How much does it Cost to Develop an App Like Careem in UAE


Gone are the days when the ‘big city’ status was handed over on the basis of the availability of the sprawling metro network. Nowadays, a city qualifies to be a big city if it grants its residents the luxury of hailing cabs via just a click on their smartphones. 

Comfort, faster service, affordability – on-demand ride hailing apps have efficiently proved to be the apt alternative to the over-crowded and somewhat inefficient public transportation system, a reason enough why on-demand hailing services are in vogue. 

Go all out for developing an exquisite on-demand taxi app if you have been thinking to do so because you have ample opportunity and hospitable market conditions at your disposal. So, just go for it. 

And do not fret with regard to making some crucial app development decisions. We have a separate section that deals with the cost to develop an app like Careem. We guarantee that there will not be any room for doubt when you finish reading this blog. 

How does Taxi App like Careem work?

The working of ride hailing apps like Careem are rationalised and seamless. It is quite evident in the way taxi apps functions, which we have meticulously unravelled below – 

  • Obviously, like any other app, the first step to use a taxi app like Careem would be registration via Gmail, social media, or phone number.
  • In order to book a cab, a user will have to insert the pickup and the drop off point of the ride. It can be done via typing or pinning of the location. 
  • A range of ride options will be showcased along with their prices. A user can confirm one of the suitable ride options. 
  • The ride request would be sent to the driver near to the location, who can accept or reject the request.
  • In case the request is rejected, the ride request would be circulated to the other driver nearby.
  • If the driver accepts the ride request, his/her/their details (name, car type, car number, rating, ETA, etc.) will be sent to the user. 
  • The user can accept the driver’s location before and during the ride and can make the payment via multiple payment methods as the ride finishes. 
  • The user can rate the driver on the basis of his ride experience and can also write a feedback to back his ratings. 

What are the Essential Features of Taxi App like Careem?

Every taxi hailing app like Careem must have at least three panels – users panel, drivers panel, and admin panel. You cannot expect your on-demand taxi app to even function properly without these three panels. 

It is pretty obvious for us to tell you more about the features of these three panels one by one. Let us begin. 

Users Panel – 

  • Registration/Log-in – 

Offer your users a sense of ease by allowing them to register and log-in onto your app via their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts. 

  • Booking – 

Obviously, it should be super quick and simple for your users to book a cab. Allow them to either manually enter the address or pin their pickup and drop off location on the map. 

  • GPS Tracking – 

Do not even think of skipping integrating your app with crucial locational services as they allow your customers to keep an eye on the movement of their driver before and during the ride. 

  • Payment – 

Believe us when we say that the key to a happy customer is availability of a number of payment methods on your app. Do include popular payment gateways on your app. 

  • Ratings – 

Your users will be utterly satisfied if you ask them their feedback in the form of quick ratings and review options. You can accordingly improve your services and expand your user base. 

  • Push Notifications – 

Your customers will be way more than happy to know the latest offers or discounts you are offering through push notifications. Never skip this feature. 

Drivers Panel – 

  • Registration – 

Unlike the registration for users, the registration for drivers must involve account creation and submission and verification of relevant information, such as drivers licence, vehicle registration, etc. 

  • Profile – 

For the convenience and safety of the users, it is essential that the driver deliver all the information asked in the profile, such as their vehicle number, vehicle photographs, their own photograph, their phone number, etc. 

  • Booking Confirmation – 

Inform your drivers about the booking request through notifications and permit them to accept or reject the ride as it suits them. 

  • Mapping Services – 

It is quite essential that the drivers panel of your app is integrated with essential mapping APIs that guides your drivers with regard to the directions and time required to reach a destination. 

  • Trip History – 

Render your drivers a dashboard view of their performances, the trips they have made, and the money they have earned via providing on-demand taxi hailing services. 

  • Drivers Support – 

Like users, your drivers may also face certain issues with regard to the application. It would be utterly comforting to them if you offer them 24/7 support services to resolve their queries instantly. 

  • In-App Chat/Call – 

Allow your drivers to use the app’s chat and calling feature to reach out to the driver, in times of delay or when they can not find the required address. 

Admin Panel – 

  • User Management – 

In case of issues with regard to rides, fares, or profiles, you can use the admin panel to resolve issues for your users and make changes if necessary. 

  • Location Management – 

Make use of the admin panel to add or remove locations on the basis of the traffic and eventual revenue those locations are generating for your application. 

  • Reviews – 

Your admin panel should allow you to read all the reviews and feedback that your users have given on your app and accordingly make modifications. 

  • Mapping Services – 

Your admin panel may allow you access to mapping services through which you can track the location of the drivers and the users and accordingly resolve their issues. 

  • Advanced Analytics – 

By making use of advanced data science tools, your admin panel can offer you analytical reporting data with regard to your revenue and app activities and help you make strategic decisions. 

  • Push Notifications – 

Let your admin panel enable you to send frequent and relevant push notifications to your users with regard to varied discounts and coupons. 

How much does it Cost to Develop an App like Careem?

Generally, the cost to develop an app like Careem may average at around $ 90000. Therefore, the cost of building a basic taxi-hailing app may begin from $ 30000. However, if you are aspiring to build a feature-affluent application for on-demand ride booking, then the budget may fall between $ 120000 to $ 150000. 

There are a number of factors that affect the cost to develop an app like Careem. We have stated those factors below – 

  • Number of Features – 

The more features you would like to add to your app to bolster its functionality, the more you would have to loosen your purse strings to meet the cost to develop an app like Careem. 

  • App Design – 

If you want your taxi-hailing app to be immersive as well as well-structured design-wise, get ready to expand your budget because such an app of complex design would require more resources than an app with basic design. 

  • Third-Party API Integrations – 

For a taxi-hailing app to exhibit exemplary performance, it has to be integrated with a number of third-party APIs, such as payment gateways, email registration, mapping APIs, etc. 

  • Size and Location of Development Team – 

The cost to develop an app like Careem is also dependent upon the size of your development team and the place where it is located. Location-wise cost of the workforce should be taken into account before making a hiring decision. 

  • Native vs. Cross-Platform – 

Obviously, native app development for both iOS and android platforms would cost way higher than the cross-platform app development. Keep this in mind whenever you are going to select the development approach for your app. 

  • Maintenance – 

The cost of app development also includes the fixed costs of maintenance, testing, debugging, and upgrade. You cannot avoid it at any expense, if you want to thrive on a long-term basis.

What are the other leading Taxi-Hailing Apps like Careem?

Careem is not the only on-demand taxi app that has been faring well in the market. There are many other leading taxi-hailing apps that have taken the market by storm.

The leading taxi apps other than Careem have been listed as under – 

  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Gojek
  • Grab
  • Lyft
  • Meru Cabs
  • Bolt
  • Cabify
  • Curb
  • RYDE

You can look into the working of these applications and accordingly plan out the features and functionalities for your app. 

Are you ready to build your on-demand taxi app like Careem?


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