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Our AI Chatbot Development Services

With our AI-driven chatbot, you can automate customer service across all channels. Our Chatbot Development Company help our customers reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

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Chatbot Design

Based on your needs and specifications, we develop custom-designed intelligent chatbots that are relevant to your industry.
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Chatbot Architecture

With our chatbot APIs, you can integrate across multiple platforms and domains. As a result, your customers get a more personalized experience.
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Our chatbots can identify emotions, intents, and sentiments via Natural Language Processing (NLP), so they can take risk-aware decisions and improve customer interactions.
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Chatbot Consultancy

Our Chatbot Development Company provides free consultation on bot design and implementation. Experts from our team provide accurate insights and opinions about chatbots for your industry

One-stop Solution for Chatbot Development Services

High Lead conversion makes business more powerful. We deliver maximum value and highest support to fulfill your expactions. Our team follows Agile method for Building Chatbots
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At every step of building chatbots, our Research analysts, business leads, Chatbot developers and QAs will suggest you best matching Solution for Your Organization
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Fast Routes for Lead Conversions

AI Chatbots are designed under specific set of rules that ensure your team can focus on what they can do best, and your website visitors can get possible solutions for their queries

We Build Custom chatbot


Rule-based chatbots are also referred to as decision-tree bots. They use a series of defined set of rules. These rules are the basis for the types of problems the chatbot is familiar with and can deliver solutions for.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbots generate their own answers to more complicated questions using natural-language responses. The more you use and train these bots, the more they learn and the better they operate with the user.

AI Chatbot Works As

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Allows interaction between job seekers and employers via conversational UI

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Virtual assistant

Online assistants that assist people with their daily activities

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Performs simple setups & intuitive UI for seamless processes

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Sales person

Redefining social commerce and assisting brands in selling their products.

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Don’t worry about your chatbot. We got everything covered.

Dedicated development and customer success team

Discovery phase to set clear roadmaps, KPIs, time and cost estimates

Chatbot Platform with a simple UI to make instant changes on the go

Service Level Agreement (SLA), white-labeling, NDA, HIPPA, GDPR compliance

Powerful AI and NLP engines to create complex and truly smart chatbots

Unlimited 3-d party integrations, AI complexity, and customizations

Our Expertise

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We offer natural language processing (NLP) capability that enables us to understand the context of the conversation in multiple languages as well as understanding the conversation. It also determines how a question should be answered.

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Our Chatbot Development Company builds custom chatbot's which has primary function is to have conversations. With our advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies, your chatbot can answer.

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We can integrate your chatbot with any communication channel. Whether it's your own custom mobile app or well-known platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Place your chatbot where your users are, instead of forcing them to come to you.

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Computers can’t understand the emotions of human opinions, feelings, and moods. Chatbot Development Company enable chatbots to interpret attitudes, opinions, and emotions from human input and respond accordingly.

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With our personalized and intelligent chatbot, you can connect with your audience from around the world, thereby gaining international customers, including those who might not speak the same language as you.

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We ensure enterprise-level security for your interaction data, ensuring your privacy and security. Our chatbots can be used for financial interactions, retail, e-commerce, and much more since the data are effectively stored.

Industries we’re experts in

Our experience along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech and security standards
are what give us enough power to build software of any complexity
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Help to pick the candidates seamlessly

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digital-transformation retail itechnolabs


Help to pick the candidates seamlessly

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Help to pick the candidates seamlessly

digital transformation healthcare itechnolabs


digital transformation healthcare itechnolabs


Extract patients’ information & maintain records

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Provide requested information & accept payments

digital-transformation edtech itechnolabs


digital-transformation edtech itechnolabs


Design study plan & monitor student's learning progress

digital-transformation manufacturing itechnolabs


digital-transformation manufacturing itechnolabs


Perform Sales-related queries & handle customer services

digital transformation logistic itechnolabs


digital transformation logistic itechnolabs


Track route, idle & under maintenance vehicles

digital-transformation-Startups itechnolabs


digital-transformation-Startups itechnolabs


Handle frequent requests, inquiries about payments

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Group 12364


Provide best flight information & book tickets.

Chatbot Development Platforms

We specialize in all frameworks for chatbot development services.

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Microsoft Chatbot

As a Chatbot Development Company, we specialize in Microsoft Azure Bot, which allows us to build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots. We create bots that provide language.

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IBM Watson

We have the expertise to build, deploy, and optimize advanced chatbots using Watson Assistant. With Watson, we can build a chatbot that provides data discovery, predictive analytics.

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Dialog flow

iTechnolabs specializes in Dialogflow, a conversational interaction platform that can be used for web, mobile, and messaging apps. Users of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.

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Facebook Bot

Organizations are able to build rich and personalized Messenger experiences using the Messenger Platform. With Facebook Messenger.

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Chatfuel allows users to construct their own bots via Facebook Messenger without any coding expertise. Using Chatfuel, businesses can engage.

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Amazon Lex

With Amazon Lex, our team aims to develop conversational interfaces to applications using deep learning capabilities and natural language understanding (NLU).

Why Choose Us

Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar
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We approached iTechnolabs to help us with custom software services, design and build our new corporate website.
Josh Katzman
Josh Katzman
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The iTechnolabs is incredibe chatbot development company, hard working, responsive, and willing to accommodate the needs of its clients.
Reagan Williams
Reagan Williams
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iTechnolabs did marvelous job, I really appreciate their efforts. I was little bit confused before hiring developer from them. But they really did wonderful job.

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Answers to Your FAQs About Chatbot Development

We provide artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) based chatbots. Intuitive bots are capable of “learning” to respond in the same way as humans would to free-form input from users over time.
A primary algorithm that is used to make chatbots is Multinomial Naive Bayes. NLP and text classification are achieved using this algorithm. These two features are important for any AI chatbot.
It increases the quality of customer service and saves money and time. In addition, users can provide feedback in real-time. Over time, chatbots become more intelligent. In many cases, they eliminate the need for human intervention by automatically generating the User Interface (UI).
Each chatbot conversation ends with the question, ‘Did we help you?’ If we answer ‘No,’ it is passed along to a human representative. Likewise, if a chatbot can’t understand a human’s question, it will forward the conversation to a real person.

If you hire a manufacturing bot development company to build your chatbot service, then the average cost of chatbot development will come out to be around $ 9000.

However, keep this in mind that the above mentioned figure is a very generalised idea of the chatbot development cost. There are a variety of factors that influence the cost to hire chatbot developers which are stated below – 

  • Location of the chatbot development firm
  • Number of features of the chatbot
  • Level of sophistication of the chatbot
  • Category of the chatbots to be built
  • Level of humanisation of the chatbot

When you hire iTechnolabs’ chatbot development services, you rest assured that your chatbot will offer a stunning experience to your users. 

Chatbots are trained with real-time chat data. Companies that use human-powered chat already keep records of previous interactions. It helps to analyze the questions people ask and the messages they intend to convey from them through the logs.

Given below is the list of top Chatbot development companies in the USA. Take a look – 

  • iTechnolabs
  • Codex Technologies
  • Artificial Solutions
  • Yellow.ai
  • Peerbits
  • Dev Technosys


Just go through the portfolios of the aforementioned companies and choose a custom chatbot development company the profile of which is in tandem with your business needs.

Chatbot Development Insights

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