5 Must-Known PHP Frameworks For Businesses

5 must php framework for business itechnolabs

There are plenty of Web development frameworks available over the Internet, but choosing right one for website is quite challenging. Some PHP Frameworks For Businesses are suitable, but each one has some pros and cons. For backend web development, PHP is the most known scripting language. Because of its advanced and versatile frameworks, PHP is able to maintain its position in the top and best server-side management language. Web developers are more inclined towards PHP frameworks because of their web-oriented behavior that helps build web applications productively. 

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In easier words, PHP frameworks provide you with a ground for application building where things can be changed and customized according to your wants and requirements. Also, frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc. are in the market to make the web development process effective, efficient guarantee stability & safety, improve scalability, and prevent constant code production.

Know The Basics of PHP framework

Before comparing PHP frameworks, one should know about the frameworks and their benefits for web development and other programming areas. 

php frameworks for web development itechnolabs

Programming languages are ok to use to develop your web identity, but they are limited to a specific number of features and functions. You need to write code manually, check the errors and see if it fulfils your vision or not. Hence, going for the framework is a much easier and shortcut task to implement. You’ll be using the code given by someone else. This is the reason why many web development companies choose frameworks for an easier and smoother job.

We got you covered with some of the PHP Frameworks For Businesses making your search more convenient

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Undoubtedly, the Laravel Framework is famous amongst all the PHP developers. The framework was introduced in 2011 and has climbed the ladder of success immediately. It’s an open-source framework that can assist in both large and small PHP projects. Laravel is always appreciated to follow the MVC architecture, which lets PHP developers section the application to make it less confusing


CodeIgniter is another trusted PHP MVC framework with its own identity because of its capabilities that guarantee an ideal and perfect web application performance.

Compared with Laravel, it has fewer features than it as it does not have debugging tools or built-in authentication. Hence, developers have to do the manual edit of code.

Few features in this PHP framework are more beginner-friendly, but this could be seen from a different perspective. Finding more productive PHP frameworks may take a long time, but you’ll be trying more pre-written code in your project. So, you won’t be ending much code yourself.


If you are looking to create an essential structure for your website, then the Zend PHP framework is what you need. It is an open-source framework with all MVC functionality included in it.

Zend is much more complicated to learn and understand than the Laravel PHP framework. Therefore, it is not as popular as other PHP frameworks as developers have to add extra effort to get the desired results. Due to its complex structuring, it might not be picked by many developers, but it is still counted under the fastest PHP platforms by the developers. 


FuelPHP was also introduced in 2011. It is developed to provide community-driven meaning to web developers. That means anyone can be a contributor. Anyone has the power in his/her hand to report and fix the bug through this open-source. 

This framework follows the HMVC model, which is quite similar to the MVC model, followed by many other frameworks. Only the significant difference is before the view; the model needs to be chosen by the controller. 

The MVC model has the benefit of displaying the content that is the same on multiple different pages. This results in less memory usage. Widgetization of content structure is the most important advantage of operating HMVC. 

Also, there is one more strong advantage of FuelPHP: Modularity. It helps the web developers to divide big projects into small parts as referred to as the modules.


Are you looking to develop a simple yet robust web application? Slim is the PHP framework on which you were losing your eyes. Slim is a marvelous micro-framework that helps to develop small applications which don’t require full-stack framework features. Even Slim has the minimum functionality; it has some rich features, such as cookie encryption, URL routing, session, client-side HTTP, etc. Developers whose goal is to develop restful APIs & services use Slim.

Slim has constant maintenance and an active user base that makes it prominently user-friendly. Slim ships with stalwart ROUTER. Different URL types are supported by the router, which also includes ones with patterns and parameters.  

Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap up this comparison of PHP frameworks on several factors:

  • Which PHP framework is the beginners choice
  • What speed should each framework have?
  • The best web application for eCommerce websites.

We prefer to choose Laravel or CodeIgniter, as both are easy to access with a smooth interface. Any beginner who has a good knowledge of PHP can try his/her hands in the frameworks without any inconvenience. Since these are the popular frameworks, getting tutorials online is also easy with some valuable tips findings. Also, as they are MVC-based, they are perfect to work with architecture.

To develop an E-Commerce website, we recommend choosing Laravel unless your customer or company asks or suggests you pick any different frameworks. Laravel is easy-to-use and also loaded with a lot of features that will secure your website from hackers. 

We suggest you explore more to get the best for your business. But according to iTechnolabs, we believe in going for the best. Hence, you can trust us in providing you with the best and friendly space for your website. Our team is backed with years of experience and expertise in PHP web development that will help you in the more accessible selection and execution of your task. Do not waste your time and money surfing for the best when you have already landed on the best. Connect with iTechnolabs to fulfill your needs and requirements now!

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