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Why do you need to hire frontend developers for Your Brand new Website? Just like your first impression when you go for an interview is your appearance and surely influences your success at the interview in some ways, the face of your brand is your website which is one of the biggest reasons for the success or failure of your business. You need a functional as well as an attractive website which appeals to your customers and sustains their interest. This makes the front-end development of your website a crucial concept in your business endeavor.

A frontend is the visual layout of your pages and comprises everything on the screen which the user interacts with like the buttons, navigation, etc. A frontend web development company is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining your website and it is one of the skills which is highly in demand in today’s digital world.

How to Accelerate Your Business Leads ?

An online business needs high-performing websites to get its customers hooked and stay on their sites. In the competitive world that we are all in, businesses need something that differentiates them from the ordinary and must hire frontend developers from a renowned frontend web development company to create an immersive experience for your users and lure them to stay longer on your portal.

What do we mean by Frontend?

A frontend is what unfolds on your browser when you click on a link or type in the URL of a website. It is also known as client-side programming as it constitutes everything that your client or prospective client interacts with. There has been immense development in frontend technology in the last decade with a surge of many cutting-edge frameworks like Angular, Bootstrap, Vue.Js, and React. This gives businesses flexibility and better choices in developing an intuitive and flawless website that impacts and facilitates a seamless user experience. Frontend development is when the user interfaces’ design and user experiences expertise render a functional and engaging website.

What do we mean by frontend development itechnolabs

Why Should you Hire Frontend Developers?

Different organizations may have different needs for their website, but in the end, everyone is looking for more conversions and a rise in sales numbers. For that to happen their websites must have a professional and elegant look and be equipped with user-focused experiences. Each business would need to have customized features for their customers along with personalization. By hiring professionals from a Frontend Web Development Company you will get access to a talent pool that is well abreast with the latest trends in the industry and has the ability to develop quality code. Below are some of the reasons why and how you can empower your business with frontend technology:

why should you hire frontend developers itechnolabs

  • You will get Mobile-first websites – With experienced frontend developers, your website will also be mobile-friendly. Today’s digital landscape is a lot about mobility and it is a must that your pages work as expected even on devices of different sizes and resolutions. A good frontend web development company is well equipped with skilled technical people who can give you responsive websites and intuitive enterprise mobility solutions. A website developed with cutting-end technology will optimize user experience across channels and devices.
  • Higher conversion rate due to quality user interface – If you hire frontend developers from a reputable frontend web development company your website will be endowed with the best of function and form which betters the usability and design of your website by several notches. Having a highly sophisticated frontend speaks volumes about your brand leading to more traffic to your website and increased conversion rates. Many aspects of your website like the ease of navigation, information architecture and hierarchy, overall layout, etc. contribute heavily towards your website’s popularity and all these aspects depend largely on the expertise of the frontend developers.
  • Storytelling and frontend marketing – Content rules the market and how each stakeholder of the organization chooses to tell their story and crucial messages to their customers is tied to the execution of the content by the frontend. Brand storytelling is the latest trend which is all about getting your customers to relate to your brand’s value system and experience. All of this is part of the frontend development since from eCommerce customers to institutional investors, all use the company’s website for their research.
  • Performance of web pages – How soon a customer abandons your website and the bounce rate of your web page is directly related to the speed of your web pages. If your page takes ages to load, customers would get disinterested fast and leave your website, despite your engaging content and attractive user interface is. If you hire frontend developers who are experts in their domain and use the right technology, you get an SEO-friendly app that is lightweight and loads faster.
  • Use of out of box toolkit– The modern frontend technology such as AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. can deliver highly dynamic interfaces with their out-of-the-box tools for developers. In order to get fast, stable, innovative, interactive, and consistent interfaces you need to avail the right people from the right frontend web development Company who can breathe life into your business goals and vision.

Skills to Look For When You Hire Frontend Developers

The frontend is an umbrella term used for UI designers who are responsible for making your website appealing along with UX experts who increase user satisfaction by improving the accessibility and usability of your website which aids in flawless human-computer interaction.

Organizations would certainly differ in their needs but there are some common sets of skills that you must look for when you Hire Frontend Developers. Apart from the experience and reputation in the industry of the Frontend Web Development Company where you are hiring from, few other things to consider are:

Technical Skills a Frontend Developer Should have

  • Technical skills

    • HTML or Hypertext Markup Language – HTML is the heart of web development. This is one skill that should be at the fingertips of the candidates you wish to hire.
    • CSS – Cascading style sheets are a must-have knowledge for styling web pages. CSS along with HTML defines the presentation of a page. The various things that CSS controls are the font, colors, animation, layout, etc.
    • Javascript and JQuery – If HTML and CSS are nuts and bolts, Javascript can be seen as the screw which joins them and makes the website interactive. Javascript is a language that determines how the website functions such as scrolling, games, animations, etc. Knowledge of JQuery is addon expertise as JQuery is a library of plugins containing APIs that combine a number of JS scripts into a single line.
    • Javascript and CSS Frameworks – An in-depth knowledge of CSS and Javascript frameworks like Angularjs is required to create responsive websites. These frameworks are made up of an assortment of JS Script and CSS files forming a common framework for a number of functions. For example, the CSS Bootstrap has functions to handle the look and feel of a website.
    • RESTful services – REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is the technology that enables two systems to communicate with each other over HTTP. REST is preferred over the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) as it utilizes less bandwidth. A frontend developer must be aware of REST technology as knowledge of this enables frontend developers to code their interfaces without having to depend on the backend.
  • Design And Performance Skills

    • UI/UX design – Your creativity as a developer reflects in your design and the ultimate test of a website is its responsiveness and efficiency. The frontend developer needs to understand the complexity of rendering the website on different browsers and devices and make sure it runs consistently.
    • Wireframing – A frontend developer must know how to present his idea on board or paper in terms of content and its functionality. It is like giving a blueprint of a webpage with a focus on user experience.

Design And Performance Skills itechnolabs

  • Soft Skills

    • Communication Skills – A frontend developer is right in the middle of UI/UX designers and backend developers so they must possess a high level of communication skills.

Significance of the Landing Page

Before the advent of the internet and the era of businesses showcasing their products and services online, companies relied heavily on printed brochures. Customers could get heaps of information from these glossy publications where companies persuaded them to make buying decisions by supplying features of their products and services and the company’s contact information.

Significance of the Landing Page itechnolabs

So if your website is a replica of such brochure-like websites where tons of information are provided without the visitor wanting for more, then it will not work in the modern digital world. Let us first see why such websites are not apt for businesses:

  • There is no way to measure ROI on marketing investments – There is no way to discern how many leads were converted to customers by merely visiting your website. It could be possible that your website did have some influence on a customer’s buying decision, but there is no way to measure it.
  • Bad for SEO – In websites which follow the brochure model, there is no means to add and integrate new content. This in turn means you miss out on optimizing your website for trending keywords and ranking higher on search engine pages.
  • No opportunity to have any follow-up with your leads – With websites that only provide tons of information it is not possible to convert visitors of your site into actual customers. There could be potential curious customers who visit your site but do not decide to buy your products immediately. In such an event, you lose your business unless they email or call you. There is a possibility that they are interested in your products but you do not have the means to nurture this relationship as there is no means of contacting them.

So what is the alternative? It is a well-designed landing page. A landing page is an engaging and interactive page that welcomes your customer in their buying journey. When you create an interactive experience for customers via a landing page, you are able to solve the problems of your potential customers thereby converting visitors to customers. A landing page can be formed in such a way that it becomes a strong representation of your brand and drastically enhances the user experience.

Why you need to hire frontend developers for building landing Page:

Here are some of the compelling reasons to have a well-crafted landing page:

hire frontend developers for building landing Page itechnolabs

  • You can easily measure your ROI on marketing investments – Marketing is an expensive feat so you need a concrete and reliable way of measuring the outcome of efforts that you put in marketing like advertisements and other channels to drive traffic to your website. If your landing pages capture leads, it proves to be a smart strategy to generate ROI.
  • Needs for consistency of Potential Customers – As per research by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, there are six principles of influence and one of which is the desire in people to be consistent with their past behaviors. This consistency can be used to your advantage in your strategy for lead generation. As an example, if someone subscribes to your blog and chooses to receive a free piece of content, they are likely to become your real customers as they already see themselves as your customer by virtue of a small commitment you made.
  • Keep in touch with interested visitors of your website – If a customer isn’t ready to buy your product at a certain time, you can still collect information from them through your landing pages and attempt to convert them to loyal customers by sending them free content. Since each of your landing pages focuses on one problem area and its solution, you can use the strategy of retargeting ads and continue to show relevant offers and content to people who visit your page but do not opt-in.

Focus on Customers

The key to a great landing page is to focus on customers that will help you move your business forward by generating leads. A Frontend Web Development Company can help you immensely in embracing this concept of landing pages and create long-lasting relationships with your prospective buyers. Apart from a great website and landing page, you must also have tools to run analytics to boost your growth. You can make smart marketing decisions by gathering data from your website, email campaigns, social media, etc. If you are looking to hire frontend developers, then contact iTechnolabs for all IT related Web and mobile app development Services

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