10 Crucial Tips to Help You Hire Full-Stack Developers for Business

10 crucial tips to help you hire full-stack developers for business itechnolabs

Companies are currently racing to hire full-stack developers due to their high demand. Over the past few years, full-stack development employment has drastically increased in specific countries and globally.

As the name suggests, full-stack developers are the ones that can work on front and back-end technologies while developing mobile and web applications. These developers are well-versed in technologies like PHP, Angular, JavaScript, C++, Python, Java, and React, along with server-side databases, logic, and systems.

full stack developer should have knowledge about below platforms itechnolabs

The significant aspect of web development is interfacing, server-side logic, and databases that different developers manage. However, full-stack developers work on

  • Interfacing (front-end systems) to translate the wireframe developing user-friendly applications,
  • Server-side logic to develop content and data using Java, Ruby, and Python as core programming languages, web servers, and frameworks.
  • Databases for data indexing, storing, connecting to a site with API, and general queries.

Full-stack developers are the game-changer in the present market with their ability to build robust solutions and work on all the significant aspects. These developers make a whole new difference in delivery and development, allowing businesses to grow in the market.

Tips to consider while hiring full-stack developers

tips to consider while hiring full-stack developers itechnolabs

You know all the basics of hiring when looking for a full-stack developer. Here are some tips that can come in handy in your search.

1. Enticing full-Stack Job Listing

If you want to hire the best full-stack developer, ensure to write the job listing that can hook them. Just listing down a few responsibilities and about the company won’t be enough for the top talent. Make the opportunity unique that can make them give an interview. You can do so easily using the following pointers:

  • Create a hook in the first line compelling the job seeker to look for the whole description
  • List down the team members that the potential developer will work with (this will give them a chance to know the people and connect with them too)
  • List down platforms, libraries, and tools clearly that you want to hire for (avoid using “Etc” as it can contain ample of things)
  • Mention primary responsibilities to give them an understanding of what they will require to do
  • Include a summary of your company and work culture
  • Mention benefits of the specific role (answer the question “why they should opt for this role”)
  • Include a concise description of the product (without jeopardizing the significant facts)
  • Call-to-action such as email us and attach your resume to compel them to move forward

2. Check for educational qualification

It is not easy to hire full-stack developers if you don’t know what they have done till now. Full-stack developers need to have a degree in Computer Science with a good experience in the major technologies like

  • HTML/CSS is the go-to programming language for front-end developers. These languages help define the styles and build web pages using custom styling features. It also allows the developers to use frameworks and libraries using template technologies like HAML, pre-processors Pug, SASS, Stylus, and more.
  • Libraries and frameworks such as Reach.JS and jQuery simplify Ajax interactions, DOM manipulation, event handling, and animation. It helps develop a full-fledged application with reliable frameworks like VueJS and AngularJS.
  • JavaScript to develop web pages delivering dynamic, robust, and interactive user experience. It also offers a scalable, interoperable, and fast website.

3. Know the key responsibilities of full-stack developers

Full-stack developers are known as “all-in-one” programmers who are taking the industry by storm. The key responsibilities to understand when you hire full-stack developers:

  • Coordinate with other developers and designers in the team (other stakeholders)
  • Troubleshooting issues associated with webpages
  • Develop programs and applications
  • Manage web development
  • Write high-quality code using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Developing RESTful web services
  • Monitor the performance and optimize the system if required
  • Understanding of Django and Angular
  • Testing and debugging
  • Optimizing UI/UX to develop a functional application
  • Implementing security measures

4. Take advantage of tech communities

The best thing to do while looking for a potential full-stack developer is to connect with them in the tech communities. The hiring managers can know the candidates better in the communities by checking their profiles, questions-and-answers with others, interaction level, and understanding of their knowledge level. Several communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow are available, allowing developers to post questions and answers to connect with like-minded developers.

5. When to hire full-stack developers?

When does it make sense to hire full-stack developers?

  • While looking for a product manager who can review the complete project and know the fundamentals of what goes on at each level.
  • When you want to develop a minimum viable product for your website.
  • When you are working on a fixed budget and don’t have the privilege to hire different developers (front-end and back-end) and database administrators.

6. Major skills required to hire full-stack developers

When you sit down to hire full-stack developers, there are several things that you must consider. One of the top things is the skill set of the developers. Full-stack developers should have the skills of graphic designer, developer, and database administrators.

full stack developer is a complete package of different technologies itechnolabs

  • Proficiency in the database programming technologies like Mongo DB and MySQL
  • Good understanding of web frameworks like Node JS and Django
  • Basic understanding of hybrid mobile apps
  • Know the working of single-page applications and media queries
  • Context switch between domains
  • Time management, self-motivation, and adaptability
  • Critical analysis
  • Attention to details

7. Niche job boards

Even though there are websites like Naukri, LinkedIn, and Indeed that offer an opportunity for employees and employers to connect, there are also niche job boards. These platforms have made it easier to communicate with full-stack developers via online tech boards such as RemoteOK, Top Tech Jobs, iCrunchData, Tech Careers, Startup Hire, Authentic Jobs, and many more.

8. Know the hiring mode

What type of candidate are you looking for – in-house developer, freelance, or offshore/onshore dedicated development team? When you are planning to hire full-stack developers, it is one of the major things that you need to consider.

  • In-House Full-Stack Developers are responsible for all the in-house projects and work full-time with the organization. These developers can do the task and know how to get things started. However, it is best to hire a potential candidate that knows the ins and outs of full-stack development. It can be expensive and time-consuming, but the in-house full-stack developer will work for you until they leave the job.
  • Companies hire offshore/onshore dedicated development teams to manage their projects. Consider outsourcing the project to another organization, offering them some control over the project. However, staying connected with the companies to track the work and give feedback as and when required is essential. It is often best to choose a company with the experience and market value to ensure your project is not going down the drain. However, these projects can be delayed by the outsourcing company, and there is a risk of overpayment too.
  • Freelancer developers are the ones that work for the organization on a part-time or contractual basis irrespective of their location. The freelancers can perform specific tasks but have no responsibility for the project. The freelance full-stack developers will work on the assigned task, get payment, and are on their way without wondering about what is going on with the project later.

To hire the developers, the companies usually hire third-party or recruitment agencies that screen and interview the potential candidates. They extensively research the resume and check for potential candidates who can fit into the organization.

9. Know the salary structure across the globe

The companies need to ensure that they are paying the candidates based on their knowledge and skillsets. It can be done easily if they know the salary structure others are paying. The companies can deep dive into the salary structure for full-stack developers in programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Node.JS, etc. Understand the salary structure of entry-level developers, mid-level, and senior developers.

We have calculated the average salary of Full stack developer, which shows how it varies from region to region.

average salary of full stack developer itechnolabs

10. Technical and aptitude test

It is not easy to hire full-stack developers if you don’t know-how, especially in a remote environment. The hiring managers need to understand the programming abilities of the candidates before they can move forward with their applications.

They need to test Django, Angular, Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming skills. Additionally, the aptitude test will help the hiring manager understand the candidates’ logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and error-checking capabilities.

Do You want to Hire Full-Stack Developers for Business?

do you want to hire full-stack developers for business itechnolabs


Companies can follow these major strategies and tips when they hire full-stack developers. However, it is essential to know that basic research is critical when looking for a potential candidate. Several online tech communities can offer a platform to the hiring manager to see the candidate better and gather invaluable insights from them.

You never know when and how you can meet your potential full-stack developer. Conduct your research, follow the lead, connect with candidates, and take your time to ensure that you hire the right fit.

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