Case Study: iTechnolabs collaborated with a Global Print Media Company To Develop Their Custom-Built Client Portal

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iTechnolabs was hired to develop a portal as a one-point integration for gallery software and E-commerce companies. The goal of the portal was to connect to a network of photography labs across the client’s targeted market.

The Client

The client’s company is a leading distributor in the photography industry, specializing in paper and media products. Their digital marketing platform was highly popular in Australian and North American markets. To grow further, the client set their sights on developing an e-commerce marketplace that serves as the hub in their industry. The aim of the marketplace was to offer a convenient one-stop shop for their needs. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By: 1 Project Manager to lead the SCRUM team 

Worked Upon By: 5 full-time developers

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The Problem Statement

The Hong Kong-based print media company was looking for scalable options to ensure optimal growth of their project. They decided to begin with a basic version (MVP) and then improve it based on customer feedback. The idea was to enhance the product by adding features according to user needs. 

For this, they wanted their software development partner to dedicate a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for communication who could regularly communicate, offer a competitive price and allocate skilled resources for the project. 

The client began their project with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to reduce development costs. They aimed to lower the total cost of Ownership (TCO), which includes all costs associated with owning and operating their product. To achieve this, they sought a strategic partner, with the infrastructure and services to enhance profitability. 

The Challenge

The media firm’s digital imaging platform was popular in North America and Australia. They still needed a comprehensive platform to integrate their services and simplify partnerships with photography production companies and photo websites. This was required to enhance their services and simplify partnerships. 

The client’s goal was to create a smooth process for consumers to order, develop, and publish photos. The client and his team partnered with iTechnolabs to develop their custom software product. This software aimed to help companies provide this seamless experience and build a network of service providers. 

The Solution

The client divided the project into five phases. In the first stage, a feasibility architecture was developed to define the project’s scope. In the second stage, a business analysis was appointed to write high-level user stories in collaboration with the client’s team. Lastly, the project implemented SCRUM practices for iterative development. 

The client’s focus was acquiring resources from iTechnolabs for development sprints. At last, thorough testing was done for auditing the code, and checks to ensure the successful delivery of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). This was a product version with enough features to satisfy the needs of early customers and improved based on their feedback in the future. 

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Our Process

iTechnolabs followed its strategic process, including mapping, vetting, and collaboration to get the desired results out of this collaboration. 

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Mapping & Vetting Resources

On finalizing the scope of development and testing, team iTechnolabs assigned a senior developer as the SPOC for the client. The developer oversaw the project, managed the team of developers to meet the client’s needs, and allocated QA resources to handle bugs and assess the client’s app. This ensured smooth development and testing processes for the client’s software.

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iTechnolabs’ team followed Agile methodology, with a focus on iterative development and feedback loops. They worked in collaborative sprints with a Senior Developer, aiming to create a seamless collaboration framework. Their focus was on reducing errors and issues in the platform. This approach allowed iTechnolabs to continuously improve the software, ensuring it meets the needs of stakeholders.

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Scaling & Reporting

The senior resources’ impact was gauged by the speed at which they handled tickets, showing tangible results. They helped fix all platform bugs, and ensured smooth development, indicating their effectiveness in managing issues, and improving operations within the organization.

The Result

iTechnolabs’ customized solution allowed the client to easily adjust their operations as needed. This also eliminated the need for additional hiring. Itechnolabs considered the total cost of ownership and project timeline, taking full responsibility for the project’s success. They provided high-quality, tailored resources, pleasing the client’s internal stakeholders. 

Here are the actions taken by our dedicated and skilled iTechnolabs team:

Team iTechnolabs is still working on the development of the platform for the media company. 

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