A Complete Roadmap of React Native App Development

Complete Roadmap of React Native App Development

No one in this galaxy has the audacity to refute the fact that React native framework is the real OG as far as cross-platform app development is concerned. With its inception in 2013 and its sensational public release in 2015, react native truly shifted the paradigm of the mobile app development arena. 

If it was not for react native, who would have then thought that apps could be built for both iOS and Android devices using just one single codebase? Someone would have, but certainly much later down the line. All credit goes to react native for web and mobile because of which development costs, efforts, time, and worries have nearly halved. 

If you are someone who would like to develop and release a mobile app for both iOS and android, but are running short of crucial finances, just go for the OG. However, we understand that there is plenty of room for doubt and confusion with other cross-platform app development frameworks in picture. 

Hence, we have brought this blog for you where we would answer many relevant questions with regard to react native for android and iOS. We bet that there will be no confusion left when you finish reading this blog. So, gear up!

What is React Native?

Simply put, react native is a open-source, cross-platform app development framework that is based upon the JavaScript programming language. It makes use of React UI library and creates a single codebase for the purpose of crafting mobile apps for both android as well as iOS platforms. 

Initially devised by the great Facebook in order to rectify its approach towards developing its own mobile app, react native framework was publicly released in 2015 and instantly became a hit among those who are in want of time and finances for separate iOS and android app development

In three words, react native is simple, dynamic, and groundbreaking and has been readily deployed in very renowned mobile applications. For your reference, we have listed some of those mobile applications below – 

  • Facebook (Ofcourse!)
  • Instagram (Is there any doubt?)
  • Facebook Ads (Duh!)
  • SoundCloud Plus
  • Walmart
  • Bloomberg
  • Pinterest
  • Discord
  • NerdWallet
  • Flipkart

How Does React Native work?

The working of react native for android and iOS is pretty interesting. The framework writes a single codebase in JavaScript programming language and at the same time, assures to offer a native (or almost native) experience to its users of both android and iOS devices. 

It is very well known that Android is based upon Java/Kotlin, whereas iOS is founded upon Objective-C/Swift. As we can see, the programming language of the react native framework and the target operating systems are different, communication is not feasible without the existence of a bridge-like structure. 

The bridge turns the JavaScript code data into a set of commands that android and iOS devices could understand. This way, the communication takes place that facilitates seamless working of the application with an almost native interface. 

What are the Advantages  of React Native?

The benefits of react native have been stated as under – 

  • Code Reuse – 

With react native for android and iOS, you have to write just one single codebase and you are done with almost 90 percent of your coding work for both android as well as iOS platforms. 

Moreover, if you have a website built using React native library, it would be a cakewalk for you to make a mobile app out of it because you are using react native framework. 

  • Large Developer Community –

As an open-source cross-platform framework, react native has garnered support from thousands of developers who test, support, and update it on a regular basis.

So, do not fret if a certain react native query is bothering you as there are thousands of react native developers ready to help you and resolve any of your queries. 

  • Third-Party Integrations – 

By having JavaScript as its programming language, react native framework opens an array of third-party APIs for the purpose of integration. 

With diverse API integrations, you can improve the functionality of your mobile application and ameliorate its app experience. 

  • Simplified UI – 

React native framework uses react library, which in case makes best use of component-based approach in order to craft app interface design in no time. 

By creating, using, editing, and reusing multifarious components all across the mobile application, react native framework saves loads of time and efforts. 

  • Efficient Performance – 

We admit that react native framework produces applications that are almost native and not exactly native. However, the ‘almost native’ performance works quite well. 

Moreover, react native framework uses graphic processing unit, which bolsters the performance and efficiency of the react native mobile apps.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App using React Native for Web and Mobile?

Generally, the react native app development cost can range between $ 20000 to $ 300000. For example, we have presented below the react native development cost estimation on the basis of size and complexity of a react native app – 

  • Simple App – $ 15000 to $ 30000
  • Complex App – $ 30000 to $ 75000
  • Highly Complex App – $ 75000 to $ 300000

However, this is a general cost estimation and may be affected by a number of variables that have been mentioned below for your reference – 

App Complexity – 

It goes without saying that the more complex a mobile app is, the more you would have to pay in order to develop it and vice-versa. 

Complexity of an app can be gauged by a number of factors which can be as under – 

  • In order to save some precious money, you may be ready to go for a ready-made architecture instead of getting a custom one built for your mobile app
  • You may want to loosen some purse strings in order to have an admin panel that has features to make it more intuitive and intelligent.
  • It is always wiser to not think of money and integrate your react native mobile app with devices’ in-built features to amplify its performance

App Category – 

The mobile app, you would be putting all your efforts into building, will have a notable influence on your react native mobile app development cost. How it would has been explored below – 

  • If gaming app with high-end animations is what you are trying to create, then ample money is what have got to spend
  • You may not have to splurge money in case of, let’s say, an ecommerce app or a on-demand delivery app as you have done in the case of a gaming app
  • However, in comparison to other apps, the react native app development cost may be equal to nothing in case an app is just used for setting alarm or writing journals

UI/UX Design – 

Design is the essence of an app. Even if you have to spend more money than you have stipulated in order to create a design that is intuitive, systematic, and engaging, just go for it. 

Some pointers to keep in mind as far as UI/UX design cost is concerned – 

  • Native app design cost for iOS and android will always be greater than react native design cost for iOS and android
  • The more complex your design elements are, the more will be the design cost (Pretty obvious, right?)
  • Ofcourse, the skills, expertise, portfolio, and experience that your designer(s) boasts off

Team Size and Location – 

This is a crucial factor. The people who will develop your react native app and their respective location would largely impact your react native app development cost. How? Let us see – 

  • If quality is your top priority, do not go for freelancers because they may be cost-effective but quality would be at risk
  • In such cases, react native app development companies are a better option as they can help you strike a perfect balance between quality and price
  • Also, you must ensure that your app development team has a mix of professionals who works perfectly for your app

App Maintenance –

Maintenance is the key if you are eyeing on the long-term prosperity of your app. The cost of maintenance are fixed costs that you must incur for the scalability and sustainability of your app. 

The maintenance costs are inclusive of the costs mentioned below – 

  • Regular maintenance, which includes fixing all sorts of glitches
  • App updates by releasing newer and improved versions of the mobile app
  • Debugging in order to resolve all the bugs that bug your users’ app experience

Create Dynamic Apps with React Native for Web and Mobile 

React native for web and mobile has been a revolutionary step in the development world, if you ask us and the whole web and app developer community. Afterall, it allows you to develop high-performing applications for both web, android, and iOS in one go, saving a lot of your money, time, and efforts. 

Therefore, if you are someone who is looking to harness this incredible development tool, iTechnolabs is here to serve you. Our developers have been using react native for web and mobile for years and know the framework like the back of their hands to create something extraordinarily powerful for web and mobile. 

As a react native mobile app development company, we have worked for a plethora of businesses and know better what works and what does not in each of those business arenas. There will be no compromise on research, strategy, and quality of efforts on our part. All you have to do is contact our consultants, share your app vision, and discuss and define the best app development path for you. 

react native

As a leading custom react native app development services, iTechnolabs has no match. Consultancy, strategy, design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance – we offer all kinds of react native app development services at prices that are simply affordable. Our developers are competent experts with regard to react native for android and iOS and are certainly capable of creating secure and scalable app experiences. 

Our top react native app development company leverages cutting edge technologies in order to create applications that have a distinctive edge. Our affordable hiring models make sure that you get apt react native app development services at prices that fall within your budgetary expectations. Talk to our consultants today for valuable market guidance and support. 


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