Top 15 Best Food Delivery Apps in Vancouver

iTechnolabs-Top Best Food Delivery Apps in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to a diverse culinary scene, with a variety of cuisines and restaurants to choose from. With the increasing demand for convenience, food delivery apps have become popular among Vancouverites. These apps allow you to order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10+ best food delivery apps in Vancouver, based on user ratings and reviews.

1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Vancouver. It offers a wide selection of restaurants to choose from, with quick and reliable delivery service. The app also allows you to track your order in real-time and provides contactless delivery options for added safety. Additionally, Uber Eats often has promotions and discounts available for users.

2. DoorDash

Another popular food delivery app in Vancouver is DoorDash. It offers a variety of cuisines from local restaurants and national chains. The app also provides real-time tracking of your order and contactless delivery options. DoorDash also has a subscription service, DashPass, which offers free delivery and lower service fees for a monthly fee.

3. SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is a Canadian food delivery app that has gained popularity in Vancouver. It offers a wide selection of local restaurants and allows users to track their orders in real-time. The app also has a rewards program where you can earn points for every order, which can be redeemed for discounts and free delivery.

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4. Foodora

Foodora is a popular food delivery app that offers a curated selection of local restaurants. The app has a user-friendly interface and provides real-time tracking of your order. It also offers contactless delivery options and often has promotions and discounts available.

5. Grubhub

Grubhub is another popular food delivery app that offers a variety of cuisines from local restaurants. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows users to track their orders in real-time. It also offers contactless delivery options and often has special promotions available for users.

6. Ritual

Ritual is a food ordering and delivery app that focuses on providing fast and efficient service. It offers a variety of local restaurants and often has exclusive discounts and promotions for users. The app also allows users to pre-order their meals for pick-up, making it a convenient option for those on-the-go.

7. Chowbus

Chowbus is a food delivery app that specializes in Asian cuisine. It offers a wide selection of dishes from various Asian restaurants and allows users to track their orders in real-time. The app also has a feature called “Group Order” where multiple people can order together and split the bill, making it a great option for group meals.

8.  Seamless

Seamless is a food delivery app that offers a wide range of cuisines from local restaurants. It has a user-friendly interface and allows users to track their orders in real-time. The app also offers contactless delivery options and often has promotions and discounts available for users.


Postmates is a food delivery app that delivers not only meals but also groceries, alcohol, and more. It offers a variety of local restaurants and stores to order from and has real-time tracking for orders. The app also has a subscription service called “Unlimited” where users can get free delivery on orders over $12 for a monthly fee.


Delivery.com is a food delivery app that offers more than just meals. It also allows users to order groceries, alcohol, and laundry services from local businesses. The app has a feature called “Group Orders” where multiple people can order together and split the bill. Delivery.com also offers rewards for frequent orders through its “Delivery Points” program.


Instacart is a grocery delivery app that partners with local supermarkets and delivers directly to users’ homes. It offers options for same-day or next-day delivery, as well as the ability to schedule deliveries for a later time. The app also has a subscription service called “Instacart Express” where members can get free delivery on orders over $35 for a yearly fee.


Caviar is a food delivery app that specializes in high-end and gourmet meals from local restaurants. The app offers real-time tracking for orders and also has an option for group ordering with split bill functionality. Caviar also has a loyalty program called “Caviar Rewards” where users can earn points towards free food with every order.


ChowNow is a food ordering platform that allows restaurants to have their own branded app for online ordering. This means users can order directly from their favorite local restaurant’s app instead of using a third-party delivery service. ChowNow also offers features such as loyalty programs, gift card options, and real-time tracking for orders.


JustEat is a food delivery app that partners with a wide range of restaurants, offering users a variety of cuisines to choose from. The app also has options for group ordering and split bills, as well as the ability to order ahead for future meals. JustEat also offers discounts and special promotions for its users.

15. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based fast-food chain that offers coffee, breakfast, and lunch options. It has its own app for online ordering and delivery, which also includes features such as rewards and order customization. Tim Hortons also offers delivery through third-party apps like UberEats and DoorDash.

Future of Food Delivery Apps

With the rise of food delivery apps, it is clear that this industry will continue to grow and evolve in the future. Here are some potential developments we may see:

  • Expansion into more diverse cuisines: Currently, most food delivery apps focus on popular cuisines such as American, Chinese, and Italian. However, with the growing demand for diverse food options, we may see more apps that specialize in delivering specific cuisines from different cultures.
  • Customization and personalization: As technology advances, food delivery apps may offer more personalized recommendations based on user preferences and past orders. This could also include the option to customize meals with dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Integration with smart home devices: With the rise of smart home devices, it is possible that food delivery apps will integrate with these devices to make ordering even more convenient. Users may be able to place orders using voice commands or through their smart home assistants.
  • Sustainability efforts: In recent years, there has been a growing concern for the environmental impact of food delivery packaging and transportation. As a result, we may see food delivery apps implementing more sustainable options, such as eco-friendly packaging and electric delivery vehicles.
  • Collaboration with local businesses: As seen with Delivery.com’s “Group Orders” feature, food delivery apps may continue to partner with local businesses to offer a wider range of products and services. This not only supports small businesses but also provides users with more options for their orders.

Benefits of food delivery app development:

  • Increased convenience: The main benefit of food delivery apps is the convenience they offer. Users can easily order food from their favorite restaurants without having to leave their home or office.
  • Time-saving: With food delivery apps, users can save time by not having to physically go to a restaurant, wait in line, and then travel back home. This allows for more time to be spent on other tasks or activities.
  • Wide selection: Food delivery apps offer a wide selection of restaurants and cuisines, giving users the ability to try new foods and expand their palate. This is especially beneficial for those living in areas with limited dining options.
  • Contactless delivery: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless delivery has become a popular option for food delivery apps. This feature ensures the safety of both customers and delivery personnel by minimizing physical contact.
  • Loyalty programs and discounts: Many food delivery apps offer loyalty programs or discounts to encourage repeat business. This can be a great way for users to save money on their orders and for businesses to retain customer loyalty.
  • Personalization: Food delivery apps often have features that allow users to save their favorite orders or customize their meals. This adds a personal touch and makes the ordering process more convenient for users.
  • Real-time tracking: With the ability to track their orders in real-time, users can stay informed about the status of their delivery and estimated time of arrival. This feature also helps alleviate any concerns about the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries.

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Key features of food delivery app are:

  • User-friendly interface: Food delivery apps typically have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to browse through menus, place orders, and track deliveries.
  • Payment options: Most food delivery apps offer multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, online wallets, or cash on delivery. This provides convenience for users who may not have access to certain payment methods.
  • Reviews and ratings: Users can leave reviews and ratings for restaurants or delivery services, allowing others to make informed decisions about their orders. This also helps businesses improve their service based on customer feedback.
  • Multilingual support: Food delivery apps often have multilingual options to cater to a diverse user base. This is particularly useful for users who are not fluent in the local language or for tourists visiting the area.
  • Integration with social media: Many food delivery apps allow users to login using their social media accounts, making it easier to sign up and log in. This also allows for seamless sharing of experiences on social media platforms.
  • Special dietary requirements: Food delivery apps may provide options for users with special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or halal meals. This makes it easier for users to find suitable food options.
  • Order tracking and history: With real-time order tracking and order history features, users can easily keep track of their past orders and reorder their favorite dishes with a few taps.

How much does it cost to build a food delivery app?

The cost of developing a food delivery app can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the app, the platform(s) it is being developed for (iOS, Android, or both), and the geographic location of the development team. For a basic app with minimal features, development costs can start from around $10,000 to $20,000. However, for a more sophisticated app that includes advanced features such as real-time tracking, AI-powered recommendations, and multi-language support, the costs can escalate to $100,000 or more. It’s also important to consider ongoing costs for app maintenance, updates, and marketing, which can significantly add to the overall expenses.

  • Basic App Development Cost: Developing a simple food delivery app that includes basic yet essential features such as user registration, menu browsing, and order placement, can result in costs ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. This estimate is for a minimal viable product that can be launched to market to test its viability.
  • Advanced Features: To enhance user experience and engagement, incorporating advanced features like real-time tracking of orders, personalized AI-driven recommendations based on user preferences, and support for multiple languages can significantly increase the development costs. These sophisticated functionalities can push the price to over $100,000, depending on the complexity and the technologies used.
  • Platform Specifics: Deciding whether to develop the app solely for one platform (iOS or Android) or to create a cross-platform solution that works seamlessly on both can greatly impact the budget. Developing for multiple platforms simultaneously requires additional resources and time, which can escalate costs further.
  • Geographic Location of Development Team: The cost of app development is greatly influenced by the geographical location of the development team. For example, hiring developers in North America or Western Europe is typically more expensive due to higher living costs and wage expectations compared to those in regions like Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America. This variance in development costs can affect the overall budget planning for the project.
  • Ongoing Expenses: Beyond the initial development costs, it’s important to factor in ongoing expenses that are critical for the app’s long-term success. These include regular maintenance to ensure the app runs smoothly, timely updates to introduce new features or address user feedback, and marketing efforts to attract and retain users.

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How can iTechnolabs help you build a food delivery app?

iTechnolabs, an expert food delivery app development company in Vancouver, Canada is composed of highly experienced developers and innovative designers who specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality food delivery app that not only meets but exceeds your specific requirements and fits within your budget. We understand the importance of delivering a seamless user experience and robust functionality, ensuring your app stands out in the competitive market.  We offer a variety of services to assist with every aspect of the app development process, including:

  • Needs Analysis and Strategy Planning: Our team will work closely with you to understand your business goals and target audience, and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure your app’s success.
  • UI/UX Design: With our expertise in user interface and user experience design, we can create an intuitive and visually appealing app that will engage and delight your users.
  • Cross-platform Development: Our developers are proficient in developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross-platform solutions using industry-leading technologies.
  • Integration with Third-party Services: We can integrate your app with various third-party services such as payment gateways, GPS tracking, or social media platforms to enhance the user experience and functionality of your app.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Our team follows rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that your app is bug-free and functions seamlessly across different devices and platforms.
  • Maintenance and Support: We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly, as well as provide technical assistance whenever needed.

Are you planning to build a food delivery app?

iTechnolabs-Are you planning to build a food delivery app

By choosing iTechnolabs to assist in the creation of your food delivery app, you are tapping into a wellspring of technological prowess and industry-specific knowledge. Our team’s comprehensive approach ensures that your app is not just a tool, but a solution tailored to the unique demands of the food delivery sector. With benefits such as Enhanced Customer Engagement through an intuitive UI/UX, seamless integration of GPS Tracking for real-time order updates, and robust Payment Gateway Integration for secure transactions, your food delivery app is poised to offer an unparalleled user experience. Furthermore, our commitment to Quality Assurance means your app will operate flawlessly across multiple platforms, capturing a wide audience. Lastly, the ongoing Maintenance and Support we provide post-launch guarantees your app remains relevant in the fast-evolving digital landscape, ensuring a lasting return on your investment.

  • Customization at Its Core: Leveraging iTechnolabs’ expertise ensures that your food delivery app is not just another off-the-shelf product but a tailor-made solution that aligns perfectly with your business model and customer needs.
  • Competitive Edge with Advanced Features: Incorporation of cutting-edge features such as real-time tracking, personalized recommendations, and interactive menus can significantly enhance the user experience, setting your app apart from competitors.
  • Streamlined Operations: The technology-infused solutions provided by iTechnolabs streamline operations, from order placement to delivery, making the process efficient for both your business and your customers.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: With iTechnolabs, your app is built on a scalable architecture that accommodates future growth – whether it’s expanding your service areas or integrating additional services.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of data analytics with iTechnolabs’ solutions to gain insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, driving informed decision-making to enhance your service offering.
  • Reduced Time to Market: iTechnolabs’ experienced team ensures rapid development and deployment, significantly reducing the time to market so you can start serving your customers sooner.
  • Cost Efficiency: Benefit from iTechnolabs’ efficient development practices and expertise to get a high-quality food delivery app without the exorbitant costs typically associated with custom app development.

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With iTechnolabs, your food delivery app can have a competitive edge in the market with advanced features, streamlined operations, scalability for future growth, data-driven insights, reduced time to market, and cost efficiency. Our tailor-made solutions ensure that your app is aligned with your business model and customer needs. Partner with iTechnolabs to create a top-notch food delivery app and stand out in the competitive market.

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