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As a modern and bustling city, Calgary is home to many drivers who constantly struggle to find parking spots in the city. The increasing number of vehicles on the road has only intensified this challenge. Thankfully, technology has made our lives easier with the introduction of parking apps. These innovative apps help users easily locate available parking spots, reserve them in advance, and even pay for their parking without needing to carry cash. Many of these apps offer additional features such as real-time updates on parking availability, navigation assistance to the chosen spot, and even reminders for when your parking time is about to expire. This not only saves time and reduces stress for drivers but also contributes to a more organized and efficient urban environment.

Here are the top 10 parking apps available in Calgary:

  • ParkPlus – 

This is the official City of Calgary parking app, designed to make parking easier and more convenient for residents and visitors. Users can pay for on-street parking and off-street lots directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for cash or physical payment methods. The app provides real-time information about available spots, ensuring that you can find parking quickly without circling the block. Additionally, it allows users to extend their parking time remotely, offering flexibility if your plans change. The user-friendly interface includes features such as GPS location services to help you locate nearby parking options and push notifications to alert you when your parking session is about to expire, so you never have to worry about getting a ticket. With its seamless integration and comprehensive features, the City of Calgary parking app is an essential tool for anyone navigating the city.

  • EasyPark – 

With this app, users can search for available street and lot parking options near their destination, pay for parking, and even extend their time remotely. The intuitive interface ensures that finding a parking spot is quick and hassle-free. It also offers a robust rewards program where users can earn points for each transaction, which can later be redeemed for free parking. Additionally, the app supports multiple vehicle profiles, making it convenient for families or individuals who use more than one car. Users can easily switch between profiles to manage parking for different vehicles without any confusion. The app is designed to save time and reduce stress, providing a seamless parking experience from start to finish.

  • HonkMobile – 

This app allows users to search, reserve, and pay for parking spots in advance at various locations across the city, eliminating the hassle of finding parking last minute. It also provides real-time updates on availability, ensuring you always know where open spots are, and offers navigation assistance to guide you to the chosen spot seamlessly. HonkMobile includes an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process and has a dedicated customer support team available to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it offers a special feature for finding parking during events, ensuring you always have a spot during busy times. The app also integrates with different payment methods for a smooth transaction experience, making it the ultimate solution for all your parking needs.

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  • PayByPhone – 

This app is available in many cities around the world, including Calgary. Users can easily pay for street parking with just one click and receive notifications when their time is about to expire. The app features an easy setup process and can save multiple payment methods for quick transactions, making it convenient for frequent parkers. Additionally, PayByPhone integrates with local parking authorities to provide the most accurate rates and regulations, ensuring that users are always in compliance with local laws. The app also offers a user-friendly interface and additional features such as parking history tracking and the ability to extend parking sessions remotely, providing a seamless parking experience.

  • WayToPark – 

Similar to other apps, this one also allows users to find available spots, reserve them in advance, and make payments using their mobile device. It also offers an option to set reminders for when your parking time is about to end, ensuring you never overstay and incur fines. Additionally, WayToPark includes a detailed parking history, allowing users to track their spending and monitor their parking habits over time. The app provides real-time updates on available parking spots and even offers directions to your chosen spot, making the entire parking experience seamless and stress-free. With user-friendly features and a comprehensive interface, WayToPark is designed to make parking management as convenient as possible.

  • BestParking – 

This app helps users find the best and most affordable parking options near their destination, including street parking, lots, and garages. It also provides real-time updates on prices and availability, ensuring that you are always informed of the latest options. BestParking includes detailed maps and filters to narrow down options based on price, distance, and amenities, such as electric vehicle charging stations or covered parking. With user reviews and ratings, you can make informed decisions and find the perfect spot every time. Plus, the app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and use, offering a seamless parking experience.

  • SpotAngels – 

This app not only helps users find available parking spots but also provides valuable information on local street cleaning schedules and tow zones, helping users avoid potential tickets or towing fees. SpotAngels leverages a community-based approach, allowing users to contribute and update information in real-time, which enhances its reliability and accuracy. By relying on collective input, it becomes one of the most dependable sources for parking data. Additionally, the app offers convenient reminders for moving your car based on local regulations, ensuring that users stay compliant with municipal rules. SpotAngels also includes features such as notifications for upcoming street cleanings and alerts for temporary parking restrictions due to events or construction, making it an indispensable tool for urban drivers.

  • ParkWhiz – 

This app allows users to search and reserve parking spaces in advance at various locations around the city, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience. It also offers discounts and deals for certain spots, making it a cost-effective option for budget-conscious drivers. ParkWhiz includes a feature to book parking for multiple days, which is convenient for long-term stays such as vacations or extended business trips. Additionally, the app’s seamless integration with major events and venues ensures you can always find parking when you need it most, whether you are attending a concert, a sports event, or a festival. The user-friendly interface provides real-time availability, secure payment options, and detailed information about each parking spot, including proximity to your destination, hours of operation, and accessibility features. This comprehensive approach to parking makes ParkWhiz an indispensable tool for urban commuters and travelers alike.

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  • Parkopedia – 

With this app, users can find available parking spots near their destination, compare prices, and reserve in advance. The app not only shows real-time availability but also provides detailed information on each parking spot, including hours of operation, payment methods, and security features. It also offers information on handicap-accessible spots and EV charging stations, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. Parkopedia’s comprehensive database covers a wide range of parking options, from street spots to private garages, and includes user reviews and ratings to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, the app can provide walking directions from the parking spot to your final destination, making it even more convenient for users.

  • SpotHero – 

This app offers a variety of parking options, including street parking, lots, and garages, all at discounted prices. Users can search for available spots in real-time, view detailed information about each parking location, and even compare prices to find the best deal. Additionally, users can make reservations in advance to secure their spot, ensuring peace of mind when heading to busy areas or events. SpotHero also includes a feature for finding monthly parking deals, which is ideal for commuters looking for cost-effective and convenient long-term parking solutions. The app’s user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, and its dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist with any issues or questions. These comprehensive features make SpotHero a reliable choice for all your parking needs, whether you’re planning a short trip to the city or need a consistent parking spot for your daily commute.

Benefits of parking Apps:

  • Time-saving: Parking apps allow users to quickly search and reserve parking spots, saving them from the hassle of circling around looking for a spot. This efficiency means less time spent driving aimlessly, which can be particularly beneficial in densely populated urban areas where parking is often scarce.
  • Cost-effective: Many parking apps offer discounted rates or deals, allowing users to save money on their parking expenses. These discounts can be particularly advantageous for frequent parkers, helping them reduce their overall costs significantly over time.
  • Convenience: With features like real-time availability and reservation options, parking apps make it convenient for users to find and secure parking spots in busy areas or events. This convenience extends to the ability to reserve spots in advance, ensuring that users have a guaranteed place to park when they arrive at their destination.
  • User-friendly interface: Most parking apps have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for even beginners to navigate and use the app. The intuitive design typically includes clear instructions, simple search functions, and easy payment options, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Comprehensive database: Parking apps often have a vast database of available parking options, including different types of spots such as street parking, lots, and garages. This extensive database ensures that users can find a variety of parking options to suit their specific needs, whether they are looking for short-term, long-term, or specialized parking.
  • Monthly parking options: Some apps, like SpotHero, offer monthly parking deals, making it convenient and cost-effective for commuters who need a consistent parking spot for their daily commute. These monthly options often come with added benefits such as guaranteed availability and potentially lower rates compared to daily parking fees.
  • 24/7 customer support: In case of any issues or questions, most parking apps have a dedicated customer support team available to assist users at any time. This round-the-clock support can help resolve any problems quickly, providing users with peace of mind and ensuring a smooth parking experience.
  • Safety and security: Many parking apps provide information about the safety and security of the selected parking spot, giving users peace of mind when leaving their vehicle in an unfamiliar area. This information can include details about lighting, surveillance, and security personnel, helping users choose the safest option available.
  • Eco-friendly: By helping drivers find vacant spots quickly, parking apps can reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions from circling cars looking for parking spaces. This environmental benefit is an important consideration in urban areas where reducing emissions and improving air quality are ongoing concerns.
  • Real-time updates: With real-time updates on availability and pricing, parking apps allow users to plan their parking in advance, avoiding last-minute stress or surprises. These updates can help users make informed decisions, ensuring they find the best available spot at the best price, and can also alert them to any changes in availability or pricing as they approach their destination.

Key features of  parking Apps:

  • Search and Reserve: One of the main features of parking apps is the ability to search for available parking spots nearby or in a specific location. Users can also reserve a spot in advance, ensuring they have a guaranteed parking spot upon arrival.
  • GPS Navigation: Parking apps often come with built-in GPS navigation that guides users to their selected parking spot, making it easier to find and reducing the risk of getting lost in unfamiliar areas.
  • Payment Options: Most parking apps offer various payment options such as credit card, debit card, or digital wallet payments, making it convenient for users to pay for their parking without having to carry cash.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Users can leave reviews and ratings for different parking spots on these apps, helping other users make informed decisions based on previous experiences.
  • Parking Availability and Pricing: With real-time updates, parking apps provide users with information on availability and pricing of different parking spots, allowing them to choose the most cost-effective option.
  • Loyalty Programs: Some parking apps offer loyalty programs where users can earn points or discounts for using the app regularly or referring it to others.
  • Accessibility Features: Many parking apps have accessibility features such as reserved handicapped spots, wheelchair-friendly routes, and payment options for disabled individuals, making it easier for everyone to find suitable parking.
  • Safety Measures: Some parking apps also include safety measures such as security cameras or emergency call buttons in case of any issues while using a specific parking spot.
  • Integration with Ride-Sharing Services: Some parking apps have integrated with ride-sharing services, allowing users to easily switch from driving to taking a ride and back without having to worry about parking their car.
  • Environmental Benefits: By helping users find available parking spots quickly, parking apps reduce the amount of time spent driving around looking for a spot, thereby reducing emissions and contributing towards a greener environment.

How much does it cost to build parking apps?

The cost to build a parking app can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the features you wish to include, the complexity of the app, the development team’s location, and the platform for which the app is being developed (iOS, Android, or both). On average, a basic parking app with essential features like location tracking, payment integration, and user reviews can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000. More complex apps with advanced functionalities such as real-time parking availability, loyalty programs, integration with ride-sharing services, and sophisticated accessibility features might range from $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and updates should also be considered, which could add to the overall expenses in the long run.

  • Outline Essential Features: Begin by listing the core features your parking app must have. Essential features often include location tracking, payment integration, user authentication, and reviews/ratings.
  • Choose the Platform: Decide whether the app will be developed for iOS, Android, or both. Developing for multiple platforms will generally increase costs.
  • Design and User Interface: Plan the design and user interface of the app. A more sophisticated and user-friendly design may require more time and resources, thus increasing the overall cost.
  • Select a Development Team: Choose a development team or company. Costs can vary depending on their geographical location and level of expertise. For example, developers based in North America or Western Europe typically charge more than those in Eastern Europe or Asia.
  • Development Phase: Break down the development process into several stages, such as prototyping, beta testing, and final deployment. Each stage will incur individual costs.
  • Integration with Third-party Services: If your app needs to integrate with third-party services like ride-sharing platforms, payment gateways, or mapping services, factor in the additional cost for these integrations.
  • Real-Time Features: Decide if you need real-time features like live parking availability updates. Implementing these features requires advanced technology and may significantly increase the cost.

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How can iTechnolabs help you to build parking apps?

iTechnolabs is a leading mobile app development company that specializes in creating custom mobile applications. We have experience in developing parking apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring maximum reach and user engagement.

Our team of skilled mobile app developers can assist you with all the essential features required for a successful parking app, including location tracking, payment integration, user authentication, and reviews/ratings. We also offer expertise in designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance the overall user experience.

  • Custom Development: We provide tailored solutions designed to meet your specific parking app requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a custom app that aligns with your vision and goals.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our development services ensure that your app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, maximizing user reach and ensuring a seamless experience across different devices.
  • Advanced Features: We implement essential features such as location tracking to help users find nearby parking spots, payment integration for hassle-free transactions, user authentication for security, and reviews/ratings to enhance user engagement and trust.
  • Real-Time Updates: Our expertise includes integrating real-time features like live parking availability updates. This ensures that users have access to the most current information, improving their overall experience.
  • Third-Party Integrations: We offer seamless integration with popular third-party services, including ride-sharing platforms, payment gateways, and mapping services. This enhances the functionality of your app and provides added convenience for users.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We design an intuitive and engaging user interface that enhances user experience. Our focus is on creating a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate app that keeps users coming back.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Post-deployment, we provide continuous support and maintenance services to ensure your app runs smoothly. Our team is always available to address any issues and implement necessary updates.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer competitive pricing with a focus on delivering high-quality solutions within your budget. Our goal is to provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality or performance.

Are you planning to build parking apps?

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Choosing iTechnolabs for building your parking app comes with a multitude of benefits designed to ensure the success and efficiency of your digital solution. Our team’s extensive experience and expertise in app development translate into a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Here are some key benefits:

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in mobile app development, our team brings deep industry knowledge, ensuring that your parking app is robust, reliable, and built using the latest technologies.
  • Customization and Flexibility: We understand that each business has unique needs; thus, we offer highly customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our flexible approach ensures that your app evolves with your business.
  • Scalability: Our development practices guarantee that your app can scale seamlessly as your user base grows. This eliminates concerns regarding performance degradation during peak times, providing a smooth user experience regardless of traffic volume.
  • Cost Efficiency: iTechnolabs offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our cost-effective solutions ensure that you get maximum value for your investment, with a focus on delivering top-tier functionality at a reasonable price point.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By integrating intuitive design principles and user-centric features, we create apps that are not only functional but also enjoyable to use. A positive user experience drives higher engagement and satisfaction.
  • End-to-End Support: From the initial concept to post-launch maintenance, iTechnolabs provides comprehensive support at every stage of development. Our dedicated team ensures smooth transitions, timely updates, and resolution of any issues, helping your app stay at peak performance.
  • Security: Security is a top priority in our development process. We implement robust authentication protocols and secure payment gateways to protect user data and transactions, providing peace of mind for both you and your users.


At iTechnolabs, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional mobile app development services that align with your business goals and exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers work collaboratively to create cutting-edge solutions that drive your digital transformation and help you stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Contact us today to start developing your next successful mobile app. Our commitment to quality, flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency, user experience, end-to-end support, and security ensures that your app stands out amongst the rest. 

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