What is an Extended Team Model And Why Do You Need this?

what is an extended team model and why do you need this itechnolabs

Imagine that you require some assistance in your department of development. Coders are having a hard time with the tasks they’re given. Coders are typing as hard as they are able to. Coffee mugs accumulate on the kitchen sink. The process of creating the dream team for coding from the beginning isn’t easy. This is the point where extended teams come into the picture.

What exactly is the term “extended team?’’

An extended team can be described as an additional pair of hands to your in-house team. The extended teams model offers a kind of outsourcing that focuses on close proximity, communication, and collaboration between your in-house team and the team that is outsourced.

As opposed to having a completely different team working on a particular project(s) businesses increase their own in-house team and maintain total oversight of the entire project, including staff throughout the process.
However, an extended team is not the only variant of the ETM which is also known as the extended Team Model. There are various types of collaboration.

What are the primary advantages of the Extended Team Model?

This model has numerous advantages for businesses that want to grow their talent pool at a speed

  • ETM can be used to complement your team but is not a replacement for the team. It’s just a supplement. The extended team model ensures that team members in the house are informed of what’s happening and are able to take lessons from the team outsourced. They may later be able to deploy internal teams and share the lessons they’ve learned.
  • Priority and focus. The extended team model ensures that the focus is entirely on your business and that your priorities will be our priority.
  • Large talent pool. With an outsourced team, your business will have access to talent from around the world who might otherwise be unobtainable or difficult to access.
  • Saving time. Recruiting great IT talent is a difficult task. However, not when you use an extended model as you can have an on-demand plug-and-play IT development team accessible.
  • Scalable capacity for development. Should your project’s requirements change, your team could also be able to change by either scaling up or down.

Extended Team models at iTechnolabs

extended team models at itechnolabs

At iTechnolabs, we work with various types of nearshore. This is our method of working with our clients around the world in a short summary.


Our team is an additional member of the internal staff but not a substitute. The teamwork model is based on the provision of additional technical and business expertise to your team and bridges the gaps in skills among your staff members.

This means that you and your company maintain total control of the project or task is on present. Communication between your internal staff, as well as our expanded team, is always clear and constant. Your team and our off-site developers work as one tight-knit team.

Therefore everyone on the team (both in-house and externally outsourced) is accountable for the product. Both teams are equally involved in the development of the product and each team is equally responsible for its success or lack thereof.


A managed team that, in the end, serves as the extension to your existing team, functions slightly differently than an Extended Team model. After defining the requirements for the project regarding abilities, team members, the timeframe, etc. We assign a specific team and the role of each team member (Software PMs, Developers Engineers, and so on) to your company.

Although the managed team is able to collaborate closely with your internal team, the degree of collaboration is yours to determine. But all accountability and responsibility for the project lie entirely with us. We will develop the product and concentrate on delivering the results we expect.

We generally assume the responsibility of managing the process or area and are accountable directly to you as well as to your company.


The third type of ETM in the iTechnolabs is the Project Team. It means you as the customer communicate your product’s vision and requirements together with us. Our expert programmers help you refine your idea by analyzing your solution’s objectives and limitations, as well as the scope and personas for the target audience and will take over the implementation and supervision of the project.

This is why you should establish a schedule that will include crucial milestones such as timeline estimates, timelines for delivery, as well as budget specifications. However, while the management and execution are entirely up to us however, you and your company will be able to interact with our team members through regularly scheduled meetings and presentations and the Project Manager will be on hand to keep you informed about the progress and answer any questions or concern you might need to address.

At iTechnolabs, we can provide you with the ideal extended team

at itechnolabs we can provide you with the ideal extended team

iTechnolabs’ team is a pool of highly trained engineers and developers who have many areas of expertise and many years of experience across various industries. Based on our client’s needs we can quickly create teams and be ready to take on your projects starting from project management through testing. Our teams will increase your capabilities for software development and decrease time-to-market. Are your projects progressing faster than your organization is able to manage? Don’t worry, we’ll aid you in speeding up your process.

Overall we are at iTechnolabs where we see ourselves as genuine partners which means that we dedicate our time and energy to the success of our clients’ businesses and are a part of the atmosphere, the challenges, and successes. This is exactly what we’ve done for the past four years.

Contact us and allow us to guide you on the most effective solution for your business.

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