How Much Does it Cost To Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora? [Updated]

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“Music” is a culture for many, but it is a source of joy for human minds. The world is evolving with new developments day-to-day. The advancements in technology have transformed music apps as well.

There is nothing like the quality of music. If you look around, you will see that the majority of people are switching towards streaming apps for music instead of local libraries of music. Today, there are several music-related apps on the internet. The apps are now attracting consumers by offering a variety of innovative features and deals.

On the market, you see many music streaming applications making the rounds. Musical streaming apps have been the goal of the last 15 years for many users, and they were realized with the introduction of the Pandora app.

It’s the app that exploded on the market thanks to its features and opened the way for numerous enterprises and business professionals to get involved in this streaming music application market. Many individuals and companies are attempting to get their hands on streaming apps for music.

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You may be thinking what reasons streaming music and radio apps are currently trending on the market?

Overview of Pandora:

  • It is a renowned music platform that offers specific songs and music of your favorites according to your individual desires.
  • Pandora application was created in the year 2000.
  • This app can also be referred to as Pandora Radio and Pandora Media.
  • The founding members comprise Tim Westergren, Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Jon Kraft.
  • The Pandora app was created thanks to the Music Genome Project. If you’re knowledgeable regarding the Genome project, it’s going to make you feel goosebumps.
  • The project involved 25 musicians collaborating on the project to analyze every song considering characteristics of 375 such as rhythm, harmony, lyrics, and many more.
  • The outcome of the initiative is an online streaming music application.
    Within the Pandora Music app, you’ll find five sub-Genomes
  • Pop/Rock.
  • Hip-Hop/Electronica.
  • Jazz
  • World music.

The main goal of the app is to offer music that is dependent on the user’s interests and is accessible at all hours of the day.

It is the Pandora application for Android and is available on the Google Play Store. However, Pandora for Windows is not yet available. Pandora application for Windows will be launched shortly into the market.

The rivals of the Pandora app include Amazon Music Spotify, Apple Music as well as SoundCloud.

There is a chance that you’ll be doubting whether “The Pandora music app is free to use?”

Yes, you can, the Pandora music application is completely free to download and use. Users who are free can listen to the music using the ad-supported radio.

How to create an app like Pandora?

how to create an app like pandora itechnolabs

There is a saying that goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”
Before you get started with something like making an app, or even other things it is important to think about the challenges you could encounter in the near future.
Therefore, prior to embarking on the development of mobile apps, it’s better to work on these issues.

1. License:

To allow any streaming radio application to be developed, it requires a License.
Find the best streaming sites for your station. As it’s expensive, ensure you have enough cash to pay.

2. Design:

It’s as essential as the license. The design of mobile apps is crucial since these apps are different from other mobile applications.
It is best to opt for the top mobile app developer rather than choosing a less prominent designer who’s younger or less knowledgeable.

3. Streaming:

The next problem you might run into is streaming. Check where your app stores all the data in order to stream. You can also change the settings by using streaming settings.
It is best to use cloud storage.
In order to implement the streaming feature it is possible to use the WEBRTC technology.

4. The revenue model

Revenue is the most important factor in running an enterprise. When you do not have the perfect business model for revenue it can be very difficult to convince investors.
It is crucial to be successful in the marketplace in case you intend to create a mobile application.
These are some of the issues you have to be aware of and resolve prior to you begin your mobile app development.
You can make a completely free Pandora app using the aid of neural network libraries.

Key features To Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora

key features to develop a music streaming app like pandora itechnolabs

1. Registration:

It’s a minimum feature that should be included in all mobile apps that play music.
This feature can help monitor real-time analytics for every user in order to give them the most enjoyable experience.
It is possible to register in a variety of ways. The majority of the applications will utilize a Google account as well as a mobile number.
In the past decade, numerous applications are now offering the option to sign up with social networks.
A majority of these applications require registration using Facebook instead of other social networks.

2. Time estimate:

Google account ID and password: 20-25 hours
Mobile login time: 10-12 hours.
Integration of social networks Time: 10-12 hours.
If you are planning to add the three registration methods, it’ll require between 45 and 50 hours.

3. Google Search Engine:

It might appear simple, but it is effective for Pandora-like music apps.
It will assist all users on Android as well as IOS to find specific songs, simply by entering the song’s name into the console for searching.
You can request that the voice assistant direct me to the Pandora search engine. From there you can search using the voice as well.
If the song is in the streaming app, it will offer the song to the users.
The estimated time is 25-30 hours.

4. Playlists:

It’s the next thing that every streaming music app should include. It allows users to make playlists that are based on their preferences.

TimeKey features To Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora estimate: 30-40 hours.

5. Discover:

The discovery feature can allow your app to compete with other apps, such as Pandora & Spotify Premium.
It is crucial and also difficult to create an app for mobile devices. This feature allows you to find the songs of the new users.
You are able to update the feature that discovers by improving the algorithm for discovery.
The estimated time is 38-40 hours.

6. Player:

Another key feature To Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora option you should include in your mobile application.
If you plan to create an app similar to Pandora This feature should be mandatory.
The play screen can help users control the streaming of podcasts and music.
The play screen can show you a detailed description of each track playing in your apps like the artist’s name, cover photo information for the album, artist, and more.
There are controls for the player and other options like liking/disliking as well as adding to the playlist and much more.
The estimated time is 32-36 hours.

7. Social Sharing:

This will be a cost-free advertising system. Every mobile application is making the decision to integrate social sharing into its applications.
If you’re skilled enough on social media platforms and have the skills to make it work, then it will bring you a lot of customers through the use of your app.
Time estimate: 06-10 hours.

8. Likes/dislikes:

You should include it in your application if you’re considering developing an app that is mobile, such as Pandora.
This feature will benefit both the mobile app user and administrators as well as the user. If you’re a user, this app can suggest songs that you like based on what you are fond of.
Administrators can benefit from this feature is used to analyze the preferences of users.
Time estimate: 06-10 hours.

9. Payment gateway:

Contact your app’s developer to add secure payment options to your application. It will benefit both the admin and users.
Estimated time: 30-35 hours.

10. Admin panel:

If you are the creator of your app you must have a management system to keep track of the activities within the app.
It’s used to keep all the data including the profiles of users, their songs playlists, and many other things.
The time required to develop will depend on the difficulty of the administration panel’s development.

Time estimate: 300-350 hours.
If you’re looking to distinguish your app You can also add additional features to your mobile application.

11. Addition features:

Artist information and album details The duration of the album is 52-55 hours
In-app purchases: 25-30 hours.
The profile of the user includes: 80 hours

12. Model of business:

The income from the Pandora app is mostly derived from advertising

Subscriber Services to Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora

subscriber services to develop a music streaming app like pandora itechnolabs

1. Version free:

The Pandora music app is free and offers different subscription plans for users.
The version free of Pandora Users is able to access the free service through ads in the app.

2. Pandora Plus:

Cost- $54.89/Year or $4.99/Month.
In this way, you will be able to listen to music that is ad-free.
By using this plan, you will be able to listen to music with the highest quality sound for a longer period of time.
You can also use Pandora offline mode for up to four stations.

3. Pandora Premium:

Cost: $109.89/Year or $9.99/Month.
If you have a Pandora Premium Account, you are able to enjoy the benefits of Pandora Plus.

4. Additional features with premium service

Search option.
Unlimited playlists that can be customized.
You can listen to music on Pandora over and over again.
Pandora Premium Family plans: Unlimited access to music offline.

5. Pandora Premium Family plans:

Cost: $164.89/Year or $14.99/Month.
You can access all features offered by Pandora Premium.
Six unique users are allowed.
Alongside the above, in May 2019 it announced two additional plans:

6. Student plan:

Cost: $4.99/Month.
You’ll have all the features that you can avail of when you download Pandora premium apps.
Trial period of trial for 60 days.

7. Plan for military:

Cost: $7.99/Month
The military plan comes with all premium features.
You can listen to your favorite tracks by a particular artist for 60 days of a free trial.

8. In-app purchases.

In 2015, the app earned $1.16 Billion through ads.
It has 5.5 Million premium subscribers.

Source: Statista

The above figures show us the earnings of Pandora. Pandora app. Another reason is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for the creation of Pandora as an app.

How much does iTechnolabs Cost To Develop a Music Streaming app like Pandora?

how much does itechnolabs cost to develop a music streaming app like pandora

It is now time to determine how much it costs to create an app that is similar to Pandora.

The price for an app will depend on a number of aspects like features, functionality design, technology stack, the app’s geographical location, and more.

The price we have provided is an approximate price that is based on the features and development time of the Pandora music application. Prices will vary depending on your needs.
It can take between 850 and 950 hours to create an application.
The cost for developers will differ between regions.
Cost of developing an app: number of hours required to develop Developer cost for mobile apps

The price will be about 10,000 dollars. If you’d like to add more features, it’ll cost more, based on the difficulty.

It’s up to the company/individual who decides to select the best developer. Because every project is different and the costs can also vary.

Don’t rush to select a mobile app development firm and make sure they are able to deliver the correct product at the appropriate moment.

iTechnolabs is the leading firm for mobile application development that serves all across the globe with music streaming apps.
I hope that you are pleased with the information above. If not, feel free to contact us for clarification or any questions you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How much does it cost to develop a music streaming app like Pandora?

If you decide to build an that is almost the same as Pandora, you will incur an expense of around $ 10000. However, the expense may differ taking into account the factors stated below – 

  • Size of your application
  • Number of functionalities and the resulting complexity
  • Required skill set and experience of developers
  • Deadline for the development of the app
  • Location of the developers

iTechnolabs offers you multiple hiring models. You can pick up the one that suits you the most and economise your cost of development of the application. 

2. Is developing a music streaming app like Pandora profitable?

  • Absolutely, developing a music streaming app like Pandora is highly profitable 
  • If that had not been the case, the market size of the music streaming apps would not have been expected to increase by $ 13.05 billion by the year 2026 from the current standards
  • Music streaming apps like Pandora make money via subscriptions and advertisements on their applications
  • Last year, Pandora made a gross profit of $ 655 million

3. What are other music streaming apps like Pandora?

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google Play Music
  • Youtube Music
  • iHeartRadio
  • Jango
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music

The music streaming app market is a promising market these days. Hence, you will find many prominent players like Pandora who are performing exceptionally well. We have listed below the names of some of the flourishing music streaming apps.

iTechnolabs helps you to develop a music streaming app like pandora that can pose as a fierce contender to all the current leading music streaming apps.

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