An Overview to Car Rental Mobile App Development: Features & Types

an overview to car rental mobile app development features & types itechnolabs

There are many excellent applications available for mobile devices. One may use a smartphone for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to creating to-do lists, online shopping, searching for employment, and preparing vacations. While some programs are widely used and lucrative, others are not as well-known but are nevertheless helpful. The creation of automobile rental apps has been extremely popular lately.

This is where Car Rental Mobile App Development is spreading rapidly. However, it is not simple to use this data to create a full-fledged company and automobile rental software. Simply slapping some ideas and functions together and calling it good is not enough. Let’s get deep in detail to understand the car rental mobile app features and types. 

Current Market Size of Car Rental

The rental automobile market is massive, and it continues to expand to meet the requirements of its customers. The widespread incorporation of commuting into daily life has been highly helpful to these businesses. Automobile rental is a segment of the rapidly growing on-demand transportation market.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are also participating in the automobile rental app market. Service providers are responding to the high demand for their products by bundling many features into a single app. Have a look at some data on the global automobile rental industry.

  • By 2020, the car rental market is expected to bring in $53.3 billion in revenue.
  • From 2020 to 2024, we anticipate a market volume of US$105,285m, representing a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 18.5% in revenues.
  • There will be 3.6% of the population using this service in 2020, and that number will rise to 7.1% by 2024.
  • Forecasts put ARPU at $203.37 (in current currency terms).
  • When compared to the rest of the world, it is the United States that will bring in the most money in 2020 ($16,155 million).
  • The Zoom automobile app, which launched in 2013 with only seven vehicles but now operates more than eighteen hundred, is one example of a successful transportation app in India. It has been said that the firm plans to increase its fleet size by 6,000 vehicles in the near future.

Enthralling features Involved in Car Rental Mobile App Development

enthralling features involved in car rental mobile app development itechnolabs

1. In-App Camera

It’s a hassle to have to take a photo of the document you want to upload and then hunt for it in the gallery. The feature, which makes use of the app’s built-in camera, will enable users to snap a photo of a document and share it in real-time.

2. Relationship Management 

Through customer relationship management, you may send out newsletters, emails, and discounts to your most loyal customers. It’s possible that this will be the beginning of a lasting friendship.

3. Timely Monitoring

Incorporating a GPS into your app is essential if you’re going to be renting automobiles and assigning drivers. Users and managers are able to monitor the rental car’s real-time GPS position on a map. For safety purposes, users may notice the admin and the loved ones of their present location or share it with them.

4. Payments made online

Online transactions were always straightforward, but the introduction of digital wallets made the process much easier. Prepaid reservations may be made using a credit card, debit card, or one of many electronic wallets in place of cash. Most automobile rental apps now let you pay online and provide booking confirmations digitally.

5. Cost Estimator

The cost of renting a car using an app is calculated by a complex algorithm that takes into account both the chosen vehicle and the rental period. The cost of using the automobile will be determined by the number of kilometers driven by the user.

6. Adding Files

Travelers who are planning a long trip or a family vacation may use this service to reserve drivers in addition to their rented vehicles. Specifying a choice while booking a rental car is an available extra.

7. Reservations Management

Users of any car rental app may modify existing reservations by reserving a vehicle for the desired period of time. This helps maintain openness and schedule visibility.

8. Protection of Private Information

Data leaks have become one of the most critical issues of the 21st century. In order to have an on-demand automobile rental app made, your consumers will have to trust you with their personal information. Users will trust your service more if you prioritize their safety by using the most advanced security measures available.

Types of Car Rental Mobile App Developments

types of car rental mobile app developments itechnolabs

These days, it’s commonplace to use a smartphone app to reserve a car. At the turn of the twentieth century, there were only three automobiles available for hire when the first thoughts for a car rental app solution were conceived. Now operating on a global scale, this enterprise offers a broad range of products and services.

01. Self-Driven Car Rentals

Here, companies create a car rental app to meet the transportation needs of those with driving privileges. It’s useful if you’ve just gotten your driver’s license but doesn’t yet own a vehicle. Maybe a vehicle broke down, and the owner needs a temporary four-wheeler to go about it. Customers may save money with this option if they just need a car for a short period of time, don’t want to deal with maintenance, or require a vehicle for international travel.

Users may reserve a car, van, truck, or luxury vehicle using a car rental app and pick it up from a nearby lot. Typically, the customer may pay for the service or add time to the rental agreement using a mobile app. An automobile may be returned to its designated area at a later time.

02. Rental Cars for Businesses

A business may provide car rental services to its clients so that its employees may travel to and from work more easily. Limited in its scope, the service is in great demand as of late.

03. Vehicle Rentals for Long Distance Trips

Taxi service The cost of traveling to a distant location is quite high. Renting a vehicle allows travelers greater freedom to go where they like. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, have your car rental app developer provide out-of-town pickup and drop-off possibilities.

04. Local Rental Cars 

Build a vehicle rental business for residents and tourists in your community. Let them borrow a vehicle, go anywhere they like, and settle the bill with you. If you could specify the kind of service you want to offer, it would help the developers as they design the features of the car rental system. In addition to simplifying the creation of your own company strategy, this will also facilitate the management of your track and revenue.

05. Planning Your Ride

If you need to travel to the airport tomorrow morning but are too tired or preoccupied to make the necessary arrangements, scheduling a taxi in advance is as easy as tapping a few buttons.

06. Reservations Management

In a vehicle rental app, the customer may take care of all of their reservations in one convenient location. Customer-level management is kept neat and organized, which saves time and boosts output.

07. Referral and Rewards Plans

Customers are encouraged to promote the app and use it often since doing so will earn them reward points that can be used for discounts. As a result, this function of automobile rental applications is quite helpful in attracting more clients.

Cost Estimation of Car Rental Mobile App Development

cost estimation of car rental mobile app development itechnolabs

The development cost of a vehicle rental app might be difficult to estimate. There are a variety of variables that significantly impact the total price. The software is being developed for many locations and has a variety of features and two major mobile operating systems (Android and iOS). The cost is affected by location since the hourly rate of developers varies greatly throughout the world.

In the United States, you may expect to pay between $150 and $250 per hour to employ a developer, whereas, in Europe, you can expect to pay between $120 and $180. A developer might be hired for an astonishing $40-$80 per hour in India. Remember that a lower price does not always mean bad quality. Whether or not a nation has a robust economy determines the price differential.

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Are You Looking for Car Rental Mobile App Development From iTechnolabs?

are you looking for car rental mobile app development from itechnolabs

The automotive industry has not been immune to the widespread impact of smartphones. Users and developers alike are showing a growing interest in car rental applications. These applications are useful for businesses because they allow them to promote their services, keep in contact with their clients, and even give them tailored discounts and specials. 

Creating a vehicle rental app is a fantastic app concept for your company since it allows you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers while also leaving a lasting impression on the market.

If you’re looking for car rental mobile app development, iTechnolabs is your place to visit. Consult with specialists over the phone or schedule a no-cost session on the web if you still have questions or concerns.

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