Cost To Build a Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia, and Airbnb

Cost To Build a Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia, and Airbnb itechnolabs

It is now easy to purchase tickets, book accommodation, or even compare prices with just a few clicks from their phones because of a myriad of travel apps such as Airbnb. This is why the travel industry on the internet is getting more popular. According to Statista at 755.94 billion dollars, online travel sales in the world will increase substantially by 2022.

In the end, those who are looking to enter the tourism industry are finding this to be a smart investment. Read on to know how to create an app for travel like Airbnb as we will cover a variety of aspects within this post.

In the field of traveling apps, Airbnb has a lead in the group. This is why it could be beneficial to study the way Airbnb operates. This is why we begin this article by studying details about Airbnb and the ways it functions. So let’s get going.

Before we get into the analysis of how much Airbnb’s app costs, we’ll begin by examining some important elements that will aid in the evaluation process.

Deciding Factors To Build a Travel App Like Priceline Cost

Deciding Factors To Build a Travel App Like Priceline Cost itechnolabs

Apps such as Airbnb are classified under the analytical classification based on data which is moderately more expensive than a straightforward, simple application. This means that there are many factors that are derived from Airbnb’s tech stack to the locations of developers, which will assist in estimating the price. Check out these aspects:

1. App Design

An attractive and aesthetically pleasing plan is an essential element of Airbnb application, as it assists in attracting and holding customers. You must determine the most effective mobile app UI style trends that are able to be priced affordable, however, by using modern tools, costs could be reduced.

2. App Size

The size of the application is the totality of functionalities, and features that are similar to Airbnb’s app features, as well as other integrations that need to be integrated. It is possible to cut costs by looking at only the most important features which will allow you to get exactly what you want.

3. App Platform

The choice of the app development platform is among the easiest task as you know of the target audience. Furthermore, this is where the benefits of cross-platform application development can be utilized. But, apps on Android cost more than those on iOS since they have to be considered for certain devices.

4. App Development Team

The price for app development can also differ based on one topographical region and then the next. If you plan to develop your own Airbnb application development application for an Android or iOS application, make sure you choose the right developers to offer you a great app for a low cost.

5. App Development Tech Stack

The latest technological technology can be used in creating apps such as Airbnb. If you’re looking to create an application for mobile devices there are many leading programming languages like Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android).

In the context of the development of web apps programmers generally use JavaScript. Since there are a lot of choices for purchasing the tools can impact the overall price. Thus, deciding on the application’s size and platform is the most important factor to consider above.

Must-have Airbnb App Features & Their Costs

Functionalities and features are just one of the main elements that make an app distinct from other apps. To build an Airbnb Android app as well as iOS application development you must create a list of every essential feature. 

For Guests to Build a Travel App Like Priceline

For Guests to Build a Travel App Like Priceline itechnolabs

1. Registration

To start using apps like Airbnb customers need to sign up. The most common option is to provide users with passwords and email addresses. It is also essential to create a ‘Terms and Policy’ that is incorporated into mobile application onboarding because users have to be in agreement with the policy of usage.

2. Login

After registering the users must log in to the app with no difficulty. In this regard, it’s wiser to offer them several options for login using emails, Google records, and Facebook. Additionally, you should have features like ‘Failure to forget secret code’ or Log out to make applications such as Airbnb user-friendly.

3. Search

This capability is essential in any reservation solution. It’s better to offer an exhaustive pursuit plan for the second. The participants should have the opportunity to decide on dates for their journey and decide on the number of people to attend.

After setting the date, guests should look through a list of condominiums that include all the finer points such as pictures, portrayals, and comments The sky is the limit. In addition, tenants should select the appropriate work, verify the availability, then submit the demand for booking.

4. Favorites

This is an excellent feature for apps such as Airbnb since it allows users the ability to add locations they enjoy to their list. After that, they will be able to find the services more quickly.

5. Chats

After mentioning a stay the host and the guest may begin a conversation to discuss the nuances. It’s expected to provide the opportunity to send an image or video. Additionally, developers can include various statuses such as composing reading, composing, and more.

6. Profile

The Airbnb application allows two types of users namely hosts and visitors. Both of them need the opportunity to update their profile information and include required personal information such as full name age, gender, and so on. This is when the mobile app user’s persona can be useful to the Airbnb app’s features list.

7. Payments

It is acceptable to provide users with various payment options in order to make the process easy and secure. Also, there must be occasions for adding and removing Visas. There are many digital wallets that will assist in making this feature more accessible.

8. Order

The final important element of apps such as Airbnb is to mention the bookings or orders. The customers select the level or home to stay in and reserve it as long as the accommodation is available for the selected dates.

For Hosts to Build a Travel App Like Priceline

1. Accommodations

It’s among the main Airbnb app features that must be thought of by the property owner. They must show all the details, like choosing the kind of house to be used as well as the number of guests in the beginning. In addition, it’s necessary to allow for the transfer of photographs as well as other media, and make the charge for each night.

2. Requests

The proprietor must have a monitor that displays any solicitations from guests or users. Additionally, there is a chance to reject or acknowledge any form of solicitation.

3. Notifications

This is a great feature in the event of any changes to make applications like Airbnb beneficial. In the case of Airbnb, for instance, the user requested a reservation, and the owner can be issued an alert. Hosts may also be informed of unchecked check-outs and modifications to reservations in addition to the beginning of the list.

4. GPS

Visitors can browse the space where they want to be and find lofts, exciting sights, bistros, and more.

These fundamental aspects allow your app to be simple to use and beneficial. Then, you can include diverse highlights that progress to make it stand out.

In addition to the features mentioned above A few factors can completely alter the final cost. The most important ones are dashboards, plan platforms, regions, and dashboards.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Airbnb?

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Airbnb itechnolabs

This article has covered every aspect that can impact the cost of creating an Airbnb-like app:

1. The size of development teams

The team should comprise a project coordinator who is able to oversee the entire development process as well as a group of software developers (both the front and back end) as well as a team of UX/UI designers and Quality Analysis experts.

2. The number of platforms

It is possible to go using a single platform either iOS or Android or both, for the development of the application. The choice is in accordance with the audience’s location, device environment, and so on. For example, Android app development takes about 20-30% longer in comparison to iOS app development.

3. Complexity

It is up to you to decide on the features you want to include in your app. They are not common, the features vary from basic to complex to medium-high complexity. The time the developers take to put these features into place affects the cost of your application.

4. App Design

If you make use of special tools and graphics to design your app with an Airbnb-like style the cost for the app will be more expensive than if you use the standard design.

When we talk about the features of apps, keep your eyes on the approximate timing listed below covers all phases of creating an app feature that includes drawing logic, to testing. The mentioned features could be basic and simple or more complicated. We’ll discuss what the cost would be to develop an application similar to Airbnb.

So, when you are building an app for a single platform that has limited capabilities the Airbnb app’s cost is between $25 000 to $30 000. But, selecting platforms for iOS and Android that offer a variety of features will increase the price and could be as high as $5000-6000 total.

It is possible to gain a lot by investing in an investment application like Airbnb, due to the rapid growth of the marketplace for travel on the internet. Thus, it is prudent to take advantage of the opportunity and start the development process.

How much iTechnolabs Cost To Build a Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia, and Airbnb?

How much iTechnolabs Cost To Build a Travel App Like Priceline Expedia and Airbnb

There are many applications for booking hotels and accommodations rental apps that are available on different marketplaces for mobile apps. Making an app similar to Airbnb will require thorough research of the features, costs, and other important aspects.

At iTechnolabs, an on-demand development company we will assist you in creating a fantastic product that is able to meet the issues in the marketplace and bring a lot of attention to your company. We’ve been involved in these projects before so we know precisely how to begin with a blank slate or incorporate an existing mobile app.

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