How to Convert Your Existing Mobile App to Flutter Quickly?

How to Convert Your Existing Mobile App to Flutter Quickly?

how to convert your existing mobile app to flutter quickly itechnolabs

Developing a mobile app is cumbersome. From listing down factors needed to incorporate into an app to selecting which technology to work on, the mobile app development process can be daunting. But today’s tech has answers to make everything easy. 

Flutter is one alternative to make mobile app development easy! 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is a UI software development kit created by Google. It is an open-source platform and can be leveraged to develop Android, iOS, cross-platform, windows, and macOS applications. And it makes all this possible with the help of a single codebase. This makes the mobile app development process easier and faster with Flutter. 

Further, it is built with robust developer tools. These are interactive widgets, code editors, performance profilers, and many more. All of this helps develop high-quality apps with interactive UI. But are all these factors enough to consider Flutter for mobile app development? 

Why Use Flutter? 

Flutter is Google’s product. And this makes it reliable and trustable. But that is not enough. There are many more reasons that make flutter the right choice. 

Starting with how easy Flutter makes it for developers to build a mobile application. As it has developer-friendly tools, it does not pose any major complications to developers. It also elevates the ease of development severalfold. 

Further, if you leverage Flutter for app development, the speed and performance can be taken care of. It also reduces the number of times you need to test an application. It also makes it easy to code two applications with a single code. This feature is highly appreciated by programmers as well as developers. Also, the features and functionalities provided by this framework allow swift app development. Along with this, Flutter has a hot reload feature. Due to this, one can instantly access the new changes made in the source code! 

Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

benefits of using flutter for mobile app development itechnolabs

01. Compatible 

Flutter is equipped with a range of tools and widgets. If you develop through Flutter, the widgets become a part of an app, not the platform. And this accounts for better compatibility and possesses no limitations upon integrations with different operating systems. Also, this makes testing easier and quick! 

02. Google Firebase Collaboration

Flutter can work compatible with google firebase. This provides developers with the ability to create high-performance mobile apps in less time. This compatibility also allows access to backend services that too with complete authentication, hosting, database management, and storage! 

03. Single UI across Platforms 

If you are looking for a solution that allows maintaining a single user interface across platforms, flutter shall be your choice! 

To make this possible, Flutter removes any dependency on platform-specific UI components. This creates a unified UI. This leads to time-saving and a smart approach to mobile app development.  

04. No Dependencies on third-Parties 

Flutter has all the necessary libraries already available. Be it for the navigation, testing, UI rendering elements, or whatnot! This eliminates any need for third-party integrations. This also keeps the app clean and concise!

But how can one know when to use Flutter for app development and when not to? 

When to Use Flutter for Mobile App Development? 

There are scenarios that can make using Flutter beneficial. Here are some of these- 

  • When you want to update your already developed Android or iOs application. But without a hassle.
  • If your existing mobile application has some technical issues, shifting it to Flutter can help. 
  • When you are thinking of releasing a fully-functional application in less time.  

Now, you know when and why to move your mobile app to flutter. But the question is how? 

How to Move your Existing Application to Flutter? 

Converting your existing application to flutter might sound easy, but it is not. The process needs to be operated by keeping all principles and functional components intact. Therefore, it is advised to be a little cautious while moving your app to flutter. Let’s discuss this in detail! 

Converting Android App to Flutter

Android applications can be moved to flutter to make them more stable, fast, and performance efficient. To initiate this process, the foremost step is to integrate flutter as a library or module. Do this carefully, as this module will be responsible for the app’s user interface in later steps. 

To create a separate code from the flutter code, use the command create-t in a flutter. This command will execute a new project with a different structure. The subsequent steps for converting the existing android app to flutter will be-

  • Open the project 
  • New Flutter module wizard
  • Leverage flutter android APIs
  • Build the project, and run it
  • Attach, and use hot reload to check new changes 

To know this process in detail, refer to the official documentation page on Flutter! 

Converting iOS App to Flutter 

Converting an iOS app to Flutter is almost similar to convert an android app. But, one has to keep in mind a few things. Here is the detailed process- 

  • Open the project 
  • Create Flutter Module 
  • Install CocoaPods 
  • Leverage FLutter iOS APIs
  • build it and then run it
  • Attach and hot reload 

These steps can easily convert your existing iOS application to Futter. 

Flutter at Your Rescue! 

We all know how challenging developing mobile applications can be. But, with the help of a few tools, the challenges can be minimized. Flutter is one such tool! 

Allowing hassle-free updates and creating crisp and user-friendly applications, Flutter can mitigate any hurdles in mobile apps. Further, the developer-friendly tools incorporated enhance the ease of mobile app development through Flutter. But, for Flutter also, one must have mobile development experience. And that’s where we come! 

Do You Want to Convert Your Existing Mobile App to Flutter ?

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We, iTechnolabs are a team of expert mobile app developers. We can help you convert as well as manage your mobile application on flutter. We follow robust principles and compatibility testing before delivering your application. So, shun all your doubts, and contact us today to experience the best-in-class mobile app development services

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