Case Study: iTechnolabs’ Resource Expertise Accelerates SaaS Solution Development

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Itechnolabs assigned a dedicated team to one of its prominent SaaS software clients. The goal was to help the client build their online marketplace software by enhancing the client’s expertise in product development and supplementing their team’s capabilities.

The Client

The client is a Birmingham-based software solutions company that provides IT solutions to firms across various industries. For this collaboration, the client required additional resources to strengthen their development team. They wanted to build a bespoke software solution, specifically a real estate marketplace platform. This platform was to be based on the client’s primary services. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By – Several Project Managers

Worked Upon By – Dozens of developers designated at different phases throughout the project lifecycle. Besides developers, Business Analysts were also a part of this team. 

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The Problem Statement

Scaling development capacity for an end-to-end software solution. 

The client faced a significant challenge in extending their in-house development team to meet the demands of a comprehensive software application. They required a dedicated set of specialized developers to augment their existing team, enabling them to develop custom software from inception to deployment. This involved the need to onboard a substantial number of professionals with diverse skills, including full-stack developers, DevOps specialists, and a SCRUM master. Additionally, the client also wanted business analysts and project managers to be a part of the team. 

However, assembling such a diverse team in-house within a short time frame was not feasible. Hence, the client was seeking a solution that would allow them to efficiently and effectively boost their development capacity with the right mix of skills and expertise. They also didn’t want to face any logistical challenges and time constraints associated with hiring and onboarding a large team locally. 

The Challenge

The client had clear requirements for the collaboration. They wanted us to adhere to their precise set of tenets while we worked on their project. These were their specific tenets:

The Solution

To achieve the client’s goal and this collaboration, our iTechnolabs team worked with the client’s in-house team. The software development process we employed for this project primarily consisted of conducting life cycle testing and production deployment. The client’s in-house team outlined the core requirements for their products, while iTechnolabs was responsible for selecting the technology stack and other tools for designing and developing the product. 

Our team designed mockups for the client’s team to review. Besides, we also established a development architecture that was followed and implemented throughout the process. After getting the architecture approved by the client, our team began working on the development. Our ultimate goal was to deliver the end product that meets the client’s specifications, including product design and functionality. 

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Our Process

Team iTechnolabs followed a methodical approach to create a stepwise development process for the client: 

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Mapping & Vetting Developers

The client defined the development scope and requirements for a dedicated team. They selected a full team for their operations, initiating a thorough vetting and interview process.

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The client and iTechnolabs’ team collaborated in an organized workflow, managing tasks through collaborative development sprints. iTechnolabs project managers and business analysts worked with the client’s team to define project outlines. Our developers executed these outlines, progressing through the design and development stages to bring the project to completion.

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The collaboration between the client and team iTechnolabs also included regular product demonstrations and updates. This helped us to keep the client informed about implementations, changes, plans, and milestones for deploying the project. This ensured everyone stayed updated and on the same page for the project’s progress and goals.

The Result

The client’s partnership with iTechnolabs led to the creation of a highly successful software solution, boosting their business. Working with us also allowed them to gain better control over their development process and meet production deadlines consistently. 

This collaboration also allowed the client to continuously improve their app over an extended period. They consistently added new features and functionalities to ensure their relevance in their target market.

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