15 Best Prank Apps For 2024: Elevate Your Pranking Game

iTechnolabs-Best Prank Apps Elevate Your Pranking Game

Pranking has always been a popular way to have some fun with friends, family, and even strangers. Historically, people have engaged in playful trickery to bring laughter, surprises, and sometimes even a bit of confusion, but it’s all in good spirits. From simple jokes like whoopee cushions and fake spiders to intricate setups involving fake news reports and staged events, pranks have evolved, reflecting changes in culture and technology.

With the rise of technology, pranking can now be taken to a whole new level with the help of various prank apps. These apps offer a wide range of innovative and hilarious pranks that are sure to bring out the mischievous side in you. From fake calls and messages that can be customized to fool even the most skeptical friends, to augmented reality tricks that make it seem like impossible things are happening right in front of your eyes, the possibilities are endless. Sound effects that replicate everything from breaking glass to ghostly whispers can add an extra layer of realism to your pranks.

Whether you’re looking to pull a harmless joke to lighten the mood or create an elaborate setup that involves multiple phases and participants, these apps provide the tools and inspiration to make your pranks unforgettable. They allow you to plan and execute pranks with precision, ensuring that your targets are caught off guard and everyone gets a good laugh. So go ahead, explore the digital world of pranking, and let your creativity run wild. With the right app, you can make every prank a memorable experience. So if you’re looking to up your pranking game, here’s a list of the top 15 best prank apps you should check out.

Top 15 Best Prank Apps, Every Need

1. Prankdial – Best Prank Call App

With a vast library of pre-recorded prank calls and the ability to customize your own, Prankdial is an app that will have you in stitches. This easy-to-use app allows you to browse through numerous hilarious scenarios, from outrageous conversations to absurd situations. Whether it’s a pretend call from a furious neighbor or a call from a fictitious celebrity, Prankdial has everything you need to execute the perfect prank.

Simply choose a prank call scenario that tickles your fancy, enter your unsuspecting victim’s phone number, and sit back to wait for the hilarity to unfold as they are put on the line with one of the prerecorded characters. You can even add custom elements to the prank call to make it more relevant and believable to your target. For added fun, you can listen in on the call as it happens or receive a recording afterward to share with friends, preserving the comedic moment forever.

This app is perfect for those looking to pull off a classic yet effective prank and create memorable moments of laughter. Whether you’re aiming to surprise a friend, pull a harmless prank on a coworker, or lighten the mood at a gathering, Prankdial provides endless entertainment and joy. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can jump right in and start creating hilarious moments. So if you need a laugh or want to inject some fun into your day, Prankdial is the ultimate tool for spreading joy and humor.

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2. Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises – Fart Sound Prank App

If you’re a fan of pranks and enjoy making people laugh, then the Fart Sound Prank App is a must-have on your phone. This app features a wide collection of hilarious fart sounds and other annoying noises that will have everyone in stitches.

With just a tap of a button, you can unleash different fart sounds like “The Wet One”, “The Squeaker”, or “The Loud and Proud” to surprise and amuse your friends. You can also choose from various other annoying noises such as burps, sneezes, and even animal sounds to add more variety to your prank repertoire.

But what sets this app apart is its customizable options. You can adjust the pitch, volume, and duration of the sounds to make them more realistic and convincing. You can also set a timer for the sound to go off, making it seem like someone nearby is the culprit of these embarrassing noises.

3. The Prank App – Last Prank App You’ll Need

If you want to take your pranking skills to the next level, then The Prank App is the perfect choice for you. This app offers a wide range of pranks that are sure to cause chaos and laughter wherever you go. From classic pranks like fake calls and cracked screen effects to more advanced features like voice changers and photo editing tools, this app has it all. It also includes a selection of hilarious videos and GIFs that you can easily share with your friends on social media platforms.

But what makes this app stand out is its “prank store” feature. Here, you can purchase additional prank options such as fake lottery tickets or fake parking tickets to add an extra twist to your pranks. You can even customize these pranks with personal details to make them more believable.

4. Crack & Break It! – Prank App To Break Stuff

Do you want to trick your friends into thinking they have broken their phone or computer screen? Look no further than Crack & Break It! This prank app allows you to create realistic cracked screen effects that will surely make your friends panic. You can choose from a variety of damage options, such as shattered glass or cracked paint, and even add sound effects for a more convincing experience.

But that’s not all – this app also offers other pranks like fake calls and sound effects, making it a great all-in-one prank app. Plus, you can easily adjust the level of damage on the screen to make it look more or less severe. So go ahead and give your friends a good scare with Crack & Break It!

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5. Who’s Calling Fake Caller – Another Prank Call App

If you love making prank calls, then Who’s Calling Fake Caller is the app for you. With this app, you can easily create fake incoming calls with custom caller IDs and ringtone selections. You can also choose from a variety of prank call scenarios, such as receiving a call from a celebrity or your significant other.

The best part? You can schedule these fake calls to come in at specific times, so you can really catch your friends off guard. And if they try to return the call, they’ll just be directed to an automated voicemail message. So why not have some fun and play tricks on your friends with Who’s Calling Fake Caller?

6. Fake All – Fake Texting Prank Apps

With Fake All, you can create fake text conversations and fool your friends into thinking they’re talking to someone else. This app allows you to customize everything from the contact name and profile picture to the message content and time stamps. You can even choose between different conversation styles, like iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

But that’s not all – Fake All also offers a variety of prank features, such as fake phone calls and simulated typing sounds to make it seem more realistic. So go ahead and have some fun with your friends by creating humorous or even awkward text conversations with this prank app.

7. Voice Changer Prank App – Fun with Your Voice

One of the classic prank techniques is to disguise your voice and make it sound like someone else. With the Voice Changer Prank App, you can do just that. This app offers a variety of voice effects and filters, from chipmunk to robot, that will transform your voice into something completely different.

Use this app to prank call your friends or simply make funny recordings to share on social media. You can even use it in person by hiding your phone and having the altered voice come out of a nearby speaker. With the Voice Changer Prank App, the possibilities for pranks are endless.

8. Funsta – Social Media Prank App

We all know how seriously people take their social media presence. That’s why Funsta is the perfect prank app for social media lovers. This app allows you to create fake posts, comments, and even DMs on popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly generate realistic-looking interactions that can fool even the most discerning eyes.

Imagine the fun of making it seem like your friend’s crush is finally confessing their love, or that a celebrity has reached out to them personally. With Funsta, you can craft elaborate scenarios that will leave everyone in stitches. The options for hilarious pranks are endless with Funsta, from faking viral posts to creating epic comment threads. It’s the ultimate tool for bringing some light-hearted mischief to your social media experience.

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9. Fake GPS Location Spoofer – Fool Your Friends

Have you ever wanted to make your friends think you’re in a far-off and exotic location? Or maybe just down the street at the fancy restaurant they’ve been dying to try. With Fake GPS Location Spoofer, you can do just that. This innovative app allows you to set a fake GPS location on your phone, making it appear as though you are anywhere in the world, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene beaches of the Maldives.

Use this app to prank your friends by sending them screenshots of you at famous landmarks or pretending to be on an extravagant vacation. Imagine their surprise when they see you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or lounging by the Great Wall of China. You can also use it for more practical jokes, like tricking someone into thinking they missed out on a surprise party because they weren’t at the right location. And it’s not just limited to pranking; you can also use it to test location-based apps, protect your privacy, or simply explore different parts of the world virtually.

The possibilities are endless with Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Whether you’re looking to have some fun with friends or find practical uses for location spoofing, this app provides a simple and efficient solution. So why not give it a try and see where your imagination can take you?

10. Ghost Prank App – Scare Your Friends

Halloween may only come once a year, but with the Ghost Prank App, you can spook your friends anytime. This app uses augmented reality technology to superimpose ghostly figures onto your surroundings, creating a realistic and terrifying experience. Simply choose from a variety of scary ghosts and place them in different locations around you. Then, use your phone’s camera to capture the scene and watch as your friends jump in fear.

Not only is this app great for pranking friends, but it’s also perfect for creating spooky videos or photos to share on social media. You can even add creepy sound effects to enhance the overall scare factor. And don’t worry about getting caught in the act – the app has a stealth mode that hides the ghost figure until you’re ready to reveal it.

So if you’re a fan of horror and practical jokes, the Ghost Prank App is a must-have on your phone. Just be prepared for some screams and laughs from your friends when they fall victim to your spooky pranks.

11. Dude Car Prank Pro – Make Your Friends Believe You Own a Luxury Car

Ever wanted to impress your friends with a fancy car? With Dude Car Prank Pro, you can do just that. This app allows you to superimpose luxury cars onto photos of yourself or others, giving the illusion that you own these expensive vehicles.

Simply choose from a variety of high-end cars, including sports cars and exotic models, and place them in the background of your photos. You can even add special effects like smoke and fire to make the photo look more realistic. Then, share the photo with your friends and watch as they believe you’ve upgraded your ride.

Not only is this app great for pranking friends, but it’s also perfect for creating fun and impressive social media posts. Just remember to let your friends in on the joke before they start planning a ride in your “new” car.

12. Bee Sounds – Scare Away Unwanted Visitors

Are you tired of pesky insects ruining your outdoor gatherings? Or maybe you just want to add some natural ambiance to your backyard. Either way, Bee Sounds is the app for you.

With a variety of bee and wasp sounds, this app can help scare away unwanted visitors or create a realistic environment. You can even control the volume and frequency of the sounds to suit your needs. And don’t worry, these are just recordings of bees and will not attract any real insects.

So next time you’re hosting a picnic or spending time in your backyard, turn on Bee Sounds and watch as those annoying bugs buzz off. Just be sure to warn your guests before using this app so they don’t get too frightened!  Keep enjoying the great outdoors without any interruptions from pesky insects with Bee Sounds.

13. Loud Pocket Horns – Make Some Noise

Are you tired of constantly yelling to get someone’s attention in a noisy environment? Or maybe you just want to add some fun and whimsical sounds to your daily routine. Look no further than Loud Pocket Horns, the ultimate app for all your sound needs.

This app features a variety of loud and playful horn sounds, perfect for getting someone’s attention in a crowded place, startling a friend for a good laugh, or just bringing some joy into your day. With Loud Pocket Horns, you have an extensive selection to choose from, including classic car horns that remind you of vintage automobiles, powerful air horns that cut through any noise, and even amusing cartoon horn noises that add a touch of humor.

Not only is Loud Pocket Horns easy to use, but it also offers customization options so you can pick and save your favorite sounds for quick access. Whether you’re at a sports event, a busy market, or just having fun with friends, Loud Pocket Horns is your go-to app for making sure you’re heard and entertained.

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14. Ghost Lens – Create Spooky Photos and Videos

Do you love all things spooky and supernatural? Want to add a ghostly touch to your photos and videos? Look no further than Ghost Lens, the ultimate app for adding creepy effects to your media.

With Ghost Lens, you can easily turn yourself or any object into a ghostly figure by overlaying transparent images onto your photos and videos. You can choose from a variety of spooky figures like ghosts, zombies, skeletons, and more. Not only that, but this app also allows you to add eerie filters, backgrounds, and sound effects for an even more chilling effect.

But don’t limit yourself to just scary images. With Ghost Lens, you can also create fun and playful edits by adding cute animal ears or silly hats to your photos and videos.

15. Yazzy – Create Fake Conversations and Social Media Posts

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends with a fake conversation or hilarious social media post? Look no further than Yazzy, the ultimate app for creating realistic-looking fake conversations and posts.

With Yazzy, you can customize every aspect of your fake content, from choosing the participants to crafting the messages and comments. You can even use popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for added realism.

But that’s not all – Yazzy also offers a wide range of pre-designed templates for creating jokes, memes, and even news articles. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild with this fun and creative app.

How much does it cost to build Prank Apps?

The cost to build prank apps can vary significantly based on a range of factors such as the complexity of the app, the features included, and the geographical location of the development team. On average, simple prank apps with basic functionalities like image editing or simple message crafting can cost between $5,000 to $15,000.

For more complex apps that include advanced features such as augmented reality effects, real-time processing, and integration with social media platforms, the development costs could range from $20,000 to $50,000 or more. Furthermore, ongoing maintenance, updates, and additional custom features can add to the overall cost.

  • Planning and Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand the target audience, analyze existing prank apps, and identify unique selling points. This stage often takes 2-4 weeks.
  • Designing UI/UX: Create a user-friendly and engaging interface. This includes wireframing, prototyping, and final design. Typically, this phase lasts 4-6 weeks.
  • Development: The actual coding of the app. For a simple app, development can take 6-8 weeks. Complex apps with AR features or real-time processing may take 12-20 weeks.
  • Testing and QA: Conduct extensive testing to identify and fix bugs. This involves alpha, beta, and user acceptance testing. This phase usually takes 3-5 weeks.
  • Launch and Marketing: Deploy the app on app stores and execute a marketing strategy to reach potential users. This takes around 2-4 weeks.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Continuously monitor the app’s performance, address user feedback, and release regular updates. This is an ongoing process and can vary based on user engagement and feedback.

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How can iTechnolabs help you to build prank apps?

iTechnolabs is a full-service mobile app development agency that specializes in creating high-quality and innovative prank apps. With years of experience in the industry, our team has the expertise to handle all aspects of app development, from initial planning to post-launch maintenance. We understand that every app idea is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements and budget. Our team will work closely with you to define your target audience, identify key features, and create a comprehensive roadmap for your app.

  • Expert Consultation: Provide initial consultations to understand your vision, objectives, and target audience for the prank app.
  • Customized Development: Offer tailored development solutions that align with your specific requirements and budget constraints.
  • Innovative Design: Design user-friendly and engaging interfaces that enhance user interaction and experience.
  • Agile Methodology: Implement a flexible and adaptive development process to accommodate feedback and changes quickly.
  • Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the app is free of bugs and delivers a seamless user experience.
  • Post-Launch Support: Provide ongoing maintenance and updates to keep the app in optimal condition and incorporate new features as needed.
  • Marketing Strategy: Assist with the deployment and promotion of the app to reach a wide audience effectively.

Are you planning to build a prank game app?

iTechnolabs-Are you planning to build a prank game app

Choosing iTechnolabs for developing your prank app comes with numerous benefits that set us apart in the industry. First and foremost, our expert consultation ensures that your vision is fully understood and translated into a functional and entertaining app. Our customized development solutions are specifically aligned with your unique ideas and budget constraints, offering a tailored approach that guarantees satisfaction. Our innovative design capabilities focus on creating user-friendly and engaging interfaces, which are critical in enhancing user interaction and enjoyment of the prank app.

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Our expert consultation guarantees that your vision and objectives are comprehensively understood and integrated into the app development process.
  • Tailored Solutions: We develop customized solutions that meet your specific requirements and budget, ensuring a bespoke product.
  • User-Centric Design: Our designs prioritize user engagement and interaction, creating interfaces that are not only functional but also enjoyable to use.
  • Adaptability: Using agile methodology allows us to be flexible and responsive, accommodating changes and feedback rapidly to refine the app continuously.
  • Rigorous Testing: We conduct thorough quality assurance testing to ensure the app is bug-free and offers a seamless experience to the end-users.
  • Ongoing Support: Post-launch support ensures that your app remains up-to-date and functions optimally, with new features being added as needed.
  • Effective Marketing: We help deploy and promote your app efficiently, ensuring it reaches and resonates with a wide audience, maximizing its potential impact.


At iTechnolabs, we are committed to bringing your prank app ideas to life. Our team of experienced developers and designers will work closely with you to understand and execute your vision, delivering a high-quality and engaging product that meets all your requirements. From initial consultation to post-launch support, we provide end-to-end solutions for your app development journey.

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What are the best prank apps?

There are many prank apps available, and the best one for you will depend on your specific preferences and sense of humor. Some popular options include “Fake-A-Call” for making fake phone calls, “Fart Sound Board” for playing funny sound effects, and “Scare Your Friends – JOKE!” for surprising your friends with scary pranks.

Are prank apps safe to use?

Most prank apps are harmless and safe to use, providing fun and laughter without any serious consequences. However, it’s always a good idea to check the app’s reviews and ratings before downloading to ensure its reliability and user satisfaction. Additionally, be cautious when using prank apps that require access to personal information or device features, as they may pose privacy risks. Always read the permissions and understand why the app needs certain access before allowing it. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your privacy and security.

Are prank apps free?

Many prank apps offer a free version with limited features, while others may require a one-time or monthly fee to access all their features. It’s important to read the app’s description and pricing details before downloading to avoid any unexpected charges. Some apps also offer in-app purchases for additional content or upgrades, so be aware of these options as well.

Can prank apps be used to commit crimes?

Prank apps are meant for harmless fun and should not be used for illegal or malicious activities. Using a prank app to commit a crime, such as making false emergency calls or sending threatening messages, is unethical and can have serious consequences. Always use prank apps responsibly and respect the boundaries of others.

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