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As AI technology is evolving, the computer system is expanding assignments that require human intelligence at a meaningful scale that we’ll be able to execute on our own in the field that incorporates decision making, visual perception, and speech recognition. Public speaking or presenting your work in front of the crowd is viewed as art in the long run and has communication generally. From school days only it is clear that either you can be good at maths & science or you might have best speaking and writing skills, but you cannot ace both. But artificial intelligence has completely changed the new learning structure in which communication and presentation both play a vital role.

PowerPoint Presentations Skills

Now the line between maths and art & science for students is being obscured. Interaction between human and cyber thinking, “Hybrid thinking” has created a huge gap. So when the technology is integrated with human behavior, the result is what you have seen never before.

PowerPoint Presentations Skills itechnolabs

AI will help leaders improve their PowerPoint Presentations Skills, communicate, and not make the communication complex. If we can teach machines to understand and identify what makes the audience respond and then equipping a device or robot to access all the factors that may affect audience reaction, then use algorithm and data science to develop an intelligent machine that can improve our communication.

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Workplace Communication Using AI


With the introduction of machine learning and AI, we’ll soon be introducing a new ear for interaction and communication in the workplace. This rise in the technology base creates opportunities, leading to a new and technical ecosystem where voice assistants, robotic process automation, and virtual robots will collaborate with humans to streamline both operations and communications. This will impact both the client and customer communication and the work you do. Four ways AI influence the workplace are:

  • Higher-work value is a big focus

With machine learning and AI application in an organization, the repeated jobs shift their workforce to virtual robots, making employees free to focus on more important and complex pursuits to add value. Back office tasks will be replaced by robotic process automation, such as accounting, sales operations, and finance. For instance, from data processing to invoicing, everything is done by the robots.

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  • Personalize at Scale Capacity

Creating a personalized room for the customers to meet the demands of the customer is one of the most constant hurdles one can meet with AI-based presentation learning. Interactive voice acknowledgments and self-service technologies help you achieve the goals easily and the incorporation of AI helps increase the potential to produce exceptional personalization.

  • Improve Customer Experiences

Did you know about Chatbots? Chatbots are the best mode of communication; they affect interaction with real humans. They are the best online humans to interact with the audience in multiple ways, such as creating the best shopping experience for the customers, or answering chats, or giving feedback. Customers benefit from the fastest service. Meanwhile, the customer care representatives can focus on some other complicated problems.

  • Predication capabilities

Analyzed and predictive analytics play a vital role in machine learning and big data to produce customer insights. For instance, Watson cognitive system is applied by IBM to evaluate a comprehensive data set range-supplier, customers, trends, and weather to name a few- to help retailers to target their customers better. Another motive is to improve customer contact.

AI in Communications & Brand Compliance

AI in Communications & Brand AI can respond to any situation depending on the scenario without heated or emotional responses because of its programming. An artificial intelligence chatbot is programmed to reply correctly to specific keywords, situations, and phrases that go rightly with the company’s guidelines and brand style guide.

Automated creation of content & personalized content

Automated creation of content & personalized content itechnolabs

Nowadays, the creation of automated content production is done by AI. The written articles are mostly mathematically analyzed and created individually by artificial intelligence. For generating minor league reports and building full-scale earning reports, Associated Press has applied artificial intelligence. It provides the potential to the companies for marketing elements, news releases, and other worthy business publications.

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Artificial Intelligence For PowerPoint Presentations

Artificial Intelligence For PowerPoint Presentations itechnolabs

There is nothing better than a PowerPoint presentation to get the information to know better about the influence of AI and machine learning. They deliver information that is relevant, apt, and concise.

So, let’s go further to learn about the impact and understand the PPTs on AI.

  • The Introductory AI PPT

The Introductory AI The reason to add introductory AI PPT to the list is that it is very much informative. The slides can be created according to your needs and requirements and created to deliver fundamental knowledge to the users. As the slides are created professionally with illustrations, authentic material, and diagrams, you can easily understand its content.

  • AI Finance PPT

If you are from a finance background, then AI PPT in finance is the best option to go for. It helps you in providing insights into how AI assists in the finance sector. AI-powered chatbots are of great help to make a transition in your business.

  • Social Media Bots

Social Media Chatbots or Social media bots powered by Artificial Intelligence are popular that now you can easily find them everywhere. From Facebook bots to food applications, Artificial Intelligence is expanding its charm everywhere.

And, you must be knowing eCommerce is the biggest sector that is profiting from this invention. eCommerce market customers can talk to the bot to get the resolution, even at midnight.

Hence, this type of presentation explores the advantages of chatbots and how these have evolved in the upcoming years.

  • Machine Learning & AI

It’s common to understand that artificial intelligence will remove and nullify their job roles entirely. This makes sure that AI will completely take over employment and remove job opportunities.

This AI PPT helps in removing this myth. This helps us in knowing that AI can help us in making better business decisions through machine learning.

Also, we cannot deny that AI will not remove job opportunities. Instead, it will create more jobs. AI PPT sources are functionalized.

  • An Informational Description of AI

This type of AI PPT was launched in 2012. Being the oldest AI, it still provides clear knowledge of how AI has evolved. Many of you might come to know about the AI developments only after watching Iron Man.

The AI PPT created event timeline happened in 1986, which made us know about AI. You’ll also come to know how PROLOG and LISP form a significant part of AI.

  • Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence

If you have a bit of knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence, then this type of PPT is best to learn them deeply. This AI PPT examines the history of AI and ML first. This will make you know more and give deep learning. This AI PPT will discuss several deep learning concepts like image generation, video sequence production, generative adversarial network, etc.

  • All About Artificial Intelligence

This AI PPT talks about everything about artificial intelligence that you should be knowing and understanding. And, this is the perfect type of PPT for beginners. Also, this is perfect for professionals who want to revise the basics of AI.

This PPT of artificial intelligence provides you with a brief of how speech recognition, computer vision, NLP, etc. work. This presentation also gives you the basics of robotics, its disadvantages, and advantages.

  • AR, VR & Self-Driving Cars

This category of AI PPT is not the same as what we have discussed above. This presentation talks about wearable technology, self-driving cars, and virtual reality. This presentation has answered a lot of AI-based questions.

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Artificial Intelligence is the new future! Many experts and specialists have already expected it and even it is proved by many statistics. Hence, people who want to make a career in AI and ace the new AI era should start learning deep by PPTs. This will make them enhance their skills. Based on your industry can domain you can pick the most interactive PPT and gain some knowledge in enhancing your industry PPT skill.

So, now it is time to give your interest a chance and learn more about AI and PPT together. Connect with iTechnolabs to learn more!

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