10 Trending Programming Languages for Software Development

10 trending programming languages for software development itechnolabs

Some trending programming languages are much preferred over others and can help you land big jobs/gigs. Each programming language has advantages and disadvantages, and different programming languages are recommended for different use cases. For example, learning python is recommended if you are into data science, JavaScript is recommended for website development, c++ is recommended for backend development.

Here are the top most trending programming languages about which we will be talking:

Let’s continue and see the features of each programming language along the way.

10 Trending Programming Languages for Software Development

1. Python

Python has continuously developed to be a favorite and trending programming language in the software development world. Its easy-to-learn and user-friendly syntax has helped many people get introduced to the programming world. It is an open-source and free programming language that states the big community that python comes up with.

We can develop Artificial intelligence-based or machine-learning applications using Python. It is used in popular video games, including Civilization IV, Vegas Trike, and Toontown, which have been produced using it.

Let’s see all the advantages of python in a precise way.

  • Compared to other languages, it is relatively simple to learn. 
  • Python has a sizable, helpful community.
  • It is used for various things, including machine learning and web development.
  • It is in huge demand because of its benefits and scalability.

 2. JavaScript

Javascript is a booming and trending programming language in the software development sector. Javascript is the front-runner programming language whenever it comes to making web-based applications.  It’s mainly utilized on the front end to build web applications, add interactive elements to web pages, and make games.

Because it is a client-side scripting language, the user’s computer is where the code is run. As a result, the user interface is more responsive, and the server may not have to perform additional tasks. However, JavaScript exploits security flaws in the browser or PC because the code is executed on the user’s machine.

Let’s see all the advantages of JavaScript in a precise way.

  • Javascript is scalable, user-friendly, and gives the programmer various functions.
  •  JavaScript is faster than Java because interpreters inside JavaScript run programs directly from their ASCII text files.
  • JavaScript can work with functions like dynamic typing and smaller executable applications.

3. C++

This one leads most programming languages used in the modern world. For many years to come, C++ will continue to be used. C++ is used in various ways in every complex system, from the operating system to government mainframes.

Even Google, one of the top companies, employs this programming language to support its resource-intensive operations. C++ is frequently used at the length of embedded systems around us because it offers programmers access to extremely low-level system elements right out of the box.

C++ is increasingly employed in various development projects as embedded system innovations progress, such as IoT devices and smartwatches. Only C++ can help developers in this field achieve their most likely breakthrough.

You will only find something that produces a better result than C++ if you’re interested in creating complex open-source solutions that address contemporary problems. Furthermore, it is the most widely used programming language for careers.

Let’s see all the advantages of C++ in a precise way.

  • Compared to other languages, it gives the developer more and better control. 
  • Users may efficiently run the same software on different OSes or UIs thanks to the portability of C++ platform independence capabilities.
  • The community as a whole values memory management.

4. Java

Java is the most common language among freshers; it gives a path to freshers for getting into the software development world. Since C++ contains pointers and many people don’t like tips, they learn java. Arguably java has the most active and biggest developer community right now.

To run Java code on your system, installing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is essential, as it provides a virtual environment to run your program.

Let’s see all the advantages of java in a precise way.

  • It is known that java is a loosely coupled language but remembers that java can be executed only on the platforms that support them.
  • Java is a prime example of the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) programming principle. We can create classes or objects and can use them whenever there is a need.
  • Java can be used for large client-server applications, although it is not suited for cloud-based applications.

5. Rust

Rust is a statically typed programming language created with memory management and safe concurrency in mind. It has syntax similar to C++. Mozilla Research initially developed it as an open-source project. Rust is also a trending programming language, and some of its features correlate with python.

Let’s see all the advantages of rust in a precise way.

  • Rust provides good support for concurrent programming.
  • Rust gives high performance while preserving memory security.
  • Rust provides two particular modes of writing, i.e., Safe and Unsafe Rust, which is probably why it is a trending programming language.

6. Perl

Perl, a high-level, interpreted programming language, was first developed to manipulate text. It uses many C and Shell script features for system management.

Let’s see all the advantages of Perl in a precise way.

  • Perl is cross-platform compatible and supports markup languages like HTML and XML.
  •  It is open-source, free software which is distributed in nature.
  • One of the main reasons that Perl is a trending programming language is that it supports writing programs in multiple programming styles, i.e., functional, procedural & object-oriented.  


The industry-standard language for building websites and applications is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Web pages are created using HTML. HTML can add images, links, and other information to your web page. Creating a simple web page only requires a basic understanding of HTML, a straightforward computer language.

HTML structures, such as interactive forms, can embed images and objects within the generated page. Providing structural semantics for text elements like headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotations, and other things makes it possible to create organized documents. 

Let’s see all the advantages of HTML in a precise way.

  • Making well-organized, standards-compliant web pages that are simple to edit and maintain is one of the advantages of utilizing HTML.
  • HTML is a beautiful place to start for people new to web programming because it is simple to master.
  • HTML is frequently used in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript to organize and present content on the web.

8. CSS

The style sheet language CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to specify how a page created in a markup language is presented. HTML or XML can be managed by a style sheet, a set of web browsers’ guidelines.

Let’s see all the advantages of CSS in a precise way.

  • All HTML tags, including the document’s body, headings, paragraphs, and other content, are styled using CSS. Grid elements, table components, and image displays can all be styled with CSS.
  • CSS is a tool used by web developers to build responsive and accessible web pages. Web developers may find it simpler to use CSS to construct responsiveness.

9. PHP

There are many rumors in the software development field that PHP has died or its use has been reduced drastically, but it is still as popular as it was earlier. PHP is one of those languages that has sustained itself over a long period to be termed an all-time trending programming language. Before the emergence of new web languages like Ruby and JavaScript, PHP was the only web language that could keep up with the rapid expansion of the internet.

Let’s see all the advantages of PHP in a precise way.

  • PHP Reduces overall expenses of software development, simplifying maintenance and automating development processes.
  • PHP-developed applications which are having a database can be extracted easily.

10. Go

Go is one of the newest programming languages that has experienced rapid growth. It has come in the trending programming languages list. It can handle some of the most challenging computational problems with a reasonably clever approach.

Go combines all of the benefits of C. It is a static-typed assembly language with cutting-edge features, including structural typing, garbage collection, and concurrency in the CSP fashion. The language is quite prevalent and accessible for new programmers to pick up.

Because of its portability without sacrificing necessary functionality, many successful, most recent open-source projects have adopted the Go programming language. Go is the language that will enable the most viable development solutions, at least from its current perspective.

Many salesforce outsource companies prefer to hire those people, who would have desired skillset and enough programming knowledge to fulfill their company needs.

Let’s see all the advantages of Go in a precise way.

  • It is captivating and has a welcoming new community for your cutting-edge projects.
  • It’s a relatively new language with few libraries and other resources.

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