Top 15 Parking Apps You need to check with Market size, Revenue and Cost 2024 [Updated]

top 15 parking apps you need to check with market size revenue and cost itechnolabs

In recent years, with the increasing number of people owning cars, the demand for parking spaces has surged, leading to a scarcity and rise in prices. However, there is a silver lining to this common problem – the rise of parking apps. These innovative solutions have gained immense popularity due to their ability to provide a convenient and hassle-free parking experience.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are now numerous parking apps available that can simplify the process of finding and paying for parking. Whether you are in a bustling city or a suburban area, these apps can help you locate available parking spaces with just a few taps on your smartphone. Not only do they save you time and effort, but they also offer features like real-time availability updates, navigation to the parking spot, and even cashless payment options.

In this article, we will delve into the world of parking apps and explore 15 of the best ones in 2023-2024. From apps that prioritize cost-effective parking options to those that offer exclusive perks and discounts, we have curated a list that caters to various parking needs and preferences. So, get ready to simplify your parking experience and bid farewell to the woes of finding a parking spot with these top-notch parking apps of 2023-2024.

Market size & Revenue of Parking App

1. ParkMobile


ParkMobile is a popular parking app that has been in the market since 2008. It allows users to find and pay for on-street and off-street parking spaces in over 350 cities across North America. The app offers features like reservations, real-time availability updates, and digital receipts for easy expense tracking.

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2. BestParking


As the name suggests, BestParking is a user-friendly mobile application that helps users effortlessly find the “best” and most cost-effective parking options in over 105 cities across North America. With its intuitive interface, the app simplifies the parking search process by comparing prices and locations across a wide range of parking facilities, including garages, lots, and street parking. Furthermore, BestParking goes the extra mile by offering exclusive discounts and deals for selected garages, ensuring that users can maximize their savings while enjoying a convenient parking experience.

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3. ParkWhiz


ParkWhiz is another popular parking app that covers over 250 cities in North America. The app boasts features like advanced search filters, real-time availability updates, and the ability to reserve parking spaces in advance. Moreover, ParkWhiz partnered with various sports venues and event organizers to offer specialized parking options for game days and concerts, making it a go-to choice for those attending major events. Users can also earn rewards and loyalty points with every reservation made through the app.

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4. Parkopedia Parking


Parkopedia Parking is a comprehensive parking app that provides information on over 70 million parking spaces in 15,000 cities across 89 countries. The app not only helps users find and compare available parking options but also provides detailed information such as rates, hours of operation, and user reviews for each facility. In addition, Parkopedia Parking offers reservation services for selected parking facilities and integrates with navigation apps to provide seamless directions to the chosen spot.

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5. SpotHero


SpotHero is a top-rated parking app known for its user-friendly interface and reliable booking system. The app offers real-time availability updates, price comparisons, and the option to reserve parking spaces in advance at over 5,000 locations in major cities across North America. Users can also earn rewards and access exclusive discounts through SpotHero’s referral program and partnership with various companies and organizations.

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6. PayByPhone


PayByPhone is a popular parking app that operates in over 400 cities worldwide. The app allows users to pay for metered street parking through their smartphones, eliminating the need for coins or physical parking permits. PayByPhone also offers features such as parking reminders and automatic extension of parking time if needed. Furthermore, the app integrates with navigation apps to provide directions to the chosen parking spot.

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7. The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot is a leading parking app for airport parking, with facilities in over 20 major airports across the United States. The app offers reserved and valet options, as well as rewards programs for frequent travelers. Users can also track shuttle buses and view real-time updates on their flight status through the app. The Parking Spot also has partnerships with various airlines and travel companies to provide additional benefits and discounts to users.

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8. SpotAngels

SpotAngels Parking

SpotAngels is a community-based parking app that relies on user-generated data to provide real-time updates and information on available parking spots. The app covers over 100 cities worldwide, with features such as street sweeping alerts, parking expiration reminders, and the option to add photos and comments for specific locations. SpotAngels also offers discounts for users who share their own parking spot data through the app. .

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9. Parkman


Parkman is a parking app that focuses on simplifying the parking experience for both users and lot owners. The app allows users to search, compare, and book parking spots in advance, as well as pay for street and garage parking. Parkman also offers features such as digital permits and automatic payment options for monthly parking subscriptions. For lot owners, the app provides tools for managing occupancy rates and pricing strategies.

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10. HonkMobile


HonkMobile is a parking app that offers on-demand reserved parking for daily or monthly use. Users can search for available parking spots in their desired area and pay through the app, eliminating the need for paper tickets or cash payments. The app also provides real-time updates on parking availability and pricing, as well as discounts for first-time users. HonkMobile has expanded to over 150 cities across North America since its launch in 2013.

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11. JustPark 

JustPark Parking

JustPark is a leading parking app that offers an extensive array of parking options to cater to every need. Whether you’re looking for convenient street parking, secure garage parking, or even the luxury of private driveways and spaces, JustPark has got you covered.

With the app, users can not only find parking spots but also reserve them in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, if your plans change or you need to extend your parking time, JustPark allows you to do so remotely, providing the utmost convenience.

What sets JustPark apart is its impressive network of partners, including renowned companies like Hilton, Mercedes-Benz, and NCP. Through these partnerships, JustPark users can enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts, elevating their parking experience.

Operating in over 45 countries worldwide, JustPark has established itself as a trusted and reliable solution for parking needs, making it the go-to app for seamless parking experiences wherever you are.

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12. ParkMe


ParkMe is an app that focuses on simplifying and optimizing the parking experience for its users. It offers real-time availability and pricing information for both street and garage parking, making it easier for drivers to find a spot quickly.

The app also includes features such as reservation options, parking reminders, and the ability to extend parking time remotely. But what sets ParkMe apart is its integration with various navigation apps, such as Google Maps and Waze. This allows users to seamlessly navigate to their reserved spots or nearest available parking options without any hassle.

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13. Parker


Parker is a highly rated parking app that prides itself on its user-friendly interface and extensive coverage of over 150,000 parking locations worldwide. With real-time availability and pricing information, users can easily find and reserve parking spots to fit their needs.

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14. Way parking app

Way - Auto super app

With Way, users can search for and book a parking spot in advance at over 150 airports, stadiums, and event venues across the US. The app also offers exclusive discounts and loyalty rewards for frequent users. In addition, Way partners with select venues to offer special VIP parking options for a premium experience.

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15. Parking Mate


Parking Mate is a user-friendly and comprehensive parking app designed to meet the specific needs of urban drivers. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, it provides real-time availability and pricing information for street, garage, and lot parking in major cities across the US. Whether you’re looking for a convenient parking spot for a quick errand or planning a day trip to the city, Parking Mate has got you covered.

In addition to its core functionalities, the app also offers a range of convenient features to make your parking experience even smoother. You can easily reserve a parking spot in advance, set reminders to avoid overstaying, and enjoy seamless payment options right from your smartphone.

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Check Out These 4 steps For easy parking

  1. Create an account and enter your payment information for quick and easy transactions.
  2. Search for a parking spot near your desired location, whether it’s a street, garage, or lot.
  3. Reserve your spot in advance or navigate to it using the app’s built-in GPS feature.
  4. Enjoy a hassle-free parking experience with convenient payment options and real-time availability updates.

What Makes Parking Apps Important?

In today’s fast-paced and bustling cities, parking apps have emerged as indispensable tools for drivers. With the ever-growing urbanization and a surge in the number of vehicles on the road, the need for efficient and convenient parking solutions has never been greater. These innovative apps not only save valuable time but also provide cost-effective options to overcome the age-old challenge of finding a suitable parking spot. 

By leveraging advanced technologies and real-time data, parking apps revolutionize the way we navigate through congested streets and help us reclaim those precious moments that would otherwise be wasted in endless searches for parking. Embracing these modern solutions is a testament to our adaptability and willingness to embrace the benefits of technology in simplifying our daily lives. So why stress over parking when you can rely on the power of smart parking apps to make your journey smoother and hassle-free?

  • Time-Saving:

Parking apps help users save time by offering real-time information about the availability of parking spots, thus eliminating the need to drive around in search of a vacant spot.

  • Cost-Efficient:

These apps often provide pricing information for different parking spots, enabling users to compare and choose the most cost-effective option.

  • Convenience:

With the ability to book a parking spot in advance, users can plan their trips better and enjoy a hassle-free parking experience.

  • Safety:

Parking apps often provide detailed information about the security measures in place at different parking locations, ensuring users can choose a safe and secure place to park their vehicles.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint:

By helping drivers quickly find a parking spot, these apps contribute to reducing carbon emissions that would otherwise be generated from vehicles roaming aimlessly in search of parking.

  • Integration with Navigation Systems:

Many parking apps integrate with vehicle navigation systems, guiding drivers directly to their reserved parking spot.

  • Multiple Payment Options:

Parking apps typically support multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets, making transactions simple and hassle-free.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

Users can leave reviews and ratings for parking spots, helping others make informed choices.

Which app is the best for locating parking garages?

One of the best parking apps for locating parking garages is ParkWhiz. This app offers real-time availability and pricing information for parking spots in over 250 cities across North America. It also allows users to reserve their spot in advance, making it convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, ParkWhiz provides detailed information about amenities and security measures at each location, ensuring a safe and comfortable parking experience.

Which App is best for Finding Parking at airports?

For those looking to find parking at airports, SpotHero is a top choice. This app offers discounted rates for airport parking and allows users to reserve their spot in advance. It also provides shuttle information and detailed directions to the selected parking location, making it easier for travelers to navigate unfamiliar airports. Additionally, SpotHero has partnerships with major airports across the United States and Canada, ensuring a wide range of options for users. Overall, these apps offer convenience, efficiency and peace of mind to users by simplifying the process of finding and reserving parking spots. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more innovative features from these parking apps in the future. 

Features of Parking Apps

Our analysis extends to comparing the pricing features of various parking apps. Different apps employ different pricing strategies which can significantly impact the user experience and app’s popularity.

  • Pay-per-use:

Some apps like ParkMobile and SpotHero use a pay-per-use model, where users are charged based on the duration of their parking. These apps usually have partnerships with parking lots and garages so the rates are consistent and transparent.

  • Subscription model:

Other apps like PassportParking offer a subscription model, allowing frequent users to pay a monthly fee for unlimited parking in designated areas. This can be a cost-effective option for daily commuters.

  • Hybrid model:

A few apps, like ParkWhiz, use a hybrid pricing model, offering both pay-per-use and subscription options to cater to a wider user base. This flexibility can enhance user convenience and satisfaction.

Our team conducts a detailed comparison of these pricing models, considering factors like user convenience, affordability, and overall value for money. This allows us to provide insights into the best pricing strategies for a parking app.

How Much Doest it Cost to Develop Parking App?

Developing a comprehensive parking app involves various factors that can significantly influence the overall cost. The cost to develop such an app can range from $20,000 to $50,000 for a basic version, but for a more advanced feature-rich application, it could soar to $100,000 or more. Factors affecting the cost to create a parking app include the complexity of the app’s functionality, the choice between native or cross-platform development, user interface and experience design sophistication, integration with existing systems, and ongoing maintenance and updates. Additionally, the cost to make the app will vary depending on the development team’s location and expertise. When budgeting for the cost to build a parking app, it is essential to consider these variables to ensure a functional, user-friendly, and reliable product.

Development Phase Cost Estimate
Basic App Creation $20,000 – $50,000
Advanced Features $50,000 – $100,000+
UI/UX Design Included in development
Integration Varies based on system
Maintenance & Updates Ongoing costs

How iTechnolabs can help to build best parking apps?

iTechnolabs is a leading technology company that offers comprehensive solutions for various industries, including transportation and travel. Our team of experts stays updated on the latest trends and developments in the market, including parking apps. We can help you get inspired by providing valuable insights and analysis on the best parking apps available in 2023-2024. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can guide you towards choosing the perfect parking app that suits your needs and preferences. We also offer custom development services to create a personalized parking app tailored specifically for your business or organization.

  • Market Research:

iTechnolabs initiates the process with extensive market research to understand the current trends, needs, and challenges in the parking industry. We analyze the best parking apps of 2023-2024 to understand their unique features, user-friendliness, and customer reviews.

  • Competitive Analysis:

Our team conducts a meticulous competitive analysis of various parking apps. From their core functionalities to their unique selling propositions, we cover all aspects to provide a comprehensive view.

  • User Trend Analysis:

We study user trends and behavior patterns to understand what customers expect from a parking app. This helps us identify areas of improvement for existing apps and potential features for new entries.

  • Technology Evaluation:

iTechnolabs evaluates the latest technologies used in the top parking apps. We explore how technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain can be leveraged to enhance the user experience in parking apps.

  • Insights and Recommendations:

After detailed analysis, iTechnolabs provides actionable insights and recommendations. We suggest the best parking apps to draw inspiration from, and how certain features can be incorporated or improved upon in your own app.

  • Custom App Development:

If you wish to develop your own parking app, our team of skilled developers and designers is ready to help. We can create a custom parking app, combining your unique requirements with our industry knowledge and technical expertise.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your parking app runs smoothly and remains up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. Our team is always available to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

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Are you looking to develop the best parking apps?

are you looking to develop the best parking apps itechnolabs

  • Real-time Availability:

Some apps, like ParkMe, excel in showing real-time availability of parking spaces. This feature is crucial as it saves users’ time and helps avoid unnecessary stress.

  • Navigation to Parking:

Apps like Waze and SpotHero offer a seamless navigation experience to parking lots, contributing significantly to a convenient and user-friendly experience.

  • Reservations:

Certain apps like JustPark have distinguished themselves by allowing users to reserve parking spaces in advance, which is a convenient feature for planning ahead.

  • Payment Options:

Offering various payment options is another key aspect that enhances user convenience. Apps like PayByPhone stand out by offering multiple payment methods including credit cards, debit cards and mobile wallets.

  • Customer Support:

Good customer support is the backbone of any service-oriented app. The best parking apps, such as ParkMobile, have robust customer support systems in place to assist users and resolve their concerns promptly.

  • User Interface and Experience:

We also analyze the user interface and overall experience of parking apps, as it plays a vital role in attracting and retaining users.

  • Simple and Intuitive Design:

A simple yet intuitive design is one of the key factors that make an app stand out from its competitors. Apps like SpotAngels have achieved this by offering an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface.

  • Efficient Search Function:

A powerful search function is another essential element that contributes to a positive user experience. Parking apps such as ParkWhiz have implemented effective search algorithms, making it easier for users to find parking spaces quickly.

  • Real-Time Updates:

Providing real-time updates about parking availability and prices is another feature that users highly appreciate. Apps like ParkMe excel in this area by constantly updating their information to reflect the current status of parking lots.

  • Additional Features:

Some parking apps also offer additional features that enhance the overall user experience. These may include:

  • Pre-booking Options:

Apps like Spothero allow users to reserve and pay for parking spots in advance, saving them time and hassle at the last minute.

  • Navigation and Directions:

Many parking apps offer navigation and direction services, helping users find the most efficient route to their designated parking spot. ParkWhiz is a great example of this, providing step-by-step directions to the selected parking lot.

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