening when you use one of the best free fasting apps for weight loss – Fasten. Apart from offering its users timing, tracking, and counting services, Fasten has a very chatty and clever AI chatbot that has answers to all your questions.

But if you choose to join the Fastic-Plus community, you will get everything you cannot even imagine. You will get to connect with people who are as motivated, if not more, as you are for intermittent fasting. Obviously, exciting recipes and grinding challenges will keep the journey fascinating. You are gonna learn a lot about intermittent fasting in general and your progress in particular.

Download Fasten Fasting App
Google Play Store

  • Lasta Fasting App – 

Lasta Fasting App

Lasta harnesses a multi-dimensional approach to let intermittent fasting seep smoothly into its users’ lives and become an inseparable part. Firstly, Lasta’s simple, diverse, and wholesome meal plans are enough to persuade you to adopt fasting. You could always track your fasting time and food habits for comprehensive record-keeping.

Secondly, Lasta’s fitness plans (made especially for you) will keep you hale and healthy. Lastly, Lasta’s efficient mood tracker and its range of mood-uplifting audios and videos will keep you going, no matter how much you feel the urge to give up.

Download Lasta Fasting App
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  • Rhythm Fasting App – 

Rhythm Fasting App

With intermittent fasting, it is simple – you set the rhythm and get started and with the use of one of the best fasting apps called Rhythm, you will be persuaded enough to never break the rhythm. All you have to do is set a goal under the guidance of experts and start tracking your fasting time precisely.

You set the rhythm and you achieved the rhythm. Now, it is up to you to continue the rhythm, or set a higher rhythm and follow it with a stronger resolve. Rhythm allows you to be scalable when it comes to your fasting goals.

Download Rhythm Fasting App
Apple App Store

  • Fasting Secret –

Fasting Secret

When you search for free intermittent fasting apps, it is no secret that Fasting Secret will definitely pop up in the list. Fasting Secret allows you to manually record your fasting time and other health parameters and edit them as and when required. Obviously, you can set timely reminders to never let yourself lose sight of your goal and get a dashboard view of your growth.

Fasting Secret evidently knows how to keep a secret well. Therefore, it allows its users to keep their intermittent fasting journeys away from the sight of others by putting passcodes. Your family and friends can tag along and begin their own fasting journeys on the same app as the app allows multiple users.

Download Fasting Secret Fasting App
Apple App Store

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