A Comprehensive Guide for a Custom POS Software Development with SUNMI

a comprehensive guide for a custom pos software development with sunmi itechnolabs

Piles of filled logbooks, laborious hours of accounting, long rows of customers in waiting – all of this may look good to a traditionalist. However, it is a call for chaos for a present-day entrepreneur because, believe it or not, there is no space for old-fashioned in the world taken over by POS software. 

POS software, also known as Point of Sales software, has stirred a paradigm shift in the conduct of business in retail and service industries. A reason why custom POS software development with sunmi has a dominant market in current times. It is estimated that the global POS market size will reach $ 18.1 billion by the year 2027. 

The considerable upward trend in the POS market size only substantiates the growing significance of customized POS software in the business. If you still have not deployed POS software in your business, you gotta do it now. With iTechnolabs, you can promptly get built custom SUNMI POS software and get started with it. 

Without making you wait any longer, let’s just get into the nitty-gritty of the development process of custom SUNMI POS software.  

What is POS software?

Let’s just first understand what POS is. POS is the short form of Point of Sales, meaning the specific place where your customers make payment in exchange for the products they have bought from you. In the transaction process, it is this point where sales are recorded for accounting and taxation purposes. 

Had it been the bygone times, a POS system would have consisted of a logbook and a pen. Today, it is a revolutionary blend of software and hardware components that simply mechanizes the sales process. Through the use of a handy hardware component, the software will record the sales into the digital register and make simultaneous modifications in the e-books of accounting and digital stock-keeping ledgers. 

As the nature of business differs across industries, it is strategically important if you use POS software that includes features and functionalities unique to your business. Hence, using custom POS software development services to build your very own POS software is a wise decision. 

What are the essential features for Custom POS Software Development?

what are the essential features for custom pos software development itechnolabs

  • Invoicing
  • Customer Order and Relationship Management
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory Stock-Keeping
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-Store Management

If you are on the path to building a custom SUNMI POS software, you must know what features and functionalities it is capable of performing. Knowing it, you can always exclude the features and functionalities that hold no importance to your business. 

We have comprehensively listed the features of SUNMI POS software below –

1. Invoicing 

When there is an endless queue of customers waiting before the billing counter, we are cent percent sure that automatic invoicing is the exclusive feature you want in your custom POS software development.  

As your customer arrives at the billing counter, all you need to do is to scan the barcode of the products. The customer will make the requisite payment through one payment processor and the sale will be registered. An invoice will be generated, a copy of which will be mailed to the customer. 

Does it sound too simple and quick? Believe us when we say that it is. 

If you are thinking that POS software can only generate sales invoices, you can not be any more wrong. With SUNMI POS software, you can generate invoices for any kind of repair and rental. You can also have invoices for the purchases and inventory transfers for better inventory control. 

2. Customer Order and Relationship Management 

The customer is God. Treating the customer right is the only way to better sales. A reason why your POS software has a set of customer-friendly features and functionalities. 

You can ask your custom POS software development company to build a customer order feature for your POS software. Using it, you can record orders from customers for products that are out of stock at the store. It will generate an update as soon as the required product is available. Obviously, your customer will be very happy with you. 

Another must-have feature is an online customer data book where related to a customer’s relationship with the business is recorded. Using such valuable information, you can frame marketing strategies and loyalty programs. 

3. Employee Management 

No one, in this universe or any other, can dare to question that human resources are the most valuable assets of any business organization. If such is the case, it becomes quintessential for you to use your POS software to nurture and manage your employees. 

A Custom POS software allows you to take into account the following –

  • From your mobile devices, you can easily create user accounts for your employees for office purposes and store and manage their login information 
  • Through your POS software, you can control who you want to give access to which information of the business
  • You can certainly have information with regard to work time, leaves, overtime, and work projects of your employees at your disposal
  • Through your SUNMI POS software, you can take a look over the performances of your employees for appraisal and training decisions

4. Inventory Stock-Keeping

No one can stop your business from growing if you have just the optimum level of inventory. Maintaining it could have been cumbersome if not for the inventory stock-keeping feature of POS software. 

As soon as a stock of goods enters your warehouse, you scan it and the data gets registered in your inventory records. The same goes for the sold inventory. 

If you chose cloud-based settings for your custom SUNMI POS software, you will have instant access to product-wise inventory details along with insightful data to make necessary stock adjustments. 

5. Detailed Reporting 

If you are not making use of your custom POS software for data analysis, you are only missing out on a very important feature. Your custom POS software holds the power to store and evaluate bundles of data to present valuable information. 

You can get yourself a custom POS software that has the ability to submit two or more of the following reports mentioned below –

  • Accounting reports which include comprehensive journal and ledger entries
  • Inventory reports that comprise stock-wise data and other inventory-related key information
  • General summary reports that inform you about the general performance of your business in terms of sales, revenue, expenses, etc. 
  • Sales reports and customer data
  • Employee performance reports

All these reports are critical to driving key decisions in the field of marketing, accounting, customer relationship, and human resources. 

6. Multi-Store Management 

If you think you have to set up a separate custom POS software for all your multiple stores, you are still not aware of the mightiness of your SUNMI POS software. 

Multi-store management is something at which it simply excels. With access to the information of various stores on a single software, the management of stores has become a smooth process. 

You have the inventory information of all the stores at your fingertips which makes it easy for you to make stock-transfer decisions. The same goes for transferring employees to another branch to fill in the gap in that branch. 

You can obviously design different marketing and pricing decisions for different branches based on the location analysis data.  

What is the process for Custom POS Software Development with SUNMI?

what is the process for custom pos software development with sunmi itechnolabs

  • Research, Research, Research!
  • Determine the Key Concerns
  • Determine the Price
  • Design and Development
  • Installation

We understand how difficult it is to not go for a custom SUNMI POS software when it has so much to offer to your business. However, what we are not able to make sense of is what you are waiting for. Just simply go for it!

In order to make things pretty convenient for you, we have laid down for you the whole process to build a custom SUNMI POS software for your business. 

1. Research, Research, Research! 

Before plunging right into POS software development, we would suggest that you indulge yourself in heavy scrutinization around the whole concept of POS software and its development. Major questions to probe into are –

  • Ask yourself why custom SUNMI POS software is your best bet
  • Before you do so, you should do full-on research on what your competitors are doing as far as POS software is concerned. It is prudent to keep your enemies closer
  • Also, while doing your research, make sure to keep a tab on the cost-benefit analysis of their POS investments. It will help you to learn from their mistakes if they have made any
  • Now, ask yourself why custom and why not a ready-made POS software. You know well that clarity is the key to a proficient decision-making
  • Last but not least, research which development company will develop your custom SUNMI POS software for you. 

2. Determine the Key Concerns 

If you have reached this stage, we assume that you have decided on the one development company that will design your custom SUNMI POS software. Now is the right time to talk about the key concerns that revolve around custom POS software development with SUNMI with your developer’s team. 

Do not worry! We have also listed down the concerns that you should not miss out on –

3. Technology 

When technology is concerned, you can always choose between a cloud-based setup, set up on the premises of your business using LAN, mobile POS (mPOS), or self-service kiosks. 

On-premises setup using LAN demands more investment in bulky hardware. But are extremely convenient in case your business is located in an area with poor connectivity. 

You should definitely go for cloud technology for your custom POS software if connectivity in your region is great. Cloud technology requires a significantly lesser financial investment and helps to avail POS software services on any internet-backed devices. 

A mobile POS (mPOS) is very convenient to use. You can use a cloud-based mPOS on any hand-held device such as a mobile or tablet. It is highly functional for food joints where everyday footfall is too large to manage. 

Otherwise, you can always go for the self-service kiosks that you must have seen at various food joints or metro stations. You need no employees to take orders from the customers as they can do it on their own using these kiosks. 

4. Hardware

On the basis of the technology you opt for and the nature of your business, you have to invest in the hardware aspect of your POS software. 

 The hardware of a modernized POS system comprises the following components –

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • Customer-facing display
  • Cash Drawer
  • POS Terminals
  • Weighing device

We would like to remind you that hardware investment directly relies upon the technology you opt for for your custom POS software. Therefore, hardware components will be far too less and hence inexpensive in the case of a mobile POS (mPOS). However, the cost of hardware will increase if you shift to an on-premise setup using LAN. 

5. Functionalities and Features

When you sit with your developer’s team, you must discuss your vision for your custom SUNMI POS software. It is necessary to also share with them the functionalities that you must want in your custom POS software. 

We have discussed the features and functionalities in comprehensive detail already. Again, throw a glance over it and decide on the must-have features of your POS software. 

6. Determine the Price

You know exactly what you want and you have apprised the team of developers about it. For what you want, there will be a price for it which will set the course of action for your POS software. 

The price of a custom SUNMI POS software is dependent on the factors stated below –

  • A platform for POS software development
  • Payment processing
  • Deadline for the development process
  • Hardware
  • Number of basic and complex functionalities
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Location of the developers

These are some of the many variables that constitute the cost of the development of custom SUNMI POS software.

Choose iTechnolabs for custom SUNMI POS software development and get the right price for it. 

7. Design and Development

Once the cost is finalized, you can sit back and rest if you want. It is now your developer’s team’s responsibility to build the POS software the way you want. 

If iTechnolabs is your choice, the design and development process will unravel in the way given below –

  • Our developer’s team will prepare a detailed framework taking into account your vision for your POS software
  • An elegant and proficient UI/UX design will be prepared to create an interactive user experience
  • The next course of action is to develop software using a code and testing it numerous times
  • When our developers reach the best version of the SUNMI POS software, they transfer the know-how of the software to you

8. Installation

Keep sitting and relaxing as our developer’s team is installing the software on your business premises. 

iTechnolabs never shy away from providing the best after-installation support and maintenance to its clients. Therefore, we are just a call away, if you need us at any time and any hour. 

What are the benefits of Custom POS Software Development with SUNMI?

what are the benefits of custom pos software development with sunmi itechnolabs

  • Device Compatibility
  • Payment Processors
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Employee Management
  • Better Decisions
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Stock keeping
  • Book -keeping

If you have already chosen the custom SUNMI POS software, you are in for a first-rate POS software experience. The perks of being a user of SUNMI POS software are given below. Take a look. 

1. Device Compatibility

If compatibility has a name, it will definitely be SUNMI. A custom SUNMI POS software can run on any device of your choice, be it Android or iOS. 

2. Payment Processors

SUNMI offers a wide range of dynamic payment processors. You can choose one or more of them and make your POS software quick and effective. 

3. E-commerce Integration 

SUNMI offers you the opportunity to spread your reach to the digital space. You can easily sell online via the one-stop POS software of SUNMI. 

4. Employee Management

With custom SUNMI POS software development, time sheets of the employees can be created and stored. You can efficiently save the roster data of your employee. 

5. Better Decisions

When you choose SUNMI POS software, you get numerous insightful reports of the condensed data related to diverse departments of your business. Having access to such reports can help you make better, intuitive decisions. 

6. Customer Loyalty 

When top customers are recognized and served with rewards, you only get more business. With SUNMI POS software, customer relationship management is a cakewalk. 

7. Stock keeping

Also, stock-keeping is no longer a headache as SUNMI POS software timely reminds you to fill up the stock and optimize your inventory. 

8. Book-keeping

Accounts are meticulously recorded with SUNMI POS software without squandering time on manually recording ledger entries. 

If you are a retailer or currently in the service business, you must exploit the POS software to streamline the operations of your business and improve its efficiency. This way, you would be able to manage your business better and expand it to the digital realm too. Do not wait. Just go for custom POS software development with SUNMI. 

Why should iTechnolabs be your perfect choice for Custom POS Software Development with SUNMI?

why should itechnolabs be your perfect choice for custom pos software development with sunmi itechnolabs

iTechnolabs is a frontrunner in SUNMI POS software development. We have served clients from myriad sectors with the best POS solutions for their businesses. Our developers are skilled professionals with vast technical knowledge to provide you with the best software experience. There is not a single area in web development where we have not shown exemplary performance in the past years. 

Therefore, choosing iTechnolabs for your custom SUNMI POS software development is the best decision you can make for your business. Contact us now!

No need to look any further for your custom SUNMI POS software development.
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