Case Study: iTechnolabs Delivered A Specialized Freight Logistics ERP Solution

Case Study: iTechnolabs Delivered A Specialized Freight Logistics ERP Solution



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iTechnolabs worked with a client to build a custom ERP solution. The client needed additional resources and a self-sufficient team to speed up their ERP platform development. iTechnolabs provided a full team that could work independently and complete the client's project in a short span.

The Client

The client has been a leading player in South Asia’s road freight sector and offers hassle-free booking for diverse ground transport services. They offer a wide range of domestic and cross-border shipment options, providing marketplace freedom and security as a digital freight forwarder. They wanted to develop a platform that provides a convenient and secure way to manage freight shipments. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Worked Upon By – 12 Angular and .net developers who worked in collaboration with the client’s in-house team.

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The Problem Statement

The client lacked experienced developers in their development team. This was causing a delay in the release of their ERP platform. So, to address this issue, they approach iTechnolabs to collaborate with experienced tech engineers. This move aimed to bridge the gap in expertise and fasten the platform’s time-to-market. 

The client wanted to improve the capabilities of their existing team by adding individuals with the necessary development skills and knowledge to assist them in the launch of their ERP platform faster. 

The client’s primary goal was to ensure reliability in the performance of their ERP freight solution for fleet management.

The Challenge

The client was facing difficulties in finding reliable, experienced developers to help with quick product launches. They needed a team with a track record of efficient rollouts. 

In addition, the client also required the software partner to hire skilled, pre-vetted developers for an efficient product launch. This was to ensure accurate and knowledgeable assistance in the early rollout stage.   

The client also struggled to hire a team in their time zone. They also found it challenging to manage feature architecture for their ERP platform, requiring careful coordination and planning. 

iTechnolabs helped the client overcome all these challenges and drove them to their ultimate goal – developing a successful ERP solution.  

The Solution

Itechnolabs collaborated with the client and began working with them by providing senior developers specialized in Angular and .NET. The developers were appointed to work on backend and frontend development. 

After a thorough evaluation process, iTechnolabs assigned 12 senior developers to assist the client’s team in building the ERP solution. Their expertise ultimately contributed to the rapid deployment of the platform. 

iTechnolabs also helped the client hire a customer success manager to oversee the customer experience and engagement aspect of the ERP platform.

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Our Process

Here’s the process that our iTechnolabs team followed to fulfill the client’s needs: 

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Resource Mapping & Identification

The client shared a detailed description of the project that clearly stated their requirement for developers with .NET and Angular specialization. We helped them identify and recruit skilled resources matching the client’s specifications.

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Client Interviews

After selecting requirements and resources, the developers met with the client for vetting. Three discussions were held to understand each others’ needs, methods, and processes, ensuring alignment and clarity for the project.

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Team Engagement

Developers start by understanding client needs and technology stack for effective project planning.

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Scaling The Team Size

The client’s project manager supervised the team. JIRA was used for transparency, tracking progress, and managing tasks in real-time.

The Result

Team iTechnolas achieved the following results by working on this project: 

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