How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow? [Updated]

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Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow: There is a real estate market among the most rapidly growing sectors that have witnessed massive technological advancements over the last decade. In contrast to the past, those who are seeking to purchase or sell a home don’t require an agent for real estate or a broker in any way. Innovative and smart real estate applications for Android, iPhone, or the Web will complete the task easily.

Beginning with the search for a property to virtual tours of homes as well as search options that can provide customized and personalized suggestions are making mobile apps for real estate more user-friendly. Therefore the traditional business of real estate has been transformed dramatically with the introduction of Android apps as well as iOS applications for the real estate industry.

This blog by iTechnolabs will provide you with an overview of the capabilities and costs of development for Zillow-like among the most popular real estate applications in the USA as well as property searching applications. Find out more information about the features that have brought benefits to the Zillow application and created popularity in America’s online real estate market.

What Does Zillow App Offer?

Zillow, Inc is a Washington US-based Real Estate Company that is offering reliable real estate services since 2006. It began its online real estate market in the year 2010 via the Zillow App (Android as well as iOS). The app is based on the concept of buying an apartment, Renting a house, and selling an existing home. It allows users to search for homes or properties across California, Texas, Illinois, Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington, and many other states across the nation.

Millions of commercial and residential buildings, apartments as well as residential spaces were advertised by property owners who are direct property agents. Based on the requirements of the location and amenities like Zillow, a well-known property application located in the USA aids customers in finding the perfect property at an affordable price.

The Android, as well as iOS versions, are no-cost downloads from the Google Play and Apple Stores. The app has been reported to have 10 million+ downloads exclusively through the Android app store, and more than 7 million downloads via the Apple app store. It’s received a 4.8 out of 5 stars from iPhone users, and a 4.7 out of 5-star score from Android users.

Must-Have Features Of Zillow-like Top Real Estate App In The USA

Here are some of the best features of a property app that you must include as Zillow is the most popular property app available within the USA.

The top features of Real Apps for Real Estate, such as Zillow:

  • The Login page is for real estate professionals as well as customers
  • User (agents and customers and) Profile
  • Custom search bar
  • Filters that are customized to help you find the best place to purchase or rent
  • Easy to navigate and simple to comprehend Buy Rent, Buy, and Sell modules
  • Simple to view and easy to understand Buy, Rent, and Sell
  • New listings, updates, and individualized suggestions
  • GPS tracking for location-based search
  • Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality includes Virtual tours of homes in 3D along with satellite views of homes as well as nearby locations.
  • In-person location visit option
  • Push notifications
  • Direct communication capability with property owners and real estate agents
  • Easy Property Listing facility
  • Upload the property along with pictures as well as neighborhood information
  • Map integrations in the app for simple navigation to your location
  • In-app EMI calculator or cost calculator
  • Currency converter for easy online transactions
  • App-in-app AI (AI)-powered chatbot facility
  • In-app call features to increase conversion rates.

These are a few distinctive and innovative AI features that you can add to your mobile application for real estate to make a huge impact in the highly competitive world of the property business.

Are you trying to find the top mobile application development companies in the USA?

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Which Technology Stack Makes Zillow Clone App More Powerful?

The proper set of features and functions will make real estate applications more accessible to users. On the other hand, the technology stack makes the process of developing mobile apps more flexible. A set of the right programs, programming languages User Interface Frameworks and integrations, and storage platforms, are all crucial resources to the top developers of apps to create bug-free and reliable applications.

The development of a real estate application requires the following costs:

  • Google Maps Location Tracking APIs
  • There are Firebase SDKs available for Android, iPhone, and Web application development
  • Amazon Cloud Computing Platforms and APIs allow for seamless data access and storage
  • Java and Kotlin to develop Native Android app development
  • Objective C and Swift to enable the native iOS app development
  • React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin to develop cross-platform apps
  • Mongo database
  • Zillow APIs for displaying dynamic content of the Zillow application
  • Facebook SDKs are used to understand the patterns of behavior of users and improve marketing campaigns. The Facebook SDKs can also be helpful in the ability of users to log in through their social accounts, as well as for sharing quickly of the application’s content.

Is The Development Of Zillow-like Trending Real Estate Application Profitable?

The report states that 90% of those who are planning to purchase houses are using real estate apps and searching for homes that are in line with their requirements. More than 80% of users use Zillow and Trulia as real estate applications to locate the top houses in the USA to rent or buy for buying. Furthermore, 70% of the US population is interested in listing their home on the most popular online real estate apps such as Zillow.

These are only some of the major trends that are happening within the residential real estate market in the USA market. The potential for growth for applications for mobile-based real estate is high.

Based on a monthly number of visitors to the website as well as app downloads Zillow was in the top position in online real estate transactions across the United States. Trulia comes in second place as the most downloaded real estate app and is an even greater threat to Zillow. Zillow app.

Real estate applications in the USA are generating millions of visitors through websites and mobile apps. Thus the future of the development of real estate apps across the USA is expected to bring value to app owners and real estate firms.

The development of a Zillow-clone app to be available for Android as well as iOS is a smart move to capitalize on the current and future potential in the property market. Now is the best time to design an app clone and compete with the market with innovative real estate applications.

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The Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow

The price of the Zillow-like property mobile app development is anticipated to range from between $40,000 and $80,000. But, the price of a real-estate app to be developed for Android and iOS will be contingent on a variety of aspects like UI/UX design complexity, the features available, the tech stack, and the area and size of the development firm that you choose to hire. When you add AI to the development of real estate apps, the total cost to develop an app that is based on real estate such as Zillow could be as high as 100,000.

iTechnolabs is a renowned mobile application development company in New York, USA. As one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA, iTechnolabs can provide you with affordable real estate apps that have easy-to-use features and functions.

With our team of experienced developers who specialize in apps for real estate developers USA, We create engaging Android and iOS applications using the latest technologies, including AI as well as ML. We assist you in creating high-quality home rental apps that generate buzz for your business in the field you are operating.

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Why is iTechnolabs the Best Software Partner to Develop a Real Estate App?

why is itechnolabs the best software partner to develop a real estate app itechnolabs

Choosing iTechnolabs to develop a real estate app can offer several benefits. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Technical expertise

iTechnolabs  have the technical expertise required to develop a high-quality real estate app. We have experienced developers who are familiar with the latest tools and technologies and can ensure that the app is built using best practices.

2. Customization

iTechnolabs work with you to create a customized app that meets the specific needs of your real estate business. We help you tailor the app to your target audience and integrate features that make it easy to use and navigate.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring iTechnolabs to develop your real estate app can be a cost-effective option, especially if you don’t have an in-house development team. We help you save money by providing the necessary expertise and resources without requiring you to hire and manage additional employees.

4. Time efficiency

iTechnolabs can help you save time by developing your app quickly and efficiently. We have experience with the development process and can ensure that the app is completed within the agreed timeline.

5. Ongoing support

After the app is launched, iTechnolabs can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that it continues to function properly and meets the evolving needs of your business.

Overall, choosing iTechnolabs to develop a real estate app can provide several benefits, including technical expertise, customization, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and ongoing support.

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Do You Want to Develop a Real Estate App Like Zillow?

Popular real estate apps such as Zillow provide friendly service to their users. They also offer an array of online business possibilities for agents. These opportunities include easy property sales. With its ease of use and great convenience for accessing millions of apartments and homes, Zillow mobile app has taken over the real estate industry online across the USA.

You are now in the position of creating the most effective alternatives to Zillow and helping your real estate business become more visible in your market. iTechnolabs is your most reliable developer partner to develop real estate-related apps such as Realtor, Trulia, or Zillow.

Frequently asked Questions to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow

  1. How to develop a Zillow clone app?

In order to develop an app like Zillow, follow the steps below –

  • Research the market, competitors, and consumers
  • Prepare a detailed sketch of the real estate app, including its features
  • Look out for as many property listings as possible
  • Hire real estate app development services to build a website like Zillow
  • Make sure that the design of the app is user-friendly 
  • Keep in touch with your real estate app developers throughout the development
  • Get in touch with the team of testers for quality assurance of the app
  • Your app will be launched onto your chosen platform soon as it is ready

2. What are some of the premier real estate app development companies?

After the much-needed research, we have listed below the leading real estate companies that are doing well in real estate application development. Take a look –

  • iTechnolabs
  • Groovy Web
  • Utility
  • OpenxCell
  • ByteAnt
  • SemiDot Infotech
  • Codiant Software Technologies
  • Rapidsoft Technolgies
Do You Want to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow?
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