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iTechnolabs was hired by the client to develop a comprehensive solution to enable them to take their business online.

The Client

The client’s company based in Rochester specializes in integrating photo printing services with advertising on a unified platform. Their unique business model revolves around two key services: partnering with advertisers to market their services on the printing platform; and providing printing solutions directly to end customers. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By – Project Manager

Worked Upon by – 2 mobile app developers, 1 backend developer, 1 BA, 1 QA, 1 graphics designer. 

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The Problem Statement

The client was working on a unique concept for which they approached iTechnolabs. They wanted to refine the photo/printing industry by inviting other businesses on the client’s platform. Their unique approach involved keeping the platform free for the customers. 

The aim was to promote and sell the photo printing services at a comparatively low cost while improving the brand’s reputation. 

The client was just starting and had no technical knowledge or a dedicated software team to work on the project. Hence, they needed an end-to-end solution provider that could take over his project from planning the architecture and UX to developing and deploying. They also wanted somebody to assist them with building a mobile app for their product. 

The Challenge

The project was required to begin from scratch. Hence, team iTechnolabs has to imagine, plan, and construct the foundation and the product itself. This involved outlining user experiences, designing user flows, structuring software, and selecting the best tech stack. 
Throughout the development process, team iTechnolabs had to guide the client in turning their vision and expectations into tangible features and technical aspects. This involved regular collaboration, daily interactive sessions, and check-ins where ideas were discussed and visualized on storyboards or whiteboards. 
Team iTechnolabs was responsible for illustrating, building, analyzing, and explaining the product.

The Solution

The project’s journey began with a dynamic trio: the insightful business analyst, the organized project manager, and the creative graphic designer. Together, they created a storyboard, painting a vivid picture of the client’s picture. These sessions were crucial, laying the groundwork and enabling the client to envision the end product. 

iTechnolabs appointed three skilled developers to identify the best technologies for the project and build its architecture. The project manager maintained open communication with the client. This ensured a collaborative, feedback-driven development process. This approach allowed the team iTechnolabs for continuous improvements, ensuring the final products meet the client’s needs.

This involved regular updates and walkthroughs to incorporate the client’s business and strategic insights into the product they envisioned. 

In addition, iTechnolabs tailored a budget-friendly hosting framework for the client who was constrained by limited funds and a pressing need for a quick market debut. This solution ensured top-notch performance and scalability without burdening the client financially. It was a strategic move to meet the client’s urgent time-to-market demands while keeping costs low. 

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Our Process

Team iTechnolabs followed a strategic stepwise process to meet the client’s goals and requirements: 

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Mapping The Project

At the project’s outset, iTechnols took on the exciting challenge of creating a storyboard and architecture. This involved assigning a skilled team, including a PM, BAs, and a Senior Graphic Designer. Together, they visually mapped out the project’s flow and technical structure, encapsulating its complexity in a clear and documented manner.

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Collaborative Development

The client outlined their needs and goals, which led to a hiring process for E-commerce experts. Candidates were carefully chosen after vetting and interviews. Once selected, the PM collaborated with the developers’ team. This structured approach of iTechnolabs ensured the project’s success by aligning skills with client’s expectations.

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Agile Development

The project started from scratch, requiring an agile approach. It involved continuous feedback, iterations, and adding new features, to meet evolving requirements and expectations.

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Scaling The Project

After the initial development stages, a seasoned QA expert joined the team to ensure a flawless app. This move freed up developers to add new features and accelerate app development. The QA expert’s role was crucial for bug-free performance, making the process smoother and more efficient.

The Result

The project delivered by iTechnolabs enabled the client to enter the online market successfully, attracting a loyal customer base. 

Our solutions streamlined operations, making it easy to onboard advertisers and generate consistent revenue. It also enhanced the platform’s functionality and aesthetics, impressing stakeholders. The quick-time-to-market attracted investors, fuelling further growth. By optimizing resource allocation, the client reduced IT costs, extending their startup runaway. 

Overall, iTechnolabs solutions not only promoted business growth but also increased efficiency and profitability. This positioned the client as a formidable player in the industry.

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