What is the Cost of EatEasy Like App Development in Dubai, UAE?

what is the cost of eateasy like app development in dubai uae

Hopelessly bland, lifelessly numb and tediously soul-crushing – that is what Monday blues are. And the only antidote to these hellish Monday mornings is the anticipation of ordering a cheese-dripping hamburger in the evening. 

Food – is it not the only answer to almost every emotional drama we put ourselves into? A very special thanks to all the food delivery apps which have been bringing our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to our bed on days when getting out of bed was not an option. 

If you are someone who is aspiring to develop a food delivery app, we just want to say that we absolutely support you from our heart and soul. Also, one of the many reasons why we wrote this blog to offer you a comprehensive guidance regarding the cost of EatEasy like app development. 

EatEasy as an inspiration was a very obvious choice that we made here. Afterall, EatEasy has been a very prominent player in the food delivery market in UAE. With its stimulating design and structured architecture, the app enjoys a massive consumer base in UAE.

What are some of the features that must be on your food delivery app?

what are some of the features that must be on your food delivery app itechnolabs

Before getting straight into the question of cost, it is quintessential to understand the complex dynamics in which a food delivery app works. 

There are four major stakeholders concerning a food delivery app – consumers, restaurant, delivery personnel, and administration (which will be clearly you). Four distinctive modules will be designed for each of these four stakeholders and all the four modules will collectively come under the main app idea. 

In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the app concept, we will list down below the distinctive features of all the four modules – 

1. Consumer Module – 

  • Login – 

Obviously, as soon as the app has been downloaded, the consumer should be given the opportunity to register via an email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. 

  • Search – 

The consumer must be able to conduct a custom research through the app using names of food, cuisine, or restaurant. 

  • Cart –

Also, a cart is a must-have feature in case of food delivery apps. Else, where would you put your selected foods into? 

  • Multiple Addresses – 

Ordering food will be easy-peasy if a consumer can already save a number of relevant addresses on the app. 

  • Payment Integrations – 

Give your consumers as many payment gateways as possible to let them know that you think of their comfort. 

  • Delivery Tracking –

What is the use of the food delivery app if you cannot eyeball the movement of your delivery personnel on the app? 

  • Feedback – 

Give your consumers a chance to provide you with feedback and you automatically get a satisfied consumer. 

  • Push Notifications –

Your consumers will not dare to abandon you if you send them frequent notifications of huge offers and discounts.

2. Delivery Personnel Module – 

  • Login – 

Just like your consumers, render multiple login options to your delivery personnels so that they can start using the app 

  • Delivery Notification –

Notify your delivery personnel with regard to the pickup and delivery address of the intended delivery and offer him a choice to accept or reject it  

  • Offline – 

Your delivery personnel cannot work 24 hours a day. Give him an option to get offline and get no delivery requests 

  • Status Update – 

Give your drivers the power to update their activity so that the consumers are always well-informed. 

  • History –

Create a panel on the module of delivery personnel where they can get an extensive account of their work with respect to the number of orders delivered, money earned, etc. 

  • Navigation – 

Make sure that your delivery personnel does not get lost and makes a timely delivery via an effective mapping service on the map.


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3. Restaurant Module – 

  • Login – 

For any module of any app, login becomes a crucial first step. Provide your restaurant with various login options

  • Order Management –

There should be a panel on the module of the restaurant purely for the purpose of helping it to manage its orders 

  • Menu – 

Restaurant should be able to edit and manage its menu so that the consumers get an efficient service

  • Feedback –

Rating offers a golden opportunity to the restaurants to know their strengths and work upon improving their services 

  • Status Update –

Would it not be great if restaurants are also able to update the status of the order before it is handed over to the delivery personnel?

4. Admin Module –

  • Login – 

There must be a feature to facilitate the login onto the admin module of the food delivery app via contact number, social media accounts, email ID, etc. 

  • Admin Dashboard – 

Have a dashboard on your admin module where you can have a close look at all the consumers, restaurants, and delivery personnels 

  • Order Management – 

It is the admin module where all the orders concerning all the restaurants can be viewed and managed by the admin 

  • Payment Management – 

An admin module is nothing without a dashboard that has the list of all the orders and the status of their payment transactions 

  • Reports – 

With all sorts of reports and analysis, the admin module will be superpower for you using which you can devise further strategies for your app 

  • Consumer Support – 

Enhance the experience of your consumers by enabling a consumer support on the admin module of the app

How do apps like EatEasy make money?

how do apps like eateasy make money itechnolabs

When you develop a food delivery app like EatEasy, multiple doors of revenue get opened for you. A reason why apps like EatEasy are earning millions as profits. 

Given below are the major three sources through which food delivery apps like EatEasy earn money –

  • Commission – 

An order gets placed on your app for a restaurant and your delivery personnel delivers the order. You get to charge commission for the order delivered.

  • Advertisement Charges – 

A restaurant wants to get listed either on the top of the searches of the consumer. It pays your fee for advertisement.

  • Membership Fee – 

You can provide a premium service at the payment of a one-time or regular subscription to your consumers.


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What is the cost of EatEasy like app development in Dubai?

After discovering the sources of revenue that the food delivery app will open for you, you must be tempted to craft an application like EatEasy as soon as possible. However, just wait there. Allow us first to apprise you of the expense that you may have to incur for developing a food delivery app. 

It takes an average of 650 development hours and $ 60000 to make a food delivery app. However, this is a very generalised idea of the required time and expense and is not representative of the various variables that significantly influence the behaviour of the total cost of developing a food delivery app like EatEasy. 

We have listed below plethora of factors that affect the cost of developing a food delivery app –

Factors How do factors affect the app development cost?
Size of the app The more the size, the more the time taken to develop the app and hence, the more the cost of app development and vice-versa
Features  The more the number of features, the more the cost of app development and vice-versa
Complexity The sophistication of the features of the app positively influences its cost of development
Design The designing of the app includes design research, UI design, UX design, animation, and branding and directly influences the cost of the app
Location of the development team If the app development team is located in developing nations, the cost of development will be lesser, whereas the cost of app development swells if the app development takes place in developed nations

Keeping in mind the aforementioned factors and their respective relationship with the cost of developing an app like EatEasy, take all the app development decisions.

What are the various factors for EatEasy Like App Development? 

what are the various factors for eateasy like app development itechnolabs

We have told you vividly about the cost of EatEasy like app development. You are almost ready to start the development process of your own food delivery app. Yes, almost ready because not all the information has been delivered to you yet. We still have not notified you of the variables that you need to keep a tab on before you kick off the app development process. 

The factors that you have to consider before you start off the development process of an EatEasy like app are stated below –

  • Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants – 

It is quite simple. Why are you grinding away your days and nights in a food delivery app? Why? Why? 

To make money? To do a business? Right? Therefore, it is important for your app to be feasible from the business point of view. A momentous element of your app business is … (drumrolls)…restaurants. Find restaurants that want to be listed onto your app. Focus on all sorts, all sizes of restaurants because the rule is quite clear here – the more restaurants, the more variety of food needs you are able to fulfil.

  • Look into the Competition –

“Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” We bet that no one in the entire world has the audacity to question Chineses philosopher, Sun Tzu. 

Therefore, leave everything aside and do only three things – research, research, and…(any guesses)…research. Know your competition deeply, intimately, thoroughly. Afterall, the food delivery app segment is already jammed with zillion players catering customers well. You need to study them and be clear on the following fronts – 

  • What are the unique selling points of all the contending players in the market?
  • How can you differentiate your app from all the other apps working in the market?
  • Why should restaurants partner with you when they are already partnered with some of the leading food delivery apps?
  • How can you persuade your potential consumers to order food via your app when they have been already doing so via other apps?
  • Pick a Platform –

You have to make the choice. A platform or platforms need to be picked up. Therefore, think, think more, overthink if possible!

You have three option when making a platform choice is concerned – 

  • Just get your app developed for Android devices. The native app will obviously accentuate the user experience and will have economical cost when compared to other two options. Also, think about the humongous user base that android devices boast of
  • How about only iOS devices? Though a bit costlier to produce, iOS apps have the ability to have stimulating UI/UX design. The iOS devices do enjoy a loyal consumer base which is an advantage of producing an iOS app
  • Do you not want to take a chance to leave any set of consumers? Then, create two distinct native apps for both iOS and android platforms. Mind you, the cost and the time of development may shoot up
  • Do not worry! We have a fourth option for you which is cross-platform app development. Using a single codebase and the cost of development of a single app, you can create an app that works on both the platforms. However, user experience might suffer a bit, but you are gonna save a lot of money and of course, time. 
  • Pick an App Development Company –

How about we agree that outsourcing the development of your app to an app development company is the best resort for you? 

Hiring an app development company can be a grinding task. You may have to look into the following points while making a hiring decision – 

  • You cannot skip to take a long, paused glance at the portfolio of the company
  • Make sure that the company has an experience in the food delivery segment of the market
  • Take time to check out the performance of the food delivery and other apps that the company has crafted
  • Know in detail the experience, education, and certifications of the developers and analyse if it suits you
  • Get to know the technological infrastructure of the company and check if it will be able to fulfil the technical requisites of your app
  • Talk to the developers, comprehend their personalities, and know whether their persona is compatible with the development process of your app

All the above actors are majorly significant. Do not dare to overlook them because they will be hugely responsible to set a strong foundation for the development process of an app like EatEasy.

Do you want to know the cost of EatEasy like app development?

do you want to know the cost of eateasy like app development itechnolabs

It is simple. When you are hungry, order food. When you want to develop an app, contact iTechnolabs. With years of experience in the app development domain, iTechnolabs endeavours to develop and deliver the best versions of your app dreams. Our developers are just stunners when it comes to their advanced skills and incredible experience. 

The developers at iTechnolabs leverage the state-of-the-art technology available to them and create apps that are secure, sophisticated and superb in terms of their functionality and user experience. iTechnolabs makes certain that you pay a reasonable cost for EatEasy like app development through its strategic models. Get in touch with iTechnolabs today and start your food delivery app development journey. 

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