A Complete Guide to Hire iOS App Developer for Your Business [Updated]

complete guide to hire ios app developer for your business itechnolabs

Hiring iOS app developers is a challenge for businesses that need to create engaging and flawless business apps. iOS app developers must constantly upgrade their skills to keep up with new trends and business requirements. In addition, smartphones have increased the demand for iOS app developers and iOS programmers.

Smartphones running on Android and iOS account for 99.6% of the market share, with iOS accounting for just 20.38 percent. However, iOS users spend more money on premium mobile features such as apps, iCloud storage, etc., than Android users do.

The result is that companies are actively seeking to hire iOS App Developers and programmers who can build excellent applications that will yield them substantial revenue.

How does iOS development work?

how does ios development work itechnolabs

Developing iOS applications means creating software for Apple’s operating system, and these applications are developed using the Objective C and Swift programming languages. Aside from iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs, Apple’s operating system is used by many devices. With iOS, developers can create applications that are high-performing and secure.

Do you need to hire iOS developers for Your Company?

do you need to hire ios developers for your company itechnolabs

The first thing we need to do is look at a few statistics. As a result of iPhone sales alone, Apple’s revenue in 2022 was over 394.33 billion U.S. dollars. This was the most significant year yet for the wearables division of Apple, growing by 25 percent. Apple has also sold 80 million iPads since the fiscal year 2021, 50 million Apple watches, 25 million Macbooks, and 150 million AirPods. The company’s services division, which includes Apple Music and Apple TV, contributed 18 percent of its revenue during the same period.

Companies that sell their services digitally need to hire iOS app developers who can build native iOS apps. In that case, they will not be able to reach the rich Apple users.

In addition to creating native iOS apps, many iOS app developers can also build cross-platform apps that work on Android and iOS. Developing apps for iPhones by iOS programmers improve customer experience and helps businesses thrive. Moreover, they offer an enhanced level of security and can be used offline across a variety of devices.

Hire iOS app developers those have the following responsibilities:

  • Developing advanced business apps for the iOS platform.
  • Enhancing the performance of applications. 
  • Planned, designed, and added new features.
  • Worked with diverse teams.
  • Tested code to ensure reliability, robustness, and usability.

What are The Benefits Of iOS App Development?

  • Business-centered
  • Consistent and smooth experience for users
  • Customers who are loyal

what are the benefits of ios app development itechnolabs

The app development industry is full of competition, and there is no doubt about that. Hence, businesses need to develop successful and innovative mobile solutions for their clients.

It’s easier to implement cutting-edge, dynamic iOS mobile app development technologies. We’ll now discuss the advantages of iOS app development for businesses.

  • Business-centered

Investing in iOS app development services is profitable. It is primarily because senior managers, head of departments, and tech specialists prefer iOS devices and applications. The majority of their in-app purchases are for iOS devices.

When your app revenue increases because you have clients willing to spend more on in-app purchases, your app revenue will also increase.

  • Consistent and smooth experience for users

As a business owner, you might want to develop an app to attract a more extensive clientele base. Considering iOS app development, this should be your first choice. With the iOS environment on the devices, apps run faster and are arranged with accuracy.

You can also hire iOS app developers who have the right skills and experience to create a highly functional app with hardware and software. iOS app development offers a high chance of developing feature-rich applications and providing a consistent and smooth user experience compared to other mobile OS platforms.

  • Customers who are loyal

A large group of users admires the quality and performance of Apple’s iOS applications and devices. Once smartphone users have used apps on iOS, they cannot be satisfied with any other mobile operating system. A large and loyal customer base can be attributed to iOS apps’ seamless performance and fabulous user experience.


Benefits of iOS Application Development for Businesses !

  • Increased Growth
  • Extremely secure
  • Improved ROI

benefits of ios application development for businesses itechnolabs

Businesses benefit from iOS app development in the following ways:

1. Increased Growth

A company can significantly improve its chances of achieving this goal by using an iOS app. Apps for iOS devices are a great way to connect with the audience of people using these devices and gain a strong presence in advanced economies.

2. Extremely secure

As iOS is known for being extremely secure, users may rest assured that their data is protected. iPhone users do not worry about malicious software when using their devices, enabling them to conduct more transactions because they are confident their personal information is secure.

3. Improved ROI

Apps for iOS provide a high return on investment, according to statistics. iOS provides a better return on investment than any other platform. It is more likely to get paying customers on iOS so that you can expect a better return on your investment. Consequently, a company will have a much broader reach, allowing it to provide more value to its customers. 

We have discussed a great deal about iPhone app development and how they can benefit businesses in 2022. Let’s get right into the best hiring techniques. Consider these ideas when selecting an iOS developer. Let’s get started!

How Can You Hire iOS Developers?

  • Review your experience
  • Request their portfolio
  • Ability to communicate
  • Choose a technical expert you can trust
  • Look at the pricing model

how can you hire ios developers itechnolabs

Here are some tips on how to hire ios app developer!

1. Review their experience

A developer with relevant work experience is like hitting the jackpot when selecting an iOS developer. Developers with expertise in similar-sized and planned projects will grasp your project’s requirements quickly and be able to approach your project properly. As far as iOS developers are concerned, there are three primary levels of proficiency to consider. 

There are several types of iPhone developers:

  • Junior – A junior iOS developer gains up to a year of experience after a year as a trainee. Typically, junior developers work alongside more experienced developers to improve their performance and grow professionally.
  • Middle – Middle-level developers build a majority of projects. It is advisable to hire iOS app developer who has experience working on iOS for at least 2-4 years. Therefore, they can now handle tasks from beginning to end independently. The development process for UI and UX was also familiar to them.
  • Senior – Junior and mid-level iOS developers should be able to get all of their needs met by a competent iOS developer. In addition to developing apps, senior developers have expertise in security, integration services, and testing. Businesses will always want to hire senior developers due to their high rates and demands. 

2. Request their portfolio

This is the next step you need to take when searching for competent iOS developers. The experts will be delighted to display their previous application development work on their portfolios. Examining their portfolio can help you decide if they are an appropriate choice for you. You can also inquire about the quality of their work by contacting their clients. 

3. Ability to communicate

Make sure the iPhone developer you choose is friendly and communicative. To discuss the project update or any other changes, you’ll need to contact the development team several times. Developers must maintain a fast and reliable line of communication. To be able to communicate clearly with clients all over the world, they also need super-fast internet access.

4. Choose a technical expert you can trust

Take into account their capabilities, understanding of your task, and how they will handle it in the heat of the moment! To gain a sense of the developers’ technical expertise, conduct a separate interview with them. The Swift programming language should be familiar to iPhone app developers. Additionally, a well-designed architecture is essential. MVVM architecture is preferable to MVP architecture at iTechnolabs due to its recent start and higher quality code.

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5. Look at the pricing model

In addition, you should consider the development costs. Cost is a major consideration when it comes to hiring iPhone developers. It would be ideal if you didn’t skimp on the price when it comes to quality. Build a high-quality app using the agile technique, which yields flawless results. You must hire developers that request a budget and operate efficiently within that cost while maintaining a high level of performance. 

  • Skills in time management: Teams within the organization are given deadlines for the assigned projects, whether internal or external. You will have to extend the deadline quite often if you have iOS app developers without strong time-management skills. Managing time well is a sign of a disciplined and sincere approach to their work that distinguishes iOS app developers.

When recruiting iOS app developers, recruiters should hire those who are punctual and can provide an accurate timeline after obtaining input from both the client and the team. App developers with excellent time management skills are the only people who can do this. Before deciding on a timeline, they will consider the size of their team and the resources available to the organization. Therefore, their estimate is accurate since they calculate the time it will take to complete a particular task.

  • Teamwork: Collaboration among team members is vital to successful application development. The right way to approach iOS app development projects is by always putting the team first. Positive idea-sharing and conflict resolution can be greatly facilitated should any arise within the team.
  • Interpersonal skills: As closely related as iOS app development is to teamwork, developers with practical interpersonal skills must also have good communication skills. A good iOS app developer builds trust and tolerance among employees, uses humor appropriately in the workplace, and demonstrates empathy to support them during difficult times.
  • Leadership skills: A developer who wants to lead a team of iOS app developers should possess leadership abilities. Those with leadership skills show initiative for new projects and will take responsibility for their actions. Their mentorship and a positive attitude can also motivate team members when a project does not go as planned and guide them towards success.

Do you want to Hire iOS App Developer for Your Business?

When hiring iOS app developers, how much should you expect to pay?

when hiring ios app developers, how much should you expect to pay itechnolabs

You need to consider several things before hiring iOS app developers for your organization. First, define the level of experience you require, as you’ll require junior, mid-level, and senior iOS developers. Pay should match industry standards for each of these roles. However, you can offer a higher salary to applicants who show exceptional skills and can perform their roles well and contribute in other ways to the organization.

Before hiring iOS app developers, companies need to establish responsibilities and budgets. Recruiters can run interviews more efficiently when they have clearly defined objectives.

It is possible that some organizations would benefit from one senior developer who is an expert in a particular skill. This requires two to three younger developers who can work with this senior developer. The other type of organization that is developing special teams of iOS app developers with the specific skills and expertise that is required for executing unique projects has several large projects. A company with several iOS app development teams would need to hire 2-3 senior developers and a project manager.

Do you Want to hire an iOS app developer from iTechnolabs?

do you want to hire ios app developer from itechnolabs

Using iTechnolabs, firms can quickly hire iOS app developers via a single button click. Remotely sourcing, screening, and matching developers is done by iTechnolabs using an Intelligent Talent Cloud. Developers at iTechnolabs possess more than 100 skills and technologies, including iOS app development.

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire iOS App Developer for Your Business

  1. How much does it cost to hire iOS programmers?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost to hire iOS designers and developers. We have made a list of those factors for you – 

  • Obviously, the size and complexity of the app
  • Number of features and functionalities of the app
  • Of course, the category to which your app belongs 
  • Complexity of the design of your app
  • Size, structure, and location of the development team
  • Technology used for building the app

Keeping all the above factors in mind, we have estimated the cost of development of an iOS mobile application below –

  • Simple app – $15000
  • Medium Complex App – $37000
  • Highly Complex App – More than $50000

2. What are the iOS app development benefits?

The benefits of an iOS app development are stated below –

  • With panache that Apple emits, it is but obvious that the return of investment on an iOS app development is far better than that of android
  • When you fully comply with the guidelines of iOS App Store, you get a high-performing, sophisticated app
  • Apple takes on its shoulders to provide your consumers a very protected user experience
  • With iOS development tools, you get to create a user experience that is stimulating, sophisticated, and stunning
  • Leverage Apple’s market reach and you will get access to a large consumer base that is nothing but loyal to the brand
  • With a faster development time, the time to market (TTM) of your iOS app will be very less 
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