6 AWS Services For Mobile App Development Project 2024 [Updated]

6 AWS Services for Mobile App Development itechnolabs

The whole concept of cloud computing is no longer limited to share infrastructure to host applications. The notion of mobile application development also has taken a step forward to offer improved services to the users. The improved robustness and scalability of cloud computing helped in developing its usage. Before discussing AWS mobile app, we should understand what AWS is and why different companies adopt it to offer an agile development culture.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and it offers highly protected on-demand cloud computing services to different individuals, government agencies, and small and big companies based on subscription. These services work as a base to deploy any application in the cloud platform. In addition, AWS offers a variety of cloud benefits for AWS mobile app development including database storage, delivery of content, computing power. This allows organizations to improve the development team’s productivity by transforming the mobile app development process to more agile and easy scaling.

AWS mobile app services sometimes constitute infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Let’s move forward with the detailed discussion on six AWS Services that help you in the next mobile app development project.

1. Amazon Cognito

amazon cognito aws services itechnolabsAmazon Cognito is a user-state synchronization service that allows you to develop unique identities for your users. It supports secure app authentication, enabling developers to include user sign-up, sign-in easily, and access control focused on web and mobile apps. In addition, it maintains a user directory that can house data from users.

How does it function?

When you sign up for an AWS account, you need to add the Amazon Cognito SDK to your application and write some code lines. After that, you can initialize the Cognito credentials provider and utilize the Amazon Cognito management console to make a new Identity Pool.
The Cognito credentials provider will create or retrieve unique identifiers for the users. It sets authentication tokens and manages the verification process to identify and verify the identities. After that it generates a valid token when the user sends in the details.

Amazon Cognito User Pools

Amazon Cognito User Pools create a secure user directory with the scalability of millions of users. To validate each user, authentication tokens are set up.

The users of this app can sign in through social identity providers including Google, Facebook, and Amazon and with enterprise identity providers including Microsoft Active Directory through Security Assertion Mark-up Language 2.0 (SAML).

Amazon Cognito compatible with Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs, allow you to add user sign-up and sign-in pages in the applications.
It utilizes common identity management standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML 2.0. It allows users to create a temporary set of limited credentials for accessing your AWS resources.
It helps you to meet security and compliance requirements for applications that need high-level security. It is compatible with HIPAA and has PCI DSS, SOC, and ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/EIC 27017, ISO/EIC 27018, and ISO 9001 compliance.

2. Amazon DynamoDB

amazon dynamodb aws services itechnolabs

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL (not only SQL) cloud database service that can store and retrieve a large amount of data or traffic according to the user’s demand. Its database service is extremely fast, which offers steady, single-digit millisecond latency at any level.

It supports automatic partitioning; therefore, scalability is one of its important highlights. The user who needs product data, volume, growth can proceed without the need for user interference. Its reliability and scalability make it a perfect choice for gaming, web, ad tech, mobile, IoT apps, etc. It supports multiple document types and main value store models.

How does it function?

DynamoDB is compatible with programming languages including Java, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby, and NET. You can select your favorite programming language before starting. Once you make the database table, you can customize the target utilization for auto-scaling.

You can configure the service to manage different database management tasks including hardware or software provisioning, software patching, setup, and configuration, functioning a distributed database cluster and separating data over multiple instances for scaling.

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator 

It comes with an inbuilt DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX). DAX is a fully- managed in-memory cache and it reduces the time from milliseconds to microseconds. This is a time-saver application for applications, as it improves performance by 10 times.

The whole backup is done in some seconds without concluding the size of tables. The full backup means no slowdown of performance.
Its service offers fully managed encryption using AWS KMS or Key Management Service. It eliminates all operational problems and complexities during storage and saving sensitive data.

It allows automatic throughput capacity management according to changing demands, with zero downtime. It analyses the actual traffic patterns and manages sudden rises in traffic.

You can create, update and monitor tables, add or delete items, and set alarms. You can adjust the time for the availability of particular items in the table.

You can develop and test applications locally, even on your laptop or in the Amazon C2 Instance. When you are ready, you can upload it to the AWS Cloud with Amazon DynamoDB.

The DynamoDB Streams make it easier to capture and process amendments to the DynamoDB data and tables. It allows for tracking and resolving issues in no time.

AWS Lambda can interact with DynamoDB to process a custom function if there are changes in the table.

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3. Amazon S3

amazon s3 aws services itechnolabs

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a cloud object storage service to cache and retrieve data. It can collect data from multiple sources like mobile apps, corporate applications, websites, IoT sensors, etc.
S3 has been categorized with different storage classes being designed for varied purposes like:

  • S3 Standard for general-purpose storage of the frequently used database
  • S3 Standard-Infrequent Access and S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access for data stored for a long time and accessed less frequently.
  • Amazon Glacier for long-term archive

There are different kinds of data policies to determine the process for managing data. The user can select the preferred storage plan and migrate all essential data without changing the end application.

How does it function?

Data is stored as objects in resources known as “buckets.” A bucket can store maximum objects, with a 5TB size for each object. The access control allows the user to read, write and delete the objects in the bucket. The controls are either set individually for each object or the whole bucket.

User permissions can be customized for accessing the objects and the access logs that can be accessed at any time. The user can select any AWS bucket region for storage with minimum latency and costs, and that all under regulations.

Amazon S3 for Big Data analytics

You can back up your data and save it against a threat or accidental deletion. You can control the accessibility of data through control mechanisms and VPC Endpoints. This helps in making it more reliable.

  • It includes a suite of tools that allows running Big Data analytics on the stored data.
  • It helps you manage your storage by offering actionable insights on usage patterns.
  • It has different types of encryption to ensure that the user gets their levels of security. It supports security standards and compliance certifications including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU Data Protection Directive, and FISMA.
  • It has the flexible data transfer feature of S3, making it easy to transfer a huge amount of data through an allotted network connection.

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4. Amazon CloudFront

amazon cloudfront aws services itechnolabs

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service provided by AWS. It securely delivers videos, data, applications, and APIs to your viewers at high transfer speed and low latency.

How does it function?

Static and dynamic files are stored in origin servers and are distributed to the end-user using Amazon CloudFront. The origin server is registered using CloudFront with an API call. After that, it returns a CloudFront.net domain name which is used to distribute the content.
The content requests are routed to a suitable edge location that helps in retrieving the file’s local copy. If a local copy is unavailable, then a duplicate copy will be retrieved from the origin server.

As we have discussed the different types of AWS Services, we now focus on its key features that differentiate one from the other.

Features of Amazon CloudFront

  • The end-to-end HTTPS connection between the end-user and the origin server allows commendable levels of security.
  • It allows media streaming through different options, and it is implemented using a variety of protocols developed on top of HTTP.
  • It allows the configuration of multiple origin servers and cache behaviors related to the application’s usage pattern.
  • CloudFront has several options for reporting needs including tracking your most popular objects and learning more about end-users.

5. AWS Device Farm

aws device farm aws services itechnolabs

It is an app testing service that allows you to test different apps on real mobile devices hosted by AWS. There are two methods to use this service.

Automated Testing allows you to test the app with various physical devices in the AWS Cloud platform.

Remote Access allows you to assess the devices in real-time from the web browser. You can test your Android, iOS, and web applications compared to real mobile devices in the cloud app. It seems that there are real users who use real gestures, swiping, and interactions. The video, screenshots, logs, and data performance data of the app can be monitored to know any changes and fix errors.

How do these two methods function?

  • Automated Testing

To use AWS Device Farm functionalities, you have first to select the type of app like whether it is native, hybrid, or web app. After that developers can use the devices directly from their local host machines to correct any errors and performance issues.

  • Remote Access

When you select a specific device based on its making, model, and version of OS, its full detail will be displayed on your web browser. The developer can connect with the device to remove any issues or can test new functionalities.

AWS Device Farm For Testing

  • The test accuracy reports are highly correct as you can use real and physical devices. You can test your Android, iOS, or Fire OS app on AWS-hosted devices, after uploading your tests or compatibility tests.
  • You can stimulate the dynamic environments by altering the test script parameters. Testing apps in real-time is possible on real devices to gauge real customer scenarios.
  • The service plugins and API are integrated into Device Farm to start the test automatically and get the Continuous Integration (CI) environment results.
  • You can create issues manually and run automated tests, allowing you to check videos, logos, and data performance to know the problem.
  • It allows performing clean-up tasks including app uninstallation after test execution. This device to be removed for the safety and security of the app.

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6. AWS Lambda

aws lambda aws services itechnolabs mobile app development companyAWS Lambda eases the work of the mobile developer by managing the whole thing by themselves. AWS allows you to run the code according to the events and ease provisioning the servers or handling them. You need to upload the code, and Lambda will deal with the rest of the things, including scalability.

The user need not indulge themselves in server administration. The code is set up automatically, from other AWS services or directly from any web or mobile app.

How does it function?

The Lambda function code is uploaded to AWS Lambda. The function comprises the code with associated configuration information, including the name of the function and resource requirements. These functions can automatically run the code in response to different events.

The user gets the freedom to introduce several copies for the function, making the scalability easy and fast. Furthermore, AWS Lambda implements the code during instructions and automatically balances as per demand.

AWS runs your code in a highly accessible compute infrastructure and performs the functions including the maintenance of the server and operating system, provisioning capacity and automatic scaling, code and security patch deployment, with monitoring and logging of code.

Features of AWS Lambda

  • You can include custom logic to AWS resources including Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB tables. This allows you to apply to compute data while entering and exit the cloud.
  • It allows you to develop events for varied platforms, thus making it to make updates. This allows reduced battery drain as the backend applications are triggered on-demand.
  • It supports codes written in different programming languages, therefore the developer need not learn new languages or frameworks and can use third-party libraries that save this time.
  • Lambda can automate all processes for you including updates, the launch of a new patch, adding or resize servers.
  • It ensures built-in fault tolerance for improved code protection among machines and data centers.
  • It invokes your code automatically to improve and support all incoming requests without compromising performance and consistency.
  • You can configure AWS Lambda to access resources in the virtual private cloud. It allows leveraging the advantages of custom security and lists of network access control.
  • It allows you to allocate the resources parallel to CPU power, the bandwidth of the network, and disk I/O functions.

Why you need AWS services for mobile app development?

Companies around the world are opting for digitization in mobile development in the form of cloud-based app development. There are numerous reasons why companies are opting for AWS mobile app development for their projects.

  1. The cloud-based app development uses web-centric languages including HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.
  2. The AWS services allow expansion resources. It returns to the normal version when the subsidies and the demand normalizes. It allows developers to scale the applications dynamically.
  3. The AWS mobile apps can work easily in the virtual space. It allows you to share resources with other apps for the optimization of processes and budgets.
  4. The AWS mobile app development, network, and storage connections are more flexible that offers developers a dynamic work environment.
  5. AWS mobile app development uses a modular design. It allows functions to be divided into microservices. In addition, it allows developers to stop services when not in use and make updates to specific modules without affecting the entire application performance.

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AWS mobile app development has numerous benefits in comparison to on-site mobile app development. The description, functions, and key features mentioned above help you understand that AWS services offer more support for cloud-based app development. It makes the development and deployment process of AWS mobile apps more efficient. It is considered to be more trusted in mobile app development.

It is a boon for companies as they can quickly respond to shifting business requirements. In addition, you can utilize these AWS services to transform your mobile development into a modern way with improved optimization of resources.

But getting started with all his, you need to understand cloud-based services in detail. And it’s where we come in the picture. Our expert team helps you start with AWS mobile apps, develop a cloud-based app development environment or even migrate your existing app to the cloud. Contact us for improved services.

Frequently asked Questions For AWS Services

  1. What are the benefits of using AWS application development services?

The numerous advantages that AWS development services hold in the development domain are stated below – 

  • The AWS mobile app development allows you to choose the various app development components in alignment with the technical requirements of your web application
  • Obviously, the tech stack infrastructure offered by the AWS application development is world-class and therefore highly credible for the purpose of the development of your application
  • Reliability of the tech infrastructure of the AWS application development also precisely proclaims that the AWS app development services are safe to use and strengthens app security
  • One of the reasons why AWS services for mobile applications are extremely popular is simply because it offers a highly cost-effective end-to-end solution for mobile app development
  • It will not be a surprise if we say that AWS mobile app architecture is developer-friendly because it enables easier and more rapid development of mobile apps


2. Which are the leading companies that offer consultation in AWS mobile application development?

We have listed below the top consultants and service providers in the arena of AWS application development for you. Please take a look – 

  • iTechnolabs
  • Algoworks
  • The NineHertz
  • Grape Up
  • Deft
  • Unity Group
  • Innowise
  • Accenture
  • Capgemini
  • Minjar
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