iTechnolabs Developed A SaaS-based Solution For a US-based Automobile Title Management Agency

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The client required a dedicated team of developers, designers, quality analysts, project managers, and business analysts, for a specialized product. They wanted autonomous professionals to manage development from start to finish.

The Client

The client founded their company in 1974 with the aim to manufacture farm machinery independently. They are recognized for their powerful, high-performance machines. They prioritize agility and aim to delight customers. Their overarching goal is to drive positive change within the industry or community.

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led by – 1 Project Manager

Worked Upon By – .Net developers, business analysts, designers, iOS & Android developers,  and Quality Analysts. 

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The Problem Statement

The client wanted to collaborate with iTechnolabs to hire a dedicated in-house team for developing a domain-specific ERP product. They sought agility and expertise throughout the development process. Their primary requirement from a software partner was to allocate super efficient development resources to meet their needs. 

The client had clear plans, including user-stories for the project, but needed a development team with specialized industry knowledge to understand and implement them effectively. 

The Challenge

The client needed to expand their software team quickly but had trouble finding a reliable partner. They were looking for a partner that could learn about their product fast and had experienced developers. They also wanted a partner who could manage the team independently. 

iTechnolabs was able to help the client by providing a skilled team that could start working right away, conduct thorough research, and build a product specific to the client’s industry.

iTechnolabs also managed the team, making it easier for the client to focus on other aspects of their business. 

The Solution

iTechnolabs was equipped with a talented team of developers, designers, business analysts, quality analysts, all boasting extensive experience in product development. To address client requirements, iTechnolabs enlisted on-site professionals who were able to start delivering high-quality work from day one. 

The collaboration initiated with the deployment of business analysts and a project partner. It was tasked with mapping the client’s requirements and conducting in-depth research on building feature architecture. iTechnolabs then allocated suitable developers and designers to work independently on the project, aiming to develop robust ERP software for the agri-based manufacturing client. 

This approach highlighted iTechnolabs’ commitment to providing comprehensive solutions by leveraging its team’s expertise and closely collaborating with clients throughout the project. 

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Our Process

The client required a self-sufficient team to enhance their current skills. To fulfill the client’s needs, we followed a strategic process:

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Resource Allocation

iTechnolabs allocated the technical product manager and a business analyst who set the project groundwork. Senior resources established the project framework and milestones. iTechnolabs selected and deployed development resources. The project manager at iTechnolabs began the process. Experienced iTechnolabs staff proficient in Android, .NET, and iOS managed the pre-vetting and resource allocation for the project.

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Resource Administration

The team at iTechnolabs handled the client’s project using predetermined user stories. This approach motivated iTechnolabs to advance software development. A project manager oversaw the project, ensuring it met deliverable requirements and followed feature design. The manager also ensured the team and resources were feasible. This process ensured the project stayed on track and met the objectives.

The Result

iTechnolabs played a crucial role in assisting the client in expanding their business. We established a dedicated team for product development, allowing the client to deploy ERP software for the automation of marketing, sales, and custom-feedback. 

Our iTechnolabs team also created an on-demand team which led to a long-term partnership with the client. This engagement showcases iTechnolabs’ commitment to supporting the client in achieving their business goals. 

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