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Increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations by choosing reliable Artificial Intelligence solutions from iTechnolabs. We utilize cutting-edge technology to develop digital solutions that can improve your organization’s productivity. The integration of end-to-end AI services into your business can reduce operational costs and drive conversions.

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    Our Solutions

    We help businesses automate their work processes with innovative solutions tailored to their exact requirements.

    Video Analysis

    iTechnolabs is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions, including Video Analysis tools that can extract data from videos. With Video intelligence modules, you can simplify your media management and make data-driven decisions that can lead to an improvement in your organization’s capabilities. AI can also be used to trigger actions based on the data detected in video analytics.

    Text Analysis

    Automate the extraction of useful information from large amounts of text data using iTechnolabs’ powerful AI solutions. Using machine learning to effectively work with unorganized data is our strong suit. We deliver customized artificial intelligence software systems to help maximize your enterprise’s potential by enabling risk analytics, customer behavior analytics, and several other processes.

    AI-Driven Infrastructure

    AI-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and increase its efficiency.

    Data Analysis

    Identify rewarding opportunities and make data-driven decisions based on operational forecasting and predictive analytics.

    Data Processing

    We are capable of creating robust and efficient data processing systems using AI technologies to strengthen your business.

    Model Building

    Building effective AI models that suit the business needs and objectives is our strong suit.

    Retraining Models for creating intelligent systems

    Retrain and republish your existing AI models with iTechnolabs’ services.

    Our Services

    Our purpose is to make AI simple and easy for you. We focus on the end results and provide
    you with the technology, skills and people you need to bring AI into your business.

    Video AI

    With effective object detection algorithms used in video analysis, you can perform activities like object tracking, gesture recognition, eye cornea tracking, hand identification, etc. The Object recognition using Yolo model retraining and Generative Adversarial Network that works on recognizing patterns can be employed to track objects from videos and trigger the desired response. Other ways of analyzing visual imagery like CNN, face recognition, emotion recognition, and head posture recognition can also be performed by AI.

    Image annotation

    Choose iTechnolabs’ image annotation services to train models effectively and at lower costs. We work with talented professionals adept in semantic segmentation and instance segmentation to annotate the image. Our experience allows us to annotate data to create bounding boxes and develop files in Pascal, Yolo, or text format.

    Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing(NLP) can be employed to help machines understand written and spoken language. This can help in identifying emotion via text, process and classify text data quickly and perform activities like resume parsing or machine learning mapping of tasks. iTechnolabs has experts skilled in developing AI tools using the Levenshtein algorithm and TensorFlow. Along with this, machine translation methods like the Seq2Seq model and anomaly detection tools like Isolation forest also fall under NLP. The AI infrastructure that we develop can help you get chatbots to handle queries, identify document topics, etc., using machine learning. Other technologies that we are adept in working with include Text Analytics and Neural Network, Kears, LSTM, RNN, etc.

    Audio analysis

    Use iTechnolabs’ expertise in audio analysis to convert speech to text, get voice modulation graphs or find keywords, repetitive words, etc. We can work with Python libraries and modules like Pydub, MoviePy, and MobileNet to enhance the audio analysis services. iTechnolabs AI software systems can help you identify filler in the speech, find the words per minute and the total number of pauses taken.

    Data Reinforcement

    Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are capable of using machine learning to make decisions in a complex environment. Using data reinforcement, the models can be trained to make the right choice. This method involves the use of trial and error and learning from previous experiences and feedback from the environment.

    Human and Computer

    The ultimate goal of AI is how it can enhance the human experience and is influenced by human intelligence. Our Human and Computer services strive to cover multiple aspects of Human-Computer Interaction to increase the overall efficiency. These processes include object tracking, tagging, recognition, etc.

    Our Industries

    We extend our AI services to businesses across multiple domains and industry verticals.

    Frequently asked questions

    Have a question about our products and features? We would love to hear what your concern is.

    Every professional at iTechnolabs has credible experience in the industry. We only work with the best, to offer you the best.

    Our team is adept in working with the latest AI tools and technologies, including natural language processing, speech recognition, deep learning, text analysis, etc.

    We take time to customize our development plans and strategies to suit the unique requirements of our clients. This personalization and flexibility helps us stand out.

    Artificial intelligence has had a significant impact on organizations’ customer service. With intelligent assistants there to support and address the concerns of the users, it can contribute to an increase in overall productivity.

    You can see a significant improvement in your customer metrics with the implementation of AI. It can also be tracked with the help of test data set and a benchmark analysis.


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