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iTechnolabs was hired to augment the client’s software development team. Their engineers collaborated with several specialists to resolve issues and improve the software, supporting the sports firm in creating high-quality software.

The Client

The client operates an Illinois-based sports analytics company that offers data collection and sports analytics to fitness customers and distance running teams. 

The platform was a mobile system with a universal timer, used by fitness coaches and teams (such as cross-country, distance running, and track-and-field) to collect data during training and sports. It enhanced their ability to track and analyze performance metrics.

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The Tech Stack

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The Tech Team Composition

Led By – Senior Engineer (also served as the SPOC)

Worked Upon By – QA resources, full stack developers 

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The Problem Statement

The client, active in the fast-paced industries and sports/fitness market, sought to understand iterative development. They believed this method, involving breaking down development into smaller parts for continuous improvement, was crucial. They emphasized the need for a skilled development partner with a track record of delivering intuitive applications for success.

The client also needed clarity on their software partner’s reliability and the dedicated team. They hesitated to work with a sweatshop or freelancer due to the complex nature of their project, which required inventive solutions. This apprehension stemmed from the need for consistent quality and expertise, suggesting a preference for a more dependable and skilled partner.

The Challenge

The sports company already had a basic application in the development phase. However, they needed help managing technical issues, bugs, and development sprints while collaborating with other teams. The client’s aim was to develop a high-performing application that could adapt to market feedback., deal with obsolescence, and grow iteratively based on customer input. 

The client partnered with iTechnolabs to provide experienced engineering professionals needed to detect and resolve technical problems and fix bugs in the software application.

The Solution

After a thorough research, the client selected iTechnolabs from among various agencies to augment their development team. Given their startup status, budget played a crucial role in choosing the ideal strategic partner. iTechnolabs was ultimately selected for our proven delivery strategy and ability to provide on-demand, cost-effective services.  

Team iTechnolabs provided senior-level engineering services to assist with bug-fixing and adjustments for the application. We collaborated with the client’s team to stabilize the platform by reengineering problematic sections. This involved working closely with QA specialists and principal engineers to improve the applications’ quality and reliability.

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Our Process

iTechnolabs followed its proven approach including vetting, allocation, and partnership for this engagement. 

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Mapping & Vetting Developers

After finalizing development and testing, iTechnolabs assigned a senior engineer as an SPOC to lead the project. We also designated developers to meet the client’s needs flexibly. Additionally, the senior engineer placed QA resources to manage bugs and ensure the client’s primary app’s viability.

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Team iTechnolabs employed Agile methodology, emphasizing iterative development and feedback loops. They conducted collaborative development sprints led by a Senior engineer. In addition, a senior resource focused on enhancing collaboration and reducing errors. Their approach aimed to create a seamless collaboration structure while ensuring the platform’s stability and reliability.

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Scaling & Reporting

The effectiveness of the work was gauged by the speed of resolving tickets. A senior resource provided objective results, assisting in fixing all platform bugs and ensuring smooth development, ultimately benefiting the organization and its team.

The Result

The Senior Engineers appointed on the client’s project by iTechnolabs took an agile approach. It enabled them in flexible development and constant reprioritization independent of strict deadlines. The executive’s focus on streamlined communication and talent acquisition enhanced problem-solving and project efficiency. This collaborative approach yielded a comprehensive, functional app, increasing its time to market. The app’s seamless functionality improved customer onboarding, ensuring a tangible return on investment (ROI) for the client. 

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