Total Cost To Build A Food Delivery App Like EatClub

total cost to build a food delivery app like eatclub itechnolabs

Finding our most loved and delicious foods in just a few minutes to be delivered to your doorstep is an amazing feat. The story of the development and evolution of the food delivery online system in India began around fifteen years ago in Mumbai. Since then, the on-demand food delivery market within India has grown by introducing hundreds of applications for food delivery available for Android as well as iOS.

Android, as well as iPhone and internet users, can simply use the applications to look up their preferred nearby eateries, order diverse food items and receive appealing discounts from the brands. Also, online food delivery applications aren’t just great for ordering food items they also provide endless savings and easy door-to-door delivery.

It is among the major reasons for the huge growth of the food delivery business in India as well as the USA and other markets. Utilizing a system of riders and sophisticated technologies for tracking location, applications for food delivery (Android/iOS/Web) facilitate efficient and cost-effective delivery methods.

In the article, we’ll provide you with some information about what it will cost to build a food delivery app like EatClub and Uber Eats. However, prior to our main discussion on the cost of the food delivery service app cost, let’s take the time to look over a short description of the EatClub app.

What Is All About EatClub?

PHPL’s EatClub is among the most popular online food delivery applications for Android and iPhone/iOS. It is India’s biggest on-demand food delivery service which serves customers in metro areas such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

It is a collection of the top Indian restaurant brands like BOX8, Mojo Pizza, Globo Ice Creams, Itminaan Biryani, Mealful Rolls, NH1 Bowls, and LeanCrust Pizza, etc., EatClub offers a selection of food products including meals and pizzas to delicious gravy and desserts.

That’s why it has been included in the top list of mobile apps for food delivery in India. The most popular online food delivery application has caught the attention of more than 1 million customers.

Features and Functionalities That Made EatClub The Best Food Delivery App In India

EatClub is the leading online food delivery service in India. Its user-friendly and simple features are the primary reason behind its huge popularity in the Indian livery and food market. Of course, simple-to-utilize features and reliable services are the other main factors to surpassing a million downloads mark.

If you’re planning to engage the best mobile application development firms located in India or USA to create EatClub as well as UberEats or Zomato similar to popular applications for food delivery, make sure you incorporate all the below features to make it easier for downloads faster and increase user satisfaction. EatClub’s development of a clone app that incorporates the below features is a fantastic idea to reach the next step.

Let’s review the most appealing features of food delivery apps such as EatClub.

let's review the most appealing features of food delivery apps such as eatclub itechnolabs

1. Simple App Design

It’s the first thing developers of apps take into consideration when creating the app’s User Interface (UI). A simple design for the application allows quick access to the app’s features and functions.

Food delivery apps contain a vast amount of information about foods, brands’ lists offers, and discounts as well as ratings and reviews from customers as well as payment information, and so on, each segment must be represented in a way that is clear so that users can quickly access the features.

2. Simple Login Form

Another factor that has been proven to be successful is to keep in mind when creating apps for food delivery. EatClub, similar to other leading online delivery services, allows users to log in via a quick registration and login form. This well-known Android restaurant delivery application provides access to the app using already-existing social media logins. This will help users save time while reducing the bounce rate of apps.

3. Customized Search Bar

A search feature can improve your app’s functionality and be user-friendly. A custom search bar lets users locate nearby restaurants, trusted brands, or food items with no difficulty. Make sure to include this function in EatClub Clone Application Development because it makes the search experience for users more efficient and enhances the user experience.

4. Cart Feature

This feature can help your customers include items in their shopping carts and complete their online purchases easily. Users can check their cart’s list of items and the items they’ve added with pricing information on one screen.

5. Offer Minutes Delivery

EatClub is the most reliable food delivery application in India as it offers the most reliable and safe food delivery in just 25 minutes. They also offer the option of taking food from restaurants. It’s a fantastic way to provide online services while also meeting the user’s requirements.

6. Safe Online Payments

It seems that 9. Delivery Scheduling Featurethe trend of UPI and online payment in India is reaching new levels. Beginning with vegetable purchases, to bill payments at the supermarket consumers are increasingly using cards, UPI, or e-wallet transactions. EatClub offers multiple payment modes for users’ convenience.

7. Location Tracking Features

Map navigation and location tracking tools are vital elements to include in Android as well as iOS food delivery app development. This feature allows users to track the arrival of their food and assists users in getting around food delivery locations with ease.

8. User Profile

This feature lets users look up their purchase history, payment information, deals, and more.

9. Delivery Scheduling Feature

Yes. It’s one of the many unique features of EatClub; the hottest online food delivery app in India. Customers can place an order and then schedule the delivery for the span of a week. This is an ideal option for people who wish to plan their food delivery for occasions.

Or else, EatClub also allows users to select their preferred timing of delivery according to their preference. These features improve the value of your new app for food delivery and enhance customer experience.

10. Push Notifications

Push notifications can aid service providers or brands to provide updates on sales or offers, discounts, or other information related to online services to customers. It can improve the app’s personalization and inform your customers of the status of their order or service.

These are essential features you should include in your app for food delivery. Similar to these mobile app developers in India and USA must also add some features that cater to vendors or restaurant aspects. These are the essential features of the iPhone app for the delivery of food that are ideal for the development of restaurant panels:

  • Vendor or Restaurant listing
  • Account Management
  • Uploading or the removal of food items
  • Deals and Discounts are uploaded
  • Accept or decline the order facility
  • Checking the availability of riders
  • Order history and payment history

iTechnolabs, the most dependable mobile app development firm that is custom with offices in India and USA offers top-of-the-line Artificial Intelligence services, IoT Services, Machine Learning, Chatbot app development, Android app development, and iPhone application development services for food delivery services.

How Can You Make Money From EatClub-like On-demand Food Delivery Apps?

how can you make money from eatclub like on demand food delivery apps itechnolabs

The models that generate revenue for online food delivery applications, online shopping apps, and E-commerce applications are all the same. If you plan to develop an integrated or cross-platform food delivery app for your desired platforms, be aware that this can help you make extra money through your apps.

Well. Here are the best three ways to generate additional revenue from your latest app for food delivery.

1. Take Commissions From Vendors

It’s among the most profitable revenue models for apps that deliver food. Because these apps serve as the most important point for restaurants to offer their menus to users, app developers may make commissions on food service businesses or restaurants for every order.

2. Take Delivery Charges From Customers

Online food delivery apps will charge extra delivery costs from customers. Certain food delivery services have fixed delivery costs for orders, however, certain delivery companies charge delivery fees based on the distance to the restaurant from which they’ve placed an order and the destination location.

3. Charges From Restaurants For Featuring Their Brand/Products

Food delivery apps for online use will take the additional amount from restaurants if they’d prefer to appear on the homepage. However, having their name listed on the home page or under the search bar can assist restaurants to get more orders and increase sales.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App EatClub?

The development costs of the EatClub duplicate app with the basic features on one device (Android and iPhone) are estimated to be between $28,000 to $40,000. But, depending on the app features, UI/UX features, and the tools and technologies employed for food app development, the price of app development could differ.

Do You want to Build A Food Delivery App Like EatClub From iTechnolabs?

do you want to build a food delivery app like eatclub from itechnolabs

iTechnolabs is among the top mobile app development firms across Canada as well as the USA. With a team of experienced full-stack developers, we have the ability to create cutting-edge and innovative applications for a variety of sectors. We’re experts at creating innovative Android applications for food as well as iOS applications for food with user-friendly features, and creating value for brands for your company.

Tell us about your ideas and we’ll create the best app for food at the most affordable cost.

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