How much does it Cost to Build A Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia?

How much does it cost to build a pregnancy tracking app like ovia itechnolabs

Pregnancy is among the most enjoyable, yet stressful moments of a woman’s life. There are a lot of changes happening to her body and mind and it is a challenge to track them as she is constantly concerned about the health of the baby. That’s why she’s directing women to use pregnancy tracking apps. As the market share is predicted to reach US$ 257.6 million by 2023. These apps are created to make the process of delivering a healthy baby effortlessly.

What’s behind this dramatic increase in the market for pregnancy trackers? The main reason is due to the numerous pregnancy tracking app advantages that range from monitoring the health of the mother and child as well as providing users with information about what to expect in the various stages of pregnancy, to frequent reminders about taking medication and resting. An example of these and many other benefits of pregnancy tracking apps can be found in Ovia which is central in our article of today.

The app was created in 2012 and has been around since then. Ovia pregnancy tracking application is a part of more than 18 million family trips over 200+ destinations and countries. The proof of this is evident in Ovia being among the most frequently used apps for pregnant women.

Must have these features to Build A Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia

must have these features to build a pregnancy tracking app like ovia itechnolabs

There are numerous helpful, intelligently designed features that determine the success of the mobile application for tracking pregnancy development efforts. Keep in mind Ovia as the base we will look at some of the most popular features.

1.Sign up/log in

The first crucial aspect of pregnancy tracker app development is the sign-in and login experience. The majority of developers utilize APIs to facilitate social media and email-based sign-up and log-in. This allows users to sign in to the app.

2.Home Screen

In the scenario of Ovia the pregnancy tracker app the home screen comprises several elements – a brief outline of what the baby’s face is like, a countdown of when the baby is due, nutritional tips, and blog posts about the health of the mother and her baby’s developmental stage.


Another important aspect in the development of apps for pregnancy tracking similar to Ovia is the calendar view. When developing the feature, it is essential to include an option for notes, making reminders, and capturing day-by-day data about the mood, symptoms as well as exercise, medication intake, fetal movements, etc.


The pregnancy process can be a stressful period for all women. In this situation, it can help to have support from fellow pregnant women or those who have been participating in the process. The way that a pregnancy tracking app such as Ovia operates is by utilizing an in-app forum that allows users to communicate with one and each other.

5.Timer for contraction and kick counter

An app that is similar to Ovia can help users to keep track of their baby’s kicks in real-time, and also over the course of day-by-day. The app must include an alarm for contractions and a recording feature that lets the user hit the play button to begin the contraction, stop it when it is over and record the intensity of the contraction.


When you develop a pregnancy tracker app, such as Ovia is a great way to develop a system with which pregnant mothers can establish goals for sleeping and weight goals, exercise routines daily, steps, nutrition intake, and so on. and track their improvement in achieving these targets.

Goals are usually linked to reminders, which aid users to track their performance on a daily basis.


The next step in the pregnancy tracking mobile app will include a variety of blog posts and other resources on different stages and topics related to pregnancy and the first few weeks following the birth of a baby.

8.My profile

The app’s feature is similar to Ovia and includes information about the expecting mother. The information can be edited to include the weight, height due date, due date, information about the partner’s name, and also the possibility of synchronizing information from Fitbit devices.

9.Customer support

The final must-have pregnancy tracker app feature to include is an unbeatable customer support system that is available 24 hours a day. Furthermore, you should also include an in-app chat feature and the option to communicate via email or phone.

These are a few of the most important features you should consider when developing an app for tracking pregnancy like Ovia.

After the features are addressed the next stage to create an app that is similar to Ovia is to figure out the step-by-step procedure of how to create an app that is similar to Ovia.

Process to Build A Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia


process to build a pregnancy tracking app like ovia itechnolabs

If you’re here, you may have done initial market research on the primary and secondary target audience as well as the location you’ll launch your application and the model for business. This covers the initial stage of the development process, the initial brainstorming phase.

The next stage to consider when developing an app for tracking pregnancy like Ovia is the finalization of features. At iTechnolabs, we usually insist on finishing the features by 80% prior to commencing the development process. This gives designers an opportunity to talk about and determine where to put the feature and its user journey within the application’s UI/UX. The features we discussed above can be used as a basis for your app – one that keeps being upgraded as time passes and market demands.

This is the third stage of developing apps for tracking pregnancy which is that of the UI as well as UX stage.

Ovia uses a data- and information-heavy design for their app, which may feel overwhelming for users who are new to the application.

The best way to go is to follow the minimalist design style, which has separate areas for each component. For instance, the home screen might comprise elements such as an overview of the growth of the fetus, scheduled appointments or reminders, and a short, positive message to the mom-to-be. Also, there are blog posts displayed on a card in the insight section, as well as a color-coded calendar.

After the design wireframe is completed, we can move on to the coding portion of the pregnancy tracking app’s development. In this stage, the elements and user journeys that are defined within the layout are converted into moveable and clickable. We also incorporate high-end technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Blockchain in this phase according to your specific business requirements.

This step also involves defining the technology stack that will be high-concurrency and scalable compatible.

Once the app is ready, we move to the testing phase in which we conduct a QA evaluation of the application with a variety of test methods like manual and automated testing. The focus here is on making sure that the app functions exactly as it was intended while remaining 100 100% safe.

Once this is completed the following step follows the release of the MVP version of the app to potential users and then evaluating their feedback prior to the official launch.

When the process of development is in place The next stage that appears at the surface is determining the cost of developing a pregnancy app. Let’s discuss this in the following section.

How much will it cost to Build A Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia?

how much will it cost to build a pregnancy tracking app like ovia itechnolabs

The development cost when you use Ovia as your primary reference point could range between $25,000 and $80,000.

This selection is comprised of several elements that make up the range

  • App design
  • App features
  • The number of platforms that the app will launch on
  • Technology integration
  • Structure of the Development Team and geographic area.

It is vital to know that this number can fluctuate and even increase to $150,000-$200,000 based on the level of complexity and the above variables. Additionally, it can differ according to the area of the company that develops healthcare apps. For instance, if, for example, you work with a development company that is based in India the typical hourly rate is between $30 and $50, while similar rates in the US or UK could be between $70-$100.

Another element of understanding the price of creating an application such as Ovia is knowing the way you can earn money from it in order to earn the investment back. In general, you will have the option of looking at the possibility of monetization.

  • Freemium, in which the app is completely free, but certain features are paid for.
  • Subscription, in which the app is based in conjunction with a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • In-app ads, where relevant ads are displayed and app owners earn for each click.

With nearly every aspect of the Ovia-like pregnancy tracking application development covered, let’s concentrate on the single thing that will set your company up for success: how to make your business better than Ovia.

How much iTechnolabs Cost to Build a Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia?

how much itechnolabs cost to build a pregnancy tracking app like ovia itechnolabs

There are many reasons for entrepreneurs to trust our team to build an app to track pregnancy, such as Ovia. One of the most important is the fact that Ovia has a demonstrated track record of creating women’s health apps that aim to make healthcare accessible and in real-time to women across the globe. Another reason is that our team of healthcare professionals always collaborates with doctors, legal advocates, as well as medical experts when developing an app that could affect someone’s life.

This combined with a deep knowledge of the healthcare app market and the healthcare regulations like HIPAA ensures that we are a reliable team to build an application for tracking pregnancy.

For building a pregnancy tracking app like Ovia, contact the best firm in the market, iTechnolabs

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